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    ...objective is to create an animation simulating the construction of the facade of a small church in the 18th century and, on the same space (facade) animate a small house getting struck by an earthquake and fall into pieces. No modern machines or technologies! The idea is to design some scaffolding structure and a manual crane in wood on a black background

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    I unable to access some content on the net due to some website technical issues. The downloading struck in the pathway because the website is restricted in some regions I need urgent help, to extract data or download e-magazine.

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    logo for luxury skin care beuaty product supplier "passion struck capital letters strong font dont send casual logo think bold strong luxury quality. provide white background with black font provide background with white font incorporate a symbol which is a champa flower (photo attatched)

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    ...trying to join the values of quiz questions and document uploaded later can be joined along with existing values for the particular course with single child node. But I am struck with the starting point. Kindly provide your suggestion 2) in the admin section, I am trying file upload (if possible multiple file upload) features for the courses using

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    ...trying to join the values of quiz questions and document uploaded later can be joined along with existing values for the particular course with single child node. But I am struck with the starting point. Kindly provide your suggestion 2) in the admin section, I am trying file upload (if possible multiple file upload) feature for the courses. I tried

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    ...dog became more enthusiastic with each moment of the interview, until with his gleeful caperings he threatened to overturn the child. Whereupon the child lifted his hand and struck the dog a blow upon the head. This thing seemed to overpower and astonish the little dark-brown dog, and wounded him to the heart. He sank down in despair at the child's feet

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    need developer to fix payment issue on magento website website gets struck when payment is proceeded after card need to fix it

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    Hi! The lines for the new projects are: 1) Let’s WIN some GOLD! 2) Spin for the Gold! 3) Golden Free Spins! 4) Spin for FREE! 5) You struck Gold! 6) Gold! Everywhere! 7) It’s raining GOLD! 8) Gold all around YOU! * please repeat each line in 3 different ways. Thanks, Zohar

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    ...course, these are just ideas, you people are the visual artists - I’m very much interested in collaborating. Still reading? Ok, about me: I’m an English teacher who has been struck by how successfully comic books have helped many of my students to enjoy and understand classic works of literature. This experience has taught me that comic books have a potentially

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    I require software which trawls betting companies and betting exchanges to extract instances where there are odds discrepancies enabling wagers to be struck which result in a profit regardless of the result. Any prospective coder needs experience in building this type of software. Any chosen coder would have to sign a non disclosure agreement. Example

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    Dear All, As a child i always wanted to paint and paint more in my life. An idea of making an 2d animated series struck me while working as an I.T professional in my company. I have worked upon the characters and the script. I want character artists who can help me finalizing these characters with shading, color etc. In all i have an episode under

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    I am struck a little bit while writing browser tests using Mocha/Jest and selenium. Just need a hand to debug.

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    I'm a Life Coach and Real Estate agent with a Commitment to the well-being of others...When my father past away I felt really struck by how much pain had taken me over....soft understanding voices and nature help...just witness. I'm also a singer and have been told my voice is soothing so I wanted to offer that to people....What I really see is beautiful

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    I need a logo made that would read company name and a cl...name instead of numbers, please see requirements below: > Company Name i.e. STUDY T1ME > Logo of a clock with words Study T1me instead of numbers > The time on the clock to struck 7 O'clock I have attached some drawings of clocks, please use them as reference or you can present your own style.

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    I need a logo made that would read company name and a cl...name instead of numbers, please see requirements below: > Company Name i.e. STUDY T1ME > Logo of a clock with words Study T1me instead of numbers > The time on the clock to struck 7 O'clock I have attached some drawings of clocks, please use them as reference or you can present your own style.

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    Hello, I have script which is getting struck at some point.I need a selenium developer to fix this.I will pay only if it run successfully...

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    i need to fix something means full site i need to fix. its most of time reloading issure take time to open full website. some time struck.

