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  • Винагорода: $10
  • Надіслані роботи: 25
  • Переможець: CacCac

Стисле описання конкурсу

I have two (2) images that need edited, as follows:

1. CAMPER - the shadow beneath the camper is way too harsh and looks fake. I need a softer, more realistic shadow beneath the camper. NOTE: I am attaching two samples of campers with realistic shadows (SHADOW1, SHADOW2) - this is the type of shadow that I am looking for..

2. HEART - when the heart was cropped, the bottom of the shadow was cut off. I need this corrected. In addition, the shadow beneath the heart has a red tint to it that I need replaced with a more normal looking gray shadow.

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“Excellent work, as always! Highly recommended!”

Зображення профілю mkyoung, United States.

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  • swayg
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    #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

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    1. mkyoung
      Організатор конкурсу
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      Why should I increase the prize? I've used many excellent designers on Freelancer that work for $5 per hour (USD). This project will take much less time than this, so $10 is actually on the high side. #keepyourcommentstoyourself #keepyourcommentstoyourself #keepyourcommentstoyourself #keepyourcommentstoyourself #keepyourcommentstoyourself

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  • tipomia
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    plz check entry#16

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  • AjAlhejaj
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    check entry #7

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