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Telugu is an official language of India.
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Проект/Конкурс Описання Заявки/Роботи Навички Розпочато Закінчується Ціна (USD)
Hindi to Telugu Translation Approximately 500 pages to be translated in Telugu from Hindi 19 Переклад, Хінді, Телугу Apr 15, 2018 Apr 15, 20182д. 7г. $348
Male voice over required for a script for Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, English and Hindi. script will ne provided. 3 mins is the total duration. 38 Дикторство, Тамільська, Телугу, Малаялам, Актор озвучування Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018Закінчився $71
Telugu Writers required3 looking for telugu writers for our ongoing project 26 Гострайтинг, Article Writing, Переписування статей, Телугу, Написання контенту Apr 6, 2018 Apr 6, 2018Закінчився $6
Telugu to english transcription We are NGO working in public health projects .We need telugu to english transcription services for one of our projects . 27 Переклад, Транскрипція, Телугу, Англійська (США), Англійська орфографія Apr 4, 2018 Apr 4, 2018Закінчився $14
Tele callers needed in Bangalore There is a requirement of tele callers in Bangalore. This is a part time job with monthly payments. You are expected to meet us for an interview in Bangalore. After the interview you can work from home and meet us once a month. This job guarantees a minimum employment of 3 months. After 3 months you may become permanent employee also. Skills : Basic Excel, Telephone Handling, English Hindi ... 7 Англійська (ВБ), Хінді, Тамільська, Телугу, Каннада Mar 26, 2018 Mar 26, 2018Закінчився $3
Tele callers needed Need to hire a telecaller in bangalore. should speak english hindi kannada tamil and telugu must be living in bangalore. telephone handling skills. multilingual will be preferred for this project. Candidates will be given a calling script Reporting at end of day. Status udates of all calls needed. Forward interested leads to us on priority 6 Англійська (ВБ), Хінді, Тамільська, Телугу, Каннада Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 2018Закінчився $419
TELUGU to ENGLISH SUBTITLING PROJECT WITH TIMECODING We need Telugu to English videos. Multiple short videos of 2 mins appx. Need timecoding experience. Subedit Knowledge preferable. Payout 15 INR PER MINUTE. 12 Переклад, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу, Англійська (США) Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 2018Закінчився $17
Project for bvmkreddy Hi bvmkreddy, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 8 .NET, Транскрипція, Веб-пошук, , Телугу, Онлайн написання Feb 23, 2018 Feb 23, 2018Закінчився $302
Translator From English to Telugu We require a person who can translate the documents from English to Telugu. He has to work at our premises. Interested candidates [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin] 13 Переклад, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу, Англійська (США) Feb 20, 2018 СьогодніЗакінчився $84
Part-time Marketing guys needed for an app startup We are a startup, looking for marketing guys to market our app in local areas of Hyderabad. We will pay on monthly basis plus if you cross our target allowance will be provided. Its an on field job, candidates with similar kind of experience and good communication skills preferred. Guys from only hyderabad. Interested candidates please mail me at charaneval@gmail.com. 6 Маркетинг, Хінді, Телугу, Комунікації Feb 20, 2018 СьогодніЗакінчився $141
content writers for websites We are a news, information, education and review site in the cryptocurrency field. We are looking for a writer who will write regular daily articles on topics that we choose. The writer must also have a good understanding of SEO and effective content marketing. In terms of writing quality, only the best quality will be considered. We will ask for samples prior to giving the work. 18 Article Writing, Телугу, Англійська (США) Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Закінчився $18
Research Facebook pg admins Find me 300 Telugu-language based Facebook p a g e s from India with following conditions: a) each page must have more than 100k genuine likes/followers b) each page must be active (last post must not be more than 1 month old) c) In your final excel sheet carrying results, I'd need page name, page URL, number of likes, admin name & admin contact details (phone number and/or email IDs... 13 Соціальні мережі, Facebook-маркетинг, Телугу, Комунікації, Маркетинг в соціальних мережах Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018Закінчився $20
telugu translation i need some help please help me 25 Переклад, Телугу Dec 22, 2017 Dec 22, 2017Закінчився $19
Telugu language editing cum proof reading or ( re-writing) needed for my non-fiction book in telugu translated from english I have book which is of 10 a4 size sheets with front and back matter. I need one who knows telugu typing in unicode fonts to correct my telugu so that it gives an awesome impression for the readers and engage them to read till the end of the book. Only people with strong command over telugu aswell as well as english language and typing experience for editing and proofreading telugu books are nee... 8 Переклад, Коректура, Редагування, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу Dec 16, 2017 Dec 16, 2017Закінчився $19
Translation in Telugu We are working on the articles of National Hero, the same we wish to translate in Telugu too. We are looking for freelancers who creatively and efficiently could perform this task for us. 19 Переклад, Article Writing, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу, Літературна творчість Dec 9, 2017 Dec 9, 2017Закінчився $16
Math translation English to Telugu APPLY AS A PHOTOMATH TRANSLATOR To support different languages and make the Photomath app available to students all over the world, we are looking for math teachers or math students to translate mathematical content (mostly step-by-step explanations) from English to their native language Telugu. We are looking for people who understand the math-solving process and are able to write clear explan... 3 Переклад, Математика, Телугу, Англійська (США) Dec 7, 2017 Dec 7, 2017Закінчився $112
