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    Wiley Plus Accounting Assistance Needed 6 дні(-в) left

    I am a postgraduate student seeking help with my Wiley Plus accounting tasks. I require assistance with financial statements, managerial accounting, and inventory valuation. Key Requirements: - Completing homework assignments: I primarily need support in finishing my homework assignments. The ideal freelancer should be experienced in accounting and capable of helping me with these tasks. Key Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with accounting: A deep understanding of accounting principles and the ability to handle advanced accounting topics is essential. - Experience with Wiley Plus: Prior experience with Wiley Plus platform is preferred. - Ability to explain concepts: A patient and clear communicator who can explain complex accounting topics in an understandable manner. ...

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    Diesel-Powered Granulator Generator Attachment 5 дні(-в) left

    I need a specialist who can handle integrating a 60 Amp generator to my existing diesel-powered granulator machine, currently running at a power rating of 50 Amp. The machine is utilized for shredding plastic materials. Skills & Experience Required - In-depth knowledge of diesel generators and their operation - A clear understanding of granulator machines and their mechanics - Ability to handle heavy machinery and electrical systems - Experience in modifying power ratings on machinery Scope of Work - Identifying the requirements for successful integration - Attaching and testing the 60 Amp generator - Ensuring every aspect of the machine's functionality post-installation Note: Proper safety measures and precautions should be taken throughout th...

    $19 - $46 / hr
    $19 - $46 / hr
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    Asset Management Intern 3 дні(-в) left

    VOR Capital is a financial and investment planner headquartered in Lima. The firm focuses on structuring ad hoc investment products and strategies, including stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, real estate, private credit, and other alternatives. VOR Capital is seeking an Asset Management Intern to support our valuation and reporting responsabilities. The role requires outstanding financial and analytical skills, exceptional communication skills (written and verbal), and excellent interpersonal/relationship management skills. At least six months of experience in finance, real estate, private equity, or consulting.

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    Residential Property Valuation in South Gujarat 3 дні(-в) left

    I require the services of visiting engineers to assist in the valuation of a residential property in the South Gujarat region. Key Requirements: - Detailed Property Inspection: The engineers will need to thoroughly inspect the property in order to make an accurate valuation. This should include a careful examination of both the interior and exterior of the property. - Property Valuation Report: The engineers must provide a comprehensive report detailing the valuation of the property. This report should be well-organized, accurate and clearly explain the valuation process and outcome. - Advice on Property Improvement: I would also like the engineers to provide some recommendations on how to improve the property's value. This could include suggestion...

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    Gmail AMP Email Template Design 3 дні(-в) left

    I'm looking for an experienced email template designer who can create a custom AMP email template specifically for Gmail. Key Requirements: - The primary goal of this project is to engage with our email subscribers and make the most out of the interactive and dynamic capabilities provided by AMP. - I already have a specific design in mind for the template, so the ideal candidate will be able to translate my vision into a functional and visually appealing end product. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Experience in designing AMP email templates, particularly for Gmail. - A strong eye for design and the ability to bring a vision to life. - Proficiency in HTML and CSS, as well as a solid understanding of email marketing best practices. Feel free t...

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    Steel Square Tubing Valuation Analysis 2 дні(-в) left

    I am in need of a professional with significant experience handling and valuing steel square tubing for a resale project. - Your task will be to thoroughly inspect over 50 pieces of larger sized steel square tubing. - This inspection should focus on determining their value for resale. - A comprehensive understanding of steel materials and a detailed eye for potential flaws or damage that could impact the resale value are crucial. - Experience with structural assessment and repair evaluation is also desirable, although this project focuses primarily on resale value. This project requires a blend of hands-on inspection ability and industry insight to accurately determine these items' resale value. Your experience in handling similar industrial materials will be beneficial.

