Write a short paragraph about music(songs) genres in the western countries (especially USA)

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Стисле описання конкурсу

Write a short paragraph about music(songs) genres in the western countries (especially USA)
I need you to write one paragraph for each music(songs) the paragraph shouldn’t exceed 350 letters and keep the texts concise and Concentrated , only mention the essential information like dates, places, description, special events and an example with plot and performancers from the last decade, don’t insert pictures ( I want a YouTube links only).
You can make research in the internet to get these information and just organize them and checking the sentences grammar and submit them but be sure to attach the references.
you can use this list and add more items for this list :
Jazz - HipHop - Rock - Folk - Soul - Electronic Dance - Blues - Reggae - Gospel - Country - Musical - World - Disco - R&B - Latin - Salsa - Funk - Pop - New Age - Children’s - March (Only Music) - Classical (Only Music) - Film Score (Only Music)

You should Include these elements in your entry for each one:
1- History: date of the beginning , how it is beginning, where it is beginning etc
2- Instruments and clothes
3- description the performance
4- famous events:
5- extra information
6- an example + youtube link.

I have post anther contests for movies types and dancings types, if you like to work on both of them to increase your opportunities for winning please look at the fallowing links:
Good luck for everyone.

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  • ToryJijow
    • 19 годин(и) тому

    Hi there! Kindly check entry #4

    • 19 годин(и) тому
  • TawheedHassan
    • 2 дні(в) тому

    Thank you sir. I will try my best. Hopefully I can finish in a little while. And you'll love it.

    • 2 дні(в) тому
  • naefcom
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 2 дні(в) тому

    Mrs. Syahidah Nur
    this not what i wanted.
    could write about the music genres.
    Thank you.

    • 2 дні(в) тому
  • naefcom
    Організатор конкурсу
    • 2 дні(в) тому

    Thank you Mrs S
    it is great, but you forget to add (an example + youtube link)
    complete your entry and submit it , I am sure you have a good skills which will help you to win the prize.

    • 2 дні(в) тому

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