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Add PayPal Icon to onlinestore - Add paypal payement on my magento website Add paypal payment in one of our website service - Add Paypal plugin to CakePHP order-forms and manually configure.. Add Paypal Point of Sale to Local Access Database - Add Paypal subscription/recurring payments for Wordpress Add paypal subscriptions to user panel and work with ebay and amazon API - Add Paypal to our e-commerce (387934) add paypal to our website - Add Paypal, Adsense and Subscribe Links to Our Word Press Blog Add Payroll module in one of the existing PHP based HRMS - Add PDF Feature add pdf file to static html page - Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines - open to bidding Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines - open to bidding - Add People on Twitter from Company Account Add people to a photograph - Add persistent checkboxes to HTML pages add persistent heap to freeplane mind mapper - Add Phone Number and E-Mail Address to the top menu bar of my website Add phone number and email to website header - Add phone number to website Add phone number to website header. - Add phone, email verification plugins and create payment milestone system add phonegap plugins to project - Add photo cms to Add photo editor in my ios app - add photo gallery,penpal,capture email and send newsletter Add Photo management system to - Add photo's to our website for an online gallery page Add Photon Multiplayer to Completed Unity3D Fighting Game for Android/iOS - Add Photos to an Existing Flash Site Photo Gallery Add photos to android game, spot differences like - Add php and css function in theme wordpress add php and database function to site - Add PHP code to existing Email contact script Add php code to Existing Theme (WORDPRESS) - Add PHP Function to UX Script Add PHP Functionality to my project - Add php script for comments and fix responsive on 3 web pages Add Php Script To Existing Website - Add PHP-Extension to Webspace Add PHP/CSS to HTML5 CANVAS Script - add pic gallery to open on click on simple html webpage Add picker fragment values to my project to my calendar project - Add picture profiles to website. Add Picture Rating and Games to Website - add pictures Add pictures and change some titles in my website - Add pictures to iPhone Quiz App . Add pictures to me blog - Add pictures/text/minor changes to website via ipage Add pie chart to the APS Pupil progress - add pintrest type look to my site Add pip padding to a couple of existing parameters. - Add playlist + some functions and bugs fixes to current site Add Playlist to current site + other php\css\js coding - add plug-ins to my zencart Add Plug-Ins to WordPress site. - Add plugins Add plugins and fix it some bugs. - Add point of sales features to my CakePHP portal Add Point system for Joomla EasyDiscuss - add pooshwoosh to my iphone&android Add pop out image gallery to site !urgent! - Add Pop-Up CheckBox that Opens URL to Search Box Add pop-up for Sign in Vtiger 6.1 - Add popup plugin with Facebook Like button to my website (very simple!) add popup to 2 pages on my site TODAY - Add Portfolio/Profile section in our site Add PoS CryptoCurrency support to existing online wallet - Add Post Expert Needed Add post filter button to backend plugin post list overview (filter post on custom fields) - Add postcode lookup using add poster - add poster wanted Add posters wanted (mainly from Asian countries, Asia) - Add posting Add posting - Add Posting Add posting - add posting and part time jobs add posting at craigslist - Add posting on Criaglist & backpage Add posting on Criaglist & backpage - repost - Add posting work for experience add poster Add posting Worker - Add PowerPoint Slides to Lecture Video add PPC adnetwork like adsense to my website - Add prepurchased plugins to existing theme Add Prescription Glasses to Eyewear Frames Ecommerce Site - add price comparison from our website to psd flyer Add price comparison from products_opt1 field - Add pricing options into my store Add pricing options into my store -- 2 - add print functionality Add print functionallity to C# form - Add Printing Support to Safelog Add printing support to Xcode project - Add product Add product # from csv to matching cvs product in 2nd csv file - Add product attributes, variables pricing etc of 299 products (manual work) add product by csv or manually - add product for paypal purchase on two pages add product for paypal purchase, on two pages - Add product images, name and description to ecommerce shopping database Add product in magento - Add product My site - Repost Add Product Name to contact form 7 - Woocommerce - Add Product Page For the OPENCART Add Product Page to CMS website - add product to a magento site , from a trade web site add product to a magento site , from a trade web site -- 2 - Add product to my Cart Add product to my ecommerce website - Add Product to online store from Suppliers Store Add Product to online store from Suppliers Store - Add Product to Website Cart - Auto Related(repost) Add product to website from spreadsheet - Add productos to woocommerce Add Products - Add Products - ZenCart Shopping Website - Part 5 Add Products - ZenCart Shopping Website - Part 6 - add products and organize my online store Add products and pictures MANUAL to prestashop store - must be a girl - Add products from 2 websites to Amazon and Ebay Stores Add products from a shop to an affiliate website - Add Products from our website into eBay / - repost Add products from Prestashop to Google Shopping/Merchant Center - Add products in Magento Add products in magento - add products in shopping cart website Add Products in shopping chart - add products into my woo commerce Add Products into prestashop product and Category - add products on my wordpress website. Add products on prestashop site! - add products to my store Add Products to my store. - Add Products to a Website Add products to a website - Add products to Amazon - 50 at a time Add products to Amazon - 50 at a time - Add products to Amazon Store - open to bidding Add products to amazon store and website - Add Products to Bigcommerce store Add products to bundle on Opencart website - Add Products to Ecommerce Store - Repost Add Products to Ecommerce Store - Repost - Add products to facebook marketplace
