Design me a logo for (Sereno Consulting)

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Стисле описання конкурсу

My business name is Sereno Consulting. The name was developed by taking into consideration a number of things about me and my practice: “sereno” in Spanish/Italian means serene, clam, peaceful life and calm mind (describes the goal of my practice, and … I’m half Italian so it’s also homage to my heritage).

In regards to the design, I am quite taken with the infinity symbol as it signifies perfection, duality, empowerment, eternity, wholeness and completion (Please see attachments)

This electric blue has always been a favourite which you can see in attachment. I found this image online and would love to use it … or something similar. I’ve played with the image and tried to make it using the “s” and “c” from Sereno Consulting but I didn’t really like that. I don’t want it to look like SC Consulting (I hope that makes sense)

In regards to the font I’m not fancy at all. I like clean, straight lines (ie Arial & Calibri over Times & Bookman, for example). I also don’t like cursive writing in font

In regards to the overall look I’m going for minimalism, class, and sophistication. I have included an example I found online; Baron von Fancy, not that I want gold (although I’m not opposed to it)… but I do like the black card and simple lettering.


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“Great designer. Very professional!”

Зображення профілю Shane131313, Australia.

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  • Shane131313
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    Must have the infinity symbol

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  • Shane131313
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    Please I like the electric blue color in attachments.

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  • LeslieDeanBrown
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    First of all, that is not the name of that font (I think).

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    1. sapakolaki
      • 3 місяці(в) тому

      CH means the name of company which use the font he likes. I think)

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