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    Senior HR 2 дні(-в) left

    ...Resources tasks. Key Tasks: - Recruitment and Hiring: Assist in sourcing and attracting potential candidates, conducting interviews, and facilitating the hiring process. - Employee Onboarding and Training: Develop an effective onboarding process and help design training programs for new hires to ensure a smooth transition into our organization. - Performance Management: Implement a performance appraisal system, provide guidelines for feedback, and help in setting up a system to track employee progress. Ideal Candidate: - who lives in cairo Egypt and Egyptians only - Demonstrable experience in all aspects of HR, particularly in recruitment, onboarding, and performance management. - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with both current employ...

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    ...Dropoff 1. QR Code Scanning: o QR code scanning for waste dropoff. 2. Select Items: o Select items to be discarded. 3. User Information: o Input user details. 4. Agree to Terms: o Accept disposal terms. 5. Complete Dropoff: o Confirm and complete the dropoff. 6. Calculate Valuation: o Calculate the value of the waste (aluminum, gold, copper, zinc, cobalt, etc.). 7. Record Data: o Record data according to valuation. 8. Discounts and Vouchers: o Assign discounts or vouchers. 9. Valuation Criteria: o Register waste eligible for valuation. 10. Information on Ticket: o Include QR code, equipment description, and environmental impact on the ticket. 11. Weigh and Register Waste: o Weigh and record all waste. 12. Notify Full Ecopoint: o Notify via SMS or email when...

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    I looking for a valuation and product expert to construct a robust valuation model that accuratly calculates the fair value/npv of underwritings as a part of our loan origination and syndication process. Key Requirements: - Talented with Term Loan B (TLB), Delayed Draw Term Loan B (DDTLB), and (RCF) commitments. - Model should integrate variables such as maturity, currency, and spreads. - Additionally, it must account for commitment and utilization fees as distinct line item throughout the life of the underling deal. (Several different fees entering the process). Ideal Skills & Experiences: - Valuation modeling & analysis product control IFRS 9 and 13 framework - Proficient with TLB, DDTLB, and RCF commitments - Understanding of loan commitments and proces...

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    Custom Microsoft Teams App for Time Valuation 1 день left

    I'm in need of a unique Microsoft Teams application that computes the cost of everyone's time during a meeting. This value per hour will be manually set by the meeting host. It should then display a running tally in the corner of the meeting for all to see. Here are the key features: 1. Compatibility: The app should work seamlessly on all devices: desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 2. Currency Setting: I would like the ability to switch between different currencies within the app settings. 3. Automatic Conversion: crucially, the application should automatically convert the dollar figure based on user preferences. Ideal candidates for this job should have a strong background in software development, particularly with Microsoft Teams applications. Experience with...

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    Renewal and Activation of AMP for WP License 1 день left

    I am seeking a freelancer who has access to a full AMP for WP license, specifically the latest version, for the purpose of renewing and activating it for me. Key requirements: - Full, up-to-date AMP for WP license - Proficient in license renewal and activation process - Experience in maintaining and troubleshooting AMP for WP Ideal Skills: - WordPress - AMP for WP - License Management - Troubleshooting

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    I'm seeking a proficient professional to assist with the valuation of my sports team franchise. Your expertise will be pivotal in helping secure future investments. - **Scope of Work**: You will work with available historical financial statements and future estimated financials to perform a comprehensive valuation. Develop an editable Excel-based franchise valuation model. Use industry-standard methodologies, such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), to determine franchise value. Ensure the model is comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable for future use. - **Deliverables**: I need a comprehensive report with detailed analysis and strategic recommendations. This is crucial for potential investors. - **Expertise Required**...

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    Угода про нерозголошення
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    I'm looking for a registered company valuer who can assist with the valuation of my unlisted private limited company. The valuation report will be used for the purpose of allotment of shares under private placement. Key Details: - Industry: My company operates in the sector of turnkey and construction projects. - Financial Performance: Our recent financial performance highlights significant revenue growth and profitability. Ideal Freelancer: - Registered company valuer with experience in valuing private limited companies. - Strong understanding of the turnkey and construction projects industry. - Proficient in assessing financial statements and identifying key indicators of growth and profitability. - Previous experience in preparing reports for share allotment under p...

