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Create Report - Create Report using spreadsheet Create Report with Multiple Crosstab Queries - Create reports in Access Create Reports in aspx using existing MS Access DB - Create reservation form Create reservation module for hotel under Prestashop - Create Responsive Boostrap html pages from PDF mockup Create Responsive Bootstrap 3 Templates - Create responsive email from PSD Create Responsive Email Newsletter - Create responsive HTML of site home page Create responsive HTML of site home page - Create responsive Menu In Wordpress . Urgent Task .. Create responsive menu to specific design - Create Responsive Templates Create Responsive Test Tool - Create responsive website for Smart Online Ordering Create responsive website for web and mobile - Create REST API based on postgre database Create REST API based on postgre database -- 2 - Create restriction for web page Create restuarant ordering system for website - Create Reusable Header Create reusable Latex from PDF Design - create rewrite rules for wordpress site Create RFQ Form - Create Rollover Effect in CKEditor Create rollovers - Create Rounded Box for Web News Create rounded corners for html tables using CSS - Create rss feed for around $10 Create RSS Feed for JMovies Component - Joomla 1.0 - Create RSS Feeds and iPodder interface Create RSS Feeds for Blog Categories - Create Ruby GEM that creates a PNG image using imageMagick from input values Create Ruby library for color Analysis using imagemagic - convert from existing PHP script - Create Sales and Marketing Flyers Create sales and marketing templates using Prezi - Create Sales Page + Graphics. Create Sales Page and Website Changes - Create salesforce \"package\" for adding to AppExchange Create Salesforce Custom Object and Setup Service Cloud - create sample .net pos: barcode reader and label printer create sample .net pos: barcode reader and label printer - Create Sample SAT Math Problems Create Sample SOAP Web Service .NET - Create scheduled backup of Linux Server to Amazon EC2 or similar Create Scheduled Tweets for one whole month - Create Scraper for website Home&Giftwares and Albi to our magento site Create Scraper Program - Create Screencast/Let's play for Browser Games Create Screencasting Program using- Adobe AIR /Lamp/Ajax - Create script and chrome extension create script and flash editing and joint servals files audio. - Create Script for File Printing Create script for getting and change database data on AWS. - Create Script Generator Mega.co.nz Links Create script Import to prestashop - Create Script to auto fill form Create Script to auto fill form -- 2 - Create script to image Azure Resource Model servers then restore on schedule Create script to import daliy products, quantity, attributes etc from one cart system (not magento) to Magento - Create script to Scrape information from Website -- 2 Create script to Scrape news site and write to database - Create Scripts for Auto-Populating Websites Create scripts for browsing websites - Create Search and compare hotels site (MEAN Stack). For experienced devs! create search and manager function for existing site - Create Search engine for web Create Search Engine Friendly Site Map - Create search widget for MS Access db to wordpress Create Search, Results, Details Page from external MySql and add to WordPress built website - Create Secure Login and Admin Panel Create Secure Membership Access - Create select and insert statements from a PHP associative array using multiple tables create select statmen - Create SEO ( Internet marketing) need at least 50 Good SEO Optimization videos Create seo and Internet marketing plan - Create SEO paragraphs Create SEO Plan to get number 1 google ranking for our 18 keyword pairs targeted in Brazil - Create Separate Blender Objects for a blend application Create Separate Body Parts of a Cartoon Character (Circus Dog) in Photoshop - Create server for Website change detection alerts. Responsive Web UI(Angularjs), Admin portal (bootstrap), RESTful API, Update Daemon Create Server Mirror - create set up create set up - Create several duplicate web sites Create several easy delphi reports - create several websites Create Sewing pattern - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create SharePoint GUI Query Builder Create SharePoint Install script to install Web part on WSS 3.0 - Create Shipment Method For Virtuemart (Small Project) Create Shipment order for Amazon Affiliate program in local cart & Create Shop page for vendor - Create Shop drawing & Erection Drawing with Tekla & CAD Create shop floor plan and 3D rendering - Create Shopify Site create shopify site - Create shopping cart, payment page, and duplicate Buy Now popups. Create Shopping Community For Users - Create short animation Create short animation and whiteboard explainer videos in bulk - Create short listening exercises for a business English textbook/Grabación de ejercicios de listening para libro de texto de Inglés para Negocios. Create short loop animations based in pre-existing characters and logos - Create short urls to our existing customer pages Create short VB.NET Code for Amazon MWS in German Market - Create short videos Create short videos for both products (animated and whiteboard ) - Create Shrink Sleeve Software or plugin for Adbobe Illustrator Create Shrink Sleeve Software or plugin for Adbobe Illustrator - Repost - Create Sign-Up/Registration System/Authorize.net Create sign-ups and lead for new website - Create sime CMS for a website. Create simialr website https://www.couchsurfing.org/ - Create similar iPhone (Android) VPN app Create similar iPhone (Android) VPN app - repost - Create Similar Site (Plus AdSense Revenue Share Script) create similar site as themallplus.com - Create similar Website Create similar website - create similar website: www.talabat.com create similar website: www.talabat.com & Hungry House Just Eat foodpand - Create Simple 1- Dimensional eBook Covers Create Simple 1-D e-Book Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers /correct1 Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers 2nd - Create simple 1D images /ebook covers Create simple 1D images /ebook covers(repost) - Create simple 2D animation videos for school Create simple 2d explainer video - Create simple 6-8 second looping animation with hashtag for holiday party Create simple 8 page website - Create simple android app and submit to playstore Create simple Android app from this code example - Create simple Animations Create simple Animations - create simple ASP .NET Authentication script
