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    Формат журналу: а4,...Видається: з вересня 1994 року Для роботи є все необхідне: попередні верстки, файли indd, indb, шрифти, лінки логотипів, реклами (eps, tiff), package. Від Вас: час, відповідальність, акуратність, дотримання графіку. Робота: дистанційна е-поштою, Вайбером, моб зв'язком, Google doc. Package номеру передається через зручний файлообмінник по завершенню верстки та оплати. Оплата: за номер в день отримання print файлу pdf верстки та зменшеного pdf файлу для сайту.

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    Quick Logo Design Needed 6 дні(-в) left

    I need a simple logo made fairly quickly. I was hoping for a cartoon look, maybe with a little graffiti touch. Image inside of heart shape, with the wording centered and wrapped on top. The underwear should be leopard print. The wording can be out of the heart frame, but I would prefer the shape to not be too obscured.

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    BRI’s BODY BLUEPRINT 6 дні(-в) left

    This is the name of my body contouring business that I am starting. I am looking for a logo of a curvy woman with the background as a blue print. I have attached some inspiration pictures. I would like the only letters on the logo to be BBB

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    Software Creation 6 дні(-в) left

    ...doctor Would you like to consult Docotr - *Yes/No* *If Click Yes* than instruction will be given to initiate Tele-consultation with specialist on Zoom app. 8. *Zoom call* will be initiated to concern doctor who will receive call with simultaneous display of vitals on his screen as well. 9. After consultation, doctor will advise *Treatment* plan that will be given to patient via *thermal print* inside TM booth. 10. On completion of consultation sesssion will end and door will slide open and patient exits TM booth. I want a software for the working of this system so that it's automated. Currently we are using anydesk / TeamViewer for this purpose. All the details at the booth will be displayed via anydesk or teamviewer to the doctor. If possible i would like to ...

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    I need a t-shirt designer 6 дні(-в) left


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    Trophy icon B'town Barkery 6 дні(-в) left

    Looking for a logo created for my new business. The business name is B'town Barkery, and I would like that incorporated into the design. Open to ideas, but I'd love something incorporating a donut(s) and a Golden Retriever head or body. Also open to any other ideas incorporating donuts with anything dog-related (bone, paw print, etc). Looking for FUN and definitely something combining both dogs and a bakery. If it's something I could make myself on a free website, I'm not interested. Business back story: a dog bakery specializing in homemade, all-natural ingredient dog donuts.

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    I need a pdf form design and fillable pdf form with proper, also have some radio and cross buttons, it would be great if you create basic buttons, Save button, print, and reset form button. Thank you

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    Trophy icon Simple logo for runners group 2 дні(-в) left

    Hi we are a running group: we need a new logo we are called: Fun to Run @ woensdrecht We have NO logo but we like the following ideas but much more modern / sharp / smooth lines - because we will print on t-shirts Be creative !

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    Design my logos -- 2 6 дні(-в) left

    I am setting up a start-up business which produces jumpers. I would like to work with a designer to create my logos to print on my products. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Do you have experience in logo and logo apparel design? Our tour company is located on the caribbean Island of Dominica. Dominica (NOT the dominican republic) is known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Please familiarize yourself both with our website and the island of Dominica itself. We are looking for design work for a new company logo to be showcased on our website, signs, banners, as well as designs for T shirts, long sleeve shirts and other assorted merch. Please visit our website at

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 03/07/2022 12:00 EDT 2 дні(-в) left

    Hey there, We are „Collegewear“ and need a new logo. We are printing and selling tshirts and hoodies worldwide. The logo we need has to be simple but noble at the same time. It should be a symbol which we could also print on our tshirts and hoodies. Be creative!

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    We have build a Resturant ERP software, for that require to someone who can build seamless print (Without print setup pop up) for Invoice. Note :- UI is Angular.

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    Simple WPF applications that use gRPC to send print data from a client to a remote server for printing. The client must run on .Net Framework 4.8. The server runs on .NET5.

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    Create a Business Logo 5 дні(-в) left

    I’m looking for someone to create a logo for my small business ‘Sambal Ikan Tamban', in PNG format. The minimalist idea was also interesting. It's for a print on our packaging product.

