Make a "Where's Wally/Waldo?"-style A4 image

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I'd like a Where's Wally?-style illustration making, please.

It must:

be A4 in size
be in a file format that I can open in PS or AI
be in black and white line art only (unless you want to colour a small bit to show me what you can do)
be in a landscape orientation
and be at a shallower angle than normal Wally images (see attached images).

I'll need 63 child-sized figures to be shown on it, each doing something different, e.g. riding a bike, standing at a window, waving from the basket of a hot air balloon, etc. Please show me what you can do with the setting, so include what you like, e.g. buildings, rivers, forests, etc.

Each of the children’s bodies will need to be on a separate layer, but I will NOT need any heads/faces. These will be added from photos which I will put in later on. Naturally, all of the children's bodies will need to be orientated somewhat towards the viewer, so that they will look correct when their heads are added later.

This is basically a test bed for a much larger project, as I would also like a quote for making a 4A0-sized image (1682 x 2378mm) in the same style, full colour, and with 1,000 child-sized characters in it, please.

Feel free to email me with any queries.


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“Tremendous. I would definitely recommend Chris.”

Зображення профілю mrillsley, United Kingdom.

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  • dliberalino
    • 3 тижні(в) тому

    Hi, if you haven't chosen yet, I will try and draw an entry too. As my portfolio and the image in my profile shows, I enjoy this sort of drawing quite a bit. Bruegel and specially Bosch are some of my favourite

    • 3 тижні(в) тому
  • abiadalyssac
    • 4 тижні(в) тому


    • 4 тижні(в) тому
  • labtop08
    • 1 місяць тому

    where do you want the location

    • 1 місяць тому
    1. mrillsley
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 1 місяць тому

      Hi Jacob. The background on the A4 image is up to you. It can be anything. As I said in the brief, this is really a competition to help me pick someone to draw the much larger 4A0 image (which is the equivalent of 16 A4 sheets). Thanks

      • 1 місяць тому
  • mrillsley
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 1 місяць тому

    Hi Rebecca. Submission of JPGs or PNGs is fine during the elimination process, but I would like an Ai or Ps file at the end, please. Kind regards.

    • 1 місяць тому
  • khoiruunisa
    • 1 місяць тому


    • 1 місяць тому
  • rebeccaholmquist
    • 1 місяць тому

    It only lets me submit in jpeg or png or gif.

    • 1 місяць тому

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