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Add Tag to HTML5 Page - Add Target 3,500+ AUSTRALIAN FEMALE Facebook Fans Add Target 3,500+ Facebook Fans & 3,500+ Twitter Followers! - Add TCP IP communication to exesting C++ MFC software Add TCP/IP encryption to a VB program - add template Add template & 4 Contributions to osCommerce site - add templates for Jackhammer add templet to osclass listied templet - Add Testimonial Plug-in to Existing Word Press Site Add Testimonial Scroller To WP Site - Add text and images to 11-18 web pages. The template is already in place.(repost) Add text and images to my html template (must be done in 3 hours) - Add text and video clip to an Adobe After Effects 15 second promo clip. Add text area over Carousel in Bootstrap/AngularJS SPA - Add text field on Oscommerce Site Add text HTTP status codes to C++ application - ADD TEXT ON VIDEO PRO!!!!, SIMPLE WORK Add text plugin and add 3 images on homepage - Add text to a flash file add text to a joomla website - Add text to an InDesign file Add text to an InDesign file - CS4 - reposted - Add text to GIF image Add Text to Graphic - Add text to images/Photos Add Text to JPEG Images - Add Text to PDF File Add text to photo - Add text to the Banner Add text to the Header of 3 Images - add text, title, + button to a slider add text-field to three php pages and mysql - Add Texts to PSD files Add texts to video - Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel csv. - Add the analytics part to a ready made application Wifi Access Point solution add the authenticate in mp3 - Add the extra character to this font add the feature in website and improved the ecommence web - Add the funktion "send delayed email after submit" to a google form script. add the google map stuff - Add the option to create custom Social media buttons to a Joomla component/module Add the other products to the site - Add the shipping cost on my shopify website and put the product "coming soon" add the shipping icon code - Add theme to a Ionic framework mobile app. Add Theme to existing website - Add Things to a CPA Affiliate Network Script Add things to my Website on Wordpress - Add this into my site... Add this JS to my website's search box - Add Thread Support to Existent Application Add Thread Support to Existent Tree-Based Application - Add three words to a picture. Add throttling and authentication to PHP API - Add tick boxes to website Add ticket and currency system - Add time zones option - repost Add time-lapse clouds to a still - Add timings to a transcription Add timings to a transcription - ongoing work - add title page to show rel Add title to 15 sec video add. - Add to a group only some Facebook Friends included in a list (ID list) Add to a label arabic text - Add to all magento product pages one text line. Add to all our CMS domains a SSL with Let’s Encrypt (PHP project) - ADD TO BAG / CART BOT - disneystore Add to bag and image zoom problem - Add to carg early. Shopify Add to cart - Add to Cart BOT Add to cart bot - Add to cart Bot/Program Add to cart button - Add to cart by querystring Add to cart changes - add to cart module for online shop (CodeIgniter) add to cart nike - Add to Cart Software Add to Cart software - add to current logo Add to current Logo - Add to existing image and create new birds eyes plan Add to Existing Javascript Validation - Add to facebook App Add to Facebook function for IOS app - Add to Images to Magento Slider add to internat post office - Add to my 3D environment Add to my admin page - Add to my social panel Add To My Website - Add to our Wordpress Templates Add to PDF Form functionality - add to scrape tool add to script - add to vbAccelerators sGrid2 control Add to water pump controller - Add to Yahoo and Goole index imeaditely Add to, Alter or Delete records in the DNS. - Add toolbar, change default search and homepage Add Tools to Wordpress E-Commerce Site - Add Touch-Focus in android+opencv built OCR android app Add Touch-Swipe Support for Portfolio Page - add Tracking GA Code into my webpages ( hosted in Digtalocean ) ubuntu Add tracking number with link to orders Virtuemart and Joomla 1.5 - Add Traffic Tracking To My Site Add trailing function - Add translation tags to Shopify Template Add translation to Django site - Add Trigger MSSQL Add triggers to SQL Manager App - Add turnkey sites to server Add tutorial feature on first launch of app - Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system - add twitter follower Add Twitter Followers - Add Twitter Login to Django Site Profile Picture Add Twitter logo to website home page - Add two badges to website & fix two things on another website Add two ballons to an existing image - Add two dropdown menus ASP.NET MVC 5 Add two dropdowns to Contact Us form - Add two fields to service record print off in SQL database Add two filter on search page in chameleon script - Add two menu's - drop down and vertically up. Separate header to own file. Add two more booklets to Flash site - Add two popups to chrome extension Add two products to existing PHP order form - Add two tabs to an existing App Add two tabs to current site - Add txts to photos. Add Typed.js Effect to Template - Add UI theme to public mxfactorial Github project add UI to a contact form in wordpress - Add UnionPay image (SVG) to 2 different sprites add unique articles to baby health website - Add up codes to all my items in magento Add up how many open lots there are in MT4 - Add updates to website payment page Add upgrades to a template Directory wordpress site - Add upload fields to a contact form Add upload file function to website - Add upload your own images to oscommerce
