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Adjust Payment Module and some cart features - Easy & Quick - Adjust photo seize and template to mobile adjust photo shop brochure. - Adjust PHP Website Adjust PHP Website - Adjust Premium WP Template to my needs adjust presentation - Adjust PSD file to fit specifications Adjust PSD Template and Code to WordPress - Adjust Responsive HTML/CSS for Browser Capability Adjust Responsive HTML/CSS for browser capabilty - Adjust script to DB and redesign Php site Adjust scroll onload with name anchor (hashtag) with fixed header - Adjust single post page to match front page Adjust Single template site for Phone Friendly - Adjust Slider Module to a joomla Template Adjust slideshow & picture thumbnail on website homepage - Adjust some images Adjust some images to be 250 x 250 - Adjust space on my Zpanel server Adjust spacing on wordpress theme so that it is responsive on all devices - Adjust text on logos. Adjust the checkout page and data access Magento. - Adjust the header Nav Bar on my wordpress site Adjust the headline (banner) of my homepage - Adjust the position of an HTML5 Animation in a webpage Adjust the power rating Only !! - Adjust the Typo3 extension rs_userimp to Typo3 4.7 - repost Adjust the USPS shipping rates on my website - Adjust this header and image and upload adjust this snippit to 2 snippets - Adjust two templates to be Phone Friendly as per previouis project Adjust two websites - Adjust video using theme from video hive from ThemeForest Adjust VideoHive After Effect Template With Text And Images (53s) - Adjust WEB template Adjust web-page to save as MHT (single-web file) in IE . . NOW! - Adjust website menu for mobile + create html5 animation Adjust Website Navigation - Adjust websites - DSM Adjust Weebly Website Design - Adjust woocommerce discount code behaviour Adjust WooCommerce for my needs - Adjust wordpress premium theme and design Adjust WordPress sidebar to match content height - Adjust Wordpress Template portfolio Adjust wordpress template to be cross browser compatible - Adjust Wordpress themes and content / CSS - avail weekends and EUR time -- 2 Adjust Wordpress themes and content / CSS - avail weekends and EUR time -- 3 - Adjust Wrong & duplicated images adjust xcode project - adjust/maintain/expand crm Adjust/merge layout of existing php script - adjustable PHP script for syhronising SQL DB's online (internet) and offline (intranet). adjustable size disposable topless sandal sourcing - Adjustement for pop-out map with info adjustement of website - adjusting a 3d model, rigging and texturing made to work in 3dsmax or maya Adjusting a ASP website - Adjusting a slideshow script on a WordPress website Adjusting a very small fla file - adjusting and modfing prestashop template Adjusting and Populate Wordpress site. - Adjusting current template (wordpress) to my wishes Adjusting custom filters and actions in WooCommerce - adjusting font size of Gallery Titles in Squarespace adjusting GA optimization codes - Adjusting layout-wordpress adjusting levels, cropping and minor retouch of portraits of pupils. - Adjusting of my web scraping script Adjusting old pages, Creating new ones. - Adjusting product photos Adjusting RSS Feed and Email Updates - Adjusting the placement of some icons on a web page adjusting the theme and form - adjusting wordpress theme Adjusting wordpress theme when using a plugin. - Adjustment and installation on wordpress template Adjustment as agreed - Adjustment in HTML & CSS Adjustment in LOGO DESIGN - Adjustment of 4 profiles Adjustment of 4 profiles - repost - Adjustment of background pic so that it can be seen as full image in parallax structured website. Adjustment of contact form in wordpress website: Pls make the inquiry message transferred to admin e-mail address & client e-mail address. - Adjustment of logo plus some additional text adjustment of metatrader indicator - Adjustment of website logo css Adjustment of website search bar, and optional work on shipping label generator - Adjustment on Wordpress theme adjustment OpenCart issues - adjustment to a wordpress website Adjustment to Ag Videos - Adjustment to CSS and Add related products on product page Adjustment to css, and show / hide elements on mobile platform vs. desktop - Adjustment to Floreant POS adjustment to flyer - Adjustment to PHP website needed Adjustment to qi.LiveChat for plone - adjustment to website adjustment to website - Adjustments Adjustments - Adjustments and styling on website Adjustments and Support For Existing Website System - Adjustments for Joomla Component adjustments for launch in India - Adjustments in a Wordpress plugin and some fixes in theme Adjustments in ASPX form - Adjustments in wordpress theme Adjustments in wordpress theme - open to bidding - Adjustments of website Adjustments of Wordpress - Adjustments on LoveMe.eu - private project for Ay4 Adjustments on my homepage - Adjustments on Wordpress theme Adjustments on WP website - Adjustments to a newly launched online jewellery shop www.nuuru.com Adjustments to a php/mySQL CMS lexicon module - Adjustments to an existing iOS app Adjustments to an existing PHP system. - Adjustments to current website Adjustments to current website - open to bidding - Adjustments to existing Shopify template Adjustments to existing site ( Arabic langauge ) - Adjustments to HomePage, and other item Adjustments to HTML email builder - darkwanderer only - Adjustments to