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    I need some help with migrating a WordPress website. I do my own websites but, this time I am struck by something. I just need some guidance on how to do and some minimal help. The website is a development website. I need someone experienced with WordPress migration. I have the files backup and database backup. I need someone working live on my computer

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    Wall, Glass properties: a...longer than 100m, 80m preferred d) Manifold to be located near the doorway into the dining room in a cupboard on the wall adjacent to the lap pool e) The lap pool has been struck out of the build now and this is where the hydronic heat pump outdoor unit, heat pump water heater and associated equipment will be positioned

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    ...fairy queen. The only catch: he gets turned into a donkey! Great roles available for this abbreviated version of Shakespeare’s fun fable. Adults: Royal couples, love-struck teens, bumbling workmen and a very naughty elf! Children ages 8+: Beautiful fairies and dashing swordfighters! At the audition, you will be asked to read a short monologue

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    We’re a video production company in Birmingham which has struck a long term deal to provide video content for numerous clients across the South of England. We’re looking for freelancer videographers in the area that can help with capturing the footage we need for the edits. They must have their own equipment - ideally Sony A7S, or Canon 5D mk3 (or

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    i need a web developer i am struck in this part so please help visit [login to view URL] to know more

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    ...infrastructure expansion in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. However, with the rise number of Pilgrims also raised the concerns of the proper management in term of any incident or disaster struck due to managing large number of pilgrims. The huge number of pilgrims causing problems and the authority facing difficulties in managing those crowded pilgrims. There were

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    Customer, a building company initially , is holding on a project monies on one of 2 schemes. During deliberations he asked for the transaction not to be in...There is clear offer and acceptance, but who to pursue? Customer also initially approached us on his building company email address of which he was MD but the company was struck off in 2016.

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    ...group resources and the compatibility of these resources. Must also discuss the interrelationship between all three and how they react together. What type of balance should be struck when amassing a sport team? Do you want the most talented athletes, period? Do you want players who share similar skill sets or do you want them to bring different skill sets

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    ...in battle one day and Nuelle needs me, but you do, too? If I let you mean more to me, I’ll risk choosing you over him, and then everyone would be lost.” Her striking eyes struck his. “I don’t need you to rescue me, Ave.” “Oh really? How many times have I saved you now? What was it, oh yes, three!” “And who saved me from Ludwig? Was it you?...

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    ZuBlu is a scuba diving travel platform helping users discover the best dive destinations in Asia based on their prefere...inspire'. We welcome creative suggestions on how best to deliver this. It is easy to get too gimmicky with waves and water due to the scuba diving link, so a balance must be struck between a lovely visual and not being cheesy.

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    Hello, whoever will see this. My name is Kyle, and I am 18. I just need a simple design for a wallet. One ...bluetooth module, and a cellular antenna, with space for the afformentioned fingerprint sensor bump. I don't have much money to spend, and I wish I had more to give. I was struck with an idea, and I would love to see it come to fruition.

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    I'm getting error saying Access denied to the path.... when I try to open a file from bro...server's are on the same domain b)Both server's are on the same work group(No Domain) I have my application configured in IIS for all the above scenarios. I know I'm struck somewhere in Authentication part Versions: IIS7, IIS 8.5 and IIS 10 Thanks

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    Hi Emma, after being a successful art curator, author and writer who travelled around the world for my work, I was struck a devastating flare up of Fibromyalgia, the chronic illness I have lived with most of my life. I had just started a career change into the travel design business. Now I'm home bound and, although my mind is as full of ideas as usual

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    i need an android app which allows the user to post a photo and comment and like button under every post.........i have complete code of ...android app which allows the user to post a photo and comment and like button under every post.........i have complete code of authentication and uploading section but iam struck at like button and comment section

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    https://www.freelancer.com/users/l.php?url=http...this link we can interface two pic18f4550 microcontroller using i2c protocol but in slave file i am not getting the output in LCD display ? master file is correct but i am struck with i2c_slave_read() file so how to send serial transmission? what is pic18f4550 address and how to read from buffer?

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    Hello, i am struck at a point where I want to convert my existing Crystal Report code from Vb6 to C#. I need some guidance.

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    i want to work in cloud computing data security stream i have one paper which i want to use as my base paper...i got struck in my work. i need code and implementation of project . in the paper i have chosen they used some techniques and want replace them and improve efficiency.

