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Hiring a voiceover expert

If you need to hire a voiceover expert, you need to make sure they meet all of the essential criteria of your project. In this post we show you how
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Need to hire a voiceover artist for your project? Read this first.

If you're not gifted with a golden radio voice, that shouldn't stop you from expanding your marketing efforts into the audio spectrum. 
In fact, no talent gaps can stop you from building your business anymore. Now, within just a few mouse clicks, you can hire just about any talent to strengthen any of your weaknesses including voice actors.
So whether it's for a podcast, an explainer video, or just a fancy answering machine message, we'll show you how to hire the best voiceover expert for the job.

Benefits of hiring a voiceover expert 

In the current stormy economic climate, it might seem prudent to cut costs and use your own voice, but if you're serious about establishing a prestigious brand, you need to mark every element of your business with the fingerprints of a profession in that particular field. 
Here are some surprising benefits of high quality voiceover work that should convince you to invest in it.

Voiceovers content improves your Google rank

By including audio content in your marketing strategy, you'll give Google more options for discovering your content. The Google algorithm keeps getting smarter and more capable of understanding audio content and videos, so if your explainer video, or podcast embedded on your website, answers a search query most effectively, you'll eventually climb the Google ranks to the very first page!
Explainer videos also give website visitors an enjoyable user experience, which strengthens your SEO efforts.

Podcast audio commercials have the highest ROI

Podcast audio commercials are one of the most effective marketing channels. If you create a captivating and compelling audio commercial with a voiceover expert, you're likely to achieve an impressive number of conversions.

Decrease website bounce rate 

Most people spend less than 15 seconds on a website unless you give them a compelling reason to stay. By having an explainer video on your website delivered by a captivating voiceover, you'll increase the time spent on your website from 15 seconds to 2 minutes or longer (an increase of 800%). That's plenty of time to convince visitors to convert to your offering.

Before hiring a voiceover expert 

Before hiring your voiceover expert you'll need to get a complete script written. Providing your voiceover artist with just a rough topical guideline will inevitably result in numerous revision requests which will needlessly prolong the duration of your project.
A pre-written voiceover script will ensure your artist communicates all of your desired information so that you can solely focus on assessing the nature of the delivery and not the data in the delivery. 
Writing a voiceover script for an explainer video is no different to writing sales copy, you need to focus on outlining the emotional benefits of your solution in a concise manner.
Writing a script for a podcast is much more in depth. There's extensive research involved, so if you're an experienced article writer, you should have issues putting together a highly engaging and informative podcast.
If writing is not your strength, you can hire a freelance writer to write your script for you.
With your voiceover script complete, you can start outlining the specific intricacies of your voiceover project.

Choosing the tone of your voiceover project

The tone of your voiceover project depends on the unique characteristic of your end product,
For example, if you're making an explainer video for an engineering solution you should have a formal and corporate tone to assert your authority in a complex and technical field.
Here's is a great example:
If, however, your solution is predicated on building relationships, such as a marketing solution, you should go for more of a friendly and warm tone. 
Here's a great example:
Regardless of the tone or accent you choose, make sure your voiceover artist articulates each word clearly, you should have no issues understanding them without the aid of subtitles. You can gauge the clarity of voiceover candidates by listening to their work portfolio (more on that shortly).
In your project description, include links to examples of your desired tone to help your voiceover artist understand your desired outcome.
If you have highly specific requirements that you cannot illustrate with existing examples, you could record yourself reading the script with your intended delivery. This is especially important if you'll be hiring actors for a dramatized podcast. 

How to hire the best voiceover expert for your project

You can hire the best voiceover artist on The platform is specifically designed for efficient project completion. You can also read past employer ratings and listen to each candidate's portfolio of work before hiring them. 
Here's the process.

Step 1: Post a project for a voiceover expert

Head over to and select "I want to hire"
hiring freelancers
Next give your project a title and write a detailed description. You can upload your script and any example audio files you recorded.
hiring freelancers

Step 2: Select your project type

hiring freelancers
You can either post a project or a contest. If you post a project, freelancers will bid on your project by offering a quote and a summary of their proposal. You then select a freelancer that best meets your requirements.
If you prefer freelancers to provide a tailored sample of their project submission you would post a contest. That way you can listen to freelancers attempting your script before choosing the best one to hire.

Step 3: Choose a freelancer to work with

After you have specified your payment details, it's just a matter of sitting back and waiting for your submissions to roll in. You'll receive a notification via email and also on the Freelancer App (available on android and apple) whenever you receive a bid on your project or a submission for your contest.
Once you've chosen a freelance voiceover expert you'll be able to split your payment up into different milestones so that you pay them as they progress through the different stages of your project.

Final thoughts

Working with a voiceover expert will give your content a prestigious appeal that will captivate your audience. Elevate  marketing efforts to an elite status by hiring a voiceover expert today!
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