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    Trophy icon Develop a Logo Закінчився left

    ...are planning to launch a small business that will advocate to reduce, if not end the use of plastic. The business is already registered and domain has been purchased. We just need to develop the logo I have in mind, which I drew on a piece of paper. I have zero talent in drawing so please bear with it. The name of the business is Need to End Plastic

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    17 робіт
    Trophy icon Design 2 Logos Закінчився left

    ...Carley-James I train in business ettiquette and personal styling- first impressions matter and my goal is to put the poish on creating an excellent impression and creating a wardrobe that communicates an individuals message clearly. My name needs redesigning too, this should be modern, as well as being a fit with the main logo but not the same. ...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    64 робіт
    Trophy icon Full-page advertisement for industry magazine Закінчився left

    Hello Freelancer Community! And thank you upfront for taking your time and reading carefully through the project description. Client: Gaming 5.0 ([увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]) Client description: A management consulting company offering professional services to a large variety of business entities, mainly in the gaming and gambling industries. Established

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Терміновий Гарантований
    70 робіт
    Trophy icon Create a Company Name for a Graphic Design Firm Закінчився left

    ... I'm struggling to get a company name for my business and I want to do this contest to get more input and ideas out in the open. CONTEST CONTEXT A little bit of background about why I am doing this contest is I am starting a graphic design firm that will mainly deal with creating logos and identity/branding systems for new and existing ...

    $9 (Avg Bid)
    5 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Logo for A New Business Закінчився left

    ...I'm looking to get a logo design for my new project. It's called trickle effect - spelt 'Trickleffect'. This is going to a business which teaches people how to make passive income. The concept is simple. You start by creating small trickles of income (hence the name) which eventually adds up and grows to set people financially

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    Trophy icon Help me create a company logo for Youtube! Закінчився left

    Hello we are Silent Shed Studios a gaming centered YouTube channel and start up studio . We have big dreams of bringing all kinds of entertaining and mildly educational content to more platforms in the future and possibly creating our own website to host on our own videos. So we want to create a logo for Youtube that reflects the kind of quality gaming

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    69 робіт
    Trophy icon Website template design Закінчився left

    About SimpleSite SimpleSite is a website builder that enables anyone with an internet connection to create their own website, whether they're on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Our target audience consists primarily of small business owners and entrepreneurs, who don't have experience creating websites and are generally not tech savvy. They

    $104 (Avg Bid)
    9 робіт
    Trophy icon Design Door Hanger Flyer Закінчився left

    1)Looking for a professional and clean design of Door Hanger Flyers 4x9inches. 2) Utilize all of the information provided on Hangar flyers and make an additional 8.5 x11 inches one sided design with all the information that is used on front and back of hangers. Please include all file formats for handover including: jpg, png, ai, pdf Please keep

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    Терміновий Гарантований
    57 робіт
    Trophy icon Logo Design for Consultancy Company Закінчився left

    ...upfront for taking your time and reading carefully through the project description. Client: mAdvisory (we are open to different variants of spelling, i.e. M Advisory, mAdvisory, madvisory, etc. bearing in mind the brief below) Client description: A boutique consulting company offering professional services to a large variety fo business entities

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований Прихований
    88 робіт
    Trophy icon Video Creation Закінчився left

    I need some help with creating a high impact video for our training event. I have already created the script and done a voiceover - now I need your help add any royalty free images/video and some kinetic text. Appropriate background music would also be cool. Creative keys are yours! Voiceover transcript is as follows with my initial thoughts on

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    9 робіт
    Trophy icon Create a logo for a website Закінчився left

    I need a logo designed for a new ecommerce website. The website will be "homefilos" (dot com) Here is some background information: - The website will be a home goods / home accessories website selling home goods / home accessories. I want the logo to be minimalist and modern, but also warm. The idea of the business is "creati...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    232 робіт
    Create Simple Logo Закінчився left

    Create a logo for a new website called CareerMatter Career because it's about your career / work life and Matter because it does matter, you have to make the right decisions, plus it is powered by AI / ML so matter as in intellgience. I would like three logos created in 2 formats (vector and png/jpg) - we must be able to resize the logo and not