Add upload/attachment feature to my website in custom request functionality - Add UPS to e-commerce website with Paypal add ups xml module to zencart shop - Add URL to Glitter Gen Add URL To Program - Add USB support to Barebox bootloader in SAMA5D3 Xplained board -- 2 add useful texts and descriptions to my web site - Add user functionality to existing software Add user functions to Wordpress - Add User Management to Android app Add User Manager to ASP.NET MVC Site - Add User Sessions & Create User Pages Add User Sessions & Create User Pages - ongoing work - Add Users to New Adult Community Add USPS and FEDEX shipping to Virtuemart - Add validation to a form Add validation to a form - add variable gridsize to jquery.ganttView plugin add variable in calendar event box in vtiger - Add Varnish Cache and SSL termination or an SSL termination proxy -- 2 Add VAST ad support to Android TV app - Add Vendors to Company add venue data from foursquare and instagram API - Add VFX to our video so that it looks like the cats are talking Add VHS Effects to a Video - Add Video Capability to IPhone Photo Application Add video capability to wordpress template - Add video conferencing to website (Flex/Flash) Add Video conferencing using OpenFire - Add video form youtube to index page Add video frame decoding to a published Android App - Add Video Opener to Wordpress Website Add Video Overlay capabilities to existing Video Sharing Web App - Add video record to website add video script x4 to Word Press website - Add Video Thumbnail / Snapshot - PHP Add Video Titles: Video 4 - add video to Linkedin page add video to Linkedin page - open to bidding - Add Video to PHP/MYSQL Site Add Video to PHP/MYSQL Site Profiles - Add Video to Wordpress Website Add video to WP page, fix the script issue and update coding - Add video/still image sharing ability to website Add VideoCall and Voice Call Quickblox Api - Add videos from youtube Add videos page to website - Add View Tracking and Search by Agency, as discussed Add viewcontroller and scrolling to app - Add virtual mart and 10 products to exisiting site Add Virtual Money Card Payment Gateway - Add visual composer to a ready made theme Add visual design and some development to our site - add voice messaging to php chat script Add voice narration to power point prefer Australian voice - Add Volatiloty/Noise Filter tomy EA Add Volume Control to Flash Movie and Play Again Button - Add VRM Lookup to wordpress admin to list cars for sale Add vserv and interstial ads in my app must be done in android studio - ADD WATCHERS AND PAGE HITS TO eBay LISTINGS -- 2 ADD WATCHERS AND PAGE HITS TO eBay LISTINGS -- 3 - add Watermark to 270 images Add watermark to 3,000 photos, rotate & save for web - Add watermarks capability to fffmpeg and mencoder + iphone c Add Watermarks of 3 files in pdf - total pages 72 - Add Web Developer to my TEAM add web form and adjust margins on home page - Add web to Baidu webmastertools Add web to search and search within specific time frame - Add webpages to BigCommerce - Edit Menu Add webpages to existing website - Add website cookies Add Website design to Php website - add website template to hosting domain Add website terms of condition - add websites to our adult directory Add websites to our directory - Add white background and reflection Add White Background and Retouch images - add widget add widget + password admin in app android - add widget to wordpress template site Add widget to wordpress theme - Add Wikipedia features to Wordpress theme Add wikipedia section - Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site Add Wishlist function To My Custom Wordpress Website - Add Woocommerce checkout fields to customers account Add Woocommerce Composite Product Filter for Wordpress - Add WooCommerce Support to Existing WordPress Theme Add WooCommerce theme, plugin and products - Add word press theme to current site Add word scramble game to my current iOS app -- 2 - Add Wordpress blog to existing site Add Wordpress blog to existing web site - add wordpress custom google search plugin Add Wordpress Dashboard plugin - add wordpress plugin add wordpress plugin to watch videos on site - Add wordpress to my exisiting website Add Wordpress to my Hosting - add words to picture Add words to previous Desgin - Add wow slider to my volusion store Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Add WP Blog and Other Content Methods to Squeeze Page Site Add WP blog and slideshow to site (SP) - Add writing to an existing eBook on wine tasting Add Writing to Articles in Wordpress - Add WYSIWYG on existing CMS Add WYSIWYG on OSCOMMMERCE - Add XML feed add xml feed to php - add xml support to vtiger crm REST web service Add XML Tags in MS Accounting Templates - Add Yelp Restaurants to Google Sheets Add yEnc support to delphi program - Add Youtube and Soundcloud API to website Add YouTube Auto Import to Joomla Website - Add youtube video to my site Add Youtube video to preexisting html page - Add zencart or other payment CMS Joomla template add zencart template to site - Add Zoom and Href to Canvas Element HTML5 Add Zoom and mouse over effect - ADD ~800 Produucts to our WebShop - POLISH LANGUAGE Add&Fix Website Functionality - add- on to classified ad website Add-fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - Add-in for Outlook 2003 Add-in for Outlook for Spam submission - repost - Add-on board for MSP432 Launchpad Add-On Button Clone - Add-On features Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ - Add-on for Joomla Add-On for Keyboard App - Add-on Magento extension Add-on Module for OSCommerce 2.3.1 - ADD-ON Project Add-on project - Add-on to Google Keyword Tool Add-On to Group Buying Website - Smarty PHP - Add-ons 2 existing PHPCake project Add-ons for domain sales database - Add-Ons for Oscommerce