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adBoard need urgent - Adbrite clone adBrite clone - Adbrite.com clone or similar site adbrite.com clone website in asp - ADC conversion block ADC development - Adcell-Trackingcode in Prestashop einbinden adcenter 2000 on NT - Adcopy for product Adcopy for Trade Magazine - Add A Newsgroup (NNTP) Server add blogg to my site ( codeigintor based) - Add finnancial part Add Flash Effects To Existing HTML Site - Add Lime green to text of new logo add lyrics to a song - add sidebar to a wordpress theme Add small modifications to my exisiting website. - Add "Accessories" and "Parts" Tab to Magento Product Page & Admin Panel Add "add to cart" button Shop Cat Page - Add "Edit layers" functionality to Leaflet map on Drupal site (similar functionality as on GEOJSON.IO site) Add "Fee-Based" Options - Add "messaging capabilities" to my Android application. - repost Add "momentum indicators" to my TOS - Add "request invoice" in checkout! Add "Round Robin" functionality to back end CRM - Add "Undo" function to the custom Unity editor Add "upload attachments" to current accounting system - Add % markup to column in .csv file(repost) add % of completed job to app - Add & Edit products Add & Modify Invitation Design-Jomsocial - Invitex - Joomla - Add "edit" botton to php page calling a mysql database Add "Flexible" Layout for Mobile (Phone, iPad) to Wordpress website - Add "Purchase" function to existing web-based POS system Add "quantity in stock"etc..for Product Details,Product List - Add ''Free Postage : Australia-Wide'' to front page of my website Add ''GD Star Rating Plugin'' To my Arras Wordpress Theme Homepage AND Minor Color Edit. - Add '5 stars comments' wp plugin to DirectoryPress Theme add 'ad' to mobile version of wowtale - Add 'foobar' and make wordpress template Add 'From' address to Outlook titlebar - Add 'Un-Tick' Feature to Meal Plans Add 'upload repair icon' to existing wordpress website - Add (News) menu to existing page. Add (Post Feature) in to php search engine - Add - Action button with sharing options Add - SOLD OUT - Message - Add .net components to Index Add .NET functionality to site - Add / amend Php coding for our website Add / Change 3 pages to existing site - Add / Remove to VB6 Resource file using exe. Add / Remove Users to XP using VB6 - Add 1 Feature to Existing iOS App add 1 feature to flex and java chat project - Add 1 more page for .aspx add 1 new feature and 8 fixes to php/mysql/jquery/ajax chat room script - Add 1 part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS add 1 php page to custom download system - Add 1 video (using a video script similar to youtube ) to my Joomla Website Add 1 word to HTML Files - add 1,500 products to oscommerce store front 2 Add 1,500 twitter followers to our account - Add 10 pages of text to my template within 24 hours ADD 10 PAGES to EXISTING WORD PRESS SITE****** WORDPRESS EXPERIENCE - Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page Add 10,000 fans to my facebook fan page - Add 100 RSS Feeds to our blog. Add 100 "Chinese" fans to my Facebook fanspage. - Add 100 items to my opencart shopping cart Add 100 jokes to joke website - Add 100 Products to an Excel Sheet from A Website Add 100 Products to an Excel Sheet from A Website - Add 100 Products To Our Amazon Store Add 100 products to Shopify... TODAY - Add 100,000 youtube hits + 100 likes + 200 subscribers Add 100-500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Monthly from the USA - Add 1000 google map points Add 1000 google map points (phoca map joomla) - Add 1000 Products to Amazon Add 1000 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Add 1000 Records To Web Database Add 1000 subscribers to my weight loss email list - Add 1000-1500 Likes from real profiles to a facebook fanpage, gradually during next week Add 10000 articles - Add 100k Fans on FarmVille Facebook Page Add 100K Fans to Facebook Page - Add 10K+ Fans to Facebook Fan page Add 10th anniversary logo on my club logo - Add 120 PRODUCT PAGES, including ENTIRE functionality and contents to our OpenCart website under Dev add 120 products to virtuemart site - Add 15 K Words to Existing "Leadership" Book Add 15 pages to my website easy fast work. - Add 150 largest USA cities and their states to our wordpress jobsite Add 150 Magento Commerce Products