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Add content to existing site templates - Add content to HTML page Add Content To HTML Pages NOW - Add content to Joomla website Add content to joomla website - plus light design work - add content to my web Add content to my website - add content to pages Add content to pages - Add content to the custom shopping cart - repost Add content to the custom shopping cart - repost 2 - Add content to website Add content to website - Add Content to WordPress Site Add Content to Wordpress Site - Add content to Wordpress Themes Add Content to wordpress website - Add content, videos, and images to Joomla site - repost Add content/articles to site - Add contents to Facebook Applications without programming Add contents to handi dom website - add contribution oscommerce admin Add contribution OScommerce now - Add Conversion Points to Existing Template Add Conversion tracker script to existing website - add cookie to javascript popup add cookie to javascript popup - Add copun system to OScommerce site ADD COPY for adult site - Add CORS to a dedicated virtual server on MediaTemple Add cost in oscommerce-based shopping cart when option field is true. - Add countries in HTML for drop down menu, Add Countries to Joomla backend - Add coupon code to Magento Checkout (Vigento Commerce) Add Coupon Code to osCommerce (GMI) - Add Course/FAQ/Links PHP module to site Add Courses Module to a Rails System - Add Creative Flair to the writing of my eBook Add creative work and products to my marketplace platform - Add credit card module and welcome message to Zen-cart web site Add Credit Card Payement directly on the website using 2checkout - Add credits to account : Paypal(button) purchase - PHP/MySQL Add credits to account after Paypal(button) purchase - PHP - Add cross-domain tracking Add CRUD operations to Existing MVC Project - Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress 2 Add CSS design to my Stripe payment system - Add CSS to existing Ruby on Rails app using bootstrap. Add CSS to existing Website - add css3 mouse over animation in a html file add csv and design - Add CTRL C key for multiple selection to drop down menu Add CubePoints after membership product is purchased. - Add currency, language, category, cms links block in Prestashop Add current script to new script - Add custom class via metabox Add Custom CMS to Online Repository - Add Custom Design Elements and Fine Tune a Wordpress Website Add Custom Design Function To eCommerce/OpenCart Site - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 2 Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 3 - Add Custom Field to Joomla RS Events Pro Component Add Custom field to Mantis Bug Tracker - Add Custom Fields and Custom Post Template to existing site Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice - Add custom fields to our google calendar Add custom fields to prestashop contact form - Add Custom Function to Website - Project for Dr.Tech add custom functionality to IPS Forum - Add Custom header to wordpress blog Add Custom HTML/Javascript field to Expression Engine CMS - Add custom made Facebook feed to existing Facebook app Add custom menu features to wordpress website using css - Add custom page to Word Press Add custom pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) - Add Custom Print Button to Netsuite Sales Order Add custom Product Price Formula in opencart - Add Custom Submit Form at Wordpress blog Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app - add custom user filed in sugar crm add custom user fileds in sugarcrm - Add Customer Picture Gallery Page for Woocommerce Site Add Customer Reference field to Payment Gateway - Add Customized Coupon system(WordPress) add customized dating site features to existing website - Add Czech Localization to existing app Add D3.js relationship diagram to Rails 4 project - Add data for .001 per listings -- 5 Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 - Add Data Input & Import function Add Data Input & Import function(repost) - Add data into our website from Reference website Add data into our website from Reference website - Repost - Add Data to Confirmation URL Add Data To CRM - Add data to polish auctions online add data to shopping cart - Add Database - Modify existing Site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] Add database and funtionality to Typo3 website - Add DataBase to iPhone barcode reader Add database to page - Add Date Gmail Subject Add date model to existing Ruby project - Add DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to PHP system using Pear Add dbase and uploads to video search site - Add delay to BigCommerce Website Menu Add delay to Java onmouseover effect - Add depth to logo Add Description and Edit Name in Joomla site- Data Entry - Add design add design - Add Design option pages with image uplaoder Add design to HTML game - Add design to Wordpress - realty_assoc Add design to wordpress site - Add details / Update current website with new pages + information Add details and photo to ID template - Add different API's and game mechanics to website Add different API's and game mechanics to website (BACK-END) - Add Digital Products to my Online Store Add Digital Products to my Online Store -- 2 - Add Disc Images to my website Add disclaimer to a wordpress site - Add Discount/Coupon Function for Orders Add discounted price in Virtuemart module - Add django token authentication to my API Add DKIM on swiftmailer - Add Domain in DirectAdmin Add domain name in blocked list from context menu - Add Double Elimination to Tournament Site Add double opt in to existing php script - Add DPI Awareness to Application Add Drag & Drop functionality (CSS/JQuery) to existing script - Add drop down items to menu Add drop down link to html menu - Add drop down menu to Moodle theme Add drop down menu to OSCommerce site - Add Drop-down Lists to Word Document Add Drop-down Menu - Add dropdown menu using pure CSS to Wordpress site Add dropdown menus to a joomla website - Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting Add Dummy Content to 9 Pages in Wordpress Theme. - Add dynamic filtering to admin side of Joomla Component
