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    ...rivista sarà presente alla fiera Luxepack 2018, presso gli stand di 4 partner e in distribuzione nell’area adibita per la stampa internazionale, la fiera internazionale di Montecarlo. La fiera in questione è [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I miei clienti vorrebbero farne parte con una doppia pagina di pubbliredazionale, pubblicando un articolo in cui mettere

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    ...tasks such as: 1) Estimate a time series model changing some characteristics (time frame for example). 2) Perform some statistical tests on regressions (F, t,...) 3) Montecarlo Simulations/Bootstrapping Methods 4) Value at Risk Models that we estimate are CAPM, CER (Constant Expected Return), Fama French. The service I want is someone to

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    ...same quantiles of the initial F distribution. The inputs of the problem are: 1) the initial discrete distribution of 10,000 points (imagine this can be the result of a MonteCarlo simulation of a fat-tailed distribution, or a static array representing a fat-tail distrib) 2) the number n of data points of the output distribution (a subset of the data

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    WiDog Enterprise Customers Закінчився left

    ... together with Milan and Genova, represents the Italian industry engine, called "Industrial Triangle" and is the city where FCA automotive is [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] few kilometers from Montecarlo, and Geneve, Turin is one of most international cities of Italy, and thanks to Politecnico Engineering University, is becoming fast one of the new Italian IT diamonds. Thanks

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    Find response for indoor scenarion Закінчився left

    It basically implementation of research paper. I want to find impulse of optical wireless channel by using montecarlo and determinstic approach. I have half part

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    We need a photo shoot for the interior spaces of a building in Montecarlo ("Petit Afrique"), where my company, Margraf Spa, furnished marble flooring and facings. The photo shoot must have an architectural style, cause we need it for architectural magazines and catalogues.

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    Simulation with Montecarlo method using Fortran Description of every module: Simulation with Montecarlo method using Fortran , physical basic concepts should be taken into consideration, each question should be answerd with enough explanation in comments Description of requirements/functionality: all the questions should be replied with explanaintion

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    I need someone experienced in Montecarlo simulation and thermal confort in residential building to proofread an approximately 5000 words article, and check if there are technical mistakes.

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    I need a highly skilled R programmer Закінчився left

    I need some financial coding to be done. Report with R to cluster option and pricing with black scholes, montecarlo ecc

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    Project for sumbali Закінчився left

    HI, i see your profile and i write you on chat. I have to make a pricing option with original data and R software. I have to use montecarlo method, b&S . cluster ecc. I can send you a sample and you can understand what i want. If youare able to help me, please send me an email

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    I have 3 sets of points in 3 x-y planes and I need to test for complete spatial randomness. First there needs to be a montecarlo simulation run with 100 iterations. Then I need the K-statistic plotted against the montecarlo simulations. Then the plot needs to be linearized (L-statistic) and centered at 0. I need this by Sunday night!

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    BER, Outage, capacity, SINR and received power over distance performance measurements using montecarlo simulation and while using MIMO and beamforming in matlab

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    I want an online lecture to learn how to implement the particle filter ( montecarlo sequential) in image reconstruct.. I mean to remove the noise from an image. I will pay per hour. examples with matlab is needed. I want a quick work

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    ...around 10 days about arma-garch models. I have written a matlab code that can be used to forecast financial returns through arma-garch models and I need someone to write the theory behind it. it goes this way: -get the data online - Box-jenkins methodology -arma-garch models estimation -Montecarlo simulation -Forecasting You will be in charge to

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    Garch models paper Закінчився left

    I need someone to write a paper of about 6...someone to write a paper of about 60-70 pages on arch-garch models with forecasting purposes. I have a Matlab code for forecasting so it is just a matter of following the code with theory. Competences: -Box-jenkins methodology -Arma-garch models -Montecarlo simulation -Construction of forecasting bands

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    I want to create statistical model simulation that use the historical data provide and Montecarlo. to predict the probability of the failure for each pipe. the data may be not correlated so you can use you statistics experience to correlate them ( you can play with the data) once you correlate the please provide the correlation equation and the graph

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    Montecarlo simulation Закінчився left

    need outstanding mechanical engineer. simulation expert.

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    Trophy icon Concevez un logo for www.montecarlo-realestate.com Закінчився left

    ...We are waiting for 2 items : A new logo (same position on web page) ; A new icon for the iPhone-iPad App. Some instructions : The complete name of the web "[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]" is to be present in the logo (including .com) The slogan " The best view of realestate in Monaco " is also to be present. We will translate this slogan

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    BER, Outage, capacity received power over distance performance measurements using montecarlo simulation and while using MIMO and mm wave beamforming in matlab the frequency used is at 29GHz so high propagation .. and beamforming is needed, any type of beamforming can be used providing that it gives good performance results

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    $400 - $400
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    BER, Outage, capacity, SINR and received power over distance performance measurements using montecarlo simulation and while using MIMO and beamforming in matlab

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