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Add 20,000 Myspace Friends in, Roughly, One Month - Add 200 links to our directory Add 200 listings into Australia Craft Stores Directory - Add 200 products to Cubecart 4 Add 200 Products to Magento - Add 200,000 Fan to Facebook Page Add 2000 between two Facebook pages (1550 &amp; 450) - Add 2000 products manuelly into my magento shop Add 2000 Products To My Site - Add 20k Myspace Friends Add 20K MySpace Friends from Australia UsingManyLadyProfiles - Add 25 products with our logo to our website a Add 25,000 fans to my facebook page - Add 250 products to magento Add 250 products to magento system - Add 2k words to an ebook -- 2 Add 2mm Bleed to this file - Add 3 custom type pages + 3 lay outs for them Add 3 dimension and mirror effect to book mark buttons on my website - add 3 features to video chat flex/java -- 2 add 3 field contact form to website - Add 3 funtions to a website ADD 3 HTML pages to a site - Add 3 Modules To My Site Add 3 months of calendar events to my site - Add 3 pages and one widget to WordPress Site Add 3 pages to existing website programmed using Word Press - Add 3 simple fixed buttons on the side that scroll along the web page Add 3 simple page to my web app - Add 30 (Invodo) videos to a Magent website. Add 30 accounts to whmautopilot - Add 30,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces - repost Add 30-day Trial Feature to Drupal Website - Add 300 words to Technical Report (abstract about html language) Add 300+ product to my opencart shop - Add 3000+ New Products to Add 301 direction in Htaccess - Add 3D Animation to an existing Project Add 3D depth to already existing images - Add 3rd party API to Phalcon PHP add 4 ad/tracking SDKs to iOS app - Add 4 fields into wp_usermeta table, create a map data input plugin and PHP to output XML from wp_usermeta table - v2 add 4 flex features to gyaro paying 5000inr only - Add 4 New Pages to Existing ASP.NET Site Add 4 new pages, make existing site google friendly - Add 4,000 friends to MySpace - List of profile IDs provided! Add 4,000 Products to My Magento Store - Add 4000 Facebook fans to my page. Add 4000 Facebook Fans/Likes (Fans ONLY from USA) - Add 4400 Twitter users from website Add 449 variable products to my website (Woocommerce) - Add 4th Column on Grid View layout, WooCommerce Grid / List toggle Add 4x4 Products to New X-Cart Store - Add 5 more files to the add and edit item pages Add 5 more players each with various/different values for all 7 player values - Add 5,000 Facebook Fans to our Facebook Fa Add 5,000 selected Facebook Likes over next two weeks - Add 50 new products to Amazon Seller Account Add 50 pages on my website* Simple job - Add 50 Texts to my websites+ SEO Add 50 Users from CSV into Wordpress - Add 50,000 YouTube subscribers to my channel add 50-55 products to my Ultracart account and add buy now buttons to my site - add 500 items on wix store Add 500 items to Joomla website using affiliate links - Add 500 products to Etsy add 500 products to my site - Add 5000 Facebook fans (USA) Add 5000 facebook frieds in Australia - Add 5000 Product Descriptions To A Shopify Store Add 5000 product on magento - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 58 Uttermost Lamps and Bookmark add 590 products to oscommerce shop - Add 6 page to my WebSite Add 6 Photos to flash.swf - Add 60k Twitter followers Add 620 emails from a txt to a newsletter subscribe form - Add 7,500 words to Existing History Ebook Add 70 listings to website - Add 8 products to Woo Commerce add 80 locations to foursquare - Add 91 books to my book store Add 91 products to my Commerce website - Add \"request invoice\" into Prestashop checkout Add \"Share\" button for recipients of our e-mail (Post on Facebook Wall) - Add a "close icon" on a google map pop up + Add thumbnail image on Facebook for shared posts Add a "Contact Us" page to my website - Add a "News element" to my website Add a "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" Button To WordPress Website - Add a ' buy credits feature' on auction site 15usd strict Add A ''BUY'' Button to A Website - add a 1 to a small 170 excel records with phone #'s add a 1 to a small 800 excel records with phone #'s -- 2 - Add a 7 day free trial to my membership package Add a \"Credit note\" feature to ARTIO VM Invoices component - for Virtuemart 2 - add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost 2 - Add a background to photos of models Add a badge feature to an existing Rails application - Add a banner wordpress site Add a bar to the top of a Wordpress website - Add a blog and redirect link to an existing wordpress website add a blog as discussed - Add a blog to my existing website Add a blog to my existing website in footer - Add a booking php page to magneto Add a Booking System to an Existing Website - Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg.(repost)(repost) Add a bundle plugin code to existing MAC sw in Objective C. - Add a button to IE toolbar Add a button to my homepage - Add a calendar booking to my website Add a calendar function to our old code igniter site - Add a captcha into an existing form of a wordpress plugin Add a Captcha Security form - Add a Cell Of Info and Data Base Add a chain link fence around a structure - Add a chat to an existing iOS app (text-only, no images, emoticons or attachments) Add a chatbot program to a test website - Add a clickable link on a slider made from <span> Add A Client Automated Self Generating Invoice Portal Section To Our WebSite - Add a column to a web app and a searchbox Add a column to DataTables - Add a Conditional Option In a Woo Commerce Wordpress Plugin Add a conditional statement based on URL to my Wordpress site - Add a Continue Shopping Button To OScommerce Checkout Page Add a contribution on OS Commerce Website - Add a couple features to website Add a couple fields to an .ASP checkout page - Add a courtroom behind a barrister Add a Create PDF button to my web page - Add a custom feat to a existing facebook app Add a custom feature to existing facebook app - Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting Add a custom permalink in a Wordpress website and other URLs rewriting -- 2 - Add a customer email sign up form Add a Customer Module to the Open Source SplendidCRM based on the UI's, Pages, and Database Structure attached and change look to match the UI's - Add A Description, I give you Title Add to spreadsheet EZ Add a design and create a code for a website. - Add a directory of organizations to a Joomla Site Add a directory to an existing Joomla 3.6.x site - add a download (convert to mp3) button add a download button - add a dropdown menu for a joomla site add a dropdown menu in ocart checkout - Add a email form On a webpage
Add a email form validation & backend to a mobile app - Add a Facebook like instant message feature in an ASP.NET/C# website Add a Facebook like pop-up window to my website ! - Add a feature android games Add a feature box sign up form - Add a feature to a google form using google apps script Add a feature to a php project - Add a feature to an existing iOS app Add a feature to an existing Magento website - Add a feature to existing website - $50 Add a feature to iOS App + PHP/MySQL Backend - add a feature to my website . Add a Feature to Open-Source PDF Viewer - Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site Add A Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site - Add a few features on a Wordpress Theme (Edit it) Add a few features to a android app - ADD a few items into New Order Email [WooCommerce] Add a few layers of text lines on slider - Add a Few Simple Search Forms to PHP Classifieds website add a few small options to a flash-based upload applet - Add a field to registration form with PMPRO and a little plugin Add a field to the existing CSV upload functionality of a wordpress site - Add a Fitness Module and a Dynamic Menu / Content System to our App Add a Fixed Header to an existing website - add a floating search box over a flash game Add a Flyout Menu to Yahoo Store - Add a form to a website Add a form to a wordpress site - Add a Formula to a Crystal Report Add a Forum or Community Blog To Our Website - Add a french side to my website. Already have the translation Add a french side to my website. Already have the translation -- 2 - add a function (asp) Add a function and some fixes to a Flash game - Add a function to an existing website developed using php + SQL add a function to an Iphone app - Add a function to our PHP website add a function to our website and app - Add a further gateway in Donate and Download Add a future a php online soft (Quickly) - Add a Google search Engine Tool to my Website to call google engine Add a Google search Engine Tool to my Website to call google engine - Add a header to a Word Press (Woocommerce) website Add a header to phplist campaing - Add a hovering side bar to an existing magento theme Add a HTML 5 ad on top of the webpage. - Add a Invision Power IP Board Forum to our Wordpress Site (Same Layout & Styles) Add a invite friends feature to website after users register. - Add a jquery jtable to my theme Add a jquery mobile pop up to my blog - Add a language switcher to Wordpress website Add a language to already existing Wordpress website. Make adding languages easy for future - Add a lightbox to Shopify lookbook Add a lightbox using Aveda theme and populate with images/content - Add a link to a manual slider made with spans add a link to a web page to a video - Add a listing type to phpProBid - New listing format! Add a little bling to my design - add a login and register to my website Add a login and sharepoint files into my web app - Add a login on an existing desktop application(repost) Add a Login Page for a Moblile Page Web - Add a logo to 2 banners Add a logo to 3 videos - Add a logo to the header add a logo to this youtube video - Add a map with the ability to track vehicles and pull previous trips. add a Market Place feature to our community - Add a menu option to Flipping Book Content Add a menu to an existing iOS application - add a mobile portal to existing CRELoaded website. Add a Mobile Responsive Search Box to a Wordpress Page - Add a module to a drupal site Add a module to an existing application - Add a Multi-Language RTF Editor to a Website Add a Multi-Step Form to CRM - Add a New Admin Alert on Add a new animation to current website - add a new feature and fix some thing in my website add a new feature edit PSD files with this editor - Add a new field in database(repost) Add a new field on detail section of QO - Add a new functionality - CLASSIC ASP, SQL SERVER(repost) Add a new functionality to a existing taxi portal - Add a new name to my business card template Add a new option to my software - Add a new page with a specific content to a Wordpress website -- 2 Add a new page/product to our website - Add a new project page to my (php) Real Estate Website + slight footer modification Add a new registry in 3dcart registry - add a new theme color Add a new top section on our website - Add a Nivoslider to an existing site Add a no-wordpress plugin into a Wordpress site - Add a opt in button to my blog add a option in existing custom joomla module - Add a page in a web Add a page in our website and Redesign our Logo - Add a page to existing website Add a page to existing WordPress based website + create menu - Add A Page To Navigation add a page to our CMS - Add a password page to my existing site add a password protect entry - Add a payment gateway to my website add a payment gateway to our website - Add a PAypal buton to Joomla site Add a paypal button - Add a phone cart to website Add a phone number to the top of a homepage - Add A PHP Code Add a PHP contact form to a single HTML page - - add a picture CAPTCHA to our website forms add a picture slider to my website - Add a Plugin to word press site on a windows server - ongoing work Add A Plugin To Wordpress - Add a popup checkout to WP E Commerce Site Add a popup login / registration for WordPress theme - Add a preloader to a website Add a preview button to a submit form - Add a Product Feed to our Wordpress Woocommerce Site Add a product filter - Add a project management tool to WP Site Add a project/picture gallery on my site - Add a Quick Shopping Cart to My Site. Lead to future work!! Add a quiz feature to my wordpress website - Add a Red YouTube "Play" Button on top of 10 different still photos. ADD A REDIRECT CODING TO THE FILE - Add a required agreement page to aMember add a reservation module to a flash site - add a room on a house and modify - repost Add a rotating image banner to existing wordpres theme - Add a scheduling / booking system to my website Lowest bid and best reputation wins . Add a screen to existing iPhone application (Simple Roulette Game) - add a seal for website info and security Add a search and find in our different groups - Add a Search function to LazyPDFKit Add a search phrase to existing gmail reader - ADD A SECOND WEBSITE TO MY VPS SERVER Add a section to a social website - Add a separate download method to my site Add a separate download method to my site. - Add a Shop to an Exsisting Wordpress Template Add a Shopify Catalog - Add a Shopping Cart