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    I am in need of a professional with significant experience handling and valuing steel square tubing for a resale project in Romulus, Michigan. - Your task will be to thoroughly inspect 452 pieces of steel square tubing. - This inspection should focus on determining their value for resale. - A comprehensive understanding of steel materials and a detailed eye for potential flaws or damage that could impact the resale value are crucial. - Experience with structural assessment and repair evaluation is also desirable, although this project focuses primarily on resale value. This project requires a blend of hands-on inspection ability and industry insight to accurately determine these items' resale value. Your experience in handling similar industrial materials will be beneficial.

    $1053 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a professional with significant experience handling and valuing steel square tubing for a resale project. - Your task will be to thoroughly inspect over 50 pieces of larger sized steel square tubing. - This inspection should focus on determining their value for resale. - A comprehensive understanding of steel materials and a detailed eye for potential flaws or damage that could impact the resale value are crucial. - Experience with structural assessment and repair evaluation is also desirable, although this project focuses primarily on resale value. This project requires a blend of hands-on inspection ability and industry insight to accurately determine these items' resale value. Your experience in handling similar industrial materials will be beneficial.

    $2079 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an expert AI/ML developer to help build an AI solution tailored for regulatory and government organizations. This project involves work...create a Sandbox version of the solution. Key Skills: - Proficiency with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) - Experience with real estate data analysis is beneficial Project Scope: - Develop an AI/ML model that can train on various types of real estate data including, but not limited to property listings, sales transaction data, historical price data, and real estate valuation data. - You will be essential in implementing a Sandbox version of the solution. Ideal candidates should have prior experience with similar projects. If you have experience building innovative AI/ML solutions, I would love to...

    $133 (Avg Bid)
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    Vacation Rental Business Valuation Закінчився left

    As the owner of a vacation rental business, I am seeking a freelancer for a detailed business valuation report. The report should include an accurate overview of my assets and liabilities as well as clear and concise profiling of the revenue and expenditure. Ideal Skills and Experience for the job: - Exemplary competence in business analysis and valuation - An excellent understanding of the vacation rental market - Profound ability to analyze and interpret complex data - Experience using data from will be highly beneficial Please compile a report that: - Details an asset and liability evaluation - Provides a comprehensive revenue and expenditure analysis - Offers strategic and actionable insights based on the findings Your commitment to accuracy, reliability, and tran...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking for a highly skilled professional who can conduct a significant business valuation for selling purposes. To aid you in this process, I'm ready to provide data regarding our annual net profit, cost structure, as well as our revenue trends. I want a comprehensive and objective valuation, which will guide me in setting a fair and marketable price for my business. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in conducting full business valuations - Strong understanding of different valuation models - Previous experience with selling businesses is preferred - Strong communication skills - Absolute confidentiality and integrity is crucial - Ability to work on a tight schedule. Please note: This project does not involve trademarks, patents, copyrights, ...

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    Будь ласка, зареєструйтесь або увійдіть в систему для перегляду деталей.

    Обраний Прихований Угода про нерозголошення
    Real Estate Valuation Expert Needed Закінчився left

    I need a proficient real estate data analyst to assist me in evaluating properties for an upcoming sale or purchase. Key Requirements: - You should have a deep understanding of the real estate market and valuation techniques. - The ability to interpret and work with property transaction records is necessary. Your responsibilities would include: - Analyzing the available property transaction records and making sense of the data. - Presenting a comprehensive valuation report based on your analysis. Ideal Skills: - Real estate valuation - Data analysis - Market research in the property sector.

    $112 (Avg Bid)
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    7 заявки

    I need a valuation report prepared for a residential property as soon as possible. It is required for a bank loan. Key Responsibilities: - Produce a detailed, accurate, and credible valuation report. - Ensure the report meets the specific requirements of a bank loan application. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in drafting valuation reports, particularly for residential properties. - A strong understanding of the requirements for a bank loan valuation report. - Able to work quickly and efficiently to meet the ASAP deadline. - Professionalism and attention to detail are crucial. This is an urgent project, so only apply if you are confident in your ability to deliver high-quality work within a short timeframe.

