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Add an image to the "contact us form" in magento to make the page look good - Add an iPhone outline to my app preview video add an item to flash menu - Add an online store Add an online store - Add an option to enter coupon code in checkout Add an option to enter coupon code in checkout - open to bidding - Add an SVG overlay on top of the JavaScript viewer with a couple of features Add an Text box attribute to Prestashop - Add an user login and register page to my Android Project Add analysis job - Add and Change HTML To Current Theme Of Site - Video Explanation Add and change some functions in website member section - Add and customize features in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaborations Add and customize features in the Collabtive open source project management - Add and editing some page in my website Add and enable SilverStripe extensions to my website - Add and modify features to landing page Add and modify functionality in a flash template - Add and Remove Software Development Add and retrieve xmlfiles form access database - Add and update features on a Web Site Add and Update Markers on Loop in a Leaflet Map, JS - Add angular-chart to my project Add Angular.js to a Django App - Add animation facility to unity game. Add animation on existing banner - add animation/graphics to a powerpoint presentation Add Animation/Jquery to a social network - Add another badge related category Add another category to a database - Add another page to existing site Add another page to existing work - Add anti-abuse headers to outgoing mail for mailserver Add anti-spam protection to my contact form - add api from chinavasion to my zen cart program / emagic manager add api from this site to my wordpress - Add API to my site ADD API to my web - Add Apple iAd too Game-App Add Apple iAd too Game-App -- 2 - Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App Add Appraisal Certificate - Add Arabic Language (right to left support) to Adobe Flash template Add Arabic Language in the Website - Add Archive File Support in Existing Disk Reader Library Add archive mod to phpbb forum - Add around 3000 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products - Add articles to existing joomla website. Add Articles to joomla from a website - Add ASP code to enable Sign Up with Facebook and Login with Facebook add asp content management - add atmosphere to my wordpress site Add Attach Documents Functionality 1 - Add Attendance-Taking feature to PHP Web App Add attendees numbers to file - add attributes to product post in oscommerce add attributes to shopcart with pricing (virtuemart) - Add Audio Captcha to JSP page and Save in MySQL add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided - Add Audio Record to an iOS Radio Library - Radio Tunes Add Audio Sound Effects to 1.5 minute video - Add audio to webpages Add audio track to 6 video clips - Add Authenticaiton to Web API 2 Add authenticated pages to wordpress - Add authorize CIM with Bigcommerce site Add Authorize.net AVS and CVN to Magento's Order Admin Screen - Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend add auto backup restore to open source web application firewall - Add auto scroll to quiz add auto sizing to uploading photos within my website - easy! - Add Autocomplete function - PHP/JS Add autocomplete to a 4 fields form. - Add automatic points redemption to CubePoints Wordpress Plugin add automatic post image javascript to other website - Add Availability Calendar Add availability calendar to real estate wordpress theme - Add Aweber code to existing landing page Add AWeber Email Form HTML - Add back Joomla Module positions to my Joomla Template Add back link in Article-Wikipedia for "great"references - add backend to homepage banner, company intro and menu section Add background (stretch) to existing site - Add background image in first section for mobile only in wp site Add background image in Pinterest Layout - Add Background Music and Sound Effects II Add background music and watermark for my video - Add background video to my website - Budget $30 Add Background Video to Row using Wordpress/Visual Composer - add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple - open to bidding - add banner and some scrifts to my ecommerce+home page Add Banner and Video to WP Theme Header - add banner to magento, fix site speed add banner to php page - Add banners to 2 apks Add banners to 30,000 images - Add bar code scanner function to excel file. Add bar codes to 4 labels - Add basic "Property Manager" functionality to PHP website Add basic "Property Manager" functionality to listing site - Add Basic Reporting Functionality to an Existing Tropo IVR App Add Basic Reporting Functionality to an Existing Tropo IVR App -- 2 - Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB - ongoing work Add beautiful count down timer to lunch of my new site (aspx) and also make email notification changes - add big email list to facebook group Add big play button to .flv video - Add Bitcoin API on a website who uses MYSQL ADD BITCOIN API TO BITCOIN SITE :) - Add blank rows between paragraphs on a bunch of txt files Add BLE 4 functionality to existing Mobione apk file - add block user function to existing iphone chat app Add Blockchain Payment API to my website - Add blog feature to my site Add blog feature using codeigniter - add blog page Add Blog page for website - Add Blog to Amazon Webstore Add blog to custom website - add blog to menu Add blog to my current website - Add Blog to website Add blog to website - add bluetooth Add Bluetooth BLE Data Transfer to Android App - Add boat search to existing site Add Bocce Court Image to 2 Yard Photos - Add booking tab to my homepage on a child theme for wordpress Add booking tab to my homepage on child theme for wordpress - add bootstrap in two little sites now add bootstrap Jquery to a projectusing C# and MVC - - Add Box Sizes to THE7 Add box to homepage.with link to infopage - Add brochure links to websites Add Browse Button in Admin - add bulk lister to auction site add bulk lister to auction website - Add business listing Add business listings to website - Add button Add button (image) to CakePHP layout - add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3 add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3- trabajo en ejecución - Add Button To Facebook App Add button to Flash CS4 application - Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos
Add buttons for print reports and customer informations in Virtuemart - Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - repost - Add cache to a php/javascript game servers query Add cache to Java proxy server - Add Calendar functionality Add Calendar Output for Codeigniter Script - add call anther table on php code Add call back to menu web - Add Canadian Postal Codes and Phone numbers to Mailing List Add Canasta, Pinochle, and Rummy to Game - Add captcha add captcha - Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost - open to bidding - ADD CAPTCHA IN THE URL Add CAPTCHA on additional Form - Add CAPTCHA to ASP form Add CAPTCHA to ASP form -- 2 - Add Captcha to Existing Form Add captcha to existing form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to matukio component Joomla Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form - Add captcha to signup perl form Add Captcha to simple contest site - Add captcha to wordpress php form Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form - Add Captions to Video Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! - Add Carousel to Wordpress Header Add cars from csv into my site - add cash wallet in opencart add cashU to my website - Add categories to a joke app Add categories to CMS for Newsletter - add category drown down to series add category for site - Add Category to Wordprss site Add Catergories to my Wordpress template - Add certain functions to the MVC website. Add certain promo to products on magento - mix and match promotion - Add changes to a task website Add changes to current website template - Add Character and Word Count Function To A Microsoft Word Doc Template Add Character To Existing Cocos2d Game - Add Chartboost and iOS7 support to our iOS app add chartboost to my gonga android game - add chat messaging like in freelancer site to my website gallideals.com Add Chat room to Site - Add Chatting, Social share functions to my app Add check all / uncheck all buttons to asp.net application - Add CheckBox to GirdEx Add checkbox to Joomla Search form - Add checkout to website Add Checkouts to my Zen Cart Website - Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - ongoing work Add Christmas lights to our Free Shipping banner above the header. - Add cities to escort directory Add cities to escort directory script - Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a poker website. Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a website. - Add CLEditor with a math formula editor to a "myBB Forum" Add click and earn more than 25$+ - Add clickable text and image on top of slider on homepage Add ClickBank and Authorize.net Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin - Add Client Certificate support to OkHttp Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform - Add closed captions to a video file Add closing dates to listing - Add CMS fo web template + adding some functionality (PHP) Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site. - add cms to HTML Add CMS to HTML site - add code for drop down search box & category location dropdown menu Add code for Google Tag Manager to all pages on a Wordpress site - Add code to Amazon MWS PHP API code for Parallel Requests Add code to app - Add code to my database Add code to my html page to make it fit to any mobile screen size - add code to signup box on checkout page Add code to site - Add codes in a dropdown list and an update button Add Codes In TPL Files - add collection/delivery time to website Add colliders to existing maps in Unity Editor - Add color on Dashboard Add color on Dashboard 2 - Add color to logo Add color to logo - Add colors to house pictures. Add colors to list you already created. - Add Coloured Border to Scan area Add column and data to Invoice oscommerce - add columns on the Spendanalyzer Add columns to a report - add commands to chat add commands to chat(repost) - Add comments / deals sections Add comments / upload box to an existing web form - Add comments to a c++ program Add comments to article in website - Add Community News, Change design, add content pages. Add Comodo Trust Logo to WooCommerce's Cart and Checkout pages - add company name to premade logo. Add company sign mockup to image of house - Add components to existing Wordpress 3.5 site add components to my code - Add conditions to existing commercial MT4 signal EA. Add conditions to the ea we work HEDGIUM last version you send me. - Add Contact Details to every page Web Site Add contact for to Revolution Slider - Add contact form to my website Add contact form to Revolution Slider. optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone - Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost - open to bidding add contact on linkedin and fill an excell file - Add Contacts in Messaging app in Windows 10 - Add People from iPhone to use Messaging app Add Contacts to Hotmail Yahoo Gmail AOL Email Accounts - Add content + small styling changes to wordpress website Add Content / Links to Site Pages and Code Gallery + SEO - Add Content and Images to a Wikipedia Page Add content and images to my templatemonster (HTML verstion) template. ***Complete within 8 hours*** - Add content editor and admin tool add content for skylightnyc.com - Add content in joomla theme(repost)(repost) Add Content in my Directory, Content will be provided- SEOs - Add content on new template Add content on our job board website - Add content to a $13 HTML template. Add content to a 5 pages website template - Add Content To A Wordpress Site Add Content to a WordPress Site - Add content to an eventbrite designed wordpress template Add content to an existing 3D model for 3D Printing - Add Content to Cell Phone Wiki Add content to cheats site - Add Content to Existing Web Site & Complete Web Template Add content to existing web site, paid video content - Add Content to HTML5 Site Add content to humor website - Add Content to Joomla, Organize Structure, Upload 8 Products to Virtuemart Add Content to Joomla, Upload 10 Products to Virtuemart, Organize Modules - Add content to my website Add content to my website - Add Content to one Page in Wordpress