to Beauty Site. SEO Professional ONLY Apply! - Add 157 categories in 1HRS at $5 Add 15K words to Existing Ebook - add 1k fb likes on two url Add 1k restaurants to my site in 2day - Add 2 buttons to AS2 Flash Book Add 2 buttons to Right Side - add 2 contributions to oscommerce Add 2 Contributions to OsCommerce Site - Add 2 features from one wordpress theme to another Add 2 features from one Wordpress theme to main theme - Add 2 fields to a spreadsheet add 2 fields to php 4 tables, and add that to joomla component - add 2 images to web page Add 2 important modules to LAMP CMS - Core Login and Programming. - 3 weeks max - Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account -- 2 - Add 2 new features to koken Add 2 New Files - Add 2 pages + complete modifications - wordpress website Add 2 Pages 2 Website - Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal - ADULT - Add 2 simple additions to Oscommerce site Add 2 simple functions and 2 features to DB - Add 2 Tracking Codes & Make 4 Changes on Website Add 2 upsell images and links to 2 checkout pages - Add 2-3 WYSIWYG Editable Front-End Pages Add 2-image codes - Add 20 Zen Cart Product Fields Add 20,000 Canada Facebook Friends in Less than 40 Days - Add 200 followers to our account Add 200 food items to a WordPress Site - add 200 products on a wp website - open to bidding Add 200 products on my shopify site - Add 200 Real Facebook Friends from Targeted City Add 200 Restaurant Menus into Opencart store - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $15 Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee - add 2000 words -- 2 Add 2000 words to my research proposal - Add 242 text posts to Wordpress site admin Add 24winner + rollover into AutoBot - Add 250 Listings To My Website Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Add 27,000 Myspace Members To My Group Add 270 Sub Categories + Logo to Wordpress Site - add 3 buttons Add 3 buttons (on 24 pages) to an Adobe PDF file - add 3 features and 19 enhancements to php/jquery chat script under budget 2200 INR only Add 3 features to a PHP upload script - Add 3 Fixed Icons Down Side of Wordpress Site
Add 3 forms to the admin of our website and connect to MySQL database - Add 3 images to wordpress website Add 3 Javascript codes to Joomla site with CPanel - add 3 new languages to my open cart Add 3 new pages (listings) at greekarena.net - Add 3 pages to my website from PSD format to HTML and upload to FTP Add 3 pages to our Wordpress site from 3 PSDs and amend header - Add 3 Sub-Categories Add 3 subpages / sections to existing shopify webpage - Add 30 CPA firms from various US states in our online business directory Add 30 day trail to application - Add 300 Business Listings to my website. Add 300 domainnames as alias in Plesk Panel - Add 300,000 Facebook Fans Add 300-400 product images to Magento Store & SSL linking - add 301 redirect to chalkshades.com Add 301 redirect to www.chalksahdes.com - add 3d design depth of field to current 1D design ADD 3D EFFECTS ONTO TEXT OF LOGO - Add 4 Backend Modules to a PHP Website Add 4 Banners to a Mobile Responsive Page - Super Quick Task - Add 4 footer links/pages to landing page of Magento site. Add 4 function to My Android Source - add 4 new templates to a current wordpress theme Add 4 options with radioboxes to checkout Magento - Add 4,000 Products to My Magento Store Add 40 articles (tex) to my www.aweber.com autoresponder - Add 4000 Facebook fans to my page. Add 4000 Facebook Fans/Likes (Fans ONLY from USA) - Add 449 variable products to my website (Woocommerce) Add 449 variable products to my Woocommerce website - Add 4th Column on Grid View layout, WooCommerce Grid / List toggle Add 4x4 Products to New X-Cart Store - Add 5 languages and translated content to a website Add 5 lines of code to compiled mac application - Add 5% surcharge for PayPal payment on Magento Add 5,000 - 6,000 to my 3DCart Shopping Cart. - Add 50 Independent escort cms Add 50 Independent escort cms - Add 50 Products to Shopping Cart Add 50 Products To Woocommerce Site - Add 50,000 Quality Facebook Page Likes Add 50,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #91 - Add 500 friends per hour to The ShopO Group of Egypt Add 500 games to my gaming website - Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours Add 500 products to database - Add 