    $31 (Avg Bid)
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    Creative Design - Company brand Items Закінчився left

    PROJECT BRIEF The Ayi blu Company is a growth innovation and corporate strategy consulting company. We also provide professional development and personal branding coaching. Design Requirements We require the services of a designer to create a corporate logo, power point presentation template letterhead and business card - all documents must be provided

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 Сер. заявка
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    Trophy icon I need a marketing leaflet making Закінчився left

    I need a leaflet making that can be used as a promotional flyer for my business when I attend events. My buisness is in making stained and fused glass and pottery anything from windows, jewellery to vases. The below information is what I need including in my leaflet. The leaflet is to be A5 size, My Logo must be featured on the leaflet. I am happy

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    4 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Logo for a financial service provider Закінчився left

    ...attached PDF for the company name, thank you! For a new startup, I'm in need of a logo. The startup is a financial service provider, they offer following services: - Tax planning - Asset planning - Contingency planning - Pension planning The target group are people over 35, so the logo should be well readable and writing in a...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    152 робіт
    Trophy icon Logo design - FEATURED - GUARANTEED Закінчився left

    ...guys, this is the task: - creating a logo for a company by the name "Your Problem Solved!". The company sells various wholesale goods online so as such it is generic but we still want an attractive logo that shows sympathy, optimism and a great look at the same time. If our business model is boring, our logo...

    $61 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований
    246 робіт
    Trophy icon Recreational Vehicle Fortress Protection Закінчився left

    We are creating a business that protects Recreational Vehicles during a crisis. We want an image like RVimage, coming out of the fortress image with the same impression and feel as the trainimage . . . . the train image is sleek and aggressive. I will be happy to chat with you on what I would like as you try to figure out the best design. You are

    $390 (Avg Bid)
    Гарантований Топ-конкурс
    246 робіт

    ...Saini. I'm Graphics Designer & Audio Video Editor. I'm designing the many items the designs of much time. I specialize in creating designs for Banner, Logo, Brochure, Catalogs, Leaflet, Flash Gallery, Website Template, Flyer, Business Card, Video Editing, Newspaper ads, Magazines, using the Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, Adobe After Effects CC 2015, Adobe

    $23 - $192
    $23 - $192
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    Trophy icon Create a website design for a whiskey bar Закінчився left

    ...No coding/HTML/CSS expected! I only need a design! IMPORTANT #2: Please use the provided logo, don't create new logos :-) IMPORTANT #3: Please don't submit single page designs anymore, I have enough of them! Multiple page-designs are still welcome though! Details: - The target group are classy business people over 30 who enjoy having one drink

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    50 робіт
    Create New Design For Website Закінчився left

    Hello, I'm looking for a skilled graphic web designer that has talented design abilities, that can take a concept from start to completion with minimal oversight and direction. Here is the following criteria. - The designer must have a good understanding of UI/UIX design and understand the importance of online real estate. The overall structure

    $527 (Avg Bid)
    $527 Сер. заявка
    66 заявки
    Trophy icon Develop a Corporate Identity for an IT firm Закінчився left

    IT Force is an Information Technology service and support firm, a Managed Service Provider to be specific. I am looking for an overall branding concept that will deliver an identity for our new company name. The former company name, I/OVision, can be found at [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] to get a better sense of who we are. Our primary services are: • Onsit...

    $573 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Топ-конкурс
    110 робіт
    Web development Закінчився left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I'm looking for ancustom made ecom site, it's essential that it also has discount codes, that I can renew and activate as well as remove myself. It must also plays videos and I can easily update it myself and update blogs on weekly. I would also like every custo...

