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add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) - add alerts Add alerts to Custom MT4 indicator - Add All Graphics to Website Add all Listings From My Ebay Store To My Ebid Store - Add alt text short code to wordpress vc ultimate addons info list items Add alt text to plugin action - Add Amazon Checkout to my website Add Amazon link for Books - Add Amazon Widegt to our WordPress Blog Add Amazon Widget to Both Our Blog and Boonex Dolphin 7 Site - Add an additional 8 STR markers add an additional Access Control Level for in codeigniter - Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! Add an Ajax 'Load More' button to my custom loop - Add an Asp Page Add an Auction page to our website and add some extra features - Add an editable site in an existing webpage made with symfony (1.x) Add an editor for widgets, repair category template page code, add paging to a page - Add an existing API to my website Add an existing DLL to Wiindows Forms application - Add An Extra Field To WooCommerce Add an extra navigation screen for the existing iPhone application (Car Detail) - Add an IM in my community Add an IM in my community( - Add an In-App Purchase menu in an existing app in Xcode, and help me arrange it in iTunes. Add an index.html page to a Wordpress site - Add an Mpesa payment plugin to joombri template Add an NRL Jersey to a pig - URGENT - Add an opencart extension for me ! Add an opt in form & setup mailchimp autoresponder - Add an QR scanner for my app Add an QR scanner for my app - Add an upload button to Tiny_MCE editor on Lotus Domino Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. - Add Analytics tracking to jquery-powered system Add anche change the font title of the website - add and correct website Add and Create a Shopify page + Minor Updates to WebSite - Add and Edit page for exisiting website using Python Add and edit Prestashop modules - 24 hours project time line - Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website Add and Modify Content on our Existing Website - add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions -- 2 Add and Remove Software Completion - Add and tidy an existing joomla site Add and update features on a Web Site - Add angular-chart to my project Add Angular.js to a Django App - Add animation style on WordPress Nav Bar Add animation to a 3D model - Add animations to simple rigged 3D model in FBX format Add animations, computer ai and tutorial to mobile unity game - add another drop down to section bootstrap add another feature to my website : - Add another paid affiliate script/links to my existing website(repost) Add another payment function to a ready make php script - add apache virtual host Add api and change layout of website - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - add app features Add app integration at a Android App - Add appointment function to existing website add appointment scheduling code to website - Add AR function to an existed iPhone App Add AR function to an iPhone App - Add Archive File Support in Existing Disk Reader Library Add archive mod to phpbb forum - Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery - Add articles to joomla site with SEO (30 articles to start) Add articles to my joomla website - Add ASP Functions to HTML Form Add ASP Functions to HTML Form- - Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App -- 2 - Add attribute data to view cart page Add attribute drop down to magento category page - Add auction facility to existing classified advertising site Add auction feature to existing wordpress e-commerce website - Add audio function for AVS Video Script Smarty PHP Add Audio function to Existing Windows App - Add audio to a mov file Add audio to a video - Add Australia Post Shipping Calculator to my site Add australia post shipping table to magento installation - add authentication to web site Add authoarchive and sorting functionality - Add to a web form Add to exisitng payment page - Add Auto ON /OFF for This EA . Modified of MT4 EA Add auto parts to eBay Motors store - Add auto-zoom and selection of marker based on PHP $_GET[id'] passed to map.php Add Autoblog Plugin To Wordpress - Add Automatic Functions in our CMS - Only for VR26 Add automatic gps coordinates to mobile application - Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - Repost Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - Repost - open to bidding - Add Aweber code to existing landing page Add AWeber Email Form HTML - Add back link in Article-Wikipedia for "great"references Add back my sell terms box upon enabled or not - Add Background And 2 Small Changes add background and logo - add background image to one menu item on a WordPress site Add background image to one Wordpress page (not all pages) & center contact form - Add background music to flash file Add Background Music to My voice... - Add Backgrounds to some images add backlink to my website - Add bank API to our PHP script Add Banner - Add Banner on a wordpress website Add banner on Magento Category page - Add banner to Wordpress RSS feed add banner to wp page - Add banners to my app add banners to my website - add barcode scanner support to an excel file add barcode scanner to BlackBerry 10 phonegap app - Add Basic Functionality to Multi-Page HTML Form Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it - Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum Add BBCode Text format to Drupal 7 - Add bible version api Add Biblical scriptures to the second edition of the ebook - Add Birthday to customer registration in Shopify Add bitcoin an option to pay via bitcoin in Wix website - add Bitcoin to zencart urgent Add bitcoins deposit and auto / manual withdraw to my bitcoin website - Add block on top of Magento Theme Add block to application $500 ( 5 days ) - Add blog feature to existing property listing custom PHP script, plus minor fixes. Add blog feature to my site - add blog page Add Blog page for website - Add blog to Dot Net Nuke 4 website Add blog to Drupal site - Add Blog to my site add blog to my site - Add Blog to Website and improve SEO Add Blog to WordPress Website following the Documentation Attached - Add Bluetooth functionality to a solar display
