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Create GUI and prepare reports from mySQL - Repost - Create Gumtree script Create gym exercises illustration images - Create hashtable Create Hat Templates for A website - Create header and menu orizontal Create Header Banner & 3 Graphic Text Banners for Slideshows - Create headlines and format web pages Create Health / Fitness / Mommy Blog Content - Create Help Icons Create help manual for software application using provided tools and information - Create High and Low Socks Designs into Template AI Create High Click-Through Banner - Create High Quality Explainer Video Create high quality explainer video for an App with in-app video footage. - Create high quality, short videos to be used throughout social media to raise our company's profile. Create high res file for existing namecard design - Create High Resolution Logo from Existing Design create high resolution logo from original - Create Hikvision H.264 video stream Create Hindi Joke Video Less then 1 Minutes - Create home page Create Home Page & eCommerce Inner Page Template - Create Home Template for Multi Category Content ( Ex: Yahoo ) create home video - Create hooks for a Windows app Create hooks for Windows desktop application - Create hotel booking for online travel agency Create Hotel CMS with reservation system - Create How To Videos Create How To videos - Create HTML Create Html - Create HTML 5 responsive landing page CREATE HTML 5 VIDEO PLAYER PAGE - Create HTML Code create html code - Create HTML eBay Listing Create HTML eBay product page - Create HTML Email Signature Create HTML Email signature - Create html email templates Create html email with proven lead conv success and integrate paypal pro in website - Create HTML for newsletters Create HTML for payroll website - Create HTML from InDesign Create HTML from InDesign - repost - Create html from PSD - fsbo Create HTML from PSD / PDF - Create HTML Mailers Create HTML marketing email for instructional seminar - Create HTML OPT IN FORM FOR FACEBOOK TAB Create HTML or Excel reports based on 4 text files - Create HTML page with Javascript menu Create HTML Page with popup box using jQuery - create html pages, must be responsive and user friendly Create HTML PHP Mobile site pages - Create HTML table from Google Spreadsheet Database Create html table from image - Create HTML Template from Freehand File 3 (Giraffe) Create html Template from image and fix esiting css isssues on site - Create HTML websit Create HTML website - Create HTML/CSS for mobile optimized site from mockups create html/css from a PSD file - Create HTML/CSS template from PSD files and design guide Create HTML/CSS template from PSD for 1 Profile Page in a Drupal Site - create html5 animation Create HTML5 Animation - Create HTML5 input control Create HTML5 Interface - Create HTML5 Video Player For FB Create html5 video with flash fallback - Create human shadow 15 seconds scary video Create humorous 3 min. animated video - Create HYIP Site Create HYIP Website and Script Manager - Create Icon and Stickers images from images in FLA Create Icon and Banner for Twitter - Create Icons Create Icons - create icons for vbulletin forum Create icons from our logo - create ie functionality as plugin Create IE Toolbar - Create illustration for the site Create illustration for website - Create illustrations for blog articles Create Illustrations for blogs and website - Create illustrator font file Create Illustrator Image - Create image - Sparklin create image 20 x 20 opacity 80 and solve phpmyadmin error ( no privileges) can not create database - Create image for short story Create Image for support landing page - Create Image Map on Wordpress Page Create Image mapping software - Create Image Variations with Photoshop Actions Create Image with Photoshop (beach) - Create Images and Upload Products to Magento - 200 products + attributes of 6 each create images and videos - Create Images for New Website Create images for our website - Create images to the exact specs as the ones on this site Create Images to use in a site - create import/export excel file function to existing parcel tracking software -- 2 Create import/export script from and to MySQL databases - Create InDesign Book Cover from Photoshop Graphics Create Indesign document - Create indicator ProRealTime Create indicator with alert - create info videos for our new medical youtube channel Create Info-graphics about breastfeeding - Create infographic to display health issues associated with cell phone radiation Create infographic Video - Create Information System Website Create information videos - Create Inside Pages of My Website Create inside, optimized pages for Word Press website - easy job! - Create Instagram Quotes and Ads Create Instagram related app - Create Installation package for a QT application Create Installation package for a QT application under Linux and Mac - Create Installers for 2 Programs (using Install Shield) Create Installers for my 2 part simple PHP script + modify one section - create instrument files for pymeasure Create instrumental music - Create Interactive & Printable PDF form create interactive (html5) infographic - Create interactive form with payment plugin -- 2 create interactive form-editor for Wordpress plugin - Create interactive online form based on Google App Script Create interactive online form based on Google App Script - repost - Create interactive web-based training modules teaching how to use web applications using Adobe Captivate for development Create interactive webpage for record label - Create Interior Package Design Create Interior Page Design for Joomla Template Based Site - create interview questions and answers for nuclear energy interview create interview questions and answers for writing a book targeting social change - Create intro video create intro video - Create Inventory and SO Tracking Software from Formulated Excel Sheet as Rubric (VB, C++ etc.) Create inventory control System app for Pyrotechnics - Create invoice system in excel create invoice template excel - Create iOS & android app
