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add security to member area with secure sessions - Add security to website... add security to wowza - Add sellers products categories on theyr shops, on a prestashop marketplace Add selling point adress in Google maps to opencart site - Add seo friendly urls to existing site Add SEO keywords on website CMS back-end - Add server selection to Java App Add Server Side Redirect To Existing PHP Script Setup - Add several fields to PHP contact manager application Add Several Images and Text to Bootstrap Based-Template Web Page - Easy Job - Add share Button to Unity Game Add Share Button to Website - Add shared SSL to Win - Plesk Add sharepoint to php website - add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart (repost) add shipping cost and tax to my shopping cart. - add shipping rule for drupal commerce Add Shipping Software to Cart - Add Shopify Widget Add Shopify Widget - ongoing work - Add Shopping Cart and CMS to site plus a few other things Add Shopping Cart and CMS to site plus a few things - Add shopping cart functionality to existing site Add shopping cart funtionalities to joomla site - Add shopping cart to add shopping cart to my HTML website - Add shopping cart to website, then interface it with Jondo API Add Shopping Cart too Brevent - add side bar to wp page and correct width issue Add side panel to Chromium - Add sidebars to website Add sidebox with my flash applet to my Zen Cart Store - Add Signature Capture LIbrary to Existing Android WebView App Add signature capture to existing phonegap app - Add signup form to HTML website Add Signup form to RuckSack rails application - Add simple availability calendar to HTMl site Add simple backend 2 - Add simple driving directions to existing google map Add simple drop down list to form - Add simple forum like functionality to existing PhoneGap/Cordova based application Add simple function to a script - Add simple menu and page CMS to php website use tinyMCE add Simple Menu in the page - Add simple PHP shopping cart to existing site + more Add Simple Posts To My Wordpress T.V. Episodes Site. - Add simple title text to a music video. NEED ASAP! Add Simple Trade Entry Condition with User Input to My Simple EA - Add single use gift code module to website Add Single Web page to Existing WordPress site - Add site to Directories Add site to dmoz - Add Sitemap Module to osCommerce Add Sitemap to SMF FORUM - ADD SIZE AND COLOUR ATTRIBUTE add size attribute to oscommerce shop - Add Skin On Video player Add Skin to Online Auction Script - Add Skype Credit 5$ ADD SKYPE: khan99271 - Add slider and make changes to responsive website Add slider and setup contact page - add slider to theme Add Slider to Wordpress - Add slideshow to my website Add slideshow to site - add small admin page Add small amount of Czech language translations to magento site - Add small feature to iOS app Add small feature to Joomla componetn - add small functions to as3 flash flip book Add small group test data to the TestDataBlaster - Add Smarty Pages & fields to Mysql Db Add Smarty to my exisiting php website - Add SMS module to Add SMS Module to Website - Add SMTP Mail Functionality and Fix Responsive Issues Add snapchat login and share to an iphone app - Add social buttons to website Add Social buttons to website pages - Add social login functionality to php site add social login to a website page - Add social media buttons into heading and adjust size of heading Add Social Media buttons on my WP Website - Add Social Media Icons and Get Rid of Gray Line on Wordpress Site Add Social Media Icons Links to Wordpress Header - Add social media icons to Wordpress website Add social media links to BigCommerce page - Add Social Media to Donation Page Add Social Media to OS Commerce Site - Add Social Networking Features and Wiki features on Existing wordpress theme add social networking pluin in my blog - Add Social Signup/Login to website add social stuff to a wordpress site - Add some functintionaly to 95% complete VB app Add Some Functionality To Word-press - add some angular with local hosting add some angular with local hosting -- 2 - add some buttons and animation to existing simple HTML5/javascript web page Add some buttons to my Wordpress site - Add some code to a Flash/Actionscript project add some code to an android app - add some coding in PHP (VERY SIMPLE) Add some coding to a chat site - add some content to HTML website Add some content to my website - Add some Custom HTML Code to a Joomla Site Add some custom jobs in my shopify website - Add some design to my blog Add some details in my research paper ( nutrition field) - Add some extra features to a wordpress plugin Add some extra features to an exsiting app - Add some feature on my social network add some feature to a script - Add some features current game using GameSalad Add some features for my iphone app - Add Some Features On Exe Appliaction Add some features on existing iOS app. - add some features to a user area Add some features to a website - Add some features to an existing Android App Add some features to an existing Android App - Add some features to existing POP Mail Script Add some features to existing Windows Desktop Application - add some features to my joomla website -- 2 add some features to my joomla website like facebook - Add some features to our VB.NET Desktop Application Add some features to our VB.NET software - Add some features to Wordpress Tablepress table Add some features to Wordpress theme - Add some flames to a logo Add some flash to website. Urgent - Add some function to My AndroidApp add some function to my php script - Add some functionality in php page Add some Functionality in POS system made in WPF, MVVM - Add some functionality to existing railsproject - ongoing work Add some functionality to existing site - Add some functions in a Html/Javascript Formular Add some functions in existing PHP script - Add some functions to wordpress Add some functions to wordpress plugin - add some icons in front end Add some icons of flags on a website for multi-language support - Add some items to portfolio of my website and minor modifications Add some javascipt functions to a html form. - Add Some Links about a Website
