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Add Scheduled Invoices to GnuCash - Add scraper to capture ads from the list of web sites (static/dynamic ads) Add Scrapped data in Excel Document - add script 6 add script 7 - add script for tpl product and add hidden field Add Script Into WordPress Header / Add HTML into Single Page - Add script to the website for ios/android Add script to web template - Add scroll effect to Landing Page & some categories - repost Add scroll for subcategories.. - Add SDK file Add SDK file - open to bidding - add search and find in groups add search and fix product template - add search box on website Add search box on wordpress post page - Add Search Engine & Reference # Add Search Engine + 3 filters in my MVC3 Website - Add Search Form Feature(repost) add search form to custom table - Add search option in exciting PHP website Add search option to metaboxes for linked content in wordpress - Add Searchable Custom Field To Wordpress -- 2 Add searchable directories to Wordpress site. - Add second language to Joomla Site (MCP) Add second language to new admin-module (modified oscommerce) - Add Section To Manage Shopping Engine Data Feeds – PHP (osCommerce)!! Add section to my wordpress site, xml up and download - Add securepay plugin to current website. Add security and accounting functions to Fusion Invoice - Add Security to an Existing JAXWS web service. -- 2 add security to cakephp website. - Add SELECT TAG to function with "Dynamic INPUT fields to auto submit all to mysql" jQuery add selection box on each row of html table - Add send "friend request" button in existing Rails application Add send and save to an app android - Add SEO tags for Title, H1, URL, keywords, meta to my custom old website Add SEO Title to my website posts - Add Session Cookies to Login PHP Add session event handler to flash - Add shadow effect to an image similar to attached logo add shadow in image - add SHARE capabilities or BOOKMARKS for a joomla site add share feature - Add Shipment calculator to my site Add shipment fee module by province with various tax% and fix CSVI Pro plugin - Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 Add shipping information and integrate shipping API with US post and Canada Post - Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) Add Shooping cart & admin area - Add Shopping Cart Add Shopping Cart - Add Shopping cart and FB/Twitter badge to wordpress website Add Shopping Cart and Information Pages - Add Shopping Cart Plugin to wordpress site Add shopping cart plus payment options to a html/css theme - Add Shopping cart to my website Add shopping cart to my website - add shoppingcart paypal will pay 30$ Add short CSS to WP Plugin - Add Sidebar to product listing pages WP Add Sidebar To WordPress Category Template - Add sign up and login to joomla 1.5 based website Add sign up and social bar to homepage (Wordpress) - Add Signature To My iOS App Add Signature to PDF - add silent print into a cocoa JS API Add Silver Star Yachting in Wikipedia - Correct + energizing text on SSY website - Add simple coin store feature in ios app Add simple contact form (with captcha) in HTML page - Add simple feature to Opencart add simple feature to PHP script - Add simple geocoding service to existing google map Add Simple Graphics to THREE Landing Pages.. :0) - Add simple page to existing website and make minor changes Add simple page to vBulletin forum web site - add simple security to page add simple shopping cart to website - Add Simple Viewer To My Website Add simple views to existing iphone app - Add Site Categories Add site coded - Add site to Add site to trusted sites - add sites to magic submitter! asap add sites to my project - Add Sizes and Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - repost 2 Add sizes for 180-250 articles from Excell to WordPress admin (Woocommerce) - Add skrill to my account Add API to purchase credits to my site - Add slide out menu items to flash menu Add slide show plug in to my website - add slider to a site Add slider to Apparel Website - Add slides to a slider - only for antondilshan Add slides to Revolution Slider - add sliding function in plugin add sliding function into plugin - add small edit to site Add Small Effect to our Video Player - Add small features to Prestashop with new module Add small features to the existing web application - Add small section to existing Custom PHP Website Add small things on my business card - add SMS api for checkout page Add SMS Delay Functionality to my project - Add SMS/email feature : POS Offline Verifone Sdk Add SMS/Text/Email alert to MT4 indicator - Add snow to a forest photo Add snow to a forest photo - Add social icons and tweak wordpress menu add social icons on hover of post images - Add social login to newspaper theme Add Social Media - Add social media buttons to my website Add social media buttons to my website :-) - add social media icons to footer Add social media icons to joomla menu - Add Social Media Login to Mikrotik Portal Add Social Media Meta Data Fields to CMS Pages - Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog? - Add Social Newsfeed to Website, add navigation bar to website and FAQ page Add Social plugins on front page + make template responsive. - Add SOCKS4/5 Functionality to HTTP Class Add Soft Descriptor field in credit card transactions - Add some additional functionality (html, css, jquery) Add some additional functionality php/joomla/component - Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. - ongoing work - Add some changes to existing software written with c# Add some changes to existing software written with c# language - Add some code to existing site Add some code to existing VB6 project (IF....THEN Statement) - Add some content (free public restrooms) to my database Add some content and forms to my wordpress site - Add some content to WP site Add some content/video links to web site (Joomla) - Add some customisation to wp theme add some customization to my magento online store - Add some dunctions to flash Add some easy functions to my apps - add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter and writing a paragraph of engaging text - Add some feature to a website + DNS based email validation
