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Adaptieren Mediawiki Extension (1.26.3 - 1.27.0) - Adapting an Existing Song as Mobile Game Background Music Adapting an installer for a package - Adapting html jscript image gallery for android browser Adapting HTML template - Adapting PHP Script Code to be able to work. Adapting Prestashop Payment Plugin - Adapting wordpress template of dating with log in in home page and notifications of chat and mail for profil Adapting Wordpress Themes and Plugins - Adaption of logo, excellent skills required! Adaption of order website - Adaptiv Payment API paypal integration - repost Adaptiv Payment API Paypal integration web iphone android - repost - Adaptive design (one page with report) Adaptive Design (Wireframe, and html5 slicing) - Adaptive fuzzy PID controller in Matlab / Simulink model - temperature control Adaptive fuzzy pid LabView - adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) Adaptive Noise Cancellation routine - adaptive payments parallel payment net paypal Adaptive Payments Paypal Marketplace - Adaptive Test for Students Adaptive Testing Development - adassdaasddfdfgfgfgfgfddfsdfsdfffffffffffffffffffdfdssfdsdfssdf - открыт для заявок Adat Software in C# - Adauga stiri si muzica pe 2 site-uri romanesti (Only Romanian) adaugare articole - Adavnced Excel Spreadsheet to work on iPad Adaware clone - Adblock extension modifications part 1 adblock modification - AdBook Sample Shopper & Report ADBP - AdBrite Clone Website Adbrite etc similar system required - AdBux Esque Site , 100% Legit AdBux Script - ADC read ANDROID application for BBB ADC sampling project by using PIC16F microcontroller - ClixScript Template adchoice adsense configuration with shop - Adcraft2011 Adcreate - Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration Add conditional fields to JomSocial Registration - add hipay to my website ( same way paypal is integrated) add hipay to skadate - Add NEW FEATURE TO MY VISUAL BASIC SOFTWARE Add new features to existing web platform - Add sorting options to widget instance in Magento frontend. Add Speaker Tags and Timestamps to a Raw Transcript- 45 min file - Add "browse file" to certain fields created with CRUD ADMIN GENERATOR / Symfony Add "Buy Now" in CMS Page in Prestashop to take Customer direct to Checkout - No Blind Bids - add "Free Shipping Icon" on product image on a bigcommerce site Add "Good Question" Plugin to Wordpress Site - Add "pinch-to-zoom" functionality to jQuery Swipebox Add "price for delivery" to existing webshop - add "ShareThis" function to Customize Button Image on web site Add "Slider Revolution" to a WordPress website - Add "variable product" prices to all my woocommerce products Add "View All" or "Show All" option to our BIGCOMMERCE category pages - Add & Edit features to php script Add & edit tomato cart script - add " unsubsecribe link to Openinviter Emails " ect.. Add "add sample product to cart" functionality in Magento - Add "How did you hear from us?" module oscommerce Add "image upload" feature to classifieds - Add "size variation" to 110,000 active ebay listings Add "Subject" to PMS - Add ''recent files'' to application toolbar Add ''silent'' data post to existing javascript form. - add 'Comments' section to wordpress homepage Add 'computer company in south London' - Add 'login with Facebook' to website Add 'Manage Contacts' with 'Delete option' to Bulk Email Plug in - Add (1000+) products to OScomm add (2) slideshows - Add *NEW* features to existing website Add + Change content to a WordPress template - content & full template will be given! - Add -ppassword option to ssh add .aspx page on existing web app - Add .php pages to existing website Add .PNG and .JPG to Thumbnail generator - Joomla - Add / Edit our API for our admin panel -- 2 Add / Edit PHP page reading from MYSQL Also add filter on reproting - Add 1 api call in static angular js theme Add 1 API to my system - add 1 feature webrtc voice conference and 1 fix to phpsunchat chat script -- 3 Add 1 field on reset password form - Add 1 page on Joomla add 1 page to an existing jsf application and fix a few bugs - Add 1 small function to existing wordpress site Add 1 Small Dyanmic Feature for show prices on services page - Add 1,000 people to facebook group Add 1,000 products to website - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group (real users, no fake members).