Add Some Links about a Website - repost - Add some modifications to existing PHP script. Add Some Modifications To Unity Project - Add some narration to my website commercial and J2K File Conversion Add some new details to a couple of characters - Add some nice features to website add some nice looking menus with icons and improve layout of site. - add some pages to a website Add some pages to my site - Add some photos to a RSfrom Pro layout Add some PHP - Add Some Products into Woocommerce Shop add some products to a joomla shopping cart and some minor html changes urgent - Add Some Scrolling Columns to Existing ASP/C# Page Add some search terms to access database - add some small features on a current sharp code Add some small features to my existing app - Add some sub-scripts to current script Add some subdomains NGNIX and Virtualmin - Add some text to given images Add some text to index page - Add some validation to a wordpress form with a pop up when a field is missed Add some VBA code - Add some WOW to our Website Add some XML code to my Shopping cart - Add something to my site add something to my tshirt design - Add Soomla in-app purchases Add sort and style list - Add sorting functionality to product listing page (cakePHP) Add Sound Alert to Custom Indicator - Add sound recorder function in flash swf movie Add sound recording to my existing IONIC app - Add sounds to flash application Add sounds to itadmin-c-l-group site - Add sparkle effect to image Add sparkle to the - Add Specials to Products Page oscMax. Add specific characteristics to my website - Add spellcheck to comment box Add SpellCheck tp TinyMCE or FCKedEditor or Similar - add Sponsors to kvWebME IssueTracker plugin Add Sponsorship Portion to Website - Add SSL / Https to a webshop add ssl and a live chat to an online store based on opencart - Add ssl in 2 domains in Centos server 7.2 with plesk controll panel & correct the permission in order the domains' users to upload files via File zila FTP client Add SSL in website - Add SSL to our website Add SSL to the project you wrote for us - ADD Startapp Ads Add StartApp Ads to an Android app - Add Stationary Top Bar To Drupal Website add statistics to a site - Add stock photo and page to CMS Add stock photos to site - Add Store Front to Local Shop Website Add store front to magento Store - Add Streaming Movie and TV links to my website Add streaming audio to my website - Add stripe library via composer Add stripe merchant to event ticket website - Add recurring billing API to my website Add Stripe.js To A 3 Page ASP C# Website - Add Styles to page Add styles to some pages - Add Sub-Products mod to Creloaded 6.2 Add sub-skill possibility in a clone GAF script - Add submenus to service and gallery menu of my joomla website Add submission fields to existing script - add subscription facility to CRE B2B 6.4 Add subscription for website. - Add subtitle in (italian) translate from english voice Add subtitle in Bangla a Arabic lecture - Add subtitles to existing animation Add subtitles to FLV videos - Add summary pages to database Add summary tab to our spreadsheet - add support for proxy authentication feature in directshow windows media video streaming application add support for rtmp url wih space character - Add Survey To Joomla Website Add suscription script and contact me script to site + simple admin panel - Add Symfony 2 Security and OAuth2 to a webapp Add symmetric nat and firewall support to i2p - Add Tab on My Website for Blog, make ready for Postings Add tab review to facebook page - Add table of contents and page numbers to PDF Ebook Add table or iframe to a .php file - add tabs and convert the tab to javascript Add Tabs and Forms to 3 Webpages - Add Tag Cloud from website search Results Add Tag Cloud To VbulletinBoard - immediately! - ADD TAGS, SEO YOUTUBE.COM VIDEOS Add Take Profit CloseAll - Add Taxi Metre Feature to Existing App Add taxonomies to custom post types and sync with Geomywp search form - Add telephone number and clickable links to wordpress header as per image attached Add telephone number to wordpress site in header php file. - Add template to Main Site and Members Panel - repost Add template to Main Site and Members Panel - repost 2 - Add Test For Hidden Form Field Add Test For Hidden Form Field(repost) - add text above page and add drop down effect Add text alerts to my website - Add Text and Logo to existing business card template Add Text and Logo to existing business card template -- 2 - Add text boxes (and arrows) to graphics in PowerPoint(repost) Add text chat to website - add text links to wordpress template Add text message (SMS) capabilities - Add Text That Fades In And Out to Web Page Add Text that stands out to draw attention to a Book Cover - Add text to a vector logo. Simple 2 minute job for someone who knows what they are doing Add text to a video - Add Text to Combobox API Add text to CS-Cart header - Add text to home page under affiliates banner. Add text to HTML theme - add text to logo Add text to logo - All States - Add text to picture Add text to pictures ( Buttons) - Add text to video Add text to video footage - Add Text/Number input box at end of several forms. add text/pictures to website - Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ ( repost ) - Add Thank you page to WordPress LandingPage and submit form input to excel Add the "Run as Administrator" property to the source code - add the authenticate in mp3 Add The Aweber API Connection Into My Landing Page Builder - Add the extra character to this font add the feature in website and improved the ecommence web - add the functions of the clone website to my site Add the funktion "send delayed email after submit" to a google form script. - ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) 2 - add the same text on 30 pictures add the seperator in log for inactiveness - Add theme and login into blog and message board Add Theme Plugin to my Script - 8/27/2010 - Add thin top pane to wordpress-site add things on about us page - add this comments system Add this content to my Drupal Site - Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce (WordPress) Add thousands of gift certificate codes to WooCommerce / WordPress - Add threaded commenting to posts