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add hsbc e-secure to osCommerce - Add HTML content to website Add HTML drop down of States for list of sellers - add html pages Add html pages to my opencart site - Add HTML to a Shopify template add html to amazon description - add html5 video and feature boxes to slider Add HTML5 Video to Background of Custom Wordpress Theme 2 - Add Hyper Links to Flash file add hyper links to my website - Add hypertext to 4 playlists Add I accept check box and terms of condition text area to html overlay - Add IAP and some tweaks to an existing iOS app Add IAP to iOS game - Add Icon to PhoneGap Project and Send APK Add Icon & Plug In | Wordpress - add icon to shopify theme Add icon to site - spanish speakers - add icons to my site, easy!(repost) add icons to theme via workaround or inserting into font - Add if else statement in a pinterest clone script Add if function to show old price - Prestashop Product List. - Add Image and link to Magento Store Add image and link wot Wordpress site - add image editing tools to wordpress add image field in customer group prestashop - add image on image product same size add image on pop up - Add image to menu Add image to my WP website. - Add image to wordpress blog pages add image to wordpress home page - Add images & text to a WordPress website Add images , and create new pages inn wordpress - Add images and text to existing templates Add images and videos to wordpress articles - add images into my website into the correct listings -- 4 add images into my website into the correct listings -- 5 - Add images to asp site add images to banner - Add images to MS Access form Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop - Add images to tiltviewer .swf file Add images to web pages - Add Images with a short description add images, inventory and product descriptions manually using script to online store - Add in webview app source Add IN - Autocad Library - Add in app payment to an iPhone/Android application add in app purchase function within exiting android app. - Add in display full screen ads Add in extra feature content (Shopify) - Add in job board for wordpress site Add in JQuery Gallery w/ Thumbnails to my HTML/CSS web page - Add in theme or make a plugin for Transfer Add in to create some udf in excel - Add In-App Purchase Options onto A Developed Emoji App Add In-App purchase to a existing Android Webapp - Add In-App Purchases to PhoneGap App Build Add in-app purchases to Unity game for Android and IOS - Add inc. vat after price Add Incl. of tax as per attachments in magento website - Add indicator and trade logic to existing EA v2 Add indicator filter to EA - Add infinite scroll to existing WordPress categorypost-widget Add infinite scroll to my homepage tabs - Add info from text document to html document. Add Info on Excel Sheet - Add Information from 220 Business Cards to Google Address Book Add information from 58 business card to Google Address book - ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA - Add Inserts to Samples Template Add Inset Border to clickable thumbnails - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add interactive booking system to our website Add Interactive DIV layers on a Dynamic Flash website - Add Internal And External Links On My Mattress Website add internal email client to pc repair tracker app - Add Intersitial ad to app Add intersitial ads to my app - Add Inventory column to Products Ordered Report In Magento Add inventory from 3 motorcycle sites and input into 1 site. Pics, categories and descriptions. - Add invoice and quotation options to registered account profiles Add invoice choice to cart checkout - Add iOS7 MFi game controller support to simple game Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app - Add IP to dedicated server in OVH -- 2 Add IP's purchased from OVH into our WHM and Cpanel - Read Description before bidding - add Iphone In app purchase IAP to my dating APP. Add Iphone version of existing app - Add irc commands Add ISO Custom keyboard Suggestion Bar - Add item to shopping cart Add Items from eCommerce Site to another eCommerce Site - Add Items to eBay (No Interface), eBay API Add items to ecommerce site - Add items to OSC Add items to OsCommerce from competitor's site - Add items to WP site Add items to zencart website from pdf file. Including photos, description and other data. - add java certificate Add Java Expanable Menu - Add javascript code to my Prestashop all web pages Add javascript countdown to my page - Add javascript navigation bar to page Add JavaScript Play/Stop to our simple Flash player - Add JavaScript to Person Approval Page (191536) Add javascript to signup form - Add job companies, new logo, new background and SEO Add job data to my website - Add jomsocial toolbar to other pages. add joomla 2.5 " todo list " into this website - Add Joomla template 2 joomla Add Joomla web content - Add JQuery and CSS to an existing SPRING MVC 3.x project. Add JQuery Carasouel to my site - Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website Add jQuery Lightbox to ASP.NET MVC project - Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page Add JQuery Slider control in PHP - Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $ bonus) Add JQuery UI to calendar (with $$ bonus) - add js local storage to website Add JS plugin and convert to Jade for 2 webpage - Add jwplayer flash player to my website A.S.A.P -- 2 Add jwplayer flash player to my website in Cpanel - Add keywords and hyperlink to some articles Add keywords and hyperlink to some articles (It is a full time job and you need to be free for all day) - Add kit process section Add kml layer to leaflet map - Add landing page and customize menu add landing pages to website - Add Language Plugin to Wordpress Website Add language support to summernote editor using google input tools - Add Languages To News Website Add languages to os commerce site - add latest property list on the home page content Add latin characters/glyphs to an existing font - add layer/overlay marker on google maps Add layers to PSD template in Adobe Photoshop. - Add Leaderboard API to Flash Game Add leaderboard functionality to wordpress site - Add lettering to existing logo Add Lettering to the Previous Badges you made for me. - add light box for video in wordpress
