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    Need a UPC generator program created Закінчився left

    I am starting a consignment business and am looking for a program to be put onto my website (which is currently in process) where others can download the program onto their computer, create upc labels on their own computers, print them out, keep a log, etc. It would be similar to the one dowloadable on [[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]][1]. T This is a brand new, mom-owned company, so I have very...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Сер. заявка
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    Musclebolics Закінчився left

    Musclebolics is a new muscle building supplement that we are coming out with. I need a small web site designed. Navigation links on all pages (left margin or bottom), I'm not picky. Pages needed are: Homepage - something with a muscular man on it and highlighting Musclebolics as the web site. Should be sales oriented to sell the product. Navigation links to other pages. I have a 4 page sales ...

    $32 (Avg Bid)
    $32 Сер. заявка
    3 заявки
    Marquee Creator Generator Закінчився left

    I am looking for something similar to the generator found here: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL];section=marqueegen It is a marquee generator. I would like it to have a different setup and use ORIGINAL coding and an ORIGINAL color picker. I do not want any of the coding to be stolen from that site. I need it asap.

    $59 (Avg Bid)
    $59 Сер. заявка
    5 заявки
    32475 WHM/Cpanel bulk account/DB Закінчився left

    I need scripts/software to create bulk accounts in my reseller accounts whm and create an empty database with an assigned user for each account. I could make a txt file for the account creation, containing: domain names, usernames, passwords, whm account package, contact email etc.... For the database creation I could make a txt file with: domain name, username, password, database name and whate...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
    $130 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    Sending Bulk Emails Закінчився left

    I want to send about 300,000 emails to email addresses in Pakistan. I am developing a new trading website and would want to email people about it. Emails will be HTML

    $79 (Avg Bid)
    $79 Сер. заявка
    5 заявки
    32497 Script for Bulk Email Закінчився left

    I am a web designer. I have designed a web site and now my client would like to be able to send bulk emails to prospective customers from his website. I am interested in getting such a script developed. Please let me know in which language it will be written and what will be the system requirements for it.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Сер. заявка
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    302520 DynamicSite Generator Template Закінчився left

    Initially require 6 Adsense targeted site templates for use with the DSG. Similiar to Traffic Equalizer - [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Minimimal graphics to used, but ability to insert custom header graphic/logo if desired. No flash. Use of CSS to control formatting & style. Basic format will be Header image/Title, banner ad, fixed content, inline 336 x 280 adsense ad, continuation of content...

    PHP HTML Page Generator Закінчився left

    We are looking for a coder to modify a php script that converts data from a csv file into html web pages. Script must create the individual pages based on the products SKU from the csv file and then create a directory page which will be used to link to all the pages it has just made. The aim of this is to create a price comparison website. I already have the main part of the php script that does t...

    $166 (Avg Bid)
    $166 Сер. заявка
    18 заявки
    Mailing List Закінчився left

    Hello, I need a really good Mailing List for my website i dont care what software , but when i send mail i dont want to go in their Bulk mail so please help me out with a good Mailing List

    $84 (Avg Bid)
    $84 Сер. заявка
    10 заявки
    Auction Template Generator Закінчився left

    A simple 1 page auction generator script to display the copy/paste HTML for an eBay auction. Want to be able to upload up to 3 images, a background image or HEX color selection, shipping method, package weight, description, title. Would like to be able to implement the counter we are having created into every auction created.

    $225 (Avg Bid)
    $225 Сер. заявка
    2 заявки

    I need a clone of the marquee creator found here: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL];section=marqueegen I need it asap.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    $40 Сер. заявка
    14 заявки
    Sitemap Creator Закінчився left

    I want a Visual Basic program that can create a Google SiteMap for my website ([увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]). This is a site with 20,000+ pages. This is basically a spider program, so don't get scared. The specs for creating the SiteMap are at: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] The program will have to connect with site and then spider through all the pages collecting the urls. One thing that is v...