    $89 (Avg Bid)
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    2 заявки

    ...engineers who can provide a detailed valuation report for my residential property. Key requirements include: - A detailed valuation report: This should encompass the current value of the property as well as suggestions for improvements. - Consideration of recent renovations: My property has undergone recent renovations which I would like the valuation team to take into account. - Assessment of upgrades to amenities: I've upgraded various amenities in the property, and I need the valuation to reflect the value these bring. - Assessment of unique architectural features: My home has unique architectural elements that set it apart. I need the report to factor in the value these add. Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience in residential pro...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    As the founder of a new fintech company, I'm looking for a skilled PowerPoint presenter with a deep understanding of the financial technology and mortgage banking industry. Key Information ▪ The company specializes in loan processing, title insurance, loan closings, and other appraisal services. ▪ We offer our services to lenders, banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers, home equity lenders on a nationwide basis. Required Features ▪ I'd like a robust PowerPoint presentation with 12-15 slides, focusing on our unique selling points. ▪ I will provide my company's logo. ▪ The presentation should mainly emphasize loan originations and financial technology. ▪ Highlight our use of API technology for connectivity with clients and vendors. Ideal Freelancer ▪ Familiarity w...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    I am using a touchless faucet to try and control the turn on/off of a 12v 5 amp water pump for an outdoor sink. I am unsure of the type of sensor the faucet has but it has two leads that when it senses hands in front of the sensor it sends out a positive pulse of 3v, then when hands removed it sends out a negative pulse of 3v through the two leads. I would like to control this without an arduino board and just use a 12v latching relay. Something like HiLetgo 12V Single Bistable Self-Locking Relay Module I have tried this but the 3v from the sensor pulse seems to damage the board.

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    Fix AMP Pages Issue in Shopify Закінчився left

    I'm a store owner at '' and I've noticed that some of our product pages are generating weird AMP pages when accessed via Google organic search. I'm uncertain about what could be causing this as I haven't made recent changes to the store, nor do I use any AMP specific apps or plugins. Please find out whats generating these AMP pages and how to stop any amp pages being generated

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    Logo Text Addition Закінчився left

    I have a logo that requires modifying. The specific changes I am seeking include: - Addition of text to the existing logo. Two lines, top line being in larger text, bottom line formatted with smaller text, but legible for sign use. Okay to use 3rd line if needed. Using same colors in existing logo. Top Line - "Business Exit Planning" Second line - "Valuation Estimates - Tax Strategy - Internal/Strategic Sales - Risk Management" I need this text to be placed below the logo. Skills and experience ideally suited for this task: - Demonstrable experience in graphic design, particularly in logo creation and modification. - Proven ability with text integration into existing designs without disrupting the overall aesthetic. - Proficiency in utilizing various gra...

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a detailed essay on reward and performance management. The target audience is professional writers. Key Points: - The essay should be around 4000 words. - It should primarily focus on the use of provided notes, rather than generic information on reward and performance management. - Please do not include generic aspects like types of rewards and incentives, performance appraisal methods, and employee motivation techniques, unless directly related to the provided notes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in HR management or essay writing on HR topics. - Ability to conduct in-depth research based on provided notes. - Strong academic writing skills. - Attention to detail and the ability to follow specific instructions.

    $123 (Avg Bid)
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    PWA & Google AMP Закінчився left

