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AN ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY TO THE LOST WORLD - An advertising method cheap and efficient targeting UK consumers An advertising PowerPoint presentation - An affiliate generator script An Affiliate Login Site Powered by a MYSQL Database - an aged deal sites Account An agency (a Ltd company) for Hi-Level websites develop & software - or long bussiness terms - An alarm application for windows phone An alarm application for windows phone. - an algorithm on image processing using xilinx system generator using tool discrete wavelet transform an algorithm on image processing using xilinx system generator using tool discrete wavelet transform - open to bidding - An ALPACA children's jigsaw puzzle image needed An already done project - An Amazing Photoshopper I Have A Big Budget An amazing PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITER - An analog wall clock to be programmed An analysis and correction of a Turkish economic crisis - An Analysis of effectiveness of workers progress with increasing Organizational overall sales: Based on TESCO Analysis An Analysis of environmental factors that impact Foreign Direct Investment in Cameroon. - An Andriod App that tracks couriers in the traffic with live maps An Andriod application - An android and iOS app An android and ios app for mobile, phones and tablets, ui, ux, - An Android App An Android App - An Android App - open to bidding An Android App - open to bidding - An Android app for designing an article An Android App for downloading music and play - an android app for truck management system An android app in 10 days - An android app that I could make money off. An android app that kan access several Oracle and Mysql databases - An Android app with knowledge of OpenCV An android app with two activities - An Android application An Android application - An android application for school listing An android application for survey. - An Android Application to take Order running on Different TABS. An android application to teach dyslexic children age 5-11 how to read or encourager reading and spelling - An Android based smart phone application for agricultural assistance An Android based smart phone application for agricultural assistance and Former Market - An android front end with Instagram API (authorization and public_content) An Android function - Horizontal Wheelspinner - An android programmer and simulator developer. An android project - An android video streaming app to build An android video streaming app to build - google play market - an animated 2D mechanical drawing from attachments - ongoing work An animated 3 min video - an animated intro An animated intro sequence for a gaming Youtube Channel - An animated product inroduction video An animated short movie / cartoon - An animated video year book An animated wedding video - An animation game is to be programmed. An animation game is to be programmed. - open to bidding - an animation video An animation video - very small about 2 - 3 min. - an animator that can create game to be played on jumbotrons in major venues An animator that knows how to create animatons and put them together to make a moving picture. - An Announcement Disseminator Device That Can Send Message to Nearby Mobile Phones An announcement newsletter / mail re-writing - An apartment Desgin An apartment app - An App An App - An app An App iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android - An app compatible with iPhone and Android An App created for iPhone - an app developer An app developer from Bahrain - An App for Android TV Boxes an app for Android, Google Play Store, Iphone - An app for ios An app for iOS - a game of taking pictures - An app for iPhone/IPad - open to bidding an app for iPhones and Android phone - An app for people to hire hairdressers, make up artists etc to do the job at their home - repost An app for performance - An App hat I would like too discuss over the phone for security reasons. An app having effects on camera for selfie purpose - An App Like Instagram But For A Much Smaller User Base An app like instagram with 3 versions. iPhone,Android and windows - an app line LINE app for the iphone An app linked to a buy and sell facebook group. - an app programmer An App programmer that can write the program for APPLE and for ANDROID. This is a specific app that I thought of. - an app similar to waze An App Similar to WhatsApp - An App that install an on-demand fake vpn profile that i can block custom URL´s An app that is just like Tinder - An app that we can sell electronic things online An app that where i can send render files and be able to look at them in augmented reality. - An app to conduct site surveys and to produce a quotation and email it to the customer onsite An app to connect with people around - An App to sign, Send and receive Faxes. An app to test knowledge - An app where people can save there favourite youtube bloggers An app where people can sell and buy goods between each other for both iOS and Android (tablets and smartphones) - an app working in ios and android An app. - An application An application - An Application for android systems (for tablet pc's like IPAD and competitors) An application for communicaton somewhat like WhatsApp, Telegram with modifications - An Application for FACEBOOK An application for facial recognition - An application for voice frequency analysis AN application for website - an application that allows users to monitor the performance of laptop batteries An application that can be able to connect to Server (Client)/ Start Server (Server) and also share a file blw Client's Folderand Server's Folder.should be able to Send a file and send chat msg - An application to catch real time data which is send by a computer software such as time, weight, name etc.. An application to display a webpage in fullscreen - An application which is totally next gen UI and UX, will be used by teacher and students. Easy touch and go application.Have to design the UI and UX along with the navigation and then develop the application. An application who read SWF Arrays - An approximated Rectangular function with sharp edges on the expense of ripples An approximately 100 page ebook on leadership - An arabic logo for an islamic Q&A website An Arabic magazine style website in wordpress.. - An architect to design my martial arts studio. -- 2 An architect to draw up plans for an addition added to the house. - An Arduino sketch using 5" ITDB02 LCD board -- 2 An Arduino UNO sketch to drive 4 stepper motor drivers & create simple input file - An article an Article - An article about dog abuse in Asia -- 2 An article about dog abuse in Asia -- 3 - An Article about me was on wikipedia for 2 years before being hijacked and taken down. Now it says it's a sock puppet An article about my boss - an article conclusion an article critique - An article of 500 words An article of about 300 words - An article on Product Description An article on security.... - An article Series (3 to 4 articles) for developing an online Shopping Store using ASP.NET MVC, C# an article setting facts straight - An article writer is required for Rent a car (deadline 3 hours) An Article Writer is required URGENTLY - An Article Writter Required! an article(s) in a newspaper or other source that illustrates tension between the states and the federal government over an issue of public policy or a proposed regulation - An artist - oil painting
