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  • Найняти gravityjackinc
    30 відгуків(-и) $62.50 USD на годину
    , bc48e34303calendars4986e285aa, bc48e34303Carbon4986e285aa, bc48e34303CASL4986e285aa, bc48e34303Catena4986e285aa Networks, bc48e34303CATIA4986e285aa, bc48e34303CBuilder4986e285aa, bc48e34303CCAI4986e285aa, bc48e34303CCNA4986e285aa, bc48e34303CDO4986e285aa, bc48e34303CDONTS4986e285aa, bc48e34303CE4986e285aa, bc48e34303CE.NET4986e285aa, bc48e34303Certificates4986e285aa:, bc48e34303CF4986e285aa, bc48e34303CFMX4986e285aa, bc48e34303CGI4986e285aa, bc48e34303Character4986e285aa Studio, bc48e34303Chats4986e285aa, bc48e34303Cisco4986e285aa, bc48e34303Citrix4986e285aa, bc48e34303Clarion4986e285aa, bc48e34303classic4986e285aa, bc48e34303ClearCase4986e285aa, bc48e34303Client4986e285aa ... Server, bc48e34303Client4986e285aa/Server, bc48e34303clients4986e285aa, bc48e34303Client4986e285aa-Server, bc48e34303Client4986e285aa-side scripting, bc48e34303Clipper4986e285aa, bc48e34303CMIP4986e285aa, bc48e34303COBOL4986e285aa, bc48e34303COBRA4986e285aa, bc48e34303Cocoa4986e285aa, bc48e34303code4986e285aa remediation, bc48e34303codec4986e285aa, bc48e34303CodeWarrior4986e285aa, Mac, bc48e34303Coding4986e285aa languages, Coldfusion, COM, Add-ins, DLLs, COM ... ++, MSVC6.0, Visual Basic, bc48e34303CodeWarrior4986e285aa IDE, compilers, Microsoft VC++6.0, MFC, ATL, STL, managed, VC, (Win32/Linux), bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, 4/5/6, RADs, bc48e34303client4986e285aa side, COM+, Win32C++/Java, bc48e34303CADDS54986e285aa, bc48e34303Calendar4986e285aa, Widget
    BIO Highly motivated self starter, as well as a seasoned and accomplished Information Services Executive. 15 years experience as an Entrepreneur and Programmer with in-depth proficiency in programming, business process improvement, network design, relational database modeling, foreign import procedures and relationships, needs analysis, strategic and tactical business / technical planning, creative problem solving, delegation, staff development, accounting, banking relationships, user interface design, ActiveX development (using C++ and VB), netw ork administration, network security including firewalls, Exchange and SMTP servers, Internet testing/development, project and product management, packet analysis, market development, assembling, troubleshooting and configuring IBM compatible and Apple personal computers both hardware and software. I am your liaison to Gravity Jack, Inc. a Spokane Washington based team of programmers that can perform any technical or programming need. Area\'s of Expertise iAd, iPad, Android, Droid, iPhone, i-Phone, Liferay, (Sun/AIX/Linux), .ASP, .NET, C#, compact framework, environment, Framework, Project, programmer, Remoting, windows, services, 16-bit, C, 2000, Server/Advanced, 2000/XP/2003, 2003, WDM, 2d/3d design, 2k, 32-bit, 3D, animation, Design, script, Engines, Graphics, Modeling, Studio Max, StudioMax, 3dsmax, 8031, 8051, 8086, 95, 98, A+, ABAP, ABAP/4, Access, add-ins, accounting, invoicing sys, Acrobat, Action script, Active Directory, Object-Oriented, Active Perl, Active Server Pages, Active X, Active Threed, Control, ActiveX, Plug-in, ActiveX/COM APIs, AcuVoice, ADO, ADO.NET, Adobe, After Effects, Go Live, CS, Image Ready, In Design, PageMaker, Photoshop, Premier, ADOX, ADSI, Advance Networks, Advantage, AIX, Alchemy Catalyst, Algorithms, Allaire JRun, Alpha, ANSI C, ANSYS, Apache, mod\\_alias, API, DBF, APIs, App Forge, Apple, Applet, Development, Integration, level, application, security, Skins, Applications, architecture, pal, ArcIMS, Arc, Objects, SDE, ARM SDT, ARP, Art Direction, AS/400, ASIC, ASM, MASM, ASP, vbscript, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Jscript, JSP, PHP, Mail, ASPX, Assembler, x86, I80x86, assembling, Assembly, (8085), ATG Dynamo, ATL, ATL/COM, ATL/WTL, Audio, compression, Audio/Signal Processing, Authorization, Data Protection, Authorware, Automation, systems, AVR Ethernet, AW Maya 6.0, awk, Axialis Icon Workshop, back