    ...it with Google AMP. Key Requirements: - Convert our web application into a PWA to ensure seamless performance across different devices, with a focus on mobile. - Implement Google AMP to enhance the speed and performance of our application. - Ensure that the PWA is easily installable on users' devices and provides an app-like experience. - The application should also be optimized for search engines to improve visibility. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PWA development - Experience with Google AMP - Strong understanding of responsive design and mobile optimization - SEO knowledge - Ability to maintain and enhance user experience while implementing these technologies. Please apply if you have a strong portfolio in web development, with a focus on PWAs a...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    ...has what is needed rather than everything. I want a financial analyst person to fill in the model accurately with a tech company (Twilio etc) to illustrate how it looks filled in (and check you can!). I will then post a blank and filled-in version. I had someone check it, but if you can, you can also tell me if any core accounting functionality is missing or if any bugs etc. I haven't added valuation sheets to it yet but the intent is I will ( so EBITDA and FCF need to be accurate). It's basically a three-statement 10-year forecast, with some debt and D&A/tax, and three scenarios for forecasting. If you want to mess about with forecasting, get a broker report or forecast and use the assumptions roughly to match. TASK - At simple level, I just want you to pull...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Tech Startup Seeks investment banker Закінчився left

    I am a technology start-up in need of a seasoned investment banker to provide financial analysis and valuation services. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth financial analysis on the company's performance, market position, and potential for growth. - Assisting in the valuation of the company, including assessing the current and potential value of its assets. - Providing strategic financial advice that will help ensure the long-term success of the project. Desired Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in investment banking, especially in the technology industry. - Strong financial analysis skills, with a keen eye for detail. - Excellent understanding of valuation methodologies and their application in a start-up setting. - Ability to provide strateg...

    $1226 (Avg Bid)
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    $100 Сер. заявка
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    I'm looking for a chartered accountant with tax expertise to help prepare a valuation report for HMRC. This report is vital for the implementation of an EMI Share Option scheme in a small organization. Key responsibilities include: - Establishing the value of our assets for tax purposes. - Submission of the Val231 form to HMRC. - Liaising with HMRC as necessary. The ideal candidate should have: - Chartered Accountant qualification. - Demonstrable experience in preparing valuation reports for HMRC. - Strong understanding of tax laws and regulations, specifically in relation to EMI Share Option schemes. This project is pivotal to our strategy of retaining key employees and attracting fresh talent via the EMI Share Option scheme. Therefore, timeliness and accuracy is o...

    $896 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an electrical engineer to draw up a simple residential electrical plan that will be submitted to phoenix, AZ city to approve my panel upgrade permit (must include electrical engineering seal). The main job will be to write up a plan with engineering seal to upgrade from a 200amp service panel to a 400amp. Skills in upgrading and redesigning electrical circuits and knowledge in home electrical systems is a must-have for this job. Here are the specifics: - Develop a plan that upgrades my current 200amp service panel to a 400amp - Ensure the plan follows all local and national electrical codes and includes electrical engineering seal as required by phoenix city for permit approval. Ideal candidates will have substantial experience with residential electrical systems, specifically in u...

    $459 (Avg Bid)
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    Business valuation from a certified business appraiser of a C-corporation in order to value the current outstanding shares of stock. The business is a residential remodeling company incorporated in Nov 2021. Currently the business owns 5 houses. 2 houses are listed for sale, 2 houses are currently in remodeling stage, and one house is rented. Must have CBA ( certified business appraisal)  or CVA ( certified valuation analyst).

    $414 (Avg Bid)
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    Competitor Market Analysis Закінчився left

    ...formation, but not both. - Top 5 Replacements: Look at other solutions our target customers might use instead of Blank Cut. For each competitor, please provide: - Background: Headquarters location, number of employees, and brief history. - Financial Analysis: Overview of SEC financial reports, including revenue trends by service, CAGR, overhead, goodwill, etc. - Business Valuation: Comparison of startup valuation vs. current valuation. - Market Concerns: Any signs of distress or challenges faced by the competitor. - Business Areas: Key areas of operation and main products or services offered. - Geographic Reach: Regions and markets they serve. - Market Size and Share: Estimation of their market size and share. - Distribution Channels: Overview of their supply chai...

