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The 10 best apps for your Wix website

Wix can help you build simple websites, but its add-on apps take your site's functionality to a new level. Here are our favorites.
22 трав. 2020 р. • 8 хвилина читання
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Wix's apps can make your simple website a selling powerhouse

Wix is a popular website builder, with people using it to create more than 100 million websites. Choose from hundreds of templates and use the drag and drop editor to build a fantastic website in just a few minutes.
Build a unique presence online in only four simple steps. And prices start from as little as $10 a month for the most basic package. There is a package to suit everyone, right up to unlimited and VIP. To support its users, Wix offers tools to improve your website in its app marketplace.
Wix apps are a great option for people without technical skills. Create a website yourself or hire a developer to create a totally unique website for your business. The end result will be you can still modify anything you like at any time with ease. Add a blog, take payments online and use marketing tools to grow your business.
Here we explore the 10 best apps for your Wix website.

Create your own logo

Wix Logo Maker makes it simple to create a unique logo for your business in a matter of minutes. All it takes is six steps:
Enter your business name.
Describe your business and what it does.
Share your style—fonts, colors and the use of icons.
Customize your logo.
Download high quality logo files.
Use your logo on your website and merchandise. Your logo comes with the right to use it commercially.


It is free to create a logo with Wix Logo Maker. But if you need the files ready for use on social media or in high resolution, you can buy them at any time. Premium website packages includes this in the price.

Accessing Wix Logo Maker

You can access Wix Logo Maker through its page or from your dashboard. On your dashboard go to Marketing Tools/Logo Maker.

Add an ecommerce store

Wix makes it simple to add, manage and promote an ecommerce store from your website, and it's commission free. You have the choice of stunning templates or you can design it yourself. Sell store products and digital downloads and add the ability to choose from multiple payment options. Integrate a Wix store into your website with just one click.

Key features

Key features of the Wix ecommerce store include:
Unlimited products to your store.
Multiple payment options including PayPal, offline payments and credit card.
Integrated marketing tools to promote your store to the world.
Managing your store while out and about using the Wix mobile app.
Offering a secure checkout experience.
Integrating a shopping cart.
Creating sale items and coupons.
Offering a choice of shipping or pick up.
Using your intuitive store manager to track sales.
Using SEO tools to get your store noticed.
Product galleries.
Automatically mobile optimizing your store.
24/7 support.
100% commission free.


Access to downloading a Wix store is included in premium plans.

Access to Wix Stores

Download a Wix Store through its webpage.

Share content with a Wix Blog

Share content on your website with a Wix Blog. Build and grow your online community by sharing your expertise with your audience. Visitors can share your content with just one click to social media sites. Allow your audience to join in by following your posts, commenting, uploading pictures and videos, and even creating member profiles.

Key features

Key features of Wix Blog include:
Simple to set up. It takes only a few minutes.
Fully customizable so it integrates seamlessly into your website.
Using stunning templates with access to social features.
Adding multiple writers to grow your blog and increase readership.
Visitors can sign up from social media or email.
Using hashtags to increase your reach and to help people find your content.
Making use of the rich text editor so can make your posts look stylish.
Members have their own fully customizable profile page.
Using SEO so your posts pop up in search engine searches.
Managing your blog from anywhere at anytime even from your cell phone.


Wix Blog is free to all users.

Access to Wix Blog

Download Wix Blog from its webpage.

Talk to customers 24/7 with Wix Chat

Add Wix Chat to your website so anyone can send you a message at any time. Engage with website visitors. You can answer their questions quickly to convert them into customers. Downloading Wix Chat helps you build customer relationships and trust.

Key features

Key features of Wix Chat include:
Customizing the chat widget to suit your business.
Answering from your laptop or cell phone using the Wix app.
Receiving notifications when new visitors land on your website.
Receiving a notification when someone books an appointment or makes a purchase.
Connecting your Gmail account.
Automating welcome messages when people land on your website.
Saving responses to the most commonly asked questions to reuse.
Using lead capture forms for people to leave contact details.
Using unlimited chat agents.
Scheduling hours chat agents are available.


It is free with any plan for up to five lead forms. With a premium plan it costs from $10 for up to 50 lead forms and more functionality.

Access to Wix Chat

Download Wix Chat from its own webpage.

Start the conversation with Comments

Start a conversation with the Comments app. Interact and engage your visitors. Discuss different topics, allow feedback and questions from visitors. Talk with people in real time and build trust with your audience. The perfect tool for building your online credibility.

Key features

Key features of Comments include:
Fully customize the app so it seamlessly integrates into your website.
Engaging visitors to create a community.
Integrating automatically with Wix Stores and Blog.
Collecting and displaying customer reviews.
Adding photo attachment to comments.
Allowing replies to comments.
Moderating comments.
Supporting the use of photos and emojis.
Integrating with social media.
Receiving instant notifications every time there is a new comment.