Add bluetooth keyboard input to existing IOS app - Add bonus payment feature to affiliate site Add bonuses, achievements, levels to the open-source WordPress plugin "Post Pay Counter" - add bookmark functionality and ipad view to iOS app Add Bookmark in Homescreen Android or iOs "Automatically" - Add border to 24 images 80x44 Add Border to Existing Logo - Add Breadcrumb in Angularjs opensource template Add breadcrumb menus - Add BuddyPress features to a Website Add Buddypress inside in Our Wordpress Theme - Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet Add business card functionality using woocomerce - Add Businesses To Local Directory Add businesses to new directory - add button in cakephp website add button in flash menu - Add button to control box Add Button to existing magento website - Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos Add buttons for print reports and customer informations in Virtuemart - Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - repost Add Buy form to existing shopping cart - Add caching to an existing Android app Add caching to Google maps shortcode plugin - Add calendar to existing Access database ADD CALENDAR TO MY PHP SITE - Add Callback parameter to C function add callback script on new callback boxe on header - Add Capabilities to Oscommerce Lingerie site Add capcha on the contact us form page - add captcha and update compenents Add captcha and W3C Compliant Validation - Add CAPTCHA image verification to SSL Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms - Add Captcha to a web form ADD captcha to a wordpress form - Add CAPTCHA to current contact form Add captcha to custom contact form - Add captcha to form on Wordpress site add captcha to form template - Add captcha to landing pages Add captcha to matukio component Joomla - Add Captcha to simple contest site Add captcha to static forms in magento, subject, reply to email, - Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page -- 2 - Add car data into my website now.. Add car data into my website now.. -- 2 - Add cart and option image on product tabs Add Cart and Quick Setup - Add Categories and Posts to Wp Robot Blog Add Categories and Products Details - Add categories to my WP page Add Categories to Our Website Navigation - Add Category Select to Portfolio Add Category Selectbox To STO Extension - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin -- 2 Add ccbill payment gateway to - Add Changes on Oscommerce web add changes on wordpress template - Add Chapter to an Ebook Add Chapter to an Ebook - 5-10 pages only - Add Chartboost Ads to App - open to bidding add chartboost and admob sdk - Add Chat Live & Google Address Locator add chat messaging like in freelancer site to my website - Add Chatting, Social share functions to my app Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - Add checkbox to Joomla Search form Add checkbox to web signup form and email confirmation - Add cheetah print, vectorized the design and clean it up add chicken picture in an advertisement - Add Chrome Default Search C++ Add chrome key directshow filter to existing working project - Add City categories to ads website Add City Names to Approx 200 Header.JPG image files - Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) - second project Add Classified Ads program features to existing web site - Add Click Tags to an Edge Animate project add click through to existing banners - Add clicking on a website Add clicking on a website - Add client section to wordpress site Add client server function - Add Cloud Services to CloudList. Add Cloud Storage to an Android App - Add CMS page on product page Prestashop 1.6 Add CMS to a Web Application - add code AdSense to all pages for my website Add code and CNANE on Windows server - Add Code To .htaccess to block bad bots Add Code to 6 pages in Wordpress - Add code to JavaScript webapp, cloud database Add code to Jekyll Website using "Liquid" - Add code to rss feed in Wordpress for social buttons plus more Add code to send email copy for specific userid - Add Codecanyon CSS templates (menus, navigation, visual effects, etc.)to HTML5 websites add codes and cache mechanism - Add Collection in Shop Facility to webside add collection/delivery time to website - Add Color Scheme to Site Add color selection feature - Add Color to photo Add color to top navigation menu, change font on the site - Add colour option on Registry page Add colour options on wordpress - woocomerce - Add column to magento report add column to oscommerce site - Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators -- 2 Add Command functionality to existing ffmpeg library! - Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 site Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 website - Add comments section to lyrics site Add comments section to my existing htlm5 adult website - Add Community News, Change design, add content pages. Add Comodo Trust Logo to WooCommerce's Cart and Checkout pages - Add Company to Wikipedia Add Company User Control - Add compression and encryption to this script Add compusory fields to a wordpress contact form - Add configurable products into magento store - repost Add configurable products into magento store - repost - Add Contact Form and Paypal Integration add contact form in prestashop site. and modify couple fields - Add Contact form to Wordpress revolution slider Add contact in a cross section map - Add Contact Us and Request a Quote in Website PHP Add contact us button to index page-site based on yii framework - Add content & Images into site Add Content & Optimize My Website - Add content and develop Add Content and Edit Images - Add content and style buttons on Add content and update existing plumbing website - add content from my brochure to my website Add Content from old site to new WordPress Site - Add content items into a CMS Add Content Links to 4 Sites - Add Content Slider/Rotater to HTML Website Add content to & finish our medical BLOG website - Add content to a website. add content to a wordpress homepage - Add Content to a WordPress Site