Create IOS & Android app for existing eCommerce site - (REP : BOOKS) - Create ios and android Tinder App copy win twist Create IOS and Androied APP for existing Shopping cart -- 2 - Create IOS APP of existing portfolio website. Create iOS app of TreeSketch algorithm for shortest paths in large graphs - Create iOS Form Based On Existing Web Form Create ios framework - Create iOS version of existing Android App create ios version of existing android app - Create iPad app that opens HTML5 whmcs template create IPAD application. - create iphone an or android app with 5 pages Create Iphone and Adroid - Create iPhone and Android game application Create iPhone and Android Mobile Application - create iphone app Create iPhone App "MindSignal" - Create iPhone App like the reference app create iPhone app of blog - Create iPhone Application for website create iPhone application Like idownloader - Create iPhone Programming Video Tutorials Create iphone prototype based on Illustrator File - Create iPhone/Android Demo App from Prototypes Create iPhone/Android game - Create IT company logo Create IT company Logo - Create J Query Map Create J2ME application of FireArms - Create Java Code for Adobe Acrobat create java code to transform ANTLR tree to XML - Create Java Project with SOA Create java QCM of 50 questions - Create javascript applet for emailing purposes.. Create Javascript Array from Object Data - Create Javascript from existing Applescript Create Javascript function like included website - Create javascript to re-write CSS on an iframe Create Javascript to submit values to a website. - Create Job Board Page Create Job Board/Portal (Wordpress) - Create Joomla 1.5 Template Create Joomla 1.5 template - create joomla 3.4 template create joomla 3.5.1 responsive template - Create Joomla components and work on previous buggy ones. Create Joomla Composant - Create Joomla Module Create Joomla module - Create JOOMLA site Create Joomla site - Create Joomla Template Create Joomla Template - Create Joomla Template either from PSD or static HTML Create Joomla template for HTML website - Create Joomla templates from PSD Create joomla templates out of psd file - Create Joomla Website with Yootheme Template (Air) Create Joomla Website(s) from scratch in version 3.X - create jquery animated proggras bar Create jQuery application (Admin panel) - Create JS file Create js function to post in fb closed groups (dont use sdk) - Create Karaoke And Score Vocals - Rehire Create KendoUI cascading DropDownList - binding to XML - Create Kid's Toy/Novelty Design Prototype! Create Kids Camp Logo - Create KMZ file/links (google earth) for a few coordinates Create Knowledge Base in Zen Desk - Create Label for product with our logo (supplied) Create Label from Product Mockup - Create Landing Page Create Landing Page - create landing page create landing page - Create landing page for Facebook page Create Landing page for Facebook, link skype, twitter and linkedin to my facebook - Create landing page to drive traffic to website from online ads Create Landing Page to meet Google Requirements - Create landing pages for 2 twitter accounts and 2 facebook pages Create Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing - Create Landscape Images Create Landscape Park Design via AutoCad - Create latex template Create Launch Page Using Launchrock - Create Layout For Bottle Label Create layout for brochures for printing with crop marks and bleeds - Create lead list of stores in excel Create Lead Management Software - Create Leap Capture Page - (EASY JOB) Create Leap Motion app inside Unity 3D - Create letter X image Create Letter, Number and Symbol Set of Images In Photoshop(Very Easy) - Create Licensing System for Wordpress Plugin create licsense system to protect scripts from theives. - Create Limited time offer pluggin for existing wordpress portal and exitisting feature offer! Create Limited time offer pluggin for existing wordpress portal! - Create link between Tour CMS and Kashflow Create link between Wordpress user database and email system - Create LinkedIn Accounts and Add Connections Create LinkedIn Accounts and Add Connections -- 2 - Create Links on 80 sites Create links on a Wordpress site - Create Linux VM, install kismet and other software Create lipa na Mpeasa Magento payment module - Create list of Annotated Audio databases. Create List of APN Partners from AWS Website - Create list of from/to URL 301-redirects Create list of gastroenterology doctors in Kansas from a website around 250 entries - Create list of URLs from Web site Create List videos (Countdown Videos for YouTube) - Create litle webscript for download from view-source and save in excel Create little game with Facebook Login - Create live wallpaper lockscreen app Create live wallpaper of a company logo for iPhone - Create local language translation page for the site in Google Translate api Create local language translation page for the site in- Google Translate api - create log in integration Create Log-In and Register for my site - Create login for iOS mobile application (Google+ and Facebook) Create Login for site - Create Login/Logout SQL based application in .net C# using WPF Create login/profile/ and data entry portion of website - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create Logo - Create logo Create logo - create logo create logo - create logo create logo - create logo (already scribbled!) create logo (based on existing one) - Create Logo 1(repost) Create Logo 100% exactly as shown in attached draft - Create logo and design banners Create logo and design banners - Create logo and modify pictures Create logo and name - create logo and website Create logo and website design/layout - very simple, basic and clean. - Create logo based on image