end, web, Back-End, banking relationships, Banner, Basic, BAT files, Batch Files, BC++ 3.1, BDE, Bea, M3, Tuxedo, WebLogic, Beans, BeOS, Berkeley DB, Beta, bind, BIOS & DOS interrupts, Biz Talk, Blitz3D, BlitzBasic, Bloodshed Dev-C++, Booch, bookkeeping, bootp, BORLAND, Builder, Delphi, (VCL), Jbuilder, Kylix, Linux, Pascal, BoundsChecker, BpWin, Certified, Brainbench, broadcast conferencing, Browser Helper Objects, Bryce, Bugtracking, Builder 6, Business Consulting, process improvement, language, Metrowerks Codewarior, Sharp, Standard, Library, Mono, VB.NET, Builder, C/C++, MSVC6.0, Visual Basic, CodeWarrior IDE, compilers, Microsoft VC++6.0, MFC, ATL, STL, managed, VC, (Win32/Linux), C++, 4/5/6, RADs, client side, COM+, Win32C++/Java, CADDS5, Calendar, Widget, calendars, Carbon, CASL, Catena Networks, CATIA, CBuilder, CCAI, CCNA, CDO, CDONTS, CE, CE.NET, Certificates:, CF, CFMX, CGI, Character Studio, Chats, Cisco, Citrix, Clarion, classic, ClearCase, Client Server, Client/Server, clients, Client-Server, Client-side scripting, Clipper, CMIP, COBOL, COBRA, Cocoa, code remediation, codec, CodeWarrior, Mac, Coding languages, Coldfusion, COM, Add-ins, DLLs, COM/ActiveX, COM/COM+, COM/DCOM, COM+, Comm. IO, command line utility, commercial application, communication, communications, Compilers for Math expressions, Complex, Technologies, Components, Computer, analytic computations, Fundamentals, port (COM / LPT), Computer Science, telephony, computers, CompuWare BoundsChecker, concept, Configuration, Management, Configure Samba, Connectivity, console, constituent segmentation analysis, cookies, Cool Edit, CORBA, Corel Draw, CorelDraw, Corporate Identity, CP/IP/UDP, CP/M, Cracking, problem solving, Creative, Credit-card, Crescent QuickPak Profession, CRM, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Crypto, cryptography, Crystal Reports, 8.0/9.0, CSocket, Csound, CSS, DHTML, CSS/SSI, Custom, localization tool dev, network communication, software, spooler compo, CVI, CVS, cygwin, DAO, DarkBasic, Darktree, data acquisition, analysis, Conversion, Dynamics ActiveReports, Entry, sources, Data structures, Database, class libraries, web sites, front-end, integration, intensive, relations, Database-driven, Databases, ODBC, databasing, DB, DB2, Dbase, DBLIB, DBMS, DCOM, DCOM servers, DDK, DEC, Decompiling, DeepPaint, DejaVu, delegation, Delphi, Pascal, code for 9x, components, WIN32, Delphi/Object, Delphi/Win32, Delphi5 and MSVC6.0, design/development., designing user Interfaces., desktop, Distributed, publishing, utilities, Dev Primavera P3, real-time simulation, developed applications, develop, drivers, firmware, developer, integration, extensions, phone, hardware, device, DevTrack, DHCP, DHTML, Dialogic Card, Digi Design ProTools, Digital, certificates, Color Experts, Imaging, Performer, Signal Processing, TV, Direct X, Director, Director/Lingo, DirectShow, DirectX, Direct-X, 7.0+/OpenGL, DirectX/DirectShow, discussion groups, DLL, Dlls, DLL\'s, DNS, DOM, DOM/SAX Parsers, Domino Designer, DOS, DOS/C, DOTNET/C# and Perl, DR DOS, Dreamweaver, driver, DSDM, DSL, DSP, DTS, DTS packages, Dynamic, driven, Dynamic HTML, EAI, E-Business, Eclipse, ECMA, Ecommerce, e-commerce, EJB, Elan Speech, email, E-MAIL, forwarder, hosting and integration, embedded, devices, system, Encoder/Decoder pairs for Vi, Encryption, Energy consumption and production, enterprise, Environments, EPL, EPOC, ER diagrams, ER Studio, ERStudio 3.5, ErWin, ERwin 4.0, eSendMail, e-shop, etc, Ethernet, event logging, EVEREST ERP implementation, Exceed 4.0, Excel, Exchange, SMTP servers, Exchange/ListServer Mailing, FarPoint Spread, Flat FASM, fax, File, filtering routers, Final Cut Express, financial transactions, FINGER, FireBird, firewall, firewalls, Fireworks, Flash, Flash., Fmod 3D, foreign import procedures an, Forensic packet monitoring u, Formula One First Impression, Fortran, Micros, forwarding, Foxpro, Free DOS, FreeBSD, Freehand, Frontpage, FTP, FTP/TFTP, WU-ftpd, Game, Engineering, Games, gcc, toolchain, GDI, GDI+, General