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    Texting to a group of numbers at the same time. - 02/05/2018 17:14 EDT Закінчився left

    ...online app so I can cut and past the numbers from my spreadsheet list that I need to text and it will text the whole group of numbers with my message. If possible the app should also have an android app that will notify me of their response so I am not getting text message charges for each response. NOTE: It should not only be an android app because

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    ...FireDL ([увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]). I would like someone to create a new application with similar functionality to this app. It is very simple, it allows the downloading and installing of APKs onto Android devices, and also creates an FTP server on the device which you can remotely connect to and transfer

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    Integracion Google Go / Golang -- 2 Закінчився left

    ...application. The implementation has three parts that we detail below: 1. On the one hand we must download the supplier’s hotel catalogue. To avoid unnecessary requests we keep a simple cache (key, value) with the responses of the hotels to be able to reindex them with new data every time we want/need. The objective is to fill this cache by implementing the

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    News app needed Закінчився left

    Design and create and help publish a Simple news app on ios and andriod similar to bloomberg or The finanicial times with live charts, push notifications etc. Write FT in your bid to be considered. Tell me how much itll cost and how long the entire process will take. Thanks.

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    QR Code app - 26/04/2018 11:29 EDT Закінчився left

    ...preferred. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking to build a mobile app and web app to Mobile App (both ios and android) - Facebook like design - Login - Notifications - Tickets assigned to the user - Scan QR Code tag - Search Inventory - Attach the scanned

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    ...to help me start a website that is integrated with my Facebook services page. We are modifying a theme I have already purchased. I write all the copy and upload images, and need someone to build a two part site with simple homepage modified of current theme: 1) One portion is open to the public with capability to complete booking and payment for my

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    Web App for RFID Reader Закінчився left

    ...a Web App so that a basic CSV file of the RFID tag number and time / date of scan (7000) records can be upload on connection via USB or BlueTooth. The RFID reader has the following specs - CPU ARM(STM32) working frequency 134.2KHz If you have experience building web apps with MySQL or MQTT to PHP that would be great. Just need a simple mobile

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    Looking for someone to write me a dataserviceadapter for [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] to connect to and sync with a database exposed through restful API's generated from Dreamfactory. Must support all basic CRUD functions. Needs to be wrapped in a simple Nativescript + Angular app running on mobile that shows CRUD functions working in offline and online mode, to prove

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    Mobile development Закінчився left

    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Real estate broker who wants a simple way to record the showings of my listings. Basically I want to have a digital showing report which clients can write their information, and rate their experience or comments of the listing and also they can sign from my phone or accept to sign electronically

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    Simple Django Web App and AWS Deployment Закінчився left

    [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] - A simple personal portfolio web application to showcase my Amazon SageMaker machine learning trained models Job Description - Create a simple Django web application that can call Amazon SageMaker endpoints through AWS Lambda Systems Administration - Help me deploy the application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Work in minor

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    Job bidding web (Node.js,php) Закінчився left

    ...have a desktop app developer and android developer but I don't have a php web developer. I have met so many scammmers who lied and try to cheated me and has a bad skill here. So I am very cautious to hire freelancer here. I can hire you when I trust you. If you can work without getting hired until I can trust you, please write " I can start work

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    ...messages (history button, only for premium users, show all chat history) 12. Send message box - field to write message (enter or send button to send message) when user click next or is nexted by other user coursor always stay in message box redy to write 13. Auto next check box - when selected system after end of connection with other user will automaticly

    $535 (Avg Bid)
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    ...pretty simple in the end. This is just the minimum viable product. If we are happy with your work, this might be the start of a long-term relationship, we might even evaluate a monthly salary once this project is over, as several new futures will be added in the future. In order to make sure you have actually read the post, please write at the

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    Android Notification APP Закінчився left

