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Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers ADJ Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers AER - Create simple 1D images /ebook covers(repost) Create simple 1D images /ebook covers(repost)(repost) - Create simple 2D animation videos for school Create simple 2d explainer video - Create simple 6-8 second looping animation with hashtag for holiday party Create simple 8 page website - Create simple Android App in Unity Create simple Android app that posts an image to Facebook or Twitter - Create simple animations for airplane in unity 3d Create simple Apache mod_rewrite for rewriting URLs to a new structure - CREATE SIMPLE AUTO CLICKER ADD-ON / APPLICATION / SOFTWARE Create simple auto software - Create simple blog Create simple blog - Create simple category banners for ecommerce Create Simple CcS/HTML Template for Site - Create simple css layout color combos Create Simple CSS Template Page - CREATE SIMPLE EA BASED ON CUSTOM INDICATORS PROVIDED -- 2 CREATE SIMPLE EA BASED ON DONCHIAN CHANNEL INDICATOR - Create simple facebook share using php sdk Create simple facebook share using php sdk-2 - Create simple formula to simplify LARGE number in .NET create simple free online game site - Create simple GUI for fastcopy Create simple GUI for fastcopy - repost - Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template 2nd Create simple HTML pages from PDS design - Create simple input application (access, website) Create simple input text in Wordpress-Woocommerce Admin Page - Create Simple iPhone iOS app and upload it in iTunes Create simple IPhone payment app - Create simple library cocoa framework and import into my project Create Simple Libreoffice Macro - Create simple marketing website for action - open to bidding Create simple matching 3 game using unity3d - Create simple myspace accounts Create simple MySql database for Wordpress site - Create simple page Create simple page add product PHP / MySQL - Create simple PHP script for image data for DB create simple php script to post to contact form - create simple python reader using libraries linux to read data from OBD II device Create Simple Python Scripts - Create Simple RSS to Text File PHP Script Create Simple RSS to Text File PHP Script - Create Simple Shell Script (Ubuntu) (Report) Create simple short amateur video - Create Simple Student and Teacher Attendance Management Software (barcode) Create simple supplier/product database in MSAccess 2007 - Create Simple user interface to retrieve SQL Data Create simple user management PHP / MySQL - create simple web browser with idm create Simple Web Cache Server Program using java - Create simple Website Create simple website - create simple website template-urgent Create simple website to compare ebook prices - Create Simple Wordpress blog Create simple wordpress library theme - Create Simple WP Plugin Create simple WP Plugin - Create simulation of card game Baccarat. - Java Create simulation of people falling on alpha background - Create single page Asp.Net Application with eye caching UI design and Responsive create single page for my existing website - Create single website with data form (sign up form) for an alumni network Create single WP responsive landing page - Create site as Appshopper / Apple affiliated site Create site based on weather feed - Create Site from template Create Site from Template 2 - Create SITE MAP to help search engines find all my pages Create site map with purchased Magento template theme - Create site using jaiku open source script Create Site using WordPress. - Create sitemap and provide SEO tips\ techniques for the site Create sitemap and submit to Google and other SEs - Create skeleton project specifications Create skeleton project specifications - open to bidding - Create Slide jQuery Create Slide Show - Create Slideshow Create slideshow & embed to an existing website - CREATE SMALL 2-4 PAGE WEBSITE IN PHP/JAVASCRIPT Create small 3D model in sketchup from PDF - Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services - repost - Create small facebook banners for facebook posts Create small Flash Intro using given graphics and storyboard - Create small modular system for work in progress [NDA required] Create small movie with After Effects - Create Small Upload Script create small videos - Create Smart City presentation Create smart contracts based on bitcoin blockchain verification for escrow type transactions - Create Smm service panel create SMO accounts on 90+ accounts - create snapchat geofilter for my food business Create Snapchat Mass Friend Adder - Create social cover photos and profile pictures. Create social cum pic-upload website - Create Social Media Analytics - Aggragate Details - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Reddit, Soundcloud. Create Social Media Apps for ( Android and IOS ) - Create Social Media Post Ideas Create social media posts - create social network Create social network (private project) - Create Social Networking site using dolphin boonex platform Create social networking site using drupal - Create Soft Format of Hardcopy Letterhead Create soft keyboard for Android - create Software and some bug fixing Create Software Application for LED Display Control System - Create software for raspberry-pi create software for Restaurant Menu - Create software requirement specification for a web application Create Software Requirements Specification (SRS) based on a current auction website - Create software to send automatic messages on website Create Software To Send PMs In vBulletin Forums. - Create sold out badge woocommerce create solid color vector - Create solution to find social profiles associated with email Create solution to resolve duplicate content. - Create Some Advertising Pictures for me Create some algorithm for Game Application - Create some banners of existing logos Create some banners/buttons for a website - Create some classes in C++ Create some Cloud based horse business Software - Create some ebay ads using templates and basic photo editing Create some ebooks on Australian horse racing / sports betting - Create some game based on some scenario need SQL server with unity OS with C++ or VB Create some gif animated weather icons - Create some icons (should be creative) Create some icons for - Create some Javascript with's API Create some Javascript with's API - repost - Create some movie related images. Create some myspace accounts for project - Create some phrases for an iPhone photo app Create some phrases for an iPhone photo app that people will mimic - Create Some Responsive Wordpress Template Create some responsive styles for a web - Create some social media account