data/text/image comp, Genetic, Algorithms, Gif Movie Gear, GIS, Globalization process consulting, GNU, GOF and GRASP Design Pattern, Google Appliance, GPS, Graphic Design, graphic designer., Graphic Processing 2D, Graphical user interface, Graphics, Graphics localization, Great Plains, group conferencing, GUI, guru, GWBASIC, Hacking, Handheld, install and troubleshoot, Hayes modem, Hibernate, HomeSite 4.0, HP, HP Vee, HP-UX, HSQLDB, htaccess, HTC, HTML, Sun, JavaScript, Java-Script, HTML/DHTML, CSS/DOM, HTML-help, HTTP, I/O interfacing, i80x86, IBM, MQ series, MQSeries, PC, Tom Cat, VisualAge 3.02, WebSphere, AD, IBManager, ICMP, Icon Design, Icons, IDE, IDEF0, IE, Internet Explorer, IGMP, Ignacio\'s, IIS, Internet Information Server, ILASM, Illustration, Traditional, Illustrator, Image Optimization, Image processing, Imageready, IMAP, IMAP4, implementation, Authentication, InDesign, index rebuilding, Index Server 3.0, Infomaker, Information Exchanges, information system professional, Informix, Infrastructure, Ingres, Inno Setup, InnoSetup, Innovation DDK, Install Shield, Installable, InstallShield, Intel 8031/8051, Intel 8080/Z80, Intel Signal Processing Library, Interactive Voice Response s, Interbase, Firebird, Interbase/Firebird, interface graphics, Internationalization training, Internet, Interface, plugins, toolbars, testing/development, Tools, Internet/Intranet, Interprocess communications, intrusion detection, Inventory control/point of s, ions from Intel, IP, ipfw, IPlanet, IPX/SPX, IRC, Irix, Isam, ISAPI, (Internet Information), ISP connectivity, ISpace 1.5, IT consulting for local ISP\', ITP Filter Pack, J#, J/Vb, J2EE, EJB, Web-Logic, J2ME, J2SE, Jabber, Java, [Swing], AWT, Beans, ME, SE, shop, SWING, Java/JavaScript, JavaBeans, Javascript., JAXP, Jboss, Jbuilder, JDBC, JDEdwards, JET, Jet-Letter, JFC (Swing 1.0), JINI, JMail, JMS, JNDI, JNI, jpeg, JS, Jscript, JSP, JSP/Jservlet, JXTA, Kerberos, Kernel, Kilyx, Kinetix 3D Max, KQML, L2TP, LAN and WAN, LAN/WAN, Multi-threading, Larcom and Young Resize OCX, LDAP, Lightwave 8.0, Lingo, (SunOne ASP), Solaris., RedHat, RH, Linux., Linux/Solaris, Linux/UNIX, Linux/Win32, LISP, LiveScript, Load Runner, Localization, Testing, Logo, Branding, Lotus Notes, low, routines, Lua, MAC, OS, OS X, platforms, U/I design, PPC, Macintosh, MacOS 7/8, Authorware, Backstage, Director, Macromedia, Homesite, Magic Enterprise 8.0, mail distribution (LISTSERV), Main, Mainframe, manage DNS, Mandrake, MAPI, MAPI32, Maple, market, Marketing, analysis and planning, Analysis Application, Markup languages, MASM, masm32, MATLAB 6.5.1, Maxon Cinema 4D, Maya, MCP, MCSD, ME, Media Cleaner Pro, Medical practice, MetaCard, MFC, API., MFC Applications, support, MFC/WTL, MGCP/RTP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microangelo Studio, microcode, Microsoft, Access, Unix, CDO for NTS, Microsoft Certified, Solution, Solutions, Dev Studio 6.0, DNA, Exchange Server, IIS, Macroassembler MASM, Managements Consol, Office, Word, Add-ons, P2P, Sites, Server, SQL, VC 1.2, Visual Studio, Microsoft.NET, MIDL Microsoft Interface Development language, minidev, MIPs assembly, Miraplacid, Text Driver, MLS (IDX Integration), MMC, Snap-Ins, MMS, MMX, Computing, MobileVB, mod\\_auth, mod\\_perl, mod\\_php4, ModelMaker, Modems, Modula2, Motorola 6800/68000, Mozilla, mpeg, MQ Series, MQ-Series, MS, 7-2000, mbd-file, Commerce Server, Excel, FrontPage, server-side script, Message Queue, Paint,Terminal, Transaction Server, VC++, VC6.0, Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C++, J++, Visual Modeler Erwin/ERX, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, 3.x/95/98/2000/20, 98/2000/ XP, Forms, XP/2000/NT/95/98/, MS/PC DOS, MSAccess, MS-Access, MSAccess/MSOffice, MS-DOS., MSF, MSHTML, MSJSDK, MSMQ, MSN, MSSQL 7.0/2000, Interbase, KDevelopment, MSSSL, MSVC, MSVC language, MSVC++ 6.0, MSVFP6, MSXML2, MTS, multi-language utilities, Multilingual content, multimedia, educational, CD, Command Interface, Presentations, Multiplatform