CSS / UX improvements to existing based web system (Phase 1)

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Стисле описання конкурсу

The project goal is to come up with a design to reskin an existing web system.

The system is built on Elm and the debois UI framework.
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The design must be aesthetically pleasing, and preferably minimalistic / not cluttered, but has to be a better L&F than the out of the box debois styles.

Responsive design.
It is very important that the design will work well and look good on both desktop browsers, tablets, and smart phones.

Primarily business users

Bonus points if care is given to screen reader accessibility.

This is phase 1 of a bigger project. This phase is purely to do a spike to find a CSS / UX designer that has the right magic.
The intention is, once we have found the correct candidate, to initiate a second project to complete all the CSS styling and UX improvements for the whole system.
( The second project will not be a contest. The budget for the second project is significantly more than the budget for this contest)

We need concepts for all the UI elements in the examples.

The attached screenshots contain most of the views, menus, headings, tabs and input controls that need to be catered for in phase 1.
For convenience, we have included screenshots, and html files saved with a browser off the system. While these are obviously not functional, it might help to give you something concrete to work on quickly.

You can also download the required elm and debois frameworks and implement mockups yourself should you prefer.

The output we expect for this phase is as follows:

1. Obviously screenshots of your implementation
2. A CSS file that contains your implementation. Note that it is important that your CSS adds and overrides the out-of-the-box debois styles, and does not alter the original source CSS files. I.e. we want to be able to just include your CSS file after the original out-of-the-box debois CSS, and get teh desired results.

Please note that while it is our intention to commission the winner of this contest to also do the followup project, there is no guarantee of this, as we would only do so if we are completely satisfied that the contest winner will also be able to complete the second project with excellence and to our required standards.

Blow us away.

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“It was a positive experience”

Зображення профілю jfbosch4, South Africa.

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  • jfbosch4
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 8 місяці(в) тому

    less white space would be better.

    • 8 місяці(в) тому
  • jfbosch4
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 8 місяці(в) тому

    Sure thing. .zip has been added.

    • 8 місяці(в) тому
  • linusekman
    • 8 місяці(в) тому

    can you add a normal .zip file instead of the .7z file because that file can't be opened on a mac

    • 8 місяці(в) тому

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