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    0 заявки
    header and ecover graphics generator Закінчився left

    Application to allow users to customize pre-designed graphics. Please visit [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] and [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] to have an idea of what I´m looking for. However I will only need the following: 1st - header graphics 2nd - ebook cover 3rd ??" sofware box 4th ??" ezine coover 5th - footer graphic 5th - order button I am looking for someone who can actually be...

    $425 (Avg Bid)
    $425 Сер. заявка
    7 заявки
    Offline photo order generator Закінчився left

    Thanks for looking at my bid. I have a friend :-) , really I do! He is a retired gentleman who takes photographs of weddings and I would like to bless him with a program that could assist him. This is what he does manually:- Once he has loaded all the photgraphs onto his computer he then invites the couple to his house to view the photographs on his computer. The couple then write down...

    $344 (Avg Bid)
    $344 Сер. заявка
    29 заявки
    Bulk Email needed Закінчився left

    We need to send out approx 100,000 emails to common people who can be ineterested in trading new and used items on a new auction website we are developing. Please contact only if you have previous experience with proven records. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must b...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 Сер. заявка
    2 заявки
    32603 Simple Quark Project Закінчився left

    For someone who knows Quark, this project should be a breeze - 30-60 minutes, tops. I have a Quark file. It includes a table of contents and a header. I need someone to format the STRUCTURE of this document. By that I mean: * create a visually appealing title page * create a visually appealing header * creating a visually appealing page structure You don't have to write anything or ...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    302368 Automating Script Tasks Закінчився left

    First of all, This project must integrate into a FreeBSD 4.11 Release p12 server! If you can't do this, don't bother. I believe this should be a shell script...Feel free to disagree. I want the script to go through this process over and over until complete: 1)takes each text file i provide in a folder on the server(each file containing a list of terms, line by line). 2)create a subdom...

    32613 whore train and profile genera Закінчився left

    I need someone to make me a myspace whore train and a myspace profile generator. I would like it as soon as possible and would like to see a demo on how it will look.

    $175 (Avg Bid)
    $175 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    302342 Overture Bid Results Закінчився left

    We are looking for a program that will bring back BULK results of overture Bid, this is the overture we will want the Results for [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]

    Bulk email web hosting Закінчився left

    Hi! I need web hosting for a website offering a esoteric service that will be promoted via bulk e-mail. I have my own domain name, will be designing the site myself, and will not be emailing through this service, I simply need basic bulletproof hosting that won't get shut down for bulk email. I will require about 10-15 megabytes of space, and max 50 GB of bandwidth (probably less). There...

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    $78 Сер. заявка
    4 заявки
    Shopfront and database needed Закінчився left


    $300 - $1500
    $300 - $1500
    21 заявки
    302293 Modify SEO Chief Script Закінчився left

    SEO Chief is a script that generates .htm pages from a keyword or keywords. A demo of the script can be found here- [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] These are the modifications I require- 1. SEO Chief doesn't create an [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL], I would like an [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] page automatically created, simply using the word “Home” at top instead...

    32679 SEO Закінчився left

    Need to further SEO our site: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Got possible tasks listed 1.One-way link building from high quality sites. [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] all images and none-text content to be Google friendly [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] proper H1,2,3,.. tags on every page. [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] and remove all tags (Example is 'font') to a separate CSS file. [увійдіть, щ...

    $300 (Avg Bid)
    $300 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    32708 Help with PHP/mysql/OOP/Smarty Закінчився left

    Need help analyzing the code for a relatively new online catalogue site developed using PHP/mysql/OOP/Smarty Template Generator. The use of functions is very extensive. Looking for 3 hours phone consultation. Will give you access to the site in a test environment.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    $10 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    302199 Bulk Overture Bid Закінчився left

    This is real simple , We are looking for a program or a system that will allow us to get Bulk Overture Bid Results, 25 or more per try, or let us know what you are capabile of doing, The Bulk overture system we want this for is Overture Bid Japan witch can be found here [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] , Also depending on how this goes we may be wanting more systems in other languages

    Website PDF Generator Закінчився left

    I'm looking for a "spider" that will crawl my website/blog and will generate a pdf from the images/code on the site. I'm really not sure if this is possible, but if it is I'd like to get quotes on what it would cost to write. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) De...