Add Dynamic Flash Combobox to Music Upload form (PHP/MySQL) - Add dynamic re-marketing code to our bigcommerce site Add dynamic sidebar to custom Wordpress page template - Add e-commerce shopping site to company website(repost) Add e-commerce to existing static html based website - Add EAN field to inventory in OpenERP Add easy admin to existing website - Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application(repost) - Add ecommerce functionality to wordpress site. Add eCommerce functions to website and create an app - Add ECommerce to Site Add ecommerce to site - Add edit profile to front end of Car Dealer Script Add edit-in-place AJAX to website baker CMS - Add egold and alertpay to randomizer script Add Elance Model a Blog - Add Elements to Existing Wordpress Form add elements to html - Add Email Attachements to Forms Page Add Email Auto-responder - Add email functionality to a Coldfusion website Add Email Image Signatures - Add Email Opt-in to Landing Page Add email option to website - Add email to company web site Add email to PDF form - Add emails to Feedburner Add Emails to My Autoresponder - Add Employee Scheduler to my HR script. Add Employees to Business Module - PHP - Add Energy Prices Add English and Czech "language pack" to Magento store ("Mega Mall" theme) - Add Entries to Online Directory Add entries to tourism website - Add Estimated Shipping to OsCommerce Add Estimote iBeacon on App - Add event tracking to a PayPal "buy now" button Add event tracking to wordpress slider links - ADD EWAY PAYMENT MODULE AND OTHERS TO AN OSCOMMERCE ONLINE SHOP Add ex VAT & inc VAT prices to front end product pages on Shopify store & fix minor Subtotal glitch in basket - Add exhisting hotmail contact importer script to site Add exisiting code to our website - Add existing products into other sub-categories add existing right sidebar widget to pages - Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file - Add extension mcrypt in plesk pannel Add extension number to voice mail messages in voice - Add External XSLT Stylesheets to our Google Mini Add extra features on the Medi App - Add extra features add extra features in existing java software. - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add extra functionallity to a wordpress site Add extra functions to an EA that manages the trade - Add extra pages to WP site (Gen) Add extra parameters in e-mail confirmation when product available Magento - add ez populate to zen cart store ADD F A C E B O O K L I K E - Add Facebook and google option Add Facebook and Instagram Upload facility - add facebook api to my site Add Facebook App (Already built) to a 2 pages. - Add Facebook Comments to my Wordpress Website Add facebook comments to wordpress website - Add Facebook Fans (Poland) Add Facebook Fans to a selected Page - Add Facebook friends to my account Add Facebook Friends to My Facebook Group - Add Facebook Groups in Bulk Add Facebook Icon & Link to Website - Add facebook like box to joomla 2 page Add Facebook like box to my wordpress site - Add facebook like-option to html-form Add Facebook Like/Tweet button to Nextgen Gallery or similar - Add Facebook Login & javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site Add Facebook Login & javascript to Multicart 2.4 ecom site - Add Facebook Login to my Chinese website Add Facebook login to my iOS Pirates game. - Add facebook page like button into my Android and IOS apps Add Facebook Photo Likes! I Want To Win This Contest! - Add Facebook SDK to iOS/Android App Add Facebook SDK to Project and activate measuring installs - add facebook vote Add facebook votes to page :) ! - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site!! Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site!!! - Add fancybox callback to quicksand.js Add FancyBox functionality - Debug jQuery issue. - add fans to facebook page Add Fans to Facebook Page(repost) - add fatures to url redirection checker and proxy solutions Add Favicon - Add FB link, fix meta tag descritpion, add ROBOT files for SEO Add FB login to our phonegap app - Add featue products listing to homepage WP! Needs to be easily updatable! Add featuers to a website ( - Add feature for my Laravel wesite Add feature for PHP-based live chat system - Add feature on formbuilder Add feature on formbuilder - Add Feature to a phpBB3 MOD - phpBB Tracker Add feature to a python code - Add feature to available app Add feature to C++/Perl admin program - Add feature to existing IOS app Add feature to existing IOS app - open to bidding - Add feature to javascript based photo gallery Add feature to javascript code pretty-printer - Add Feature To My Mailing List Script! add feature to my php script - Add feature to php script to deliver serials Add feature to php site - add feature to startftp and make it working(repost) Add feature to streaming flash player - Add feature to wordpress theme Add feature to WordPress theme - Add featured job banner image upload field. Add Featured Jobs to Pastor's Positions - Add features & improve the ecommerce website Add Features & Maintain Android App - Add Features and Customize Buddypress Wordpress theme Add Features and Customize my WP Based Price Comparision Site - Add features and recode parts of a Delphi app Add features and revamp software - add features in an existing mobile app Add features in chatt php - Add features iOS photo/video mobile app add features joomla component - add features to a codeigniter app Add features to a Cordova App - add features to a laravel application Add features to a library - Add features to a project add features to a prototype android app - Add features to a website add features to a website #2 _ jam87 - add features to ajax chat room(repost) add features to ajax chat room(repost)(repost) - Add features to an Android application