Add some feature to a website + DNS | MX based email validation - Add some features in existing Wordpress Site Add some features in iPad app - add some features on Iphone game add some features on Iphone game - repost - Add some features to a website Add some features to a website - Add some features to an existing contact form 7 (WP) 1. Add some features to an existing dreamweaver built webpage - Add some features to existing POP Mail Script Add some features to existing Windows Desktop Application - Add some features to my iPhone App Add some features to my iPhone App -- 2 - Add some features to my YouTube API videos site Add some features to my Zoho Creator project - Add some features to the PHP File Add some features to the Resumes section of a job board - Add some fields in wordpress jobroller theme Add some fields to stripe - add some function in last script for charli18 Add some Function in Website Wordpress - Add some functionalities to a Product Vendor site Add some functionalities to my launchpage - Add some functionality to an existing OSCommerce template Add some functionality to an existing Web-based asset tracking application - Add some functionality to my site add some functionality to my website - add some functions to my BBcode Editor -1 Add some functions to my script - Add some glass/reflection effects add some graphic to a video - Add some information to current website which use HTML Add some information to Shopify App I had created - add some joomla articles with a gallery Add some jQuery - Add some listings into Drupal directory website for testing Add some little options to a Video Software - Add some Modules and Fix some Issues Add some modules in MVC project - Add some new features to a Php Matrimonial Script Add some new features to an existing iOS application - Add some option to my script Add some option to the streamer - Add some pages/tweak design for my wordpress website/theme Add some Parameters on Ctrader Robot Martingale - Add some pictures to joomla site add some pictures to the existing website - Add some products to my website from a different website Add Some Programming code to my current script - Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog Add some silder (jquery) in my webpage and convert PSD to HTML. - add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms Add some static text to top main body in Chamilo LMS course section. - Add some text and images over header image add some text in flash movie - Add some things to my site and remove some others Add some touches for Websites - add some vote - open to bidding add some web elements to various pages - Add something in my software Add something my project on online examination - Add something to the exsisting website (cms) NO WORDPRESS add something to the picture - Add sort feature to a C application Add Sort Feature to my website - add sound alert to mt4 default stochastic oscillator Add Sound and Enter Button to Flash Intro - Add Sound to a Swish Site Add sound to all buttons to existing universal iOS app - Add spaces between words in data set Add spam data base to webmail and email client - add special attribute Add special effects to images - Add specific slots + randomize right list DIVs in jQuery script (drag and drop) Add specifications for 20 mobiles - Add spider to existing Scrapy project add Spinner appears even after the video - Add spreadsheet info to Wordpress Site Add spreadsheet to Wordpress Website with row selection but no edit - Add SSL and logo to shopping cart page Add SSL capabilites to winsock to be able to download from https:// sites - Add SSL layer to existing OScommerce site Add SSL Logo to cart pages + button to toggle support chat on/off - Add SSL to part of Web Site - 20/04/2017 01:22 EDT Add SSL to part of Web Site -- 2 - Add Star Wars effects to a short 50 second home video Add starcraft support in CrosuS - ADD STATIC PAGE TO A DATING WEBSITE add static pages to static website - Add sting to video Add stock and inventory system to my wordpress website that updates automaticlally if i sell goods from my store - Add Storage to Virtualizor (KVM) Add storage volume to esxi hosted Turnkey File Server vm - Add storeview to magento Add Story (via DB) - Add stripe connect to symphony 2 website Add Stripe Custom Payments - Add stripe shopping cart to website - ongoing work Add Stripe to an existing woocommerce website - Add style to homepage of website Add style to website - Add Sub-Domain Script Add sub-manufacturer feature to joomshopping - Add Submenu functionality to xml menu Add Submenu to Existing WordPress Menu - Add subscribers to Mailchimp from a Google Sheet spreadsheet Add Subscribers to Mautic via Script - API - Add SubTab Menu into QuickBooks Add subtitle (srt file) to video (mp4 file) - Add subtitles to a 30 seconds video movie playing in FLV mode Add subtitles to a 60 second video - add subtitles to video, synchronize (already have subtitles) add subtle animation effects to banner - Add support for BitFlow R64 framegrabber board to MatLab Image Acquisition Toolbox Add support for credit card (redirect) + module few changes - Add support to S/MIME to SMTP client (C++) Add Surcharge and Tax Feature - .Net Website - Add swipe functionality to a Lytebox gallery Add swipe gesture and connect data from dictionary - Add Tab Counter Add TAB in My Simple App Fix INR 100-150 - Add table in div Add table into existing template - Add tables to a database Add tables to Access2000 database - Add Tabs to Template & Adjust Header Add Tabs to Website from Ebay RSS Feed - Add tags to 5000(approx) flickr photos. Add tags to a series of images - Add tax look up table to virtumart Add tax portion to (custom) e-commerce website - Add Technical Content to Web Site Add Technician Search by Postcode/Suburb functionality - add template to existing site Add Template to Job Portal Script - Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice in Magento add terms + privacy to email - add testimonials to the home page Add testpoints on PCB layout - Add Text and Images to Wordpress Site - Simple Job Add text and images to wordpress table - Add text area over Carousel in Bootstrap/AngularJS SPA - repost Add text banner to the attached pdf. - Add text HTTP status codes to C++ application Add Text in 40 product images - add text layout to application ( directx.capture)