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    ...st Dublin and two other concessions, in Athlone and Galway. ( A concession is a shop within a shop ie you pay an agreed% of your turnover to the retailer). The company has struck a deal to pay 25% to the concessionees. [login to view URL] will be selling their bed linen online. Hence they must create a transactional website and commit to various social media channels

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    ...most I'm paying for this paper!!!!! Answer the question below in 1-2 pages, single-spaced : There is much controversy over the origins of syphilis, especially the type that struck Europe in the late fifteenth century. What is this controversy? What are the arguments of each side? Be sure to include in your discussion the various types of this disease

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    ...crossed a pedestrian crossing ahead of him. Mark applied the brakes but the car did not stop. He was able to swerve and bring the car to a halt without damage, but Lucy was struck a glancing blow and fell over. Lucy was taken to the Apec General hospital, where the nurse at reception accorded her a low priority and Lucy had to wait about 3 hours to see

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    We have a range of Christmas items launching early next week and our copywriter has been struck down with the flu. Can get images across to you - it is about 10 garments and then some christmassy gift sets.

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    I have a client that will be opening a salon that ...the logo is what I want to be drawn as Dreadlock Textured hair. Meaning, I want that to look like a dreadlock within the logo. The Company name is "Loc Struck" and the motto is "Get Love-Struck With Your Locs" (Leave the K out of "Locks" as shown in the photo) Feel free to use different fonts

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    ...comparison to other industries? Where does the construction industry rank for injuries in comparison to other industries. What is the breakdown of deaths, falls, electrocutions, struck by, caught in between, etc. Citations: what are the top 10 most cited violations in the construction industry for 2016? How many of those violations were considered "serious"

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    ...treasure map. Perhaps A fisherman in his boat with an american theme like a steam boat or industrial look on one side to represent the groom and have the whale be caught or love struck by the american fisherman. and on the other side an Ecuadorian women fishing and also catching a whale and maybe being annoyed at this foolish whale that has fallen in love

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    Hi Mahadev, We got struck in a small task can you help us out with that. Please message me on 9492616308 Thanks

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    Trophy icon Logo for Startup Ended

    Hello Designers, I need to design a logo for a mobile app & website named ROADGURU.(ROAD GURU) This app basically helps people who are struck while traveling due to various reasons (fuel, accident, breakdown [login to view URL]) We need a logo which is original, modern and unique. The logo needs to have a symbol / icon in it. Colors: Orange, White + Black

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    ...Because following the Yellow Brick Road is all about following your dreams and the path to success and happiness. We're a start up based in the beautiful island of Bali. What struck us was the amount of undiscovered, brilliantly talented artists. Their Challenge? How to share their outstanding work with the masses? This is where we come in! We aim to set

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    I need an album cover designed. It's just text on a black background, but with an extrem...Brian, crossed with other examples I can send you, and open to any creative additions you might have to make it look more epic, like electricity running through it as it is struck by lightning and on fire. Need it turned around in a day, album is ready to launch

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    I have a Magento 1.9 multishop which currently has 4 domains using the SM Etrostore theme. At the moment, the category page shows products with the tax excluded, but everywhere else on the site shows prices with tax included. What I'd prefer to have, is the "price" and "special_price" excluding tax display in a very small font, and the "price" and "special_p...

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    ...asylum seeker based in melbourne australia. He has already taught thousands of people and has a very popular and growing Instagram account. His classes and catering have struck a chord. HPK will initially be focused on doing catering events for both large (in restaurants) and small groups (in the home) HPK will then focus on cooking classes - both

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    As depression struck the new nation in the mid-1780s, new questions arose about the nature of American democracy. Many conservatives believed that the answer lay in a stronger national government. Most radicals believed it was up to the states to relieve the financial burden of the people. These sentiments fostered a movement for a new constitution

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    ...style of Kinetic Typography Relating the style written and font to the meaning of the text; in an elegant catchy way SCRIPT: (When I say the words… “HATE” or “LOVE” That struck a meaning, perhaps an emotion the words themselves are lifeless; just sounds, lip motions “Love” merely a pronunciation yet, we translate the sound into a feelin...

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