An Artist - preferably in Christchurch, NZ - an artist to draw a series of detailed images An artist to draw cartoon or anime characters. - An artist to take my drawing and turn it into my logo. An artist to take my sketched logo design and possibly improve it, while making it digitized. - An artists impression of a restaurant conversion An as built drawing - An ASP.NET, MS-SQL and AJAX web application project An ASP/mySQL script needs fixing - An assignment completed at 1st class quality An assignment for Academicintegrit - An assignment on Assembly Language - ARC - repost An Assignment on C language - An assistant an assistant - an assistant to post on my business social media and promote by products on the platform AN ASSISTANT TO WORK 3 DAYS A WEEK IN MY BUSINESS - an attractive style needed An Attractive website for a Nature Park - An Audio CD Question An audio engineer - An Augmented Reality Animated/3D Futuristic Video an augmented reality aplication - An Auto Galery Web site An Auto Hot Key Macro - An Autocad project An Autocad project - An Automated system to generate a site map for Google. An automated way of checking if websites are mobile friendly - An Automator or Itunes Script that organises my iTunes Movies An Automator Script or any small MAX OS app to Verify Folders for certain criteria - An awards ceremony, need shots of award winners and general crowd An aware consumer - An camera app which can have location, Comments, Projects Code, Date and Time Stamp An Candle, with Adobe Photoshop - An database-driven information website An design for manufacture and patent. - An E commerce Website An E commerce Website - An e-commerce based website made by CS cart An e-commerce marketplace similar to - An e-commerce website An e-commerce website - open to bidding - An E-Mail Client with Spam filtering and security mechanisms an E-newsletter mailing program - An easy data entry work An easy desktop application - An easy java script prototype An easy job - An easy PHP Bug Fix - repost An Easy PHP homework help - only few lines of code needed - An easy task for every ONE An Easy task for php experts | add a report to a script - an easy work for you an easy work for you - An Ebay-like Joomla Component An eBoard System for Management of Board Meetings - an ebook cover an ebook cover - An ebook on Bruce Lee An Ebook on Dog Food - An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers - open to bidding an ebook to translate from french to english - an ecommerce site An ecommerce site for home delivery for a restarunt chain - An ecommerce website - open to bidding An eCommerce website built for a business owner within the hot tub industry - An economic analysis of an investment project. An economic assignment - An editor / copyeditor An editor / copyeditor - An Editor like Polyvore An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. - An Education Portal an education project - An Effective Way to You An efficiency tracking wireless power transfer system - An elearning system an elearning system - An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments - An elegant image for a spa wall An elegant logo - An email program. An email promoting our upcoming tryouts - An Embedded Systems Design for Biometric-Based Anti-Rigging Voting Scheme An embedded systems project for real time audio file processing. - An Employment Site An Employment Site -for german market - An engineer knowledgeable about 1970s jukeboxes An engineer to aprove a site project - an engineer who has designed circuit boards with accelerometer an engineer who knows about air compressors and c02. - An English Conversation used in daily life. AN ENGLISH CV - An English teacher to help write ghost write 200 word meanings for 10 year old kids An English typist with speed at least 90 wpm - an entire computer program developed utilising 3D scanning to generate a 3D model of scanned persons An entire website - An equity-based crowd-funding platform An erotic photo web site - an essay an essay - An essay about reputation of a Norwegian Company An essay about Socrates needed - an essay of 1000 to 1500 words an essay of 2500 words on " Impact of cyber warfare to the ministry of defence" - an essay qbout an addiction an essay question that needs to be answered in 2,000 words - An Evaluation And Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Required) An Evaluation of Financial and Business Performance of Wal-Mart for the 3 financial year(latest financial statement) - an event planner website using An event plugin customization - AN EVIEWS PROJECT FOR USD 400 -- 3 An exact site like - An Excel Data Entry Form one page an excel data entry job - An excel Macro to import from notepad and perform various analysis An Excel or Google Sheet like system that works on server only has no speed limits - An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs An excel template which enable me to update data on monthly basis with dynamic graphs - An excellent design of house An excellent designer required - An exchange website like An exciting Academic Writing Taskc - An executive biography. An executive brief on the subject of franchising as an investment vehicle and career option - an existing logo has to be put on "transparent" An existing mobile movie trivia game need a fun and cool UI - An expanded illustration set drawn in the same style as the original set An Experience Blogger - An experienced communicative Editor to do 2 rounds of editing on a new book about endometriosis of about 20,000 words ASAP please An experienced consultant who understands the complexities of applying for Tier 2 and Tier 5 UK working visas - an experienced marketing consultant An experienced marketing individual having worked in or working in the Marine Oil & Gas Market World Wide. - An experienced SEO professional An Experienced SEO Writer - an experienced, local, freelancer graphic designer An Experienced, Qualified Network Engineer. - An expert educational technology consultant – IT background an expert Engineering writer - An expert in dataming to do test in any robotic dataset An expert in dataming to do testing in any robotic dataset - An expert in professional powerpoint slides presentation An expert in selling on Amazon - An expert in website hacking