applications, multiprocess, Multipurpose, Multithreaded, Multi-Threaded, Multi-threading, Music Composition and Sound, namespaces, Native, NT, Firebird, needs analysis, Net Objects Fusion, NetAP, Netbeans, Netbeens, NetBEUI, Netscape, Navigator, network, host assessments, architecture design, Monitor, protocols, security, firewalls, sockets, Network/Internet related app, Network+, networked, Networking, Ethernet, OS -Windows 95-M, Networks communication, nfs, NICs, nix, nMS Visual C++, Nomad2 on IBM, non-compressed jpegs, Non-standard, notebook, Novell, NSAPI, NSBasic, NSLock, NT, DDK, NT/2000/XP, NT4.0/2000/XP, N-Tier architecture, Nullsoft installer, NuMega BoundsChecker, SoftICE, Numega SoftIce for , Object Orientation, Object Oriented, Object Pascal, Objective C, C++/MFC, Objective-C. Netscape Plug-in, Object-oriented, Objectory, Occam networks, OCI, OCX/ActiveX Custom Controls;, ODBC, compliant, connection, ODL Object Definition Language, Office Tools, OLE, OLE/COM/DCOM/ActiveX, OLEDB, OMT, Online Application Development, Online B2B and B2C Procurement, Online Catalog/Inventory Man, Online media, OOA, OOD, Open GL, Open Inventor, OpenBSD, OpenGL, OpenGLLupHomesite 5.0, OpenSource, OpenVMS Vax/Alpha, Opera, Operating, TCP/IP an, Optimiser, Optimizeit 3.0, 7.0/8.0/8i/9i, 8/9i, 8i+, 9i, backend servers, D2K, DBA, Reports, ORACLE, IIS4, ORBacus, broker, ordering and selling business, OS level dev mainly, OS/2, OS: AS400, OS: DOS, OS: Novell, Palm, Solaris, Unix, 95/98/NT/Me/2000, CE, OS9, OS\'s, OSX, outlook, Outlook express, OWL, packet analysis, Pagemaker, Paint Shop Pro, PaintShopPro, Palm and Pocket PC using a V, Palm OS, Palm Pilot, Palm/PocketPC, PalmOS, Paradox, parallel port, Pascal, Pascal(OOP), Pascal/ MSDOS for IBM PC, PASCAL/Object, DELP, Passport, Password, Payment Gateways, PC, PCMCIA cards., PDF\'s, Peak and Deck, peer-2-peer protocols, penetration testing, Pentium processors , Perl, Personal Web, Pervasive, PGP, Photography, Analog & Digital, Photoimpact, PhotoLine, PHP4, Physical simulations, PIC 16F84 microcontrollers, PIC, PICK Basic, Pico, PING, Pixar Renderman, Oracle, Platform-independent, PlayStation2, Pocket, PC, PocketPC, PocketStudio, Poll systems, POP, POP/SMTP, POP3, Portals, porting, POS System design and integration, Poser 3D, Postgres, PostgreSQL, PostgresSQL, Postscript, Power Basic, Power Builder, Power Objects, PowerBasic, PowerPlant, PowerPoint, PPP, PPTP, pre-fab packages, Premiere, Print, Art, printers, Pro/Engineer, Pro-C., production planning, professional , programming, Languages, Programs, statistical con, Builder, Analysis, planning, Prolog, propeller heads Reason, Protocols, TCP/IP, Protools, PSP, PureCoverage, Python, Python., QA testing, QBASIC, QNX, Quality System ISO 9000, Quantify, Quark, Express, files, Xpress, QuickBasic 4.5, QuickBooks SDK, Quicktime VR, Rapid, RapidQ, RARP, Rational, Purify, Robot, Rose, Suite, Unified Process, XDE, RAW, win32-api, RCS, RDBMS, RDMS\'s, RDO, RealAudio/RealVideo, RealBasic, Red Hat, RedHat, relational, modeling, Remote Access, Replication, Requirements, requisite pro etc, resource compilers, Resume collecting and process, Reverse engineer jobs, RIM (Research In Motion), RIPE, RMI, RoboDemo, RoboHelp, Rockwell 6502 Assembly Language, Rogue Wave Foundation classes, Rotor, routers, RPG, RPG-I/II/III, Run and Maintain, Run-time graphical, RUP, SADT, Sage Line 50, samba Ethernet, SAP, SAPI, SAS, SAX2, scanners, Schlaer-Mellor Design patter, SCO, Screen savers, Screensaver, script languages, Scripting, SDLX, Search engine, installation, Optimization, Section 508, Secure File Transfer, Security, Penetration Testing, security architecture, Security Architecture Design, sed, Seibel, sendmail, SEO, serial port, Serial/infrared comms, serial-port, Server Maintenance, Business needs anal, Servlets, Serv-u, SET, SGML, Sharepoint, Shell, Sheridan Data, Shockwave, Shopping, Shortly: Language - c/c++, SIEBEL, SilverStream, SIMD, Sites, site-to-site VPN, skins for Slackware, Smart Card, Smartcards, SMB, SMS, SMTP, SNMP, SOAP, SOAP-WebServices, Socket, Softimage