Book Cover designed for Who Broke My World

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Стисле описання конкурсу

This is for a cover design for a book. You need to know about the book. The title is “Who Broke my World?” with the sub title of “How Technology changes you and you are changing Everything!”
It is non-fiction with a theme that technology is altering us as humans at a basic individual level. This makes us difficult to govern and it appears as if politics and society is broken.

The suggested (but not essential) design is that the cover will have a broken planet earth with yellow ‘crime scene’ tape around it as if the damage is a crime. Perhaps there is broken glass and water leaking from the planet so it looks like a crime scene. On one side of the cover will be a full length photo of the author (not yet available but plan for it, see example in images) as if she is a detective at the crime scene.
If the colours of earth/globe that is broken are blue and bright (as they look in a space photo) then it will attract the reader’s eye. Other less cheerful covers would also be considered.

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“It was a pleasure to work with this freelancer - they got what I was needing and responded clearly and concisely. This was an encouraging experience and I will do it again.”

Зображення профілю geoffwrussell, Australia.

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  • Fatamaz
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    please check entry #28 #29

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • geoffwrussell
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Technology changes you

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • Leugim83
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Please #20 I hope you like it. Any changes let me know. Thank you very much.

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • Pibbles
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Dimensions of book design? Thank you

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • dizaraj
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Please #sealed the contest. Thnx

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  • katrinabits
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    #14 thank you so much! :)

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • KianooshBC
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Working . . .

    • 5 роки(ів) тому

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