Translate Something to Gujarati I need a freelancer to help me with translation from English to [url видалений, увійдіть для перегляду] topic of the content would be described as Gaming - so a freelancer with knowledge in this area would be preferable. Please perform the translation in a manner that accurately conveys the meaning of the source text I have about 1000 lines to work on. The source format is on an online portal. 17 Переклад, Хінді, Телугу, Англійська (США), Урду Nov 23, 2017 Nov 23, 2017Закінчився $16
Want voice over artist 2 male and 2 female. I am thinking to start YouTube channel for this we need two male artists and two female artists. Who know Telugu language, Please apply for this job others please ignore. Please send some sample voice files (MP3 format). We will send script file to you based on that make a voice and then send it back to me through email or any other way. Each video maximum time will be 5 to 6 minutes. ... 11 Аудіо-послуги, Дикторство, Телугу, Виробництво аудіо, Актор озвучування Nov 23, 2017 Nov 23, 2017Закінчився $27
Want voice over artist 2 male and 2 female. - 23/11/2017 01:00 EST I am thinking to start YouTube channel for this we need two male artists and two female artists. Who know Telugu language, Please apply for this job others please ignore. Please send some sample voice files (MP3 format). We will send script file to you based on that make a voice and then send it back to me through email or any other way. Each video maximum time will be 5 to 6 minutes. ... 4 Аудіо-послуги, Дикторство, Телугу, Виробництво аудіо, Актор озвучування Nov 23, 2017 Nov 23, 2017Закінчився $24
Need a veteran video editing expert - TELUGU SPECIALIST Please read before placing your bid. I am looking for a Final Cut Pro specialist who is an expert in the Telugu language as I will provide the raw files & you need to edit it & also have to add the provided animations to that video & make it more like a professional video. I do have the same video ready in Hindi so will need someone to do it in Telugu for me. 6 Final Cut Pro, Телугу, Відеомонтаж Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017Закінчився $142
Translate English to Kannada, Odia Need some translation - English to Kannada and English to Odia 17 Переклад, Англійська (ВБ), Хінді, Телугу, Малаялам Nov 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017Закінчився $19
Online shopping Online writing 6 Телугу Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017Закінчився $384
Translate Pdf file from kannada to telugu with exact punctuation I need a translation from kannada to telugu with exact grammar and this text will be mantra. 5 Переклад, Телугу, Каннада Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017Закінчився $22
Translate something -- 2 I've potential project for Punjabi translation. Those who are interested to work on regular basis, even for other languages, can bid on the project. 34 Переклад, Пенджабська, Тамільська, Телугу, Каннада Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Закінчився $17
Need Content writing We need to develop our website with content 27 Хінді, Телугу, Англійська (США) Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 2017Закінчився $384
Hire a Translator I need freelance translators to work on full time from home. Full time doesn't mean that you will be having work everyday, but should be able to receive work anytime and complete within timeline. 12 Хінді, Тамільська, Телугу, Малаялам, Каннада Sep 3, 2017 Sep 3, 2017Закінчився $127
Short stories in Telugu Language - 01/09/2017 04:01 EDT Need 4 short stories - Minimum 100 words. Maximum 500 words in Telugu Language. Stories are for children under 12 years of age. Should be fun and moralistic 17 Художня література, Оповідання, Телугу Sep 1, 2017 Sep 1, 2017Закінчився $83
compose copywriting in Tamil and Telugu Compose short advertising copywriting in Tamil and Telugu. 9 Тамільська, Телугу Aug 31, 2017 Aug 31, 2017Закінчився $4
Translate From English To Telugu I have an mobile application on google play and need someone to translate my texts from English to Telugu 23 Переклад, Телугу, Англійська (США) Aug 25, 2017 Aug 25, 2017Закінчився $18
I would like to hire a Copy Typer I need a telugu typist. Please contact me [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] 16 Набір тексту, Телугу Aug 21, 2017 Aug 21, 2017Закінчився $368
Translation- from Marathi, Tamil, Telugu & Oriya to English TRANSLATOR......URGENT REQUIRED... 10 Тамільська, Телугу, Англійська орфографія, Англійська граматика Aug 15, 2017 Aug 15, 2017Закінчився $19
Telugu voice over for a video in english ( Telugu script is provided ) -- 2 A video which is originally shot in hindi is provided. Telugu voice over will be required for this video. English to Telugu translation has been done and script is ready. Only voice over is needed. Someone who is proficient in reading telugu as well as in understanding english/hindi is needed. 26 Переклад, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу, Актор озвучування Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Закінчився $19
Telugu translated to English i need a native Telugu translator. 40 Переклад, Англійська (ВБ), Телугу, Англійська (США) Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Закінчився $10
Translators required - Telugu We are looking for talented professional translators for regular cooperation. You must hold a degree in Translation, Languages, or a specific discipline (e.g. Life sciences, Finance, etc) and have at least 3 years experience in your domain. Excellent language and translation skills, and a good writing style with accurate spelling and grammar are a must. You must be a CAT tools user and competent... 70 Переклад, Коректура, Редагування, Телугу Jul 24, 2015 Jul 24, 2015Закінчився $24
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