    $1665 (Avg Bid)
    $1665 Сер. заявка
    98 заявки

    Hi, I need a corporate identity (logos, cover sheet templates, letter template, business card template) for my consulting agency. Please see this website template: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] The colors of this template won’t change. I am more than happy if you create logos, cover sheet template, business card template

    $204 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований
    236 робіт
    Design a logo Закінчився left

    My business is about creating aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a way of growing both fish and vegetables in a closed loop water circuit. Basically the fish wastes are used to fertilise the plants, the later acting as a natural bio-filter (some bacteria are also involved in the process). Water keeps flowing back and forth between the fish tank and

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 Сер. заявка
    68 заявки
    Trophy icon Design Loyalty Card Закінчився left

    Hello, I have just completed a logo design contest and now creating a contest for Loyalty Card needed for my business. What is loyalty card? here is reference: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Attached is our Logo and below is the description

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    27 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Logo Закінчився left

    BACKGROUND EVON is a young real-estate development firm based in Melbourne, Australia. EVON would like to develop a segment of their business that focuses on creating environmentally and socially responsible residential and commercials developments, in rural areas with the values of sustainability, innovation and the driven fundamental belief to

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    88 робіт
    Build a Website Закінчився left

    Hi, My sister and I are in the process of creating our own clothing line. We are hoping to start the business within 3 months time. We want to build a website representing our brand and designs. We want a simple website for consumers to search for their products. We want the consumers to become members and have the contact us link where they

    $798 (Avg Bid)
    $798 Сер. заявка
    269 заявки
    Trophy icon Interactive Matt logo Закінчився left

    I want a logo for my new business - "Interactive Placemats or Kids menu's". The website will be www. Interactive [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I am creating a website that has interactive children's menus or children's placemats. Their will be images on the kids menu (placemat) and when you download the free mobile app and ...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований Топ-конкурс
    60 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Logo Закінчився left

    I've recently started a new business in the health & wellness space as a qualified health coach. I need your help in designing a kickass logo(s) to help me launch my online business. I need to start with a logo to upload to my new site, with more work to follow. I like clean lines, but vibrant colours and have selected...

    $192 (Avg Bid)
    198 робіт
    Trophy icon Design eines Logos Закінчився left

    ... I´m starting my new job which is also my new project. In future I´m working as a Nature Coach and Mountain Leader. At the moment I would operate under my personal name: Irmi Baumann But I´m free - if you have a great idea - I´m open for another suggestion. I´m a sporty woman with modern styl - also wearing bavarian tradit...

    $232 (Avg Bid)
    74 робіт
    Get a Website Built Закінчився left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. My project consists of one product that ill be launching in june. Its a quick fad beauty trend of 2017. A makeup remover towel. made of 100% polyester has two different hair length sides, one for removing and the other exfoliating. I have 5 colours consisting o...

    $407 (Avg Bid)
    Угода про нерозголошення
    $407 Сер. заявка
    107 заявки
    Trophy icon We need 3 Banners for our website Homepage Закінчився left

    We need 3 Full width Banners for Multi Operator CAB Booking Portal. Banner size should be 1366*638. Final Banners should be .PSD file formats. we have attached sample banner for Reference. Like in that, banner should come with different models of Car, road, city buildings, Customers as ICons in the banner. All banner should have white back ground

    $45 (Avg Bid)
    14 робіт

    ...width Banners for our Cab Booking Portal. Banner size should be 1366*638. Final output will be in .PSD format. Here We are attaching a sample banner for your reference. Like in the sample banner, you have to give some white space below the banner. our Web Portal name: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Please consider below points when creating Banners.

    $90 (Avg Bid)
    $90 Сер. заявка
    20 заявки
    Trophy icon Design an Advertisement Закінчився left

    I need a full page magazine ad designed within 30 minutes from now. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR LAYOUT ASAP AS I NEED TO FINALISE THIS IMMEDIATELY. Following please find the headline and copy and must use the attached background image. Magazine ad size: Full Page - Bleed 280 x 215 Type 240 x 175 Trim 270 x 205 HEADLINE: Do You Want To Take Your

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    47 робіт
    Trophy icon Photography Business Logo Закінчився left business using a pterodactyl as the logo. It needs to be versatile enough that I can use it on a business card, watermarks, website, t shirts, advertisements, etc. I am going to use the hashtag #pterophoto for my social media so if you can think of a way to include that please feel free. If you do this however, there needs to b...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    Гарантований Прихований
    87 робіт
    Trophy icon Design Banners for a Cab Booking Portal Закінчився left

    ...points when creating Banners. 1. The Banners must convey what we are offering to our web portal users. Please find the attachment for more details. 2. 1st Banner in Homepage must not disturb the Logo and Menu. so create that banner with white background art type of images while road is displaying and color also should support logo. banner should

