Python specialist text files wrangle

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Neural nets, support vector machines, unlabeled data, and labeled data

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  • CaptainCrunchy
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 5 дні(в) тому

    NLP experts. Implementing big data with some scripts based on the CMUsphinx

    • 5 дні(в) тому
  • vaibhavmangla
    • 1 місяць тому

    Hello, I am willing to work on this requirement. Please share the details and data.

    • 1 місяць тому
  • theidealspirit
    • 1 місяць тому

    Hi, I am Certified Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer. I am willing to know more about your project.

    • 1 місяць тому
  • datascrapper724
    • 1 місяць тому

    Hi, I am experienced in using machine learning libraries and willing to know more about the detail of your project (description, input data).

    • 1 місяць тому
  • JakeValladares
    • 2 місяці(в) тому

    Hello, I have taken multiple machine learning and data science courses run in python and have written multiple projects using the relevant libraries (sklearn, tensorflow, numpy, scipy, pandas, etc). I am used to data cleaning, clustering, interpretation, and prediction. I would love to learn more about your project, since this is my area of expertise! If you want my help with this project, just let me know more about your data and expectations.
    Jake Valladares

    • 2 місяці(в) тому
  • jorueda
    • 2 місяці(в) тому

    Hello. Please elaborate about the details of your contest and deliverables. Best regards.

    • 2 місяці(в) тому
  • rbagdiya
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    Can you please share requirement details and data

    • 3 місяці(в) тому
  • erkus19
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    Is there a missing data and the description is not enough I guess?

    • 3 місяці(в) тому
  • dazinger
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    Sure, I would be willing to give it a shot. I'm not here for the money, though. I'm sure there's plenty of well-experienced people that will be able to complete your app. I am interested in gaining some experience in Python!

    • 3 місяці(в) тому
  • soumalya70
    • 3 місяці(в) тому

    please upload the data

    • 3 місяці(в) тому

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