Find a company name for a coaching and freelancing business in the humanitarian sphere

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Стисле описання конкурсу

Looking for a name for my small business:

Background and company services:
A sociologist by origin, I am a 40 yr old, female, experienced professional in humanitarian assistance and international cooperation, with project management and coaching certifications, offering:
- career coaching and mentoring (to people who want to work in humanitarian aid/international cooperation, or who are already experienced or even seniors/executives in the field and facing career challenges, shifts, stress, dilemmas)
- project management support (e.g. proposal/grant writing, strategic planning, evaluations) to international and local (global south) non-profit organizations/NGOs
- freelancing for humanitarian missions and deployments for NGOs (e.g. doing contracts of several weeks to months for a particular task, for instance again for grant writing, strategic project planning and assessments, evaluations, gap filling....)

The winning name/phrase should
- be catchy, easy to remember, and raise positive connotations of the value/service provided to the client
- can be an actual word (or an expression with up to 3 words), or a fantasy term, or a symbolic expression/metaphor.
- should be easy to spell/the right spelling easy to remember, for an English language working environment with international clients;
- can but does not have to take into account my values or personality (see below);
- should have the .com domain available.

What values I treasure in my work: empowerment, accompanyment, respect, resilience, clarity, collaboration, partnership, enthusiasm, passion, freedom, growth, happiness, productivity, result-orientation, optimism, sustainability...

What colleagues and mentees/coachees of mine say about my personality: inspiring, sincere, active, dynamic, analytical, open, flexible, committed, positive, resilient, strong, free, a networker, connecting, a doer, loves nature, confident, kind, fast thinker, competent, diplomatic....

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  • gowthamsarathy
    • 14 годин(и) тому

    Dear CH,
    The top rated entries are not available for the registration for the domain ".com". Kindly check it. Thanks.

    • 14 годин(и) тому
  • KColeyV
    • 16 годин(и) тому

    CHECK #34 AND #33

    • 16 годин(и) тому
  • Abdellatiefyahia
    • 1 день тому

    Working on it!

    • 1 день тому

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