we look for a name for a product for cardiology (medicine for the heart)

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Стисле описання конкурсу

we are looking for a name for a product in cardiology (medicine for the heart).

This product allows to detect (recognise) better ischemia (which is a poor supply of oxygen to the heart).

It works via detection of glykosylation (sugar coating of proteins in the heart)

It helps with the prediction (forecast / prognosis) of the patient health and disease in the situation of problems with the heart.

So the name of our product could contain elements of




or synonyms to these terms.

The name shall sound well (for advertising)

should not be too long.

Every idea is welcome!

Also several ideas from the same person are welcome!

The contest will definitely have a winner!

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Відгук роботодавця

“Winner of our "name for a cardiology test". Congratulations! ”

Зображення профілю medflyer, Germany.

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    #75 kindly check this name, this is name with the logo design. if you like this one then pick this one and if you dont like this then ignore it. Thanks

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  • arvinseeva
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    Could you please make the competition #sealed?

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    Can you make the contest sealed please?

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  • supersystemng
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    Hello contest holder, glad to participate in yet another amazing contest of yours. Kindly look out for my entries. Thank you

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