Web design and HTML/CSS coding

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Стисле описання конкурсу

I need someone who can perform the UI / UX design and the HTML / CSS coding of a small management application for internal use in a company. And we need to be done urgently: a design proposal in 24h and the work done in 3-4 days.
(The coding can be done with bootstrap or any similar framework, to take advantage of its functionalities and shorten delivery times. We do NOT need that the code will be responsive. It will be used always in desktop)
Right now we have a very simple frontend design to work with and to help us to develop the backend funcionalities.. but we want a brand new design.

The management application will have a simple structure (header with menu, container and footer) and consists of the following screens:
- Login
- Home / Dashboard
- List
- Report page

* The login screen should be simple (you can see current design in [login to view URL]).
* The home / dashboard screen will contain several sections that will contain a paginable table, an area where you can view the current values ​​of certain stock values ​​and a graphic area. (you can see current dashboard in [login to view URL] and current-dashboard-part2.png... and a new suggested design for the dashboard in [login to view URL])
* The listing screen is simply a standard table (datatables bootstrap type)

The report page is the most complex and requires the most UI / UX skills. (current working design to develop the backend app in [login to view URL])
It is formed by two zones: upper and lower (you can see in [login to view URL]).
** In the upper part we have a table comparing the current value of two stock parameters (Bid and Ask) of various products for 4 countries. The idea is that the 4 countries can be selected from 4 drop-down lists. By choosing each country the Bid / Ask data of all the products for that country will be loaded. (you can see in [login to view URL])
** In the lower part there are two tabs: DataGrid and Graphics.
They show detailed information of a single product of those shown in the upper part. That's why we had thought that in the superior list of products there was some option with which we could choose the product from which we want to see your data in the lower part (you can see the linked data behaviour in [login to view URL] ).

*** The DataGrid tab will show the Bid / Ask data compared country to country (from a list of 12 or 15 countries). We must put all the countries in the rows and in the columns and each cell will be the compared value of the Bid and the Ask of one country with respect to the other. In this way, the diagonal will be disabled because it would always compare values ​​of a country with itself. ([login to view URL])
*** The Graphs tab shows a certain number of graphs (6) of evolution over time of certain values ​​of the product chosen in the upper part. (picture attached: [login to view URL])

The KEY page for the success is the REPORT page. It's the page that requires more advanced UI/UX skills to help the users to access the data in the easiest way.

We're looking for UI/UX web designers and coders for long-term employment relationship. WE have a lot of work for this kinds of freelancers.


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“Good job and communication”

Зображення профілю yumanji, Spain.

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  • Yukth
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Ya no se pueden subir propuestas?

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • alqanas37
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Working on it

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • webfactar
    • 11 місяці(в) тому


    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • appsanju8
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Dear Contest Holder,
    Please share your existing dashboard link.

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • ᗯeb ᗩmenity
    ᗯeb ᗩmenity
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Please check my entry #16 .

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • Benemma
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    please check entry #13 and give me feedback

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • yumanji
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Hi all..
    Thanks for your proposal.
    But to choose one freelancer i need to see how could resolve the 'report' page.. I need a design proposal of this specific page, because is the key piece of the project.
    I assume that the other pages are easy to design .. and that all participants can do it with bootstrap or any other framework.. but the report page (well explained in the project description) is the key.

    • 11 місяці(в) тому
    1. flprojectsph
      • 11 місяці(в) тому

      Do You need only the Frontend (HTML, CSS and JS)?

      • 11 місяці(в) тому
    2. yumanji
      Організатор конкурсу
      • 11 місяці(в) тому

      Yes, Chris T. Only the frontend.

      • 11 місяці(в) тому
  • nextdesign2007
    • 11 місяці(в) тому

    Please check it #11 .

    • 11 місяці(в) тому

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