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Стисле описання конкурсу

We are making a mobile app and are looking to send images to specific users, it is an accounting app so it needs to look sharp and clean, please find attached a badly drawn wireframe and a color pallet.

The app is a project allowing customers to send images of their receipts to their accountant. A user. must choose an accountant during sign-up and may have more than one accountant. They may also add a business and also multiple businesses (that they own)
When on the home screen they can press to send an image to their accountant on the ChooseImage page they can choose an image to send from their camera or from their stored images. while in the stored image page they can either use the dropdown in the header for the company also on the main page at the top they can press the dropdown for the name (accountant's name). there should also be a description input field

when in-home there should be a list of accountants and each one should have a dropdown for the images you sent in the past. Each image should be in a tile with some information to the right.

login screen.
a home screen.
image picking screen.
settings page.
signup page.

Final submission needs to be in a sketch file

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“She's smart and a good designer”

Зображення профілю NachumYFreedman, Israel.

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  • leticiaxavier605
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    Please Check #22

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    Please Check #18

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    #11 please check it

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    are you ok with figma?

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    Do you need Android Develoeper or Designer?

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    1. NachumYFreedman
      Організатор конкурсу
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  • ShreyasBhuyan
    • 1 тиждень тому

    Can You tell Me the Size ?

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    1. NachumYFreedman
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 1 тиждень тому

      what size? this is for mobile developement. UX/UI

      • 1 тиждень тому
    2. NachumYFreedman
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 1 тиждень тому

      The image sizes aren't defined, please choose your own style

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