Add Products to from one website to another. - Add products to Magento Add products to magento - Add products to magento relevant category facebook advertising Add products to Magento shop - add products to magento store Add products to Magento store + config - Add Products To My Ecommerce Site From Amazon Add products to my eCommerce store - Add products to my prestashop webstore Add Products to my Shopify Store - add products to my store(repost) Add products to my virtuemart webshop! - add products to my website - already done Add products to my website onMagento - Add Products to online catalogue Add products to online shop - Add Products to Online Store (Miva Merchant) Add Products to Online Store - Repost - Add Products to OpenCart - Can't Be Done Via Spreadsheet 4500 Products With Options Add products to opencart -- 2 - Add Products to Oscommerce Ecommerce Website Add products to oscommerce shop - Add Products to osCommerce Website - 2 Add Products to osCommerce Website - Dec - add products to our oscommerce shopping cart Add Products to our Site - Add products to Prestashop website Add products to Prestashop Webstore - Add Products to Shopping Cart - ongoing work Add products to shopping cart - pads - Add products to Virtuemart cart Add products to virtuemart joomla - Add Products to Website Add Products to Website - Add Products to Website CSV load spreadsheet Add products to website using excel - Add Products to WooCommerce Catalogs Add products to Woocommerce on Wordpress Website - Add products to woocommerce-Fast Internet Connection Required Add products to woocommerce-Fast Internet Connection Required - Add products to Zen Store Add products too amazon please know amazon inside and out - Add professional status with address and verify emails add professional voice to a video tutorial - Add profiles to online dating website Add profiles to Skadate site - Add progress bar, multiple files and multiple email addresses to file sending script Add Progress Style File Uploader on Codeigniter site - add Promo Code section for online orders page for webphox Add Promo Code to Paypal pro Integration - Add Property offer Add property upload functionality to existing online letting agent website. - Add proxy support to an existing project (MSN BOT in C++/dotMSN ) Add Proxy Support to Perl Net::Twitter module - add purchase price in 3 type of products in all currencies make profit and fetch on dashboard add purchase price in all currencies 3 type of products make profits page and fetch profits on dashboard - add push notification SDK to Android app add push notification service to iOS app - add push notifications & Optimize To iOS 7 Add Push Notifications (source code in Android Studio) - add pushnotifications and fix some little image issues on an app Add pushwoosh in iOS app - add quality content to my website videos!! -- 3 add quality content to my website videos!! -- 4 - Add quantity processing / XML to my CFM code - for marr Add Quantity Tier Pricing To My Admin and Website - Add questions to PSD - Fangirl Add questions to PSD - Movies - Add Quiz Questions to a Moodle Page Add Quiz Questions to a Moodle Page - ongoing work - Add RADIUS authentications to metric add raffles tickets to my website - Add Range Bars and TWEAK existing EA Add Ranking Feature for Affiliate Script - add rating and review system to my wordpress website -- 2 Add rating function on website - Add real estate calculator to a website add real estate database application to webiste - Add Real Time Social Media Stats Add REAL Twitter followers, long term work - Add ReCaptcha + Admin Panel Password, to my form Add recaptcha code to 2 forms - Add reCaptcha to WebForm Submit Page Add reCAPTCHA to Website Form (BigCommerce) - add record stream feature in shoutcast app Add record to Access Database via ASP.NET - add redtube to jomsocial Add Reference - Add refferals automatically to links posted in PHPbb3 forum. Add refinements and fix bugs to a Java application - Add Registration and Login to Website Add Registration and Login to Website Template - Add Registration Question that will be Searchable in Dating Service(repost) Add Registration Question that will be Searchable in Dating Service(repost)(repost) - Add Remove Ads IAP to some small games Add remove functionality for JSON - Add Reporting to .NET App Add reports and grid to website - Add reset button for EG and fix quick-view plugin Add Reset functionality to firmware/control board - Add Responsive Design & referral Add Responsive Design to an existing website - Add Responsive Slider in HTML Add Responsive Slider on Menu Page - Add restart button to Flash game... Add restaurant and menu on an online food delivery website - Add restricted access = change settings Add restricted access setting to website login - Add Revenue Spilt Add Revenue Spilt To Dashboard - Add revmob to eclipse Add RevMOB to existing app - Add Rich Snippets to Website Add rich snippets/structured data - Add ROI drawing capabilities to an OMERO server Add Role Base Access Control in a PHP/MySql system - Add rotating banner widget to top of Wordpress theme Add rotating banner with 2 images on side to wordpress site - Add Royal Slider and a few other minor changes to Volusion Store Add Royal Slider to Home Page, Add SSL to blogspot, Add Href to social media icons - Add RSS feed to existing site Add RSS Feed to Facebook Page Wall - Add RSS feeds to my Website Add RSS feeds to PHPBB3 forum topics - Add RTL compatability to rocketthemes Affinity joomla templa Add RTL Format - Add russian translation into Magento ( not google Translation ) Add Russian translation to Joomla website - Add sample (none working) Profile, Statistics Page and Search Locations page to html mockup Add Sample Python Code to Google App Engine Project - Add scale control to OpenLayers Add scaling to current system - Add Scoreboard to the Java Android Game Add scoring system to two iOS applications - add script 12 add script 2 - add script features to my current script to post search queries to my facebook fan page. Add script for CHAT to magento - Add script to my site about CHROME APP add script to my website - Add Scripts to start in Linux on Boot. add scroll buttons on special area of homepage - Add Scrollup function to pagination on Visual composer Post Grid addon Add scrub bar | Actionscript 2 - Add search and edit function to simple VB application Add search and favourite functionality to an existing android code - Add Search bar throughout site, map in location, Testimonial/Comment area. Plus SEO and marketing