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A Native Android App with Admin Panel - A Native English to check my Writing (an Electrical engineering writing) A Native English to check my Writing (Electrical engineering writing) - A Native German writer/translator required A Native German writer/translator required -- 2 - a native speaker (Vietnamese) is required to translate text from English into Vietnamese language a native speaker to correct a paper (3 pages) - A need a buyer for Zeepad Tablets and Gadgets In Bulk A need a custom ajax filter for Prestashop Ecommerce - a need a test Spring Tool Suit mysql A need a Unique Box, where now are 2. - A need to have a code written in fortran 77 A need to make a website - A network for revolutionary new Business Without Investment. A network installing - A networked, two-player, (human versus human) game of top trumps. a networking website - A new advertisement form for an online casino A new advertising website - A new basic website and some updates for an existing Drupal website A New BitCoin Exchange Website - a new chance for sik cildren A new character for our logo - A new company Logo. A new company looking for android developers to start small - A New Custom Coded EASY TO USE, PRO, RESPONSIVE and SUPER FAST Website A new custom website - A new design for a website A new design for Typo3 4.5 Project - a new earning data entry project A new ecommerce website using either Prestashop or Opencart - A new feature in a domain regd site A New Feature needed for my Website - A new game must be tested A new generation image code other than qr code or bar code like systems - A new idea for app - repost A new idea for app - repost - a new job to write A new job/ real estate searching website - A new login page A New Logo - a new logo a new logo - A new logo for a new Personal training business a new logo for a new social platform named championsid - A new logo for Reliant Power Systems A new Logo for the company name - Sigma Energy Limited - A new logotype A new Logotype for a game. - A new Mobile case design a new mobile idea - A new original WP theme A new packing for Eppendrof Tubes - a new private project for mmzoammil a new product - A new project for mohds2 only A New project for Roy - A new render (part of an older one) A new report - a new site a new site - open to bidding - A New Start for Wilberforce Wolfe - children's story A new start up - A New turnkey eCommerce Website - repost A new type of gadget - A new way to experience content consumption - in mobile A NEW way to hire: - A New Website A New Website - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - A new website built a new website built on big commerce platform - A new website for handle.org A new website for marriage - A new website plus marketing for a ghoswriter website A new website redesign - a new website. a new website. - A new Wordpress website with heavy customization A new work - a news api integration in our existing dot net bases web app - open to bidding A news app - a news portal A News Publishing Apps for iPhone and Android - A newspaper ad 1/4 page needed in 4 hours. A newspaper advertisement design is needed - A nice logo a nice logo - A Niche Social Network a niche Social Network - A no win no fee lawer a node project - A non-fiction book formatted for Createspace/Amazon A non-fiction book formatted for Createspace/Amazon - open to bidding - a Normal website site need to add members login & report 3pg a North American female voiceover - A novel : 3K word test - $15 - Inspirational Christian Romance genre... A novel about a struggling entrepreneur - A NOVEL-E-book-E-commerce-SmartPHONE-E-BOOK-AUDIOBOOK-AMAZON.COM A novel.for child. - A Number of short stories to be published as a collection a number of things - a office A Office Shortcut Bar - A one minute video production in education in the state of Oklahoma A one of its kind website - A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) - A one screen drag and drop game for Android programmed in Java/xml A one sided e-flyer designed asap - A online data entry application A online data entry application - Repost - A online movie theater a online pg hostel service only for students - A Online Travel Agency A online tshirt site - A order tracking web application software - repost A organisation website with mobile apps - a Package Design for *PEANUTS* a Package Design for *PEANUTS* -- 2 - A page in ReactJs A page index.php - A page translated from English to Korean a page website - A painter/drawer A painter/illustrator - A painting of a husband and wife A painting of a woman (nude) on bedroom wall. :) - A Panorama view Android application A Paper - A paper for college class A paper for computer science - a paper needs to be written a paper of 2000 words - A paper regarding Content Management System A paper regarding Content Management Systems (Joomla) - A Paper Written # 2-3 book A Paper Written # 2-4 seminar - A paraphrasing job. - repost a parent manual typed onto database from paper copy - a part time job. - open to bidding A part time assistant to do remote computer work - A part time job A part time job - a part time job for enhancing myself as an perfect individual - mở để đặt giá a part time job for enhancing myself as an perfect individual -- 2 - A Part Time Technical Support Programmer -Working from Home - repost