XSI, Softimage XSI 4.0, Development Methodology, Engineer, localization, Metrics, Rasterizering, Verification and Validation, SoundForge, SourceSafe, Structured Query Language, speech compression, splash screens, Splash Screens Design, Anywhere, Client/Server, Plus, administration, SQLBase, SQLDMO, squid, SS7, SSADM, SSH, SSI, SSL, stand alone, Statistics, Steinberg Cubase, Stingray Library, STL, STL., Stored procedures, PL/SQL, strategic and tactical, streaming audio/video, Street Sweeper, studio.net, StyleSheets, Subversion, SunOne Studio, SunOs/Solaris, Sun\'s JDK, Survey Tools, Swift 3D, Swift 3D Max, Swing, Swing & JFC, Swish, switches, Sybase Adaptive Server, Sybase backend, Sybase Informix, Sybase Power Designer, Sybase, SQLServer, Symbian, Micro, System Architect, T/SQL, TADS, Tango Enterprise 3.51, TAPI, TASM, TASM 5.0, TcL, TCP, TCP/IP, TCP/IP QOS, TCPIP, Technical Support, Technical Writing, technology, integration, TELNET, Terradata, Testing, Text Processing, Textpad, threads, Threads & synchronization, TIBCO, Together, Tomcat, Tornado C++, TRACEROUTE, Trados Workbench, Transact*SQL, Transact-SQL, Translation, Translation: Korean, Translation: Spanish, travel, troubleshooting and configuration, TrueCoverage, TrueTime, TSQL, T-SQL,Turbo Pascal, TWAIN, Typeface Design, UDP, protocols, UML, UNICODE compliance, Unified Modeling Language, Unigraphics, unitool, UNIX, (FreeBSD), (Linux/IRIX/AIX), standard ftp server, uploading HTTP, Usability, usb, user & groups, user interface design, utilities, Vantive, VB, audio vide, Script/PHP/Java Script/AS, VBA, VBA/Excel, VBE, VC, VC#(.net), VC.NET, VC/VC++, VC++, VC++/MFC, VC++/MFC/Windows98, VC, VCL, OWL, Vecta 3D ROSI , Vector graphics, Velocity, VHDL, video, Audio, Videography and Video Editing, vi-editor, Virtual Printer Driver, VisiBroker, Visigenics, Visio, Visual Basic, Visual.net, Embedded, extensively., on request, Visual Basic.Net( VB.NET ), Visual, C++/COM/DCOM/COM+/ATL, C++/MFC/COM/ATL, Foxpro, Interdev, Java++, Source Safe, SourceSafe, Visual Studio, gcc under, VisualBasic-6 for DCOM object, VisualC 6, Voice XML, VOIP, VS 6.0, Vsam, VSS, W3C, WAN and LAN., WAP, Watcom C++, Wave Burner, Based MIS Reports using, Broker and WebSnap, design., Web, Hosting, localization, exposed by WDSL, Trends, web/e-commerce, Web-based, web-design, Web-development HTML, web-environment, WebForms, WebLogic, Commerce Suite 4.1, WebLogix, webMethods, Integration Serve, WebObjects, Webservers, WEBSITE, Website, WebSphere, WebsSphere, WHOIS, WIA, Runner, Win2000/XP/CE, Win2k, kernel, Win32SDK, Win95, Win98, WinAPI, WinCE, IIS, 3.1, SDK, 3.x/9x/Me/NT40/2000/, 3.x/9x/NT, 32, 95, 95/98/ME, 95/98/NT/2000/, 98, Driver Development, 9x/2000/XP, 9x/Me, 9X/NT/2000/XP, 9x/NT/2k/XP, 9x/NT/ME/200x/XP, based, CE/PocketPC, COM, DDK, DNA, Embedded, explorer, Forms, Image Acquisition, media, Mobile, NT, Host, SDK, Server2003, Windows2000, Windows32, Windows-based, Winforms, WinInet, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WINS, Winsock, 2.0+, Winsock/Internet Protocols, WIN, WinXP, WinXX, Wireless, protocols, Wireless/Mobile, Wise Install Master, Wise Installer, WMA, WMI, WML, WML/Wap, WMLScript, Word, processing, macros, working knowledge of x86, Written, English, Russian, WS_FTP, WScript, WSDL, WSH, WTL, X.500, protocal, X10 home,xBase, XCode, XDE, XHTML, XML, DOM 4, Schema, dynamically drive XML/SOAP, XML/XSL, XML/XSL/HTML, XP, XSD, schemas, XSL, XSLT, XTreme Toolkit, XWindows, менше
  • Найняти ghostcoderp
    8 відгуків(-и) $20 USD на годину