    $448 (Avg Bid)
    Угода про нерозголошення
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    I'm looking for an experienced electronics hardware designer to work on a custom electronic hardware module. Project Details: ============= Requirement: 0-45V precision buck-boost DC to DC converter * Need constant current and voltage * DC-DC power supply conversion Input: 0-45VDC Output: 0-36vdc Current: 3A * CV, CC variable regulation * micro volts and micro amp accuracy required. * Uart data values transmission required. Deliverables: Schematic, pcb design, pcba You should be able to: - Design and develop electronic systems - Implement and integrate various electronic components like microcontrollers, sensors, displays, etc. Please apply only if you have experience in custom electronic hardware design. Your creativity and problem-solving skills will be crucial in t...

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    UK Car Valuation Web Platform Закінчився left

    I require a talented developer to create a comprehensive car buying website that is tailored to the UK market. This website needs to be large scale, accommodating up to 800 logins. This web platform will essentially just harvest info for car values, with no listing on the website itself. Features desired: - Car search functionality: This feature ensures users can easily navigate and find specific car valuations. Proficiency in creating robust search functionality is required. - User registration and login: The platform is expected to handle 800 logins. Therefore, experience in developing secure and seamless user registration and login process is needed. - API integration: Expertise in integrating APIs to access data is vital. Particularly, the UK Vehicle Data API which will provide th...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    122 заявки
    Property Valuation Algorithm in Excel Закінчився left

    I aim to create a comprehensive property valuation algorithm using Excel. This algorithm will analyze and value properties using a number of ways. Key Requirements: - Build an excel algorithm that can be based onto an engineer to automate a data base. - The algorithm should use comparable sales analysis, data from agents and an AI ranking system. - For the comparable sales analysis, the algorithm must source data from local property databases and our own internal data supply. (I will provide an example data) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data analysis is crucial. - Prior experience in real estate valuation and property data analysis would be highly beneficial. - Knowledge of AI and ranking systems will be a big asset in this project.

    $328 (Avg Bid)
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    45 заявки

    I'm seeking a professional with expertise in underwriting and valuation of multifamily real estate property. Key tasks include: - Conducting a comprehensive financial analysis, which will encompass preparing pro-forma statements, cash flow forecasting, and profitability analysis to help in my decision making. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in financial analysis specific to the real estate industry - Proficiency in creating pro-forma statements, cash flow forecasting, and profitability analysis - Understanding of the multifamily real estate market - Ability to deliver detailed annual reports.

    $32 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $32 / hr Сер. заявка
    40 заявки

    ...comprehensive Real Estate Development Appraisal and Analysis that will make the process of evaluating properties more efficient and accurate. Key Features: - Property Valuation: The app should have a function that can accurately value properties by taking into consideration various factors. - Market Research: I want the app to have a feature that can provide relevant market data and trends for different property types. - Financial Analysis: It should also include a financial analysis tool that can help in assessing the viability of potential real estate developments. Property Types: The app should be able to analyze various types of properties including residential, commercial, and industrial. Ideal Criteria: Though I haven't specified the criteria for property ...

    $414 (Avg Bid)
    Угода про нерозголошення
    $414 Сер. заявка
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    I'm on a quest for a highly competent business development team to amp up sales for my EdTech firm, www.vijesha.com. Our platform offers an extensive repertoire of both IT and non-IT courses that cater to the Education and Technology industries, and beyond. The tasks you'll be expected to undertake include: - Lead Generation: Cultivate a pipeline of prospective clients. - Sales Pitches: Promote our courses enthusiastically and effectively, to convert leads into sales. - Client Relationship Management: Foster strong, beneficial relationships with clients, maintaining their satisfaction and loyalty. The primary goal for this role is sales revenue augmentation. However, do not underestimate the significance of client satisfaction and long-term relationships; these are the ...

    $276 (Avg Bid)
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    4 заявки
    Launch-Stage Startup Advisory Закінчився left

    ...Strategy: Assist with refining the direction of the startup, by offering strategic advice on decision-making and planning. Ideally, you should have experience in guiding startups and a keen understanding of the business landscape. 2. Fundraising: Having you, a skilled advisor who can help navigate the complex process of raising capital, is crucial. Experience in pitching to investors, understanding valuation, and knowledge about different sources of funding is essential. 3. Financial Modeling: Help me build a robust financial model. This should forecast future financial scenarios and help in strategic decision-making. A background in finance, particularly in constructing startup financial models, is a requisite. The startup operates in the B2B market, so an understanding of bu...

