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How to set up a YouTube channel 

With billions of viewers worldwide Youtube is a fantastic platform for promoting your business. In this post we will teach you how to get started.
17 бер. 2020 р. • 6 хвилина читання
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Learn how to launch your Youtube career wtih your very own channel

YouTube is hands down the biggest video content network in the world. With over 1.9 billion active monthly users, it has completely revolutionized the way people consume digital content. For any brand to succeed in the modern world, it is extremely important to effectively utilize YouTube to their advantage.  
According to recent statistics shared by the platform, In 2015, 18-49 year-olds spent 4% less time watching TV while time on YouTube went up 74%.
Major platforms and companies are all rapidly moving in to capitalize on the massive viewership and growth the platform offers. So now is the perfect time for for startups to launch their very own channel and expand their client outreach effort. 

Importance of having a YouTube channel 

It is really important for any company to make the most of the opportunities available. YouTube offers companies the ability to connect with their audiences and reach out to new audiences. Here are some of the most advantageous aspects of having a YouTube channel. 
Branding – Digital media content is an essential aspect of branding. YouTube offers your startup the opportunity to establish your branding and propagate your digital content to widespread audiences. 
Feedback – Thanks to new features incorporated by the platform, companies can reach out directly to their target audiences and get live feedback for different areas of content. Commonly used formats include Q/A sessions and comment based feedback.
Marketing – A major part of social media marketing relies on using the right digital platforms to reach out to the widest audience. It is really important to properly utilize YouTube because of the massive audience it offers to propagate your digital marketing campaigns. 
Awareness – The nature of video content makes it really easy to create awareness about important social issues. YouTube allows brands to effectively push their CSR campaigns in front of large audiences to raise awareness about key issues. 
It is really clear that having a YouTube channel is mandatory to effectively market your company to the right audience. 
Due to the simplicity of the platform, it is really easy to get started. Let's get right into it!

Starting your YouTube channel

YouTube has made it incredibly simple to get started with your YouTube channel. Thanks to the available resources you will be able to get your very own channel up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the basic instructions laid out below to effectively get your YouTube channel up and running. 

Basic steps 

Starting out with your business channel is really simple. All you have to do is take a couple of clicks and you will be ready to get your channel started. Take the following steps.
Sign in to your YouTube or Google account and simply click on the user icon located near the top-right side of your screen.
To get to your YouTube settings, simply click the gear icon.
There will be an option labeled “Create a new channel,” click on the option. 
Simply add your desired company name and wrap up the initial part by clicking create.

Completing the About section

The “About” section features comprehensive information about your general user profile and listed description of the channel. This is going to be the first thing you see after you have created your channel. The section allows you to add relevant information that you want visitors to know on your channel. It is a great way to share your social media profiles and other relevant digital platforms. 
Keep in mind that the general description is going to be read by viewers and will often be appearing in multiple different areas so be mindful of the details you put in. 

Adding your channel art

Whenever you see a YouTube channel, one of the most noticeable aspects is the greeting banner that lets you know about the channel. This is referred to as the cover photo of your channel. This is one of the most important places to share more information about your company. Make sure that your cover photo choice aptly reflects your priorities.
The way you want to customize your channel's cover photo is really up to you. You can make it as creative as you. Just make sure that you are focusing upon your company in the included art. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to the details of the includes art. Make sure that you try a wide variety of options. Take in user feedback to ensure that your banner reflects the best possible option. It can also be a great idea to periodically update the banner based upon upcoming events and details.

Have a clear content strategy

Whether you are looking to post user reviews or other informative content. Make sure that you put in the work and define your target audiences before you take the stride and start posting content. Having clarity can be a massive asset when it comes to content. Make sure that you are aware of what your company whats to reflect and what your target goals are. Having this understanding will be invaluable in the way you organize your channel.

Create a channel trailer 

Channel trailers can also be referred to as introduction videos. There are one of the most important parts of your channel. They let visitors know a little bit about the direction of the channel and the content they are to expect. Make sure that you keep your trailer short and concise. It is important to keep the focus of the viewers on the channel and give them a clear idea of the content that they can expect from the channel. Having a good insight will be a great way to get your readers started with the channel. 

Upload your first video

Your first video is often a great way to get started with your channel. You definitely don’t want to leave your channel empty just in case any of your followers decide to look up your presence on YouTube. Make sure that you utilize the research you have done on your first video and practically include it in the video for maximum impact.  Your first video will be the spark that will ignite your channel and lead the way for future content. 

Search engine optimization

Simply creating your channel is not going to be enough for you to get user visibility. Make sure that you effectively optimize your channel description and subsequently other video descriptions to keep the content optimized for search. YouTube relies heavily on content descriptions to give recommendations to users about the content. Having a well-optimized channel can be a great way to benefit from more users and let other users explore your content. It can also be great to tie in your videos in search engine results and effectively enhance your reach.
Getting your YouTube channel started could be a major game-changer for your company. It can be a great way to connect with new audiences and add new dimensions of client servicing to your business model.
Make sure that you keep the channel updated with regular content and updates. Interacting with viewer comments and queries is also really important to grow your channel. Think of the channel as an extension of your company, put in the right attention and focus on your channel and it will definitely pay dividends later. 

Hire qualified freelancers to help with your channel 

Setting up a YouTube channel is relatively simple, but growing it into a success is difficult. To have the best chances of succeeding in this highly competitive landscape, you need to ensure that you have all of the necessary skills for YouTube stardom. 
Here is are just some of the skills needed to succeed on Youtube:
Script writing
Video production
Audio production
Marketing strategy and execution 
If you're like most of us and you're not talented in all of these areas, it doesn't mean you should give up on your dream of being a Youtube sensation, there is hope.
Simply fill in your talent gaps with freelancers!
For example, If you're not a talented writer, get a Freelance writer to write your script for you. If you struggle with coming with jokes, hiring a funny writer will be the best investment you will ever make.
Or maybe you prefer to write your own script but you struggle with video production. Too easy, just record your video and then flick all the raw files to a freelance video producer and let them do the tedious editing work.
The idea is to identify all of your weaknesses and then to strengthen them by strategically tapping into the talented freelancer economy. By doing this you will have an incredible competitive advantage over all of the other YouTube creators.
This will also ensure your YouTube project optimized for scaling. If you need more videos edited or more scripts written, just hire more freelancer! 
Hiring a freelancer is also much more cost effective than if you were to hire full time employees. Hiring an in-house video content creation team can be really expensive for a new company. You shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars just to establish your digital presence.

Final thoughts

Setting up your own YouTube channel is exciting. It's your opportunity to express your unique talents to the entire world. Our freelancers are ready to help you establish the successful YouTube channel of your dreams 
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