    * Administrating for Rational bc48e34303ClearCase4986e285aa SCM (Software bc48e34303Configuration4986e285aa bc48e34303Management4986e285aa) system, Rational bc48e34303ClearQuest4986e285aa bc48e34303CRM4986e285aa (bc48e34303Change4986e285aa Request bc48e34303Management4986e285aa) system * Writing test bc48e34303cases4986e285aa for a functionality test by using ... ). Responsibilities included: * Developing and support bc48e34303control4986e285aa system by using Assembler and bc48e34303C4986e285aa languages for Siemens micro bc48e34303controllers4986e285aa (bc48e34303C1674986e285aa family) for real-time applications bc48e34303Projects4986e285aa bc48e34303completed4986e285aa: * bc48e34303Completed4986e285aa a ... . This bc48e34303project4986e285aa was be used in production for the above mentioned real-time bc48e34303control4986e285aa system * Implemented bc48e34303CAN4986e285aa-bc48e34303communication4986e285aa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/bc48e34303CAN_bus4986e285aa) module between bc48e34303controller4986e285aa and PC for
    ## BIO Software Consultancy Service From 2008 year I am working for Visual Technology Services Ltd. company (remotely). Responsibilities included: * Managing of small team of developers (3-4 software developers, C++ and Python). These developers are in a local office, not remote. Responsibilities included: a) subtask verbal description in Russian b) description of implementation method for resolving this task c) check developer's progress in implementation of the task e) code review before each commit * Adding new features to VTSL's flagship product: PDF3D-SDK library (http://www.pdf3d.com/pdf3d_sdk_developer_toolkit.php). Both personally and by using the team of developers * Adding new features to other products: PDF3DReportGen application (http://www.pdf3d.com/pdf3d_reportgen.php) and PDF3DXmlServer conversion engine (http://www.pdf3d.com/pdf3d_xml_server.php). * Developing 3D graphics & 3D models processing algorithms * Support automated test system in Python. Both personally and by using the team of developers * Provide support for VTSL's customers in written English by email Projects (or tasks) completed: * Releases a few versions of PDF3D-SDK library, PDF3DReportGen application, PDF3DXmlServer conversion engine into production * Entrepreneur skills: built small team of developers, established B2B relationships, passed foreign exchange control Software Developer From 2004 year to 2007 year I worked for TS Support LLC. (http://tssupport.com) as programmer in C++ and system administrator, also SCM (Software Configuration Management) manager and SCM consultant. TS Support LLC. is a software developing company with 30 employees operating out of Rostov-on-Don city (Russia). TS Support LLC. specializes for trading software products. I worked as C++ developer together with my colleague (pair-programming). Responsibilities included: * C++ developing for new features, adding a new GUI dialogues and functionality; * Writing test cases for a unit test * Administrating for Rational ClearCase SCM (Software Configuration Management) system, Rational ClearQuest CRM (Change Request Management) system * Writing test cases for a functionality test by using C# language Projects (or tasks) completed: * Added some features into MultiChart application (http://www.tssupport.com/multicharts/features/) * Reverse-engineering for unknown file formats, such as .ELD, .ELA, .ELS (http://www.tssupport.com/multicharts/features/analytics/) * Software protection system based on CryptoAPI (http://www.tssupport.com/services/owndata/) Developer in Assembler language From 2002 year to 2004 year I worked for SRSI CCS. SRSI CCS is Scientific Research State Institute for Computation and Control Systems. This is a closed government structure (in Russia). Responsibilities included: * Developing and support control system by using Assembler and C languages for Siemens micro controllers (C167 family) for real-time applications Projects completed: * Completed a Control System for coiling machine (hyper link is not available). It is a real-time control system * In particular was implemented proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID controller, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller) for one-coordinate control system * Implemented mathematical expression translator (compiler based on LL1 grammar) to Assembler language during my education. This project was be used in production for the above mentioned real-time