Create some Software - Create some video graphics (indians only) Create Some Videos - Create something like, or Create something Like for live streaming - Create Sound F/X for Kids Game - Repost Create Sound F/X for Kids Games - Create SpamAssassin plugin Create spanish directories in Magic Submitter - Create specification document for mobile app development Create specifications for project: system cleaner - Create split screen in Final cut&pro Create split screen in Final cut&pro -- 2 - Create spreadsheet based on real estate directory Create spreadsheet container data sourced online - Create Spreadsheet of Contact Info from Scanned Document - URGENT IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED Create spreadsheet of contacts - easy - Create Spriter animation sample of cocos2d-x create sprites for 10 image - Create SQL query Create SQL query - Create squeeze page for wordpress website create squeeze page. - Create SSO link on wordpress site with ASMX Create SSRS Orchard Module - create standard operating procedures Create standings page and fix coding - Create Static HTML Pages from MS-SQL database Create static HTML/CSS page from screenshot - Create statistics - URGENT! Create statistics - URGENT! - repost - create stl file for 3D printing Create STL file for outdoor enclosure - 2 parts - Create Store Invitation (Private Project for Whizzdesign) Create Store Locator - Create StoryBrancher Article on Stereopticons and Bowler Hats Create Storytelling illustrations - Create Stunning Background for Website Create Stunning Facebook fanpages for local business - create sub forum functionality create sub menu for this escort software - Create subdomain website - open to bidding Create Subdomain when a user registers - PHP - Create Subtitle SRT file of Chinese subtitles Create subtitle with timecode SRT in Japanese - Create Super Simple iPhone Drawing App Create Super Skins of 7 apps - CREATE SURVEY IN ASP Create survey on survey monkey - Create Swahili Language Lesson/Course Plan Create swap card animation - Create Syspro erd Create System Analyst Q&A quiz - Create Tab Menu in HTML create tab menu, half hour work, php javascript - Create table from XML file create table in indesign - create tables and make 10 quires in oracle 10 g sql and interface design Create tables and Write PL /SQL's as per the requirment - Create tag as a vector file Create tag filtered portfolio on current wordpress theme! - Create Tax Forms in Reporting Software - Repost -- 2 Create Tax Service Web Site - Create technical content Create technical content -- 2 - Create Template and email template for Crowdfunding Platform Create Template and forms to integrate in my website. - create template for design (hhgs) Create Template For eBAy - Create template for use on an iPad Create template for use on an iPad - Create template page for Wordpress Create Template report from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet - Create Templates for web service promotion Create templates from PHP software - Create Test Ads in to identify bugs/mistakes Create test application - Create testimonial videos Create Testimonials Template Page from Existing Templates - Create text out of colored pixels (div with bg color) Create text sync animation in After Effects - Create textures for a unity3d model Create Textures for Sketchup from Photographs - Create the backend of my online site Create the backend of my online site - repost - Create the content for a Ebook Online Conversion Site Create the Content for GetRightToGo - Create the foundation of a reddit-type website. CREATE THE FRENCH VERSION OF A WEB PAGE - Create the Label for my Bottled Product Create the last 300 email Accounts - Create the Name for the product. Naming and branding. Create the name of the company - Create the same image, erasing the personal information. Easy Excel/Photoshop/ job Create the same site - Create the static Front End Website & ONE Admin control panel using BOOTSTRAP 3 Create the success formula for 1 minute video documentaries - Create the Wireframes of an existing website responsive Desktop-Mobile Create the Woocommerce order import Java library - create theme for web app Create Theme for Wordpress and Prestashop -.-.- Crear Theme para Wordpress y Prestashop - create thin and fat version of a woman profile picture - very high quality - repost Create ThinkOrSwim scripts for trading-system rules/logic - Create this program Create this program but donot use scanf - Create three buttons on the top bar of an application Create Three Case Studies - Create Three Reports Using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers Create three rooms with and without furniture - create thumbnail from videos Create Thumbnail Function - Create Ticker Create Ticker and install - Create timetable / calendar / schedule view in Crystal Reports create timetable in Javascript small work - Create tizen tv app project with hls streaming player Create tmplate/theme for Quick.Cart software - Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) Create tool to generate valid shsh blob for 5.1.1 ios - Create Top Navigation for Android App Create Top Pages Script - Create tracker for members create tracker to my own site - Create traffic to my webpage create traffic to my website - create transaction by api Create transcoding virtual machine - Create Transparent Background for 5 Images Create transparent background for a number of images - Create travel sites with wp design in 9 languages . A seperate site will be created for each language and will be imported hotels with csv files for each language Create Travel Template for AuctionPHP site - Create Trivia Questions Create trivia questions - Create Turn Around character templates for Animation Create turn based bingo like game app for android and ios - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Repost - open to bidding Create TV Ticket System - Create Twitter Ads that work create twitter and facebook profiles and add real targeted followers in both - Create Twitter streamline API to live feed TOP HASHTAGS from Saudi Arabia Create Twitter streamline API to live feed TOP HASHTAGS from Saudi Arabia - repost - Create two adverts create two adwords campaign - create two business Logos Create two business pages - Create two courses on Udemy