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Гарантований Топ-конкурс
    21 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Brochure Закінчився left

    The brochure is for a brand called "dosco" . It provides low cost but high quality web design services. See the website [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] for details. Brochure will be printed on A4 and folded in two to create a A5 booklet with 4 pages. 1. Page -1 - This page is to showcase the brand. see logo attached. Please use a stock image from...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    15 робіт
    Trophy icon Design a Logo for new product brand Закінчився left

    Hello, We need a fantastic professional logo creating from the new brand name. See image attached for the brand name. You can choose the colours and design. The products that will be sold under this brand name is garden machinery & equipment. This logo will be used for a new website, the logo will go on all the products, and all the ma...

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    31 робіт
    Sell something for me Закінчився left

    ...DESCRIPTION I'm looking for anybody that wants to earn a good commission by getting me some work. I consider myself a specialist at creating Websites, Videos, and graphic Designs. I will provide you with sales materials if needed, I will also provide you with a customised business card and brochure that you can hand out. Here is a...

    $3524 (Avg Bid)
    $3524 Сер. заявка
    2 заявки

    P.S : PLEASE READ THE BRIEF BEFORE YOU WORK ON THE LOGO. P.S: PLEASE UPLOAD MINIMAL DESIGNS. We are creating a new pistachio brand that is called "Devlip" in Turkey. For us pistachio is more than a nut. We will sell products that are made with pistachios. (For example ; pistachio oil, pistachio coffee, pistachio liquor, jalapeno/garlic/...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    41 робіт

    ...finished it 3 hours tops 2. there is a problem uploading files to the WP - you should fix it 3. 5 stars and 10% bonus guaranteed to a freelancer who finish it in LESS than 3 hours (not a minute later) without any fixes first section: SEE THE INCLUDED IMAGE 1. change the favicon to the ID part in the logo 2. align the video button to the middle

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    $56 Сер. заявка
    22 заявки
    Web development -- 2 Закінчився left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Hello I want to make a website similar to [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] 1. I want customers to be able to book a cleaning online through my website. 2. I do not have a domain or a host for the website but wordpress, square space and wix are reall...

    $198 (Avg Bid)
    $198 Сер. заявка
    15 заявки
    Trophy icon Develop a Corporate Identity Закінчився left

    We are "Maras-Sommer GmbH", a retail company based in Munich, Germany. Our main product lines include charcoal, briquettes, fire starters, cutting boards, and coal-based natural fertilizers. We are present in Germany, as well as in several European markets. Our current sales are mostly B2B oriented (gastronomy; restaurants, hotels, retail stores)

    $500 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований Прихований Топ-конкурс Угода про нерозголошення
    64 робіт

    You will be responsible for creating a course outline in PDF and a VIDEO PowerPoint presentation that I can simply lend my voice to by creating content from my PDF books that I will send to you. You will be responsible from creating a PowerPoint Module utilizing every chapter from each book. You will be responsible for duplicating "...

    $463 (Avg Bid)
    $463 Сер. заявка
    26 заявки

    ...collaborate with a PRO graphic designer long-term who will be assisting me with providing various design services to my clients. PLEASE NOTE (IMPORTANT) For first TEST JOB I will pay after work samples have been submitted & approved. The test job will be designing logo. I will give you brand name, color scheme & brief about client business. Basically

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
    35 заявки
    Trophy icon Luxury Logo Design Закінчився left

    If your going to design PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHED EXAMPLES! Not is a business app that individuals will be conducting business on, making transactions and buying and selling products. We are all about luxury and we really put emphasizes on "luxury" and/or "Royalty". We are looking for a design that is black and gold or burgundy an...

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований Топ-конкурс Угода про нерозголошення
    239 робіт
    Trophy icon Create a Video Закінчився left

    I am looking for an animated commercial to be created that can be played via YouTube and similar platforms. The animation demonstrates the process and end result of a mobile phone application used for SMS marketing. (This animation will be non-technical but will demonstrate specific technical features of how a user would use the application to market

    $220 (Avg Bid)
    Обраний Гарантований Прихований Топ-конкурс
    6 робіт