500-1000 Articles on my website through Pligg.com Add 5000 products to shopping cart - add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days no more add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days no more (for anhgun)(repost) - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 5700 Real USA Facebook fans for 4 Pages #116 Add 58 Uttermost Lamps and Bookmark - Add 6 More IP's to Dedicated Server Add 6 page to my WebSite - Add 600k twitter followers Add 60k Twitter followers - Add 7,500 words to Existing History Ebook Add 70 listings to website - Add 8 products to Woo Commerce add 80 locations to foursquare - Add 900 names & addresses to a spreadsheet Add 91 books to my book store - Add \"Request Invoice\" checkbox on PrestaShop checkout process Add \"request invoice\" in checkout! - Add A "Buy Now" Button In Wordpress Site Add a "camera app" to my social network site - Add a "In-app Billing" in an Android app Add a "Lazy Load" at the bottom of my Responsive Website - Add a "Point me there" function to iOS app Add a "settings" page to a wordpress plugin - Add a 'follow' button functionality on Wordpress posts - repost Add a 'Trust Bar' to our website. - Add a 6 second text animation to a video Add a 7 day free trial to my membership package - Add a audio track to another one (260 times) Add a auto plugin to my site or create one. - add a background to a logo add a background to an image - Add a Banner to my Ebay listing Add a banner to my EKM Powershop - ADD A BILLING SYSTEM FOR ROKU BUILT ON INSTANTVCHANNEL ADD A BILLING SYSTEM ON A ROKU APPS - Add a Blog page to existing Website add a blog page to wordpress website - Add a blog to my website Add a blog to my website - Add a Booking System to an Existing Website Add a Booking System to an Existing Website -- 2 - Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. -- 2 - Add a button to google toolbar Add a button to HTML website - Add a Calculator widget in my website Add a calendar / event system to our CUSTOM cms site. Code ignighter. - Add a Captcha in a simple contact form Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - add a case Add a case in a C# program - Add a Chat Box to website Add a chat button to my post item page - Add a CK editor to a current plain text description box in script Add a CKEEDITOR addon to vBulletin's CKEEDITOR - Add a code to C# application to print output of a specified Diagnosis Add a code to my website - Add a comments box to my listings post and amend layout of one page Add a commerce page to an existing site - Add a contact form on 3 pages with Wordpress. Contact form it's already done. Add a contact form to a wordpress site - Add a convert to MP3 button to my website Add a Cookie Notification to website for all EU users only, - Add a couple of drop down menus to site Add a couple of dynamic options to HTML code produced by a PHP program. - Add a Create PDF button to my web page add a credit card charging system to my website - Add A custom drop-down (two level) menu to a WP custom theme Add a custom feat to a existing facebook app - Add a custom module to my Contact page Add a custom payment page to WordPress dashboard unique to each user - Add a custom tool to shopify store Add a custom validation field to a Woocommerce product page and include that field content on the invoices too. - Add a datepicker field to Bigcommerce's Checkout page Add a DB column with Entity framework - add a did on UC 540 Add a different date selection option to an excel sheet - Add a dispute resolution centre to an existing WP-site Add A Div for Show / Hide - Add a drop down menu and debugging with CakePHP Add a drop down menu and new pages to wordpress website - Add a Dutch translation to my site - ongoing work Add a dynamic chart (like google charts) to a website - Add A Excel Sheet To WordPress Add a Extension Opencart - Add a facebook pages dropdown on site for social network connection Add a Facebook Share Dialog button to my site - Add a feature in Android Application Add a feature in Codeigniter App - Add a feature to a php script Add a feature to a ready website template (JQuery) - Add a feature to an existing Magento website Add a feature to an existing Magento website -- 2 - Add a feature to existing website Add a feature to existing website - $50 - Add a feature to my microjob site