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Стисле описання конкурсу

Website Design Guidance

I have a website, [login to view URL], and I would like to make some
upgrades. Right now I am looking for design guidance or suggestions on
how I can accomplish the changes listed below.

I will need examples and explanations of how your submission can be completed.

Ideally, I would like to use WordPress plugins to accomplish these requirements, if possible. I have a web programmer who will see if the suggestions are realistic. With the suggestions please provide a quote for the actual implantation of your recommendation.

Customer Side

• Customer is able to make a reservation through the website
• When a customer makes a reservation the website/system automatically send an email confirmation. In this email is a link that allows the customer to cancel the reservation.
• If the customer tries to make a reservation to a class they will be told that the class is full. Their info will be put in a list (Waitlist).
• If a class that is full is cancelled and there is a waitlist an email will be sent to the people in that waitlist so that they can make a reservation.

Admin Side
• Admin should be able to create classes with a number of reservations allowed. Some classes may have up to 20 people some may have 30. Currently I have to add a class by changing the HTML code, I want to be able to add reservations through a GUI of some sort. I am open to options on how this can be accomplished.
• Admin will be able to alert customers by each class. E.G. If a class is cancelled I can push out a message to them through the system by clicking cancel class, type message and then send.
• Admin should be able to do a database pull with the click of a button that creates an XL file with all the classes. Should be able to do a full pull, or by date, or by date and location.
• Admin should be able to cancel a class when needed.

Additional guidance (added 8/23/2018):

• The website is to be based on WordPress
• I prefer free WP plugins, but if you suggest a paid one I need to have a free example so that I can compare
• The website must look and work good on a smart phone
• Website must allow me to add classes and cancel them. If I cancel a class, customers that made a reservation or on the wait list will be notified by
• Customer must be able to search for a class by date – city – train station – time. The goal is to make it easy for consumers to find the class they want
and make a reservation with as few clicks as possible, especially on the smart phone
• Looking for a way to manage incoming emails amongst three or more people. Emails are sent through the feedback page.
• I want the option to add and remove a custom survey when needed. The first survey will be to find when and where customers want to have a class.
• I should be able to alter the size of the videos and make sure they are shown in the best quality (720p)
• On the FAQ page I need a better way to insert questions and answers. Currently I have to input by html which is time consuming.
• At the end of the submission there will be a handover that shows my website guy how to duplicate it.

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    please check #7 , #8

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    Final delivery is in PSD or HTML ?

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    working on it

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