(repost) Add 10 000 members to my facebook group! - Add 10 Profiles to Social Network Website Add 10 Slides to Flash Slideshow - Add 10,000 likes to my page spread slowly over 4 weeks Add 10,000 MySpace Friends - add 100 brokers information in my wordpress site form. - repost add 100 brokers information in my wordpress site form. - repost - Add 100 minimum friends from Collingwood Ontario to my Facebook group. Add 100 people per day to my Twitter account - add 100 products to magento Add 100 Products to Magento -- 2 - Add 100 viral videos to my website. add 100 words to my statement of intent outlining a research - Add 1000 facebook fans to my Webmaster Resources Page Add 1000 facebook friends - Add 1000 members to my website (real users, no fake persons)! Add 1000 members to (real users, no fake persons)! - Add 1000 Products to WooCommerce/Wordpress site Add 1000 products to Wordpress website - add 1000 twitter folowers ADD 1000 USA Euorope members in a group in 24h in 4$ - add 100000 folower in instagram Add 100000 Real Facebook Fans - Add 107 Pages To WordPress Site $5 Per Hour Add 107 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document - Add 12 Graphic Headers to Wordpress sites (6 supplied and 6 to design) add 12 pages to an existing web site to increase SEO - Add 1350 products to database Add 1350 products to database - Add 15,000 or more Facebook likes (United States Only)(repost) Add 15,000 products to my website - ADD 150 Products to OSCOMMERCE STORE SIMPLE DATA ENTRY Add 150 products to our online store. Start immediately. - Add 18 pages of php code to websites Add 19 photos to 2 existing web pages... - Add 2 Additional questions to Franchise project Add 2 address on Google Maps local listing - Add 2 Column to RS RDLC report Add 2 Column to RS RDLC report - repost - Add 2 existing modules to the homepage Add 2 extra features to web service (Wordpress) - Add 2 Features to an existing WordPress Plugin Add 2 features to existing ThreatMap Project, - Add 2 functions to existing ASP.NET (VS2005) Add 2 functions to our site - add 2 Joomla background images Add 2 Landing Pages and Blogs - Add 2 more features in a WordPress site Add 2 more features in my WordPress Mobile Case Customizer website - Add 2 new pages to existing WordPress site using existing page format
Add 2 new pages to my site - Add 2 pages to existing web site . . NOW! Add 2 Pages To Existing Website - Add 2 Screens to an already built Android APP Add 2 screens to public Github project (UI only) - Add 2 static blocks to Magento sidebar Add 2 Static Pages - add 2 wordpress plugin + responsive - repost 2 Add 2 WP Menu Pages to an existing Restaurant Website - Add 20 products into Prestashop Add 20 Products to eBay - Add 20-50 product in my store Add 200 products to the zen cart with the product #8 - Add 200 new items to our website Add 200 pages to wordpress website - Add 200 products to opencart Add 200 products to opencart! - Add 2000 Facebook Fans to my FB Pages. Add 2000 Facebook Fans/Likes - only from Sydney!!! - Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website Add 2000 products, image description, and price to osCommerce Website - II - Add 20k Twitter followers add 20K twitter follwer - Add 25,000 fans to my facebook page Add 25,000 fans To My Fan Page - Add 250 products to magento system Add 250 youtube Movies to Website - Add 2k words to an ebook Add 2k words to an ebook -- 2 - Add 3 custom keys to my wordpress blog Add 3 custom type pages + 3 lay outs for them - add 3 features to video chat flex/java add 3 features to video chat flex/java -- 2 - add 3 functions to my websiteeb Add 3 functions to Visual Studio 2010 Visual Basic Application - Add 3 Major API's To My Panel Add 3 Mdules to A Joomla Template - Add 3 options to my script Add 3 or 4 slides - Add 3 products to Magento shop (including custom options) Add 3 purchased mods to phpmydirectory - Add 3,000 No. Chairs and 3No. Marquees to an existing DWG plan Add 3,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin access - add 30 products to my wordpress sites add 30 products to my wordpress sites -- urgent - Add 300 products to E-Commerce Wordpress Site Add 300 products to opencart - add 3000 products in my magento shop manuelly - Repost - open to bidding Add 3000 Products into an OpenCart Store - Add 350 products to an opencart site within 24 hours Add 3500 words and edit around 25 pages. - add 3d to logo Add 3d-style save option to magazine app - Add 4 feateures on kentico website add 4 features