    $804 (Avg Bid)
    $804 Сер. заявка
    7 заявки

    We are looking for an experienced web developer and graphics artist to rebuild our current website to display content dynamically and offer features previously not available. This website should capture or mission statement, be aesthetically pleasing and be easy to maintain. We also are looking ahead to more advanced web development, so the goal is to develop a strong relationship with skilled p...

    $2960 (Avg Bid)
    $2960 Сер. заявка
    60 заявки

    Create a Device Driver that works with a standard CD Rom Drive that allows the drive to be plugged Into a Windows Mobile 5.0 Device. The device Driver would Burn a CD Rom Audio Disk From Information stored inside of an Audio File Streamed Sent from the Mobile Device. The Mobile Device Could get this information quickly, or slowly, and as the information is obtained and Spoken out -- (tex...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
    0 заявки
    Overture / Availabilty Закінчився left

    **_ We are looking for a program that does 3 things _** 1. Allow us to add a List of Japanes Domain Names and the progam shall bring Back **Bulk Overture Results** from Overture Japan found here : <[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]> 2. Also the program shall bring **Back Bulk Results of Overture Bid Japan** found here : <[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]> 3. The program shall Br...

    $95 - $100
    $95 - $100
    0 заявки

    i need a random number generator done in java that will generate a random 7 digit number when the java is activated. and the random number needs to be automatically inserted into the payment form ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as fol...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Сер. заявка
    9 заявки
    302079 Bulk SMS Script Закінчився left

    Phase I - Customer Interface Basic website functionality with customer registration/login, backend (database) administration, and SMS sending interface. Add/Edit/Delete SMS Credit for users Phase II - Implement SMS service, advanced SMS sending features (Normal & Unicode) and build out customer account management features. Developer reseller interface with able to brand logo and footer. Jus...

    Business Form Generator Закінчився left

    I am seeking a coder to create a software program for Windows to create a professsional looking robust ' invoices and estimates' generating program. It will be similar to a mini version of the program at <[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]> Except 1. Our one will only have _1 template_ not 300 2. It will handle only the US and 3 other countries. 3. It will only produce in ...

    $1040 (Avg Bid)
    $1040 Сер. заявка
    23 заявки

    Будь ласка, зареєструйтесь або увійдіть в систему для перегляду деталей.

    DHTML &amp; PHP Закінчився left

    I would like a clone of the script at DHTMLads.com. It's a slideup dhtml ad generator, and it's cool.

    $262 (Avg Bid)
    $262 Сер. заявка
    7 заявки
    301962 Generator Закінчився left

    Please excuse the 'Job type', 'Database System', and 'Operating system' as for I don't know how this will work. I am looking for someone to create a glitter generator such as: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I will have loads of different fonts/colors and I also want the visitor to be able to have the option of putting an image (such as the dolls shown on [увійдіт...

    Dedicated Server Закінчився left

    Hello - I am looking for an affordable dedicated server to start with. The website will be a business to business website that caters to the professional industries (Realtors, Brokers). The site is coded in PHP and uses a MySQL database. I will need a reliable email platform that can be used because the website consists of a lot of HTML email activity via scripts on the website. I estimate abo...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
    1 заявки
    Overture/Availble Project Закінчився left

    Okay what we are looking for is a system that will allow us to enter a list of Japanes Domain names , and the system will bring us back **Bulk results of Overture Japan ** <[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]> also we will want the program to bring back the **_Available_** domains in **[увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] and [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]** , Also we would like the system to be able to d...