create simple ASP .NET Authentication script - Create Simple Betting Calculators on Wordpress Site Create simple Bitcoin-related Android App - API provided - Create simple calculations in PDF File with PDF Forms (Adobe Reader Pro) -- 2 Create Simple Camtasia Video For Me - Create Simple Countdown Script Create Simple cPanel screen record video tutorials - Create simple Dieline for snack bar Create simple directory - Create simple Export orders - PrestaShop module Create Simple Face voting system - Create simple form and sav entries to database. Output as xml/txt on web page. Create Simple Form in Wordpress - Create simple graphics for my sales letter site and to print Create simple graphics for my sales letter site and to print - Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address - Repost - Create simple information site Create Simple Informational Animated Videos - Create Simple iPhone application that performs a basic multiplication function. Create Simple iPhone Game - Create simple landing page with video player and amazon widget Create Simple Layout in CSS, picture to guide you - create simple manual for iPad case Create simple map - Create Simple Moving GIFs in Photoshop (for stickers in video app) - open to bidding Create simple moving star-field in background using CSS or jQuery (Wordpress site) - Create simple online vector design tool in paper.js or similar Create simple opensource tool - create simple php page. Create simple PHP pages - create simple product designs and checkout code Create simple product label designs for me with logo - Create Simple Responsive WordPress Voting Plugin to Work with Visual Composer Create Simple Responsive WordPress Voting Plugin to Work with Visual Composer -- 2 - Create Simple Seamless Background Graphic Create Simple Search Engine Tool - Create simple softwares to test portable Antivirus my company is developing Create Simple SolidWorks Macro - Create simple translator application Create simple Twilio app - create simple vod site Create simple volume chart in Ensign software (ESPL) - open to bidding - Create simple webpage for non-profit organization from scratch Create simple webpage for storing som simple data - Create simple website for a new trading firm Create simple website for academic journal - Create Simple Weebly Shell App Create Simple Widget in Wordpress - create simple wordpress site in french Create simple WordPress site to upload photos - create simpleagile.com website similar to canviz.com Create SimpleCart cart page on Website - Create single currency quote using multiple products sourced with different currency cost create single exe file - Create single responsive page from JPG design with Bootstrap 3 create single self-extracting .exe installation file - Create site create site - Create site for non profit organization (SPF) create site for one million twins - create site like this create site like www.activerain.com - Create Site Similar to Awardwallet.com Create site similar to ChristianSingles.com - OS code okay - Create Site/Script For Freelance Writers create site1 - Create sites in exchange for $ 6 -- 3 Create sites WHMCS & template Hostme V2 (Wordpress) - Create Skin for VB Advanced Create Skin From Current Website to be used on WordPress - Create Slider Menu Create Slider overlay with loading circle image - Create slideshow solution Create Slideshow Video - Create small AngularJS demo Create small animated gif for email signature - Create small code for wordpress create small comic book - Create Small html Site with Our Grahics Create small Icon Animations - Create small PHP/MySQL/AJAX&JQuery web application and complimentary mobile app. Create Small Platform for Online Experiments (3 pages; php, mySQL, javascript) - Create small website - no graphics needed Create small website and setup advertisement for payment - Create Smart Society Create smart Wordpress site - Create SMS Mobile Marketing System Create SMS notifications and chat rooms using Twilio - create so file for android Create SOAP based API - Create Social football Community in (Angular js, Nodejs and MongoDB) Create social fun project - Create Social Media feed for website NOT on WordPress Create Social Media for iOS and Android - Create social media profiles Create Social Media Profiles - 1 Person, 25 Sites - Create social network in Wordpress Create Social Network Intranet - Create social register/login add-on for Magento Create social security card image (png) - Create Software Create Software - Create Software Code Create software company website URGENT - Create software in 3D create software in c++ - Create software that finds corrupted PDF files in batch mode Create Software That Makes Accounts And Confirms Email Address, Uploads Bio - Create software to upload files to amazon S3, and serve them with Amazon Cloudfront securly Create software to win 1st & 2nd prizes from an online game spin egg feature - Create Solidworks Assemblies from Part Files create solidworks assembly from real parts - Create some 2D animation Create some 2d Animation videos - Create some Animation Create some animation (GIF) For social media - Create some basic reports from already existing data Create some basic shell scripts for Ubuntu backup - Create some code to embed a dynamic list of links on blogs Create some code to show profile image in header - Create some Esri mapping functionality Create some Esri mapping functionality -- 2 - Create some gif animated weather icons Create some gif animated weather icons - Create some HTML5 responsive pages using Bootstrap Create some icon / symbol images - Create some Ionic 2 / Angular 2 screens (frontend only) Create some items in my cartt - Create some mockup data Create some Mockup for me - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - Create some radio spots with already made vocals Create some ranking icons - Create some simple XML feeds for testing - repost Create some simple, elegant flash banners for my site. - Create some tool, Window Application, tool for business webstie, special module create some tutorials for elearning website - Create some xml feeds - Unix Compatible create somesoftware - Create Soso News CMS Module Create sound audio - Create SP AllItems Webpart Create SP site with dynamic workflows - Create special content news, and SEO.