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Стисле описання конкурсу

Sparkchasers is in the process of modernizing our website and the branding on our building. We need a graphic designer to create an icon suite consisting of five (5) individual icons to be used in our new website. Additionally, we will be adding new lighted box signs to the outside of our hangar and would like the designer to create the graphic, icon style, that is consistent with what we have done on the website. The box signs will be 6’ x 6’ on the outside of our hangar.

Website icons:
1. Icons will be designed for:
a. Aircraft Management – An aircraft inside a hangar icon with word “Management” written below it
b. Aircraft Maintenance – A frontal image of the aircraft with a wrench right below it with the word “Maintenance” written below it
c. Avionics – An aircraft either climbing upward or cruising with GPS waves coming out of it like it is communicating with a satellite and the word “Avionics” written below it.
d. Aircraft Certifications – An image of the aircraft on the ground with a “check mark” integrated into it with the word “Certifications” written below it
e. Commercial UAS – An image of a drone with a camera gimbled on it or some sensor and the word “Drones” written below it.
2. Should designed like the “airport signage_icon idea” image that I have uploaded as a sample idea. We would like to have the icons we a red background that closely matches the red in our logo which has been uploaded for your reference. We also like the idea of the starburst or shine coming from one of the corners.
3. Anything you can take from the “Sparkchasers Badge” that has been uploaded and integrate into these icons would be really cool. The wrench? The lighting bolts?
4. All icons should have the graphic in white with the word descriptor written in white below it. The word descriptors will be: Management, Maintenance, Avionics, Certifications, and Drones
5. The plane that you will use for your graphics should closely resemble the Socata TMB 900. I have uploaded two (2) images for you to reference (Airport signage_Plane For Icons and Airport signage_Plane II for icons) or you can go to on the web and see pictures of the plane.
6. These icons will be inserted into our new homepage that you can view by going to: This page and website is under construction right now but you can gauge how big the icons need to be by looking at the airplane icon on the homepage. These icons will replace the airplane icons on the homepage.

Building Sign Icons:
You are designing the two (2) building signs that will be icons that are consistent with our website icons. This may be very simple as you already have the icons from the website, but these signs will be 6’ X 6’ so the aspect ratio and the resolution will need to be correct so that the sign company can make sure a quality backlit box sign.

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