    $68 (Avg Bid)
    $68 Сер. заявка
    1 заявки
    Membership Website Clone/Generator Закінчився left

    Looking for a way to instantly generate a website(s) similar to any of the following membership sites; [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL], [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] or outsourcesecrets.com. If a template could be created, I can design my own graphics. Need membership script (multi-level: free & paid)... intergration with paypal?

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    $100 Сер. заявка
    6 заявки

    I have a large website (about 30,000 static pages) that I need to get fully indexed in the search engines. I need an efficient sitemap or sitemaps, and I need to get them submitted to google sitemaps and the other top Search Engines. Hand submitted of course. ## Deliverables 1) Create a sitemap or group of sitemaps that are linked from the homepage and directly to the content pages, u...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
    $70 Сер. заявка
    3 заявки
    301843 Copy-Blogger Generator Clone Закінчився left

    I need a script or clone for my personal use of something like blogger generator or fast blogger generator. I want to create multiple blogs with blogger and post to blogs with the software. Preferably something you already have that I can just download and get started. Here are some examples: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] or [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] or [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I really like...

    301833 CLONE THESE SCRIPTS Закінчився left

    I need a script or clone for my personal use of something like blogger generator or fast blogger generator. I want to create multiple blogs with blogger and post to blogs with the software. Preferably something you already have that I can just download and get started. Here are some examples: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] or [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] or [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I really ...

    PHP Script Mod Закінчився left

    Very quick and easy project: I just need a modification to a custom "bulk whois" script that I own. The script functions properly except when I try to check more than say 10-15 domains at one time - then it "timeouts". I just need for it to be able to handle at least 100 domains like it used to. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progra...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 Сер. заявка
    16 заявки
    Midi Tracks Закінчився left

    We want midi tracks for Hindi songs. We are looking for people who can make tracks in bulk. We need a totle around 100 tracks in a month.

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    16 заявки
    301789 MySpace profile generator.... Закінчився left

    We need a website similar to [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] I don't really think that I have to explain what is needed. It has to look stylish and clean, we can even provide you with basic Photoshop design. The website should be done as soon as possible. Payment will be made trough ScriptLance Escrow AFTER the website is delivered/in...

    Very Robust Ecommerce site Закінчився left

    I am looking for someone that has a very extensive eccomerce site ready to go template that was possibly designed before and I can tweek. Its a wholesale/retail clothing, shoes, and accesories store, Urban gear, hot latest name brands. I want ability to add very frequently so i need to be schooled on how to access all the functions. The main colors are red and silver. i will upload the logo man. t...

    $258 (Avg Bid)
    $258 Сер. заявка
    9 заявки
    SEO URL + Sitemap + SSL Закінчився left

    I got a OSC MS2 and 3 things to do. Contributions to install: - CHEMO ultimate seo url - google sitemaps in my existing store we also accept any other working contri with the same features for mod-rewrite and sitemap to google/froogle. - SSL (FAST & EASY CHECKOUT is alredy installed)

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
    9 заявки
    IVR Закінчився left

    this project is related to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications written in Interactive Audio system (IAS) originating from Brite information systems. The IVR application needs to be set up as follows -as a voice mail box application with a unique system code generator for each mail box plus the ability to conference call - one on one chat and voice box messaging with time limitation...

    $100 - $150
    $100 - $150
    0 заявки
    301708 OsCommerce Import & Mods Закінчився left

    1. I need to be able to bulk add products/designs and all their specifications. 2. I need help setting up the csv file for import and make sure that all my products and images are imported correctly. 3. Each product (im now calling "design") can be purchased on a variety of products (mens/womens, shirt type, color, size). User must select either Mens/womens first, then it shows available...

    User Registration and Licensing Закінчився left

    This is a simple module with 2 screens. Need a user registration module along with a licensing module. Module has to be in C/C++ (or Visual Studio unmanaged application that should run without requiring .NET platform). If you can research and find an open source tool that can perform all the following operations, or some of the operations, you can use that. Flow of the application will be as...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
    8 заявки