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Create custom page for existing wordpress template - Create custom PHP poll/voting module for existing website Create Custom Php ProxyJudge URL - Create Custom Post Type Template for our WordPress Website Create Custom Post types and Design Archive Page with list view - Create custom report from moodle database Create Custom Reporting VBScript - Create Custom Search for Website PHP Create custom search form in WP - Create Custom Slider - Wordpress Plugin Create Custom Snapchat QR Code Design - Create custom templates for Modern Tribes Event Calendar WordPress Plugin Create custom templates for the WHMCS (whmcs.com) system. - Create custom Videos for us Create CUSTOM VISUAL COMPOSER EXTENSION on Bridge (WordPress) Theme - Create custom Windows 8 Pro image files - WMI / WIM Create Custom Wodpress Widget - Create Custom WordPress Plugin Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create custom Wordpress theme Create custom wordpress theme - Create Custom, Back-Office Dashboard for Clients Create Custome Bread Crumbs for Wp Page - Create Customised Header for WordPress Blog Create customised menu in wordpress - Create customized parsing routines for gathering information Create Customized Perl and Associated CPAN Modules SPEC Files (RPM Building) - Create cute pet icons based on attached Create cute/kawaii monster design - Create daily report through Stored Procedure save in local folder -- 2 Create Daily RSS Feed of www.fbo.gov Opportunities from Selected NAICS classification codes - Create data aggregation php script Create data aggregation php script. - Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost - Create Data Scraping Macro Create Data Scraping Software - create database create database - create database and install phpmyadmin create database and link it to the website - Create database for e-mailing Create Database for Event Management Company - Create database model for iOS application Create Database Model for MySQL Database - Create database of games for users to interact with (Wordpress Site) Create Database of General Contractors - Create database table and integrate it in a php site create database tables in sqlserver for about 50 tables - Create Database/Site Integration Create database/SQL dump file automatic import into database - Create datepicker -- 2 Create datepicker -- 3 - Create dB meters for MP3 player Create db query in asp & add password retrieval function to asp page - Create decryptor and encryptor software for .db file create deep house remix of a song - Create Demo Catering Website - WordPress & Copywriting Create Demo Content For Kid's Website - Create dental software Create dependent drop down list using AJAX, PHP and MySQL. - create design and build website [fixed price] Create design and functional and technical specification based on an existing project - Create design for app / Crear diseño para aplicacion Create Design for box packaging - Create design for web site create design for web site - Create Design shopify Create design template phpvibe - create designs to used as stickers from a website logo Create designs/mockups for components of a web application - Create detailed 2D manufacturing drawings from SW CAD models. Create detailed 3D model of camping tent - Create Devexpress screen Create device similar to shopkick - Create Diary Application for Android Create Diary Image - Create different sizes for 10 banner designs Create different sizes for 27 banner designs - Create Digital Magazine Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Create digital menu from existing design - Create Direct Response Advertorials Create directories/Set access rights on them - Create discount image for popup Create discount system in webshop - Create DL size flyer create DLL - Create DNN website for static pages Create DNN website for static pages quick time - Create Documentary video Create documentation or Assignments for HND and Degree IT students - Create DOM without visible ocx/dll create domain - Create DOT NET program based on old program done vb6 c++ 3 Create DOT NET program based on old program done vb6 c++ 4 - Create Draft Listings on a new Etsy shop - Repost - open to bidding Create Draft Wordpress Blog Posts from Given Content - Create drawings for website and flyers Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create Droid App to duplicate iPhone App Create Drone Website and data base - Create Drupal 7 extended User profile PLUS individual Profile template by .html template Create Drupal 7 module from existing short php code - create drupal shopping cart Create Drupal site - Create Drupal video tutorial - recorded with Camtasia movie capture. Create Drupal View - create duplicate images
create duplicate images one in black/white and one in color - Create dwg and pdf floor plans for a building based on rough sketches Create DWG editable files from two images of a Floorplan (one is PDF, the other is PNG) - Create Dynamic email template Create Dynamic Excel Form - Create dynamic order number Create dynamic page content for wesbite - Create Dynamic Site with PDF Manipulation Create dynamic Sitemap, Simply member URLs for Community website - Create dynamic webpage to monitor changing MySQL COUNTs -- 2 Create Dynamic Website - Create e m a i l addresses Create E Marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal - create e-commerce site Create E-Commerce site in AJAX from existing MySQL database - Create E-mail Compaigns Create e-mail copying Powerpoint textbox - Create ea for MT4, and similar for TradeStation Create ea for MT4, and similar for TradeStation, including automatic trendline - Create easy interactive map for wordpress Create easy interactive map for wordpress video site - 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Create English Version of Website Create English Version of Website (translated text already available) - Create EPS version of logo Create EPS, PSD and AI image from PNG that can scale - Create escape games for us Create escape games for us -- 2 - Create even page Create evening view from a day view 3D rendering by using photoshop - Create Events Module for PHPFox (Hourly) Create Events Section for Brooklyn-based Website - Create Excel / Google Sheets Spreadsheet and Custom Quickbooks Invoice Create Excel / Google Sheets Spreadsheet and Custom Quickbooks Invoice -- 2 - Create Excel Dashboard - Repost Create Excel Dashboard - Repost - open to bidding - Create Excel document - open to bidding Create excel document based on information found on website - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create Excel file of Music Database from Musicbrainz.org Create excel file of products from several websites - create excel formulas Create Excel Formulas - Mechanical Equation. - 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Create Facebook-like Photo Gallery Feature on Current Site Create Facebook/9GAG accounts - Create fake photo's Create fake transcript for Indian college - Create FAQ Video Create FAQ Videos For my website - Create Faxing/emailing of forms capability on our site. Create fb acc - Create Featured images for Our Blogs. Create Featured Images From Videos in Wordpress Blog - create female create female - open to bidding - create few langguges versions for JOOMLA WEBSITE