    ...Need create a small app like Gmail ( show messages , read detail message, filter message by date) , that interact with my API rest on python django. The main goal is show messages and notification push on app androrid. The task to do it are next. 1. Create connection with firebase notification cloud and devices. 2. Connect app with my endpoints (

    $189 (Avg Bid)
    $189 Сер. заявка
    22 заявки

    ...have a desktop app developer and android developer but I don't have a php web developer. I have met so many scammmers who lied and try to cheated me and has a bad skill here. So I am very cautious to hire freelancer here. I can hire you when I trust you. If you can work without getting hired until I can trust you, please write " I can start work

    $539 (Avg Bid)
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    37 заявки

    ...Google Big Query and billing enabled and an API key created on my google account. I've created a first dataset and a table with a very simple schema (just 2 fields). I have this php script (see attachment) to write a row each time it is called. I'm running it in a subfolder on my hosting server (not on google cloud) with php and https enabled. I know

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    Tipster Andorid App Закінчився left

    I need someone to build for me a tipster app. similar to this one for android devices: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] With minor amendments: - Give me an easy way (like backend) to update the tips including the flag icons for the all the countries and special flag for Europe, Africa, Asia , South & North America

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    web app development Закінчився left

    ...developed. Simple app allowing user to create some information, and allowing another user to add some data to it. Will give further details to the person that is awarded the job, through the interview process. Would like a Node.JS back end, with mongo db, but will depend on the capabilities and cost of the person. If cost is too high, I will write the backend

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    Coding Java Закінчився left

    Write a simple application (command-line scripting or web app, either is fine) that takes a Universal Product Code (UPC), such 753759077600 (for a Garmin Nuvi), makes a call to findItemsByProduct and displays the Item Title and Price from the response in a readable format. We are not looking for a sophisticated UI, but the results should be formatted

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    ...have a desktop app developer and android developer but I don't have a php web developer. I have met so many scammmers who lied and try to cheated me and has a bad skill here. So I am very cautious to hire freelancer here. I can hire you when I trust you. If you can work without getting hired until I can trust you, please write " I can start work

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    Need to create OSX App that will use FaceTime camera with motion detection Закінчився left

    Need to create motion detection App with Facetime camera in OSX. Simple App for the right person. Developer must speak/write good english and have some experience with Xcode/Facetime camera

    $162 (Avg Bid)
    $162 Сер. заявка
    6 заявки

    You should write an App that runs on iOS and Android with Xamarin that when opened, it will open our company web page (and should show our mobile page as it already occurs when we enter with Chrome/Safary). You will push the entire solution with a Markdown file describing how to properly test and install it in a git repository. Once we succeed with

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    $40 Сер. заявка
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    Bulding a real estate portal Закінчився left

    ...we require a website, as it will be without any borders to meet the clients/customer. Our Requiremnts: • An easy domain name, easy to pronounce and write, catchy and attractive words. • A simple and easy navigation pages. • Types of properties: 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK Villa Bunglow Apartment Independent house Commercial Residential

    $419 (Avg Bid)
    $419 Сер. заявка
    27 заявки

    ...as below: I would like to discuss it with you and I also expect you suggestions. 1,Write an Mobile APP (across platform)+website+admin panel for kids english and math teaching. 2. system user including students ,parents , teachers , program creator and admin. 3, APP should support kids (K - 12 grade) study multi-Language (english,chinese...) with

    $11587 (Avg Bid)
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    Django project Add Billing module Закінчився left

    I want you to add billing module ...transactions. We will charge our client 1st of every month, so you might have to write cron job that will do batch processing. We charge our client different amounts based on usage of system. Our payment processing gateway is Stripe. For billing module you will create simple app. Python, Django PostgreSQL

    $178 (Avg Bid)
    $178 Сер. заявка
    31 заявки
    iPhone & Android App Development Закінчився left

    ...having an App developed to help alongside a web project we currently have going. As a designer and front end developer I am working on building the web project through Wordpress. Ideally we would like to have the native apps pull the necessary data from our current Wordpress development as well as the ability for users to download the app and to save