a part time typing job - a partir d'un fichier texte avec des informations structurées, éditer un fichier avec des colonnes a partir d'un fichier texte avec des informations structurées, éditer un fichier avec des colonnes - Repost - A Party App a party logo - A path based breadcrumb trail for a wordpress site - repost A patient and empathic Accountant/Bookkeeper to tutor me - A Payment / CP Page a payment gateway - A PAYPAL USER VERIFED NEEDED A paypal website - A PDF Artwork Resizing A pdf document converted to word - A peer to peer donation website with shedule list A peer to peer file sharing protocol – Phase 1: with Centralized directory service similar to the original Napster – Phase 2: with Distributed complet - A perfect encripter for asp A perfect inventory system - a Perl specialist A permalinks problem resolving on my site - A person from china A person from China needed - A person skilled in c#/asp.net A person skilled in c#/asp.net - mở để đặt giá - A person to help me tidy up my presentation in Keynote A person to help translate in court - A person well versed in photoshop A person who can build apps for the Microsoft Windows 10 platform - A person who can write code in java bluej scripts and codes A person who can write code in javascript - A person willing to turn our play into a movie A person with a skilful mind set on filming a high quality documentary - A personal assistant A personal assistant - A personal assistant with some business knowlege a personal avatar illustration - A personal essay on what the American Dream means to you a personal fashion designer - A Personal Logo For Me A personal memoir - a personal translator A personal virtual assistance - a personal website needs to be built A personal website. - A Peruvian Chef a pessoa tem que entender de - A pharmacy logo - ongoing work A Phd by publication Specialist - a phone call in Uk A phone selecting script - a photo edited A photo edited for a business card - a photo of me photoshopped a photo of me photoshopped - repost - A photo slideshow for Dreamweaver website A photo taken of a small business owner at their place of business - A Photographer A Photographer - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - A photographer and videographer A photographer at reasonable rates to photograph a 30th birthday party - A photographer for a school trip to London A photographer for a small intimate wedding. Less than 4 hours. - a photographer for my father's 80th birthday celebration A photographer for my sons 5th birthday party. - A photographer required for photo shooting on Pulau Redang Island, Malaysia - repost 2 A photographer site - A Photographer to set up a photography area a photographer to take images of a new washroom we have just refurbished for South West Water in Plymouth - A Photography blog A Photography Blog Design - A Photoshoot for jewellery showroom A photoshoot in santorini - A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing - a PHP / MYSQL application to manage clients A PHP Ajax script - a php chat widget that sends back answers A php class - A PHP Developer A PHP developer - A PHP directory site containing multimedia A PHP discordly code fix - a php ftp site needs modification A php function to purchase a single item on amazon.com.. - a php or another scrip[t A PHP or Python developer is needed. - a php project A php script - A PHP Script To Connect To Mysql Database Remotely A PHP script to create a PDF invoice. - A PHP server based app for hotel&resort management a php site - a php website a php website developed - a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages - ongoing work A PHP/MySQL script to manage a school records - A pick list template A pick list template - open to bidding - a picture edited professionally through photoshop a picture enlarged / or a new picture design for a HOA - A picture of a fictional charactar A picture of a group of 5 girls who are doing a race for life event - a picture photoshopped A picture put on back of older motor home of my choice - A picturesque of Dhauligiri A piece about my fiancé and I and our journey - A pinball like game for iOS a pinball,bewjewled game - A pivot animation: using Pivot Animatior A pivot animation: using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding - a plastic container to hold a diaphram turkey for retail sales A plastic grinder - A platform for sell/buy service A platform for selling vouchers to be used in other website as a payment method - A PLAY STORE AND IOS APP A playable demo required - A plugin adding a shortcode to the Wordpress bbpress profile -- 2 A Plugin Coded - A plugin or feature allowing users to register as merchants and create own ads for their business(es) and have the ads post automatically on my website A plugin or tool for allow visitors to cut their own video (Wordpress) - A pocket menu designed for my restaurant A pocket Size design for a T-shirt - A Point of Sale and Inventory managment software for a small shop A Point Of Sale Solution - A polling website A polo shirt design for a diving club - A pop-up when a visitor visits the homepage A pop-up window script - repost - a portal for sharing my knowledge and writing skills during my free time and get paid too A portal for student help by Team Gyan Pratibha - A portrai painter who can paint life-like/true likeness paintings from photos at a live event in London (9-15 June 2014) A portrait - A possibility to be part of a new business start up for a share in the company a possible software development - A poster A poster - A poster for comics series A poster for election - A power point expert to help IT illiterate A power point on nutrition cardiac apps - A powerpoint designed A PowerPoint Expert / Graphic Designer - Upgrade A PowerPoint Presentation - A powerpoint presentation designer A Powerpoint presentation made to look more professional and appealing - A PPD script with bug a ppower point presentation on INDIA- BANGLADESH RELATIONS - a PPT file from English to Cambodian