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A power point expert to help IT illiterate - a powerpoint deck for a start-up A powerpoint designed - A Powerpoint presentation at least 9 slides on Supplychain and Logistics topic A powerpoint presentation designer - A ppd script A PPD script with bug - A practice management system for physiotherapy clinic A practicing civil engineer - A present for my wife A presentation - A presentation maker program A presentation maker program -- 2 - A Press Release for GlobalAirportParking.com A press release for teachers and schools in Herald Sun & equivalent papers - A pretty simple but nice webpage! A pretty simple iphone app - A Price Comparison website A price comparison website - a printable / design to go onto clothing A printer to print objects for me - A private job for Pandeypriya E Solutions A Private job for Russ - A Private Project for Globleinfosol2 A Private Project for Hoang Dinh Duc - A private project for Shamim A private project for SoloTec - A Private Writing Project for krisdejong1 a private writting project for dmjuma - A problem related with Probability A problem set to be solved - a producer a producer that can help with good idea's - A product designed on cad or solid works a product designer - a product photographer a product photographer - A professional re-creation of a T-shirt design, and logo. A professional / freelancer videographer - A professional blogger who can provide high quality articles for our company blog a Professional Blogger,Press Release writer required - A professional drawer to alter a portrait or a professional photoshop A professional drawer to alter a portrait or a professional photoshop - ongoing work - a Professional high end magento freelancer for long term A professional in measuring and description the Statistical procedures in spss and Amos - A professional Logo for my business A professional logo for my company - A professional native english writer. A Professional needed - A professional prestashop developer A professional Prezi presentation made - A professional to drive prospective leads to my site - repost 2 A professional to start a mock up design for a website selling cute things online - A Professional website -- 2 a professional website -- 2 - A professional wordpress layout that I can use to blog and add my portfolio A Professional Wordpress site. - A Professor's Website A professtional cartographer In GIS, Mapinfo For Innovative Maps - A profile lifestyle photo for a magazine cover A profile manager - A program (repost) A program about a version of snake - A program for data analysis A program for eBay - a program is needed A program like Clicking Agent (CaCa) - A program that can auto-make public Youtube unlisted videos in specific time A program that can automate and help in writing books - A program that data mines a specific website for specific data to save labor time A program that doesnt allow screenshots - a program that simulates an energy-efficient wdm optical network a program that simulates an energy-efficient wdm optical network - Repost - A program that will help me with web design A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost) - A program to allow trial software to last for ever. A Program To Allow Multiple Instances Of Full Tilt Poker - a program to do the reserve in apple store A program to download open-source projects - A program to manipulate Image files. A Program to memorize the Qur'an Insha Allah (God Willing). - A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 - open to bidding - a program which will add digit strings - repost A program with a simple GUI that should do a simple task with a USB modem - A programing solution for the bus industry a programme - a programmer a programmer - A programmer needed for simple program Visual Basic A programmer needed part time - a programmer to program and design my idea to the end A programmer to speed up our launch date - A Programming Challenge (Algortihms) A programming code for sound wave propagation in a room/office. - A Project - Write a project on A web based cyber cafe management system using using php or java but php preferably A project . - A Project Concept Note , Business and Project Management A project done - A project for aidafatmi only A project for Akapoor\'s only - A project for aurius75 only A project for awzm only - A project for CreativeINK A project for CyberNetDigital only - a project for dobreiiita A project for dorianpopa - A project for flashcreativo A project for Flora - A project for herlinanovianty only A project for HQwork only - A project for Jay Baker A project for Jeegraphix! - A project for latila only A project for Laurenjudith - A project for MaryJaneSS A project for mastedout - A project for my friend A project for Nadine00's only - A project for php4world A project for Picklu - A Project for Rajat A project for Rajeev (alaxdam82) - A project for shellywagar A project for shellywagar - 1 - A project for someone i know A Project For Sonia8619 - A project for the expert a project for the fact that omissions liability has to be based on a duty. - A project for voulapapa A project for VyRDesigns only - A project for you A project for you - a project HTML CSS / and i need money - open to bidding A project i want you to work on - A project involving Matlab and Java A project involving small camera photography - A project of "Eco Print Document" A project of a small building with - A project on Invisible digital Watermarking A project on IONIC framwork - A project only for Zdrenga A project ONLY for Zdrenga - A project report in e commerce or web security is needed a project report in security is wanted - a project that will help us A project that you bid - a project to writersjournal4
