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Стисле описання конкурсу

Design an e-book cover for a humorous erotic romance story where two female hotel maids, dressed in French maids outfits, have sex with each other and a robotic arm.. There's a robotic arm bartender in the VIP hotel room that joins in. If you haven't seen these robots, it's something that looks like this (doesn't have to be exact)
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In the story, the robotic arm is running advance artificial intelligence software and comes alive like man.

Title: Lick-Her Clean
Sub-title: A Taboo, First Time Lesbian, Robotic Bartending Arm Threesome Erotica
Author: Misty Miles

Size 1563x2500

The graphics, should contain at a minimum
- two sexy women in French maid outfits (one blonde and one brunette)
- A robotic arm (could be a robot arm with grabbers, or a robot arm with fingers, just not a full robot.)
- no nudity, but can be very sexy

optional graphics
- up to you

fonts should be free and not need to be purchased. PLEASE, do some creative work with fonts for title. Sub title is long, so I understand there's not alot of room to make that fancy

Upon winning, must provide link to stock photos (french maids, robotic arm, anything else you use like background), etc. However, during the contest, you don't have to buy the stock photos to win, but winner must provide links to the stock photos where they can be purchased on either [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] if their design is chosen to win.

You can leave the water marks in the pictures if you want for your submissions.

Upon winning, you must provide a LAYERED Photoshop file and LINKS to STOCK PHOTOS!!!!

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  • mdzafar997
    • 1 тиждень тому

    sir please cheek #47 #48

    • 1 тиждень тому
  • zhoocka
    • 1 тиждень тому

    Please check #21 ... Thanks!

    • 1 тиждень тому
  • JohnCheshirsky
    • 1 тиждень тому

    Can it be original artwork instead of photo manipulation? :)

    • 1 тиждень тому
  • bmp2011
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 2 тижні(в) тому

    One maid is blond and other brunette, per description

    • 2 тижні(в) тому
  • hemen1984
    • 2 тижні(в) тому

    Working on it... Please don't close early...

    • 2 тижні(в) тому
  • bmp2011
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 2 тижні(в) тому

    I asked my boss, and the contest was increased from $30 to $50. Also we tried to make it less work. As you do not need to buy stockphotos. You can you low resolution screen shots of stock photos with water marks. You can edit as needed, but don't have to clean up water marks. Then winner just has to supply links to stock photos used along with their layer photosop file. And then we will completely re-do cover here after we buy stock photos using your photoshop file as a starting point.

    • 2 тижні(в) тому
    1. Dipokchandra
      • 2 тижні(в) тому

      Working on it Sir.

      • 2 тижні(в) тому
  • coolboy137
    • 2 тижні(в) тому

    Hello Sir, please check #6 , #7, i hope you like it and feedback , thanks

    • 2 тижні(в) тому
  • shemmicl
    • 2 тижні(в) тому

    #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

    • 2 тижні(в) тому
  • josemillan9
    • 2 тижні(в) тому


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  • ArifAhmad123
    • 2 тижні(в) тому


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