The cost is free with a basic package but with limited functionality. For premium users, the cost starts at $3.97 to include receiving notifications and the ability to moderate comments.

Access to Comments

Download Comments from its webpage.

Analyze your website visitors using Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is one of the most popular Wix apps. It has everything you need for insight into your website visitors. Learn where visitors are from, what browser they use, their behavior, page traffic and more.
You can watch videos of your visitors interacting with your website and learn which pages are popular or not popular at all. This gives you valuable data to use to improve your website structure and content to keep visitors engaged.
The Visitor Analytics app is GDPR/CCPA compliant and 100% respects people’s privacy. You have total control and ownership of the data collected. “There is no cross-tracking and no selling of data to third parties.”

Key features

Key features of Visitor Analytics includes:
Monthly traffic.
Viewing website stats in maps, charts and graphs.
Using a counter to display your traffic stats.
Locations of your visitors.
Visitor videos of them interacting on your website.
Conversion analytics.
Tracking referral websites to discover how visitors found your website.
Visitor devices showing whether they use a cell phone or a laptop.
An overview of your latest visitors.


Free limited functionality from the basic package. The cost starts at $5.83 for premium packages.

Access to Visitor Analytics

Download Visitor Analytics from its webpage.

Add Site Search for ease of functionality

Adding Site Search to your website makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Get insight into what visitors want to see. This improves your SEO using the Business Dashboard.

Key features

Key features of Site Search include:
Searching by using products, text and images.
Enhancing the user experience with AutoComplete suggestions.
Discovering what visitors are searching for.
Getting insights from your Business Dashboard.
Improving your website SEO.


It is free with the basic package but has limited functionality. For premium packages, the cost starts at $4.99 for full functionality.

Access to Site Search

Download Site Search from its own webpage.

Socialize with Social Media Stream

Social Media Stream transports all your social media posts live to your website in just one widget. Visitors can see your social media updates in real-time on your website directly from their mobile devices or laptop. Add streaming from:

Key features

Key features of Social Media Stream include:
A fully customizable social media widget.
Being cell phone responsive.
Allowing post moderation.
Quick updates.
Page and hashtag support.


Free for a single social media stream. Price starts at $4.95 for premium packages.

Access to Social Media Stream

Download Social Media Stream from its own webpage.

Manage booking with Wix Bookings

Add Wix Bookings so visitors can make appointments and sign up for classes directly from your website and it is commission free. No longer will you need to spend hours on the phone. It frees up your time to focus on growing your business.

Key features

Key features of Wix Bookings include:
Sending automatic appointment reminders via email.
Accepting payment securely.
You are never closed with 24/7 online bookings.
Booking groups and classes or one-on-one appointments.
Visitors can use it from any device.
Syncing your Google calendar with Wix.
Receiving email notifications every time you receive a new booking.
Showcasing your services professionally.
Managing staff calendars so people can book their favorite staff member.
Managing customer information— store, edit and search information.
Providing customers with a Member Login so they can book and manage appointments.


Cost is free if you have a basic package but it has limited functionality. Cost starts at $20 for premium packages.

Access to Wix Bookings

Download Wix Bookings from its webpage.

Print on demand with Printful

Expand your product offering with Printful. It is a print-on-demand app that drop ships direct to your customers. Sell any type of merchandise and allow customers to customize them with their designs. Cap, cups, clothing and more. Printful embroiders or prints the design and ships them directly to your customers.

Key features

Key features of Printful include:
Choose from 200+ customizable products.
Only pay for fulfilling orders.
Showing products and designs to inspire customers.
24/7 support.


Printful is free. There are no subscription fee to pay. Pay only when Printful ships the merchandise to your customers.

Access to Printful

Download Printful from its webpage.

How to add an app to your Wix website

Add functionality to your website by adding apps that give your visitors an amazing website experience. They are simple to add even when they are a major component like Wix Stores or something simple like Site Search.
To add apps to your website:
Click on Add App in Editor.
Click on Categories to search for the app.
Click on an app to find out more about it to decide whether to add it or not.
Click on +Add to Site to add it to your website.
Click on +Add App to approve the addition.

Wix apps help grow your business

With more than 300 apps to choose from, there is almost unlimited choice. Choose apps to enhance your website, engage visitors and grow your business. The majority of apps are free. Some have a free version or another for premium users, and you have to upgrade to a premium account to use others.
Wix apps take you website to the next level. They are fully customizable so they seamlessly integrate into your website.
All Wix apps are manageable using the Manage Apps tab in your website’s Editor or dashboard.
Pick and choose the functionality you want for your website. Apps help your SEO so you get noticed in search engine searches. Enhance your website using Wix apps. Stand out from competitors. Build an online community and loyalty with your visitors. Share your expertise with your audience.
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