    $956 (Avg Bid)
    $956 Сер. заявка
    35 заявки

    I am seeking a skilled web developer to create a website that allows users to enter an address and retrieve residential property values. The crucial points about the project are: - Data Source: Property values should be sourced from a private data we'll provide. Familiarity with integrating private data sources is preferred. - Functionality: The website must be designed to simply...Source: Property values should be sourced from a private data we'll provide. Familiarity with integrating private data sources is preferred. - Functionality: The website must be designed to simply display the property value, without the need for detailed reports. Ideal candidates are experienced in web development, API integration and have previous experience working with real estate or property ...

    $198 (Avg Bid)
    $198 Сер. заявка
    122 заявки

    ...professional and user-friendly website to be created for my appraisal management company. The website should fulfill two main purposes: 1. Provide detailed information about my company. This includes the company history as well as our mission statement. The services we offer should also be prominently displayed. 2. Allow users to conveniently request our appraisal services online. The services we offer include residential appraisal, commercial appraisal and private appraisal. Hence, the candidate should have a good understanding of these services in order to portray them accurately on the website. Potential candidates should have experience in: - Web Development with a portfolio showcasing previous projects - Understanding of appraisal ma...

    $3872 (Avg Bid)
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    108 заявки

    == Background platform aims to provide a user-friendly experience for buyers and sellers while offering essential features such as car comparisons, trade-in value estimations, finance and...dashboard for managing users, listings, and site content. * Secure payment processing integration. === Should Have * User profile management for buyers and sellers. * Reviews and ratings for sellers. * Notification system for messages and alerts. *Buyers should be able to book a test drive for the car *Buyers should be able to send offer on a car === Could Have * Integration with third-party car valuation services. * Advanced search filters (e.g., by location, car features). * Mobile app version of the platform. === Won't Have * Auction feature for cars. * Detailed maintenance histor...

    $790 (Avg Bid)
    $790 Сер. заявка
    164 заявки

    ...various resolutions and screen sizes. Features of the Web Backoffice Sales Visualization - Daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports. - Analysis of sales trends and best-selling products. Inventory Management - Detailed inventory control in real time. - Stock reports and inventory movements. Kardex - Detailed record of product entries and exits. - Cost calculation and inventory valuation. Security and Access Control - User and role management module. - Audits and activity logs. Hardware Integration Requirements - Scales: Integration with scales for product weighing. - Barcode Readers: Compatibility with barcode readers. - Printers: Ability to communicate with various types of printers. - Kiosks: Integration with kiosks, for example, for self-checkout...

    $2731 (Avg Bid)
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    ...colors. Your suggestions should present a balanced, appealing, and modern selection. - Choose exterior materials: We're considering usage of Hardie Board, stone, and wood looking aluminum. Propose how these can be combined or suggest alternatives if you believe they can achieve better results. - Envisage a modern architectural style: The build is targeting a cutting-edge modern look. Be ready to amp up the design with your professional view on modern architecture. The goal is to create a design that fits in peacefully with the surroundings yet still maintains a unique, modern aesthetic. Your past experiences, creativity and fearlessness in design are key for this job....

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    Будь ласка, зареєструйтесь або увійдіть в систему для перегляду деталей.

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    ...models for my business. Specifically, I'm looking for a tool that can generate forecasting and valuation models. Key Requirements: - The tool should have the capability to handle complex financial data and variables. - It should be able to create accurate, insightful forecasting models. - The ability to generate detailed valuation models is crucial. Integration: - The primary data source for this tool will be financial statements. It should be able to integrate with these seamlessly. Timeframe: - I need this tool to be completed as soon as possible. Ideal Freelancer: - Should have a strong background in financial modeling and automation. - Experience in creating both forecasting and valuation models. - Proficiency in integrating with financial statements. -...

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