Add Light box Pop Up "Opti-in" form to WordPress Site - Add lightbox plugin to my current portfolio site Add lightbox pop up functionality to my wordpress site - Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) Add liJQuery Slider to front page and 5 images - Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Add Likes to our page - Add link 200x to del.icio.ous from different accounts Add link and pop-up window - Add Link to Button Add link to Events page and other minor thing - Add link to SWF Add link to text in existing pdf (Python) - Add linkedin informaiton to spreadsheet Add LinkedIn link to Villa Punta Coral website using OpenGraph - Add Links on Site Add links page to my website - Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost) Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost)(repost)(repost)(repost) - Add links to pages Add links to PDF - Add links to word press and shopping cart Add links to wordpress-template - Add listing import and mobile app API (PHP) Add listing to multiple categories! - Add listings to directory Add listings to Etsy Shop. - Add Little modification (Gif Maker) To my script Add Little modification (Gif Maker) To my script - open to bidding - Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode -- 2 - Add LiveBackup to servers Add LiveBackup to servers(repost) - Add local and social authentication to a Django web API. Add Local Businesses to new Directory - add location list as like category in my opencart Add location list on classifed web site - Add logging code Add logging to existing code - Add logic to scraping script Add logic to scraping script -- 2 - Add Login Form Add Login Form to Module position. - add login to actionscript Add login to Admin panel & Make to work an existing search/visualization - Add login with Facebook and Twitter Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website - Add Logo and Banner in My Magento Website Add Logo and content to a purchased template - Add logo in header Add logo in Video Player - Add logo to eight product images Add logo to existing video - Add logo to JPEG image add logo to jw player - Add logo to spinning record Add logo to stock image photos - Add logo tye to Vault logo Add logo watermarks and some dynamic text to images for website - Add Long Shadows inside this logo Add Long/Lat Option in admin for when Google cannot find street address - Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. -- 2 - add magento products Add Magento products to google shopping - Add MailBeez Autoresponder to existing osCommerce site Add Mailchimp API into HTML Page (Single Opt in) - Add mailchimp subscription on sign up (Custom PHP) Add mailer script - Add Manually Products into Magento Add manufacture information to order email - Add map to Joomla Site Add map to Joomla Site - laufende Arbeit - Add marketing attractive images to a blog Add Marketing strategy to my paper - Add massive data Add massive data -- 2 - Add mb.YTPlayer plugin to wordpress website Add MD5 Check to my php code - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me fast Scripts ADD ME GARYZ - Add me to a picture... add me to skype - Add member login function to bookings website Add member profiles to dating site - Add members to site 1 Add members to site 2 - Add membership privilages to selected linkbuttons Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site - Add menu and pages to WordPress based website Add menu and search to wordpress theme - add menu items in wordpress add menu items in wordpress - repost - Add menus to existing project Add Menus to Outlook (VBA?) - Add meta descriptions and keywords to website pages Add Meta Descriptions to 26 website pages on - Add meta-data to Wordpress pages Add meta-tags & page titles to new JOOMLA website - Add metric units to CAD drawings Add metric units to CAD drawings (repost) - Add Minimum Order to OSCommerce site Add minor feature for existing web application - Add Missing Glyphs(Characters) to My Fonts Add missing icons - Add Mobile CSS to site to create responsive design Add Mobile CSS to site to create responsive design -- 2 - add mobile navigation function to existing sites Add mobile notifications to webapp (Android & iOS) - Add mobile to existing site. Add Mobile version to website - Add modbus function 17 to code for previous project Add Model Numbers Before Product Descriptions. - Add modified file to website and make signup offer fill Add modify and delete record in xml file with php - Add module to Add Module to Existing C# Project - Add modules for T-shirt sizes add modules on joomla - Add modules, correct bug with IE, and maybe more? add modules/extension to a opencart Template - Add MooPrompt javascript to my page Add Mopub full banner ad in my app - Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database II Add more checkboxes to Search Box - Add more details to article already written about iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus **ARTICLE DUE IN 5 HOURS** Add more devices for a custom iphone add(device provisioning) - Add more features in Add more features in my admin panel, cakephp - Add more features to gamble site. ADD MORE FEATURES TO IMAGE SEARCH VB SCRIPT - Add more flash effects to existing slideshow Add More Fuctions to an existing Web Site - add more functions on wp-pro-quiz Add more functions to a VC++ dll - Add more languages to Wordpress website Add more languages to Wordpress website -- 2 - add more phys add more picture and content to my flash from templatemonster - Add more Tabs in Navigation Bar Add more textboxes to a functional ajax script - Add most popular banner to pricing table - wordpress Add mosule cass suffix joomla 2.5 template - Add mouseover title for smilies and images in FF on Forum Add Movable Lines SL & TP to EA for Directman - Add movie to website