    $677 (Avg Bid)
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    Website/database development Закінчився left

    I need a website built that can be turned into an app when it’s ready. The website would essentially be a large catalog of parts that is searchable, filterable, sortable and members can add items through a submittal form(s). Members would also need the ability to rate items in the catalog and write reviews. In summary, it’s just a store without the

    $1070 (Avg Bid)
    $1070 Сер. заявка
    86 заявки

    To implement an Android application for a simple address book. The information is organized in contacts. Each contact represents a person that can have only one phone number and address. The user interface should read and write contact and phone information from an SQLite database. Your app will have two screens (Android activities): ● Screen 1:

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Сер. заявка
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    Build A Housing listening Android App Закінчився left

    This project is just a simple one and a mini one of course. The project is going to have 3 views. Admin - Approve agents who want to sell or rent houses with valid documents. -Ad moderators to the app who will help in approval of agents Agents -Agents will have to register and be approved by the admin or moderator before uploading houses for

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 Сер. заявка
    15 заявки
    Node.js MySQL GUI Закінчився left

    I need someone to write a simple application that uses Node.js, MySQL and a GUI. MySQL will have tables. Node.js app will have menubar with item for each table. The sub menu for each item will have "Add, Delete, Update". The GUI will run in client Chrome browser and display an editable data grid for each table when menu item for table is clicked.

    $206 (Avg Bid)
    $206 Сер. заявка
    16 заявки

    I have an already written app with objective-c. Onesignal notifications is also already working. I need someone to write the code for; Saving the notifications in a db and listing them in an page as a list. The user should have an option to clear all notifications and have an option to disable getting notifications from onesignal (unauthorizing)

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    $42 Сер. заявка
    16 заявки

    ...on mobile app for smartphone (2 versions: Android and iOS) which consists in creating compressed files with a simple one or two clicks; something like a mobile version of this [posted as example only] [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] but without too many options about the compression itself - Possibly one or two click, quick to use simple feature to

    $574 (Avg Bid)
    $574 Сер. заявка
    35 заявки

    I need a simple app, no graphical interface, running only in the background. Every 5 minutes it collects some info from the mobile phone like: GPS info (lat/lon), 5 first numbers from the IMSI, IMEI number (if possible), what operator is he connected (Vodafone, Orange), which type of network (2G, 3G,4G), Cell Id of the network (it is a number which

    $606 (Avg Bid)
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    39 заявки

    Hello! I need use a library to READ AND WRITE TAGS in my Android project and I need the help of a Android expert to implement the main functions of the device. Device: [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] The device is working with Android 5.1, I have the source code of the DEMO APP (In Android Studio) and I will share to make more easy this task. What I

    $44 (Avg Bid)
    $44 Сер. заявка
    5 заявки

    Hi I have android apk and source code. (2 pages app, very simple) I need Swift developer that Android source port Swift code. If you can do, please write "I am a swift expert." in first line. I will provide android source code. I can create milestone. After you have done, I will check source code via teamviewer. And then I will release milestone

    $189 (Avg Bid)
    $189 Сер. заявка
    60 заявки

    I need a simple static website to be developed for product desknote. It is a desktop note-taking app similar to microsoft sticky note, having the following feature: 1. Take notes 2. Add Todo list 3. Reminder 4. Sync notes to Google drive 5. Access from multiple platforms(Windows/Linux/Mac) Before starting the project share

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    IOS App Developer + Creator Закінчився left

    ...require an app IOS app developer to update current apps and create new going [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Sugar Apps company are hoping to expand our range of apps, we need enthusiastic developers to [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] is not a one week job as such, we are looking for a loyal person to provide quality work and go far with us for the long [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] budg...

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    Adobe Flex NFC Android App Закінчився left

    Adobe Flex developer to write a simple mobile app that runs on Android that can read an NFC code into the app. This is not an app that you can Google and learn how to build. I need the app to read the contents of the NFC tag into a text box in Adobe Flex.