Magento Site ADJUSTMENTS TO MAGENTO SITE-repost - Adjustments to MySQL/PHP Custom Site Adjustments to new website - Adjustments to php Article Script to correct slow response, errors in script adjustments to PHP mvc project - Adjustments to RSS content feed script Adjustments to RSTickets Pro Joomla Component - Adjustments to the product page Adjustments to theme in Wordpress - Adjustments to Woocommerce Composite Product Plugin Solution 1 Adjustments to Woocommerce Composite Product Plugin Solution 2 - Adjustments to wordpress website adjustments to wordpress website - Adjustments Zen Cart website v.1.5.0 Adjustments, fixes and some translation for Joomla and Magento Dev Sites - AdKlick App Redesign AdKlick Bonus payment - Adlusting model cars with electronics ADM and ADMX GPO file - admendment to previous php/mysql
Admendments to Opencart script - admin admin - Admin & Sales Assistant Admin & Sales Assistant -- 2 - Admin + Items + Stock + Invoicing + Accounting Modules admin + user management script for seo service - admin - page creation in cms Admin - Panel - admin / va / virtual assistant to select low cost trending products for us to sell - Philippines Admin / Virtual Assistant (only from the US) - Admin ADD LINE IE LINE number and how many IMEI Admin Add On TS ( Sanjay2004 ) - Admin and Front End Updates Admin and Frontend script build - Admin and Tracking Admin and user dashboard required - Admin application to manage 9 tables Admin approval user login and register script - Admin area of Oscommerce prices show as 0.000 after I attempt to change and gross price does not adjust automatically Admin Area Optimization - Admin assistance -- 3 Admin Assistance Data Entry - Admin Assistant Admin Assistant - Admin Assistant Admin Assistant - admin assistant admin assistant - Admin Assistant - Farsi Admin Assistant - Internet Research - Admin assistant for data convertion Admin assistant for data convertion - Admin Assistant Needed - technically sound -- 2 Admin Assistant Needed - technically sound -- 3 - Admin Assistant some Writing Skills Needed To Help Add 20 Products to Site Admin Assistant some Writing Skills Needed To Help Add 20 Products to Site... - Admin Asst to help with Project Management and Daily Office Functions Admin Asst to help with Project Management and Office Functions - Admin Banner + CSS styling admin bar wordpress - Admin cms fix Admin Code Changes and Menu Icon Troubleshooting - admin control features Admin Control Panel - Admin creation Admin creation using theme - Admin dashboard + subscribers profile for site admin dashboard , and landing page website - admin dashboard template Admin dashboard Template - open to bidding - Admin Data Entry - repost Admin Data Entry - repost - Admin de pagina en joomla para para agregar 100 productos Admin Design - Admin Enhancements Admin Enhancements - Admin For Android application -- 2 Admin for arabic website (women) - Admin for music artist site admin for my cold mail program - quickmail.io ESP - Admin Forms Admin Forms for Research Studies - Admin Help Approving/Screening Admin Help Approving/Screening Pics & VIdeos - Admin Interface Admin Interface - admin jaringan komputer admin jaringan komputer - open to bidding - admin leads needed $100/K admin leads needed ASAP - Admin Login panel page Admin Login Problem & Email fix - Admin modification Admin Modification ( Sanjay 2004 Only) - Admin module integration - sanjay2004 Admin module Magento - Admin new site Admin not able to enter - Admin Page admin page 3 - gift cards - Admin page in need of fixing Admin page in Parse.com - Admin pages Admin Pages & Enhancements - Admin Panel Admin Panel - Admin Panel Admin Panel - admin panel admin panel - Admin Panel (more features) Admin panel (PHP/MySql) - Admin Panel - repost Admin Panel - repost 2 - ADMIN PANEL ADDITIONAL WORK ADMIN PANEL AND CMS - Admin Panel Changes to Website Admin Panel CMS - Admin panel development ADMIN PANEL DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION - admin panel for an e-commerce admin panel for browser based game - admin panel for my website Admin panel for my website. - Admin Panel For XML Configuration File. Admin Panel for yousufrazzak.com - Admin Panel Login System & Layout Admin Panel Modification - admin panel needed for facebook likes admin panel needed for facebook likes - repost - admin panel project - delete products - dedicated to Chtioui86 admin panel project - list customers - dedicated to Chtioui86 - Admin panel slideshow Admin Panel software - Admin Panel Twitter Server 10k+ -- 2 Admin Panel upgrade - admin panel with text editor and imgs Admin panel work - Admin para DNN 7.x Admin part - Admin Platform Admin platform integration - admin programming Admin Project - Admin Reports & Fixes Admin Representative - Admin script that scrapes restaurant websites admin search addon for ea improved joomla real estate component - Admin section in a laravel 5 site Admin section of a php/mysql site built on Code Igniter - Admin Site Admin Site (YII Experts only) - Admin Software for School Admin software install - Admin Support Admin Support - admin support admin support - ADMIN SUPPORT - COPY AND RE-SORT APPROX 500 IMAGES AND PDF DOCS admin support - open to bidding - Admin Support for Urban and Hip-hop platform admin support for web pharik1970 - Admin système -- 2 Admin système Linux sur TOULOUSE France - admin system to work on iPhone / iPad(repost)(repost) Admin System Upgrade - Admin Temp