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    Morrocan repeating print 5 дні(-в) left

    I am after an artist or graphic designer to create a repeating pattern in a Moroccan style (see images for inspiration I want a fair amount of white space within the pattern as it will be printed onto white fabric thanks in advance David

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    Pull tab game design -- 3 5 дні(-в) left

    I own a company and need artwork for games im designing and will eventually print

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    plugin for perfex to extract data from incoming emails and insert auto in CRM 1 title from the email, if the email title is different no insert in DB perfex All values from the email need to be added in the different columns on msql.

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    I want to sell a physical book to log travels like attached pictures, with the same content, but editable and file ready to print. I also need that the mock-up front and back pages could allow to have different images, as I choose on clinet demand. The interior should have 10 pages but if I need, I will be able to had more. You can check book structure in this link

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    login, print, pdf and upload 5 дні(-в) left

    Using Asp.net MVC Core AND JQuery : 1- As for logging in, I want to save the user data in the browser, and if he logs in again, the login page does not appear again, and of course, the user data is verified every time, and in the case of logging out, the data is deleted from the browser 2- I want to print the page with the same design, the word on the right appears in the printing on the right of the page and the word on the left appears in the printing on the north of the page 3- I want to export the data from the table in PDF format in Arabic 4- Upload files in large formats that can reach up to 5 GB, such as videos, with the use of Drop Zone

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    Added new 'F' letters on the attachment Hi Magical Designers :) Flowerance is an online perfume store Our Customer: Both males and females We need a unique logo that could be a combination of flower icon and the text Flowerance Please find attached the concept we have created so far but we are open to anything. Off course you are ...shape so please do your own creativity to impress us :) File below 'concept with bottles' is the actual logo concept that we have imagined. The letter 'O' is attempted to shape in flower and it matches with 2 bottles top angle if are merged together. We are not sure how it will come in the real picture after finishing. You smart people can choose regular rectangular or square bottle shapes to print your idea on anyway...

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    A girly design 5 дні(-в) left

    I need 2 custom designs to attract women audience for back cushions. Design is going to print on the front of the cushions with different colors. Iam sending a picture that I like. It is just an example of course.

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    ...image to bot with caption and bot watermark the image with store name and post on channel with the caption 2) add serial number for each product posted on channel. ( ex: 1,2,3) 3) if product sold send a command to bot /delete 01 to delete product no: 01 3.1) add contact button for buyers to contact the super admin for product related Queries 4) add integral of the following link of image Print scrn ( light shot) Jpg Png Jpge Text message Basically anything written in bot will be posted in channel with serial number Image or text or link with caption 5) identify the product by command /find 01. To find product no: 01 original detail 6) delete all command to delete all text 7) add vendor with only permission by chat id to the bot to post in channel 8) remove vendor by...

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    Bgreen Logo Закінчився left

    I need a logo for promotional content for my business. Pretty straightforward. Also interested in having some print materials designed and ordered. I do not have time to do this myself I am a nurse practitioner who practices Bioidentical hormone replacement and anti-aging. Thank you

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    App smartphone 5 дні(-в) left

    App that provides information on dispatch and not carried out (reasons, photos, geolocation, number of reviews),this information in connection to one where you can print reports per transport unit

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    3d Design a housing/ case for my electronics 5 дні(-в) left

    i have designed an electronics produce 45mm X 45mm size. looking for someone to design a good housing / case for it to do 3d print on my Ender 3 i will provide detailed dimention in PM. i do my design in thinkercad so if anyone can do in that it will be easy for me to edit. else i am flexible to any free 3d software alternate

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    Script for API Telegram 4 дні(-в) left

    ...you have a session file Next Step -> Close telegram, copy tData and sessionFile in to a clean Folder -> move next tData-Folder in telegram, repeat whole process pythonCode: from import TelegramClient from import StringSession api_id = 13208010 api_hash = 'd3766cac72fa5eala76b05dbba013073' with TelegramClient(StringSession(), api_id, api_hash) as client: print(()) ...

