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How to Set Up a Shopify Store on Freelancer

A Complete Tutorial for Small and Medium Enterprises
11 бер. 2022 р. • 4 хвилина читання
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Shopify store creation is gaining massive popularity amongst startups. And there's a solid reason for the rush in its demand.
In the fourth quarter of 2017 alone, Shopify store sellers recorded a jaw-dropping $222.8 million United States dollars in sales. It was a huge 71% increase from the $64.6 million total sales recorded in 2016 (
And as the sales figures continue to increase, product-based startups are understandably turning their focus to owning Shopify stores.
So as a small or medium enterprise, if setting up a Shopify store is on your checklist, give yourself a thumbs up! You're on your way to joining the statistics of successful brands using Shopify globally.

How Shopify Works

Ever visited a grocery store with different products on shelves and their price labels? Shopify works the same way. So what's Shopify? It's software that lets your build an online store where you can display your products. Apart from online sales, you can also sell your products in physical locations using the Shopify Point of Sales (POS) terminal. So it's a plus for you if you also operate offline.
However, for most internet users, it's convenient to shop online. And with the large population of active internet users pegged at 4.66 billion, you've got a large market of potential customers.

Why Set Up a Shopify Store as a Business?

1. Beautiful Designs and Themes

Shopify has some great themes with designs that are suitable for different brands and industries. So whether you sell physical or digital products, there's a theme for you. While choosing a theme, don't concentrate on colors alone. Also, pay attention to other features like the search bar and widget addition.

2. Free Point of Sale Hardware

Apart from online sales, you can also sell offline after you order your free Shopify hardware. All businesses with online stores are eligible. It means you can maximize your earning capacity.

3. Suitable Shipping Setup for Long Distance Orders

You can also extend your reach across various countries. Shopify has various shipping options and bulk order fulfillment. From your dashboard, you can collaborate with DHL and UPS. Having a Unique Selling
Proposition is always a great way to stand out. And if your business is domiciled in the United States, Canada, or Australia, you can make your business stand out from the competition by offering live tracking of their purchases. You also have an option for discounts. And if you'd like to offer free local delivery, you can choose that as well.

4. Lead Generation and Marketing Tools

Lead generation and marketing are easy on Shopify. You can add a blog section for Search Engine Optimization and visibility. That should help you attract potential customers. You can also create Google campaigns right from your Shopify dashboard.

5. Social Media Integration For Marketing and Sales

Another benefit of setting up a Shopify store is that you can integrate it with other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, etc. This means you'll have more options to promote your products. You can also sync your Shopify store with other platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Esty.

6. Get Analytics and Reports of Business Performance

You can monitor how much sales you make and know about how many stores visits you have. You can keep track of repeat purchases, and many more. With this feature, you can tell what product needs improvement. And the ones that need more production due to increasing in purchases.

7. The Shopify Capital (Loans For Businesses)

Once you build your store and start to make sales, you may discover that you'll need to expand your business. And if you need more funds for that. Shopify can give you a loan based on certain requirements like previous sales and country.

8. Best Tools to Build Your Store

With Shopify, you'll have access to thousands of features built by third-party developers. These features will help you create a fully functional store without any knowledge of coding. All you'll need is the creativity, products, or business idea to set up your store.
They're also a wide range of Shopify experts that can help build an impressive online store for your brand. All with different levels of expertise and price ranges. Select one that meets your budget and project requirements.

Understanding the Difference Between Shopify Store Design and Development

Before you hire an expert, understand that there are differences between Shopify store design and development. The major difference is that while designers make use of existing templates, developers use codes based on the platform's ecosystem to build fresh themes.

Setting Up a Shopify Store on

If you'd rather post a project, let interested freelancers know about your Shopify store needs, simply click on the I want to hire button. Then write the title of your project and a sufficient description to give freelancers adequate information of what you need. For instance, what product do you want to sell and in what niche? Additionally is it a development project or a design project?
For Shopify store design, you can select skills like:
  Shopify store design
  Graphic design
  Shopify templates

For Shopify store development you can add skills like:
  Shopify development
  JavaScript
  JQuery
  Bootstrap
A detailed project description will attract a high number of bids from Shopify store designers or developers.
You can also leave the selection to the Freelancer Recruiter Team. They'll check your requirement and hire freelancers that meet the exact specification. To get help from recruiters, click the 'recruiter project' option.
Shopify offers a great ecosystem that creates great value for brands; granting independence to everyone regardless of what they sell.
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