and fix small task - add 4 min video to existing one and hide my employees face, have to be same kind not fake kind please -- 2 add 4 min video to existing one and hide my employees face, have to be same kind not fake kind please -- 3 - add 4 pics on websites add 4 pics on websites - add 40,000 entries to website Add 400 Articles to my Wordpress - Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #113 Add 400o votes in 2 days - Mask Prxy - Add 46 products to Magento Site Add 46 Products to Wordpress Store, Copy/paste & basic picture editing involved - Add 5 content pages to a Dotnetnuke commerce website. Add 5 Day Meal Plan Options to Sorted For 7 App - Add 5 Pages to Wordpress Site Add 5 product+description etc to Magento shop - Add 5-6 products to current WP site Add 5.000 Google+ users in my circles and 1000 Facebook likes on my page - Add 50 Products to eBay store now Add 50 Products to eBay Today - Add 50,000 Fans to my Fan Page add 50,000 Products - manually to OpenCart - Add 500 Facebook Friends per Hour to ShopO Group of BD Add 500 Facebook Likes to fan page - ADD 500 Products Magento Ecommerce Add 500 products manually into ecommerce store. - Add 500 Swedish members to my new website!!! Add 500 Swedish members to my new website. - Add 5000 Indian Targeted Facebook Fans Add 5000 Indian Women Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group - Add 54 drinkware products to Ebay using Inkfrog add 55 products to magento store - Add 6 email addresses to 6 buy links add 6 fields to a wordpress plugin form and save in the database. - Add 600 followers for our twitter account -- 2 add 600 products to prestashop, you must look for better pics online - Add 7 pages to an existing WordPress site (4 already exist) plus small changes add 7 photos to my html site - Add 7000 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #99 Add 75 WooCommerce products - Add 9 different layouts to given PDF-Invoice plugin Add 9 different layouts to given PDF-Invoice plugin -- 2 - Add [Mobile Responsive] to my current website Add \"Command\" Icon to OpenCmd Context Menu Handler - Add a module to .NET MVC PROJECT Add a online admission form for my school website - Add a "forgot password "" screen -- 3 Add a "getting started" page to my website - Add a $ Stop Loss to MetaTrader Program Add a % discount tick box to my ASP.NET shopping cart checkout page. - Add a 'Brand/Manufacturer' field to my e-commerce software Add a 'Buy Now' Button on Product Pages | Shopify - Add a 32 bit microcontroller to the schematic I will provide, design the PCB and do some basic C programming. Add a 360 viewer to my website - Add a Accounts program to existing Amazon Price Monitoring Software Add a addon to an existing javascript - add a background image on my wordpress template site Add a background image to header of all pages - Add a Banner on the front end when a particular button is clicked Add a banner over a text on a video section to hide the actual text - Add a basic slider that will display posts from a category (Wordpress) Add a basket close feature to an existing ea - Add a blog for an existing Wordpress Website (Bridge Theme) Add a blog for my php website - Add a blog to my bootstrap/html site Add a blog to my existing website - Add a blog.. Add a book/software download page & Paypal payment page - Add a built in feature to my site (Very Small Project) Add a bulk select & delete column in wp data table in wordpress - Add a button on Prestashop Add a Button to a Popup to Create connection - Add a calc to a app - Load Add a calculation in google calendar (gadget or extension) - Add a callout to left column in Magento Add a capability to our existing MS Access Database - Add a car into a map - Unity3d Add a car to existing PSD print design - Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - repost Add a chart and gauge to a EmonCMS Project - repost 2 - Add a Checkout, and 3d views to a website Add a child theme to my wordpress site - ADD A CODE IN WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE FOR IMAGE Add a code in wordpress post for each referred keywords - add a column to my home page in wordpress Add a coming soon page to a Shopify project without deleting the current project - Add a contact email on AirBnb ad ! Add a contact field - business Catalyst - Add a contribution on OS Commerce Website Add a contribution to existing Oscommerce website - Add a Cookie Notification to website for all EU users only,