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    Launch of a new Real Estate Sales Agency who uses technology to streamline the sales process and offers full transparency. Business name must include the surname Blanc . Looking for a designer to create a brand logo used for web, social, print branding, for sale signage and business card.

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    turn a picture into an art medium (painting print) 4 дні(-в) left

    Turn this picture into a painting print - I'm thinking an oil based painting type style, but am open to other styles as well. Not as interested in realism/hyperrealism or anything cartoonish. Let me know if you need any more details or if I can help with anything, thank you in advance!

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    Edit the Letterhead PDF to remove: PO Box 198 Hyde Park QLD 4812 and Move the 107 Boundary Street South Townsville QLD 4810 down into it's position. Ensure PDF file stays the same and has print/cut lines

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    ...compare live links and the button 2b.) Rearrange the buttons, the order should be 1, 6, 4, 2, 3. Obviously once reordered please renumber them to make it logical. 2c.) The the run all button should be in that order too and also remove the functionality of 5. 3.) This macro automatically prints a page when it processes the file. The program works well I just need it to NOT print the page. 4.) Process Internet 4a.) Remove the part of this program that checks is stock is available, if it is NA or negative stock and do not change the date to when the stock is available. The date best to be todays date and then in the xml conversion best to remove that line of code. 4b.) If a stock code does not exist remove the line and just have a pop up “PRODUCT CODE Stock

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    Need to make a test code in ESP IDF for NFC reader. 4 дні(-в) left

    Need someone to make test code of NFC reader to print value on serial monitor.

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    I need a design -- 2 4 дні(-в) left

    Im looking for the STL of Cyber Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh so I can print it for Dungeons and Dragons as a mini figurine

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    I would like to 3D print the complex logo on a surface. I would like the logo to be very simplified, similar to the example with no side logo and no red stripe on the crest in black and white. The files gladly as .ai / .eps / .pdf / .svg / .png Thanks in advance

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    Build an app 4 дні(-в) left

    I need a app to log specific checks throughout the day at my work. Like at 11:15am, checked system, option to check different possible problems or if all ok. Then to be able to email and print pdf logs for every week. Doing these checks by paper is not efficient anymore.

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    3d designer 4 дні(-в) left

    To make and print a 3d colour mask of my kitten NFT.

    $512 (Avg Bid)
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    3d designer -- 2 4 дні(-в) left

    To make and print a 3d colour mask of my kitten NFT.

    $495 (Avg Bid)
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    ...redeem vouchers or use this point to get discount when create task. 5.) Point will have expired time. But set by admin. 6.) Need to think , will have 1000++ company in market so client will have 1000 type receipt in hand. so system need make sure it can scan and get data from receipt. and cannot duplicte #Amount speed #Date #Invoice ID How will you detect it? For example some receipt print out Amount is "Total", "Grant Total", "Sum", "tot"...and so on Date also like "date:", "Dte", "Time..." Invoice id also have different "ID", "cash id", "invoice"... [If want more detail please refer to document]. 7.) All setting in client page and vendor is admin set like c...

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    Hey! Wir suchen jemanden der/die uns unterstützen kann bei der Gestaltung, Illustration und Design eines doppelseitigen DINA4 Print-Mailings, das wir an Kunden verschicken möchten. Es werden konkrete Vorgaben (Inhalte, Format & Co) von uns gestellt. Voraussichtlich benötigen wir ein paar Illustrationen, die unsere Informationen veranschaulichen sollen. Ggf. auch ein paar grafische Anpassungen. Vor allem geht es aber auch darum, das Mailing hochwertig und professionell aussehen zu lassen, so dass es ansprechend auf unsere Zielgruppe wirkt. Zeitliche Komponente: - Briefing/Onboarding wäre Dienstag, 05.07. 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr - Das Produkt sollte Mittwochabend 06.07. fertig sein um dies dann zu besprechen und ggf. letzte Anpassungen vorzunehmen Wenn du d...

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    Scaling a PDF 4 дні(-в) left

    I need help scaling a PDF to print at an overall size but using A4 paper - so scaling it to the finished size I want but being able to use a home printer.

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    Excel and Vba to fill out forms with client details like name, pan card, address, fees, rates etc in a set agreement.