A project upgrade - A projector and speaker for a mac today A prolific and experienced writer require for 5 health and social care units (1) Understanding Individual Apecific Need 2750 words, (2) Health Promotion 2750 words, (3) Research Proposal 1000 (4) Reseach Project, (5) Public Health- Rehire -- 2 - A promoter a promoter for my song - a promotional video a promotional video - A proofreader-editor-copywriter needed for the written book on the topic of ‘how to find a niche for an ebook’. 6,000 words. a proofreading of an international letter of intent - A proposal for a short novel, re mystery, fiction, 1500 words proposal A proposal for an Mobile App - A proposal well designed and written A proposal writer - A prototype app with very basic GUI a prototype for a app - A prototype pen-holderthat can accept a number of standard biro/rollerball/ A prototype performing speech comparison using Java - a PSA on anorexia A PSD - a psycho chatbot a psycho chatbot - a publisher a publisher needed - A pyramid scheme A pyramid shape logo with my company name "Pyramid productionsInc." somewher by it - A python program a python program - A python script needs to be developed for a task A Python Script that moves folders to a location based on folder colour - A Qualified Helper A Qualified investor CFO/CEO operations management - a quality joomla header design A quality Perl developer who can work on a contract basis - A quantitative analyst / modeler with Python or Excel / Access Proficiency A Query and Dropdown Menu Select - A question about sql 2005 column permissions a question about the power state machine calculate - A Queue Class A queue management system for restaurant - A quick and easy java test, maximum one hour, need today support on skype a quick and fast writer - A Quick Bug fix on a Drupal Site a quick c # developer - A Quick Facelift - Website Redesign A quick file matlab file fix - a quick HTML designed catalogue A Quick HTML Edit - A quick logo - open to bidding A Quick Logo design - A quick question. A Quick re writing work - A quick Symbian S40 J2ME java developer wanted for Book apps A quick Task - Need Quality Guy - A quick work A quick writing task - Business writing- - A quiz game for based on a show A Quiz Portal for Nigerian Students - A quote for proofreading A quote for...TI, re-edit website, possible app, someone who understand a minimal spanish, and have time to work and done the project..and others more... - a rails work a rails work - open to bidding - A range of menswear clothing photographed. A range of new logo ideas based on our current logo. - A rates page A rather simple Android application developed in delphi XE 7.0 and above - A reaction paper A reaction paper on Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte - a real estate App A real estate company require a brand name and a tagline - A Real Estate wordpress design with an API integration A real Joomla template expert needed - A Real Web Developer: PHP, MySQL, AJAX + A real web user interface guru needed for web GUI design - A Realistic Painting A realistic tattoo design - A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors -- 2 - a reasonable money offering job a reasonable money offering job - open to bidding - a recorder software like 'COOLEDIT' anybody interesting? A Recording Artist Press Kit ( In need of design) - A redesign of logo. A redesign of my logo - a Registration form a registration page on my wordpress site A registration form and an FTP (HTML) application for direct file transfer - A relatively simple ASP.Net website A relatively simple VBA script to cycle through financial data using several rules to isolate specific events. - a reliable worker A reliable writer required! - A RENT PORTAL system a rental website - a report A report - A report after penetration testing -- 2 A report and an example of federated databases - A report needed on Software Archetecture A report needed Technical Writing skill (topic see in description) - A report on Australia,s mining industry. A report on burning fat through diet and exercise - A report on Operational management issues within an organisation A report on organ donation - A report to be copyedited A report to be designed from a basic Word text document to something of graphic design quality - A REPUTABLE OIL & GAS REFINERY A request for analytical search on self-employment (Freelance) market - A research assistance company requires experts in thermal modelling A research based project for MSc IT in asp.net and/or C# - a research oriented project2 a research oriented project2 - repost - A research paper and powerpoint in nutrition field 1 A research paper and powerpoint in nutrition field 2 - A research project required. A Research Project Specific to Canada - A Researcher And Reviewer Wanted A researcher in computer science - A resolution modeled after a UN resolution a resource to help me develop an online scheduling software - a responsive html website design A responsive Java Script Bar Graph - a responsive website a responsive website - A restaurant app for iOS and Android(ideally) A restaurant App in Ionic framework with Backend CMS - A RESTful API A RESTful API class (in PHP) - A retail box designed for a children's product A retail box designed for a children's product - A Reversible Iterator for Binary Search Trees (Java) A review and planning event online - A review on the effects of child poverty essay* A review page with full Tripadvisor API Integration - A REWARD SITE A rewards program for my wordpress themed website - A RISKLESS, LONG TERM BUSINESS A river logo - A robotic project with C++ programming skills A robust algorithm for text detection in complex background images - A rooster logo A ROR simple Crawler - A Royal Affair - Logo Design a royalty free custom art work for youtube - A Russian translator A Russian translator - A sales deck for a feature film project A sales deck for a feature film project -- 2 - A sales person to assist in securing funding A sales person to sell our service offering to prospective clients - A salesman