    $225 (Avg Bid)
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    Mobile software with cloud sharing Закінчився left

    ...very simple, by notepad ----------------------------------------------------- What we need to do with pc version: - modify this software to be able to save the database on cloud (firebase or any other free database) - add new option to the software to be able to add customer on map (google map) What we need to do for mobile/tablet app: - create

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    ...a USB converter, capable to deliver I2C and SPI signaling to C# .NET app. We must have a library which will allow us to use some simple commands on C# level (like Read/Write/Scan etc.) in order to talk on low level to I2C or SPI through USB. Or, we looking for an API (app, tunnel, console etc.) which will bring us from C# to the low level of

    $568 (Avg Bid)
    $568 Сер. заявка
    11 заявки

    We are developing an app be an advisor to help vehicle user's to find better prices of fuel, better prices in spare parts, workshops and providers that has good avaliation for others users, to inform the moment to do preventive maintenance, etc. We developed a name and a logo, but it was just to show the ideia. We have to creat something more clear

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Сер. заявка
    4 заявки
    Copywriting for Loyalty Закінчився left

    Looking for a copywriter to write content for our B2B Hubspot blog for our business which offers loyalty and reward app solutions to large companies. See [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] . We need people who can write about how loyalty app technology can benefit businesses such as banks, retailers, airlines etc. Simple articles around 600-700 words

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 Сер. заявка
    32 заявки

    We are looking for creative story writers to write original short stories for an Android App; [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Each story * should be simple to understand * should have a title, story (3-4) paragraphs and a moral * should contain about 500-800 words (excluding moral) * should

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 Сер. заявка
    30 заявки

    I want a simple ionic mobile application to be developed. I want it to be developed urgently within 1 week. The project is simple I have the list of categories and subcategories of product that I have to show to user . when user click on category list, it shows subcategory. and when it click on subcategory it shows next subcategory (if exists).

    $205 (Avg Bid)
    $205 Сер. заявка
    23 заявки

    ...Adobe Illustrator file or PDF file or EPS file, and write it out as DXF file. Only the pure vector data must be processed. No hatches, no text, no pen width, no bitmap data. The splines found in the input file must be written as splines into the DXF file. All other entities must be written as simple elements into the DXF file. Tesselation to line

    $794 (Avg Bid)
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    Bitmap Image Закінчився left

    Write a program (Windows Forms App with C#) using Microsoft® Visual Studio® (Community Edition) that will simulate the Game of Life1 using consecutive application of simple rules to create new generations from initial population that live on the orthogonal 2-dimensional grid of cells.

    $85 (Avg Bid)
    $85 Сер. заявка
    3 заявки

    ...1.6 based web-app (it's finished) which has three components that need to be described with technical language, like you created it and then tell others the way they work under the hood. It should be a complex description of quite simple stuff to give the reader impression it's really hard thing. See attached example — you need to write something similar

    $153 (Avg Bid)
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    7 заявки

    I have a working C++ simple BitTorrent application (downloading and seeding). I need to port it into a Windows application I am building. C++ app was written on top of [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] libraries (most used libraries for torrents). Current C++ application works 100% downloading and seeding. Seeding requires to manually open a port on the router (unless

    $227 (Avg Bid)
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    4 заявки
    Online Game App for iOS and Android Закінчився left

    I want simple online game app, a player can with a click of a button, build his tower or destroy other player's towers. FIRST PAGE : 1/ Where the tower will be, with a button to build your tower. (1 click for 1 floor) 2/ you can see a number of how many people is watching your tower. 3/ Counting Down number is showing on top right corner for

    $777 (Avg Bid)
    $777 Сер. заявка
    23 заявки
    build me an android nfc app Закінчився left

    A simple NFC app with read, write and location features.

    $164 (Avg Bid)
    $164 Сер. заявка
    7 заявки