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    $63 Сер. заявка
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    Create a good looking sci-fi planet with continents on it. Planet should be stylish and trendy. with radiance, lighting and a stylish color print (examples in Colors of the Planets) Planet frame - hexagons. The colors of the planet can be completely different (in general, the content of the plan includes water and continents). In the future, a huge number of planets will be developed, they should differ from each other in appearance

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    I am looking for a WordPress website professional 4 дні(-в) left

    ...plugin that customers who want to print photos can choose a photo size and a number of photos (or it can be calculated automatically by the number of photos that a customer uploads). And after that add it to the shopping cart. The site and the payment are already built, but I do not have the plugin for uploading the photos and pricing according to size and quantity. These are sample sites for the plugin I want.

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    Trophy icon logo for wooden puzzle shop 4 дні(-в) left

    ...about the colors or shapes yet, but because of the reference to wooden puzzle, the logo can remind of a wooden puzzle. The main target group is women 40% and men 60% aged 20+. Mainly 25 - 40 years. A descriptive, unique typeface is more important to us than a symbol/figurative mark! A figurative mark, i.e. a symbol, can be used, but is not mandatory. The symbol would be used as a watermark for print products or in the background of the website. If you use symbols/graphical elements a result in a harmonic overall concept are important. Please make sure to use a font that is meaningful and appropriate to the theme! A selection of the offered products:

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    141 робіт
    Trophy icon Design (print) banner 2 дні(-в) left

    !!! PLEASE DO NOT THE CUSTOMER DIRECTLY !!! !!! DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN ON THE WEBSITE !!! Technical Requirements: - Size of the file: 174x338cm (height x width, so horizontal) - Do not put text in the outer 5cm (there are holes punched in that area) - Preferably vector file (Illustrator) Contents: - Logo (attached) - Website () - Slogan: "AMBACHTELIJK MAATWERK" - You can pick whatever from the website you want !!! PLEASE DO NOT THE CUSTOMER DIRECTLY !!! !!! DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN ON THE WEBSITE !!!

    $41 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a javascript function that prints a label on A4-size page containing six text columns. Need your assistance to add a barcode 128 for one of the text column (RecordId) and display it after leaving about 4 lines. The length of the barcode should be 4.25 inch with minimum height .75 inch and centered horizontally. Also the text represented by the barcode should be displayed at the bottom of the barcode. The position and dimension of barcode on the page should be fixed as it will be read automatically by a scanner. Attached please find the label page and the javascript function.

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    Trophy icon Rebranding for an exciting tech company 4 дні(-в) left

    ...onto basic elements like letterhead/email signature (perhaps with animated logo ?)/document templates/presentation template. Please use Lorum Ipsum for placeholder content. We only want to see the ability to expand the logo and brand identity onto these elements. Phase 2: The chosen designer/agency will work with us on an agreed rate, to roll out the logo and brand into a website, digital and print materials. Please ONLY respond if you are an experienced graphic designer/agency with the ability to think out the box, creatively design and roll-out concepts into various mediums. We can't wait to meet you....

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    Print Shop Website -- 2 4 дні(-в) left

    I need to Build an Printing Shop Website Along with Good Meta tags and keywords, and SEO the website could be similart to inkmonk com or Vistaprint or printo . in or printposter But need to be good and economical responsive site IT shall also Include Image upload and Edit function in it, give the all the details only related to this work..!! best cost and best service

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    Am looking for someone with some knowledge in content writing for signs and digital printing services and experience writing an effective SEO content for product descriptions for a new online web to print storefront selling products like business cards, flyers, brochures, stickers, yard signs, You task/role will be to write 65 product descriptions for the different products we have in our printshop in the categories of signs/banners, digital printing, name tags, vehicle wraps, stickers and labels etc. Each product/topic shall have: - 100 words description - 4 bullet points included. Note: The list of products shall be provided for you

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    build me a software 4 дні(-в) left

    usually our application is to print stickers, some permanent details on sticker shouldnt change everytime. only few details on the stickers need to give input and print. kind of software we require.

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    Топ-статті спільноти print