control system * Implemented CAN-communication (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAN_bus) module between controller and PC for loading and saving control programs. Also developed PC software for communication with controller which is able to edit control programs, and send them to controller. ## Area of Expertise C++ (both MSVC and GCC), STL, ATL, WTL, MFC, desktop application development, server development, game development, Win32 API, COM technology, C#/.Net, OpenGL, OpenInventor, Coin3D, VTK system, Xerces, MSXML, LMX, CryptoAPI, JavaScript, Windows Server Administration, C, Assembler for Siemens Arch, Compiler generation, 3D geometry mathematics менше
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    ## ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Masters in bc48e34303Computer4986e285aa Science ## EXPERIENCE 10+ Years of Experience in IT/bc48e34303Programming4986e285aa/bc48e34303Project4986e285aa Managing Field Successfully developed and launched many bc48e34303desktop4986e285aa ... , 4.0. 4.5 VB6, VB.NET, bc48e34303C4986e285aa#.NET PHP, ASP,ASP.NET, MVC AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, Knockout, Node Web and bc48e34303Desktop4986e285aa Applications, bc48e34303Windows4986e285aa Services, Web Services, Web API My SQL, SQL Server All ... versions, Oracle 9i, Query Optimization XML, JSON MS Excel, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, MS bc48e34303Project4986e285aa, Axure Web server bc48e34303Management4986e285aa, Database server bc48e34303Management4986e285aa Android Phone Gap HTML, bc48e34303CSS4986e285aa, PSD to HTML, Website Design (Responsive)
    ## ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Masters in Computer Science ## EXPERIENCE 10+ Years of Experience in IT/Programming/Project Managing Field Successfully developed and launched many desktop applications, websites, ecommerce websites, integrate payment modules in many ecommerce websites. I have also developed scraping bots of websites and flash games. ## AREA OF EXPERTISE Dot Net 2.0, 3.5, 4.0. 4.5 VB6, VB.NET, C#.NET PHP, ASP,ASP.NET, MVC AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, Knockout, Node Web and Desktop Applications, Windows Services, Web Services, Web API My SQL, SQL Server All versions, Oracle 9i, Query Optimization XML, JSON MS Excel, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, Axure Web server Management, Database server Management Android Phone Gap HTML, CSS, PSD to HTML, Website Design (Responsive) менше
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    I am particularly interested in the followings: bc48e34303computer4986e285aa bc48e34303programming4986e285aa especially bc48e34303Windows4986e285aa bc48e34303programming4986e285aa MFC, bc48e34303C4986e285aa/bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, bc48e34303C4986e285aa#, Dot Net, WIN32 API, and electronics design and embedded systems implementation ... using FPGA and bc48e34303CPLD4986e285aa using VHDL language, microcontrollers bc48e34303programming4986e285aa using bc48e34303C4986e285aa/bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, electronics bc48e34303circuit4986e285aa design, and PCB design using Altium Protel. Recently I am interested in iPhone/iPad/MAC bc48e34303programming4986e285aa ... (serial port) or ethernet, data analysis and robotics, and many other bc48e34303projects4986e285aa. -Also, We are professionals in hardware development and embedded systems using micro-bc48e34303controllers4986e285aa in bc48e34303C4986e285aa/bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, and FPGA/bc48e34303CPLD4986e285aa
