Design me a Product - foot strap housing electronic device

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The design we need is for a wearable tech device - a foot-band for babies:
- the top section contains an electronic device (dimensions below)
- the electronic device sits on top of the foot, in the centre
- must have a "D-ring" or similar built into each end so a 16mm velcro/nylon strap can be fed through
- see attached rough hand sketch and example d-ring for more detail.
- must have a removable top section secured with a small jeweller screw so that the battery can be removed and replaced. Battery sits at the top and is a square, lithium polymer type.

*** KEY INFO: MUST BE AS SLEEK AND DISCREET AS POSSIBLE *** Aiming for an Apple product feel. Use this as inspiration:

Please read the details below for more important information.

Material: medical grade, hypoallergenic silicon / rubber / must be flexible
Colour: white
Size: The whole section (from D-ring to D-ring i.e. end to end) should be max 40mm in length. Must be able to contain an electronic device that is 20mm wide x 30mm long x 1cm tall.

Additional notes:
- It should have a rectangular hole on the underside that is towards the front of the area where the electronic device sits (4mm from the front and the cutout should be in the centre, 3mm x 3mm) for an LED to shine through.
- Velcro/nylon strap will be 16mm in width.

We need:
- 3D render of your product design
- design source files
- file for 3D printing (.stl preferred)

We are looking forward to your creative ideas...

Thank you!

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Відгук роботодавця

“Marcus did a fantastic job, I'm so glad he showed an interest in our contest. Right from the outset we were astounded with the effort that he put in to his submissions; the attention to detail and the quality of his work was impressive. We really liked the fact that he thought outside of the box, but still kept to goals and objectives set out by the design brief. All round we had a great experience with Marcus and I would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to others.”

Зображення профілю WestOptix, Australia.

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  • paveldema
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    may i have a have a chance to offer my design? thanks.

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • paveldema
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Hi! Is the contest closed already?

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • dhonfaxz
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Interesting contest.

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • DesireEra
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    We are working on it.

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
    1. WestOptix
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 5 роки(ів) тому

      Great, thank you for your interest and we look forward to your submission!

      • 5 роки(ів) тому
  • WestOptix
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 5 роки(ів) тому

    Something like this might provide some inspiration. Obviously it's worn in a different spot, but something sleek and not too imposing (remember it's a baby's foot so needs to be small as possible). Also don't copy this! But just use so you know what I'm trying to achieve in terms of size and style etc.

    • 5 роки(ів) тому
    1. WestOptix
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 5 роки(ів) тому

      • 5 роки(ів) тому

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