    I am particularly interested in the followings: computer programming especially Windows programming MFC, C/C++, C#, Dot Net, WIN32 API, and electronics design and embedded systems implementation using FPGA and CPLD using VHDL language, microcontrollers programming using C/C++, electronics circuit design, and PCB design using Altium Protel. Recently I am interested in iPhone/iPad/MAC programming using Objective-C and Android programming. I am forming a team who is interested in the following: -We are professionals in C/C++/C#/Objective-C and Java, with 14 years experience in programming field. -We have a great experience in developing MAC OSX / iPhone / iPad software using Objective-C, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, and xCode. -Also, We develop for Android using Java and Eclipse compiler (Native). -And, We do BlackBerry development using Native C/C++ QNX. -We have made many windows desktop applications using C(WIN32 API), C++(MFC), and C#(.Net) serving many fields including image processing, computer vision, TAPI, database manipulation(MS Access, MS SQL Server, and MySQL), Mapping, management systems, AI(Artificial Intelligence, including Fuzzy Logic), hardware connection through RS232(serial port) or ethernet, data analysis and robotics, and many other projects. -Also, We are professionals in hardware development and embedded systems using micro-controllers in C/C++, and FPGA/CPLD using VHDL esp. for Xilinx. with 8 years experience in MCUs and FPGA. Also PCB design and manufacturing using Altium Protel DXP. менше
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    I always try to bc48e34303complete4986e285aa the bc48e34303projects4986e285aa on time and up to bc48e34303client's4986e285aa satisfaction. I work hard and try to go extra mile so that my bc48e34303clients4986e285aa get best results. My areas of expertise; bc48e34303C4986e285aa/bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, bc48e34303C4986e285aa#, VB.NET, VB6 ... , Java, PHP, Databases (including MySQL), ASP, HTML5, JavaScript, Website designing and bc48e34303management4986e285aa and related technologies. bc48e34303Windows4986e285aa bc48e34303Desktop4986e285aa bc48e34303programming4986e285aa, multi-threaded, multi-process and distributed bc48e34303programming4986e285aa.
    I always try to complete the projects on time and up to client's satisfaction. I work hard and try to go extra mile so that my clients get best results. My areas of expertise; C/C++, C#, VB.NET, VB6, Java, PHP, Databases (including MySQL), ASP, HTML5, JavaScript, Website designing and management and related technologies. Windows Desktop programming, multi-threaded, multi-process and distributed programming. менше
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    PostgreSQL or PHP with MySQL I am also experienced using several bc48e34303programming4986e285aa languages like bc48e34303C4986e285aa, bc48e34303C4986e285aa++, bc48e34303C4986e285aa#, Java; however, I mostly use bc48e34303C4986e285aa# (WPF) to build bc48e34303Windows4986e285aa bc48e34303desktop4986e285aa applications and Java to build bc48e34303cross4986e285aa ... % satisfaction for my bc48e34303clients4986e285aa so you bc48e34303can4986e285aa be sure your bc48e34303project4986e285aa will be perfectly suited to your taste. Hoping to work with you soon. -Precious ... -platform bc48e34303desktop4986e285aa applications. I am familiar with using Database bc48e34303Management4986e285aa Systems like SQL SERVER, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite for database development and maintenance. I strive for 100
    I am a software/website developer with 6+ years experience. I am a full stack web developer Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Back-end: ASP.NET MVC with MS SQL SERVER or Python with PostgreSQL or PHP with MySQL I am also experienced using several programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java; however, I mostly use C# (WPF) to build Windows desktop applications and Java to build cross-platform desktop applications. I am familiar with using Database Management Systems like SQL SERVER, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite for database development and maintenance. I strive for 100% satisfaction for my clients so you can be sure your project will be perfectly suited to your taste. Hoping to work with you soon. -Precious менше

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