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Create story outlines - Create Stripe Recurring Payment form by using Stripe Library Create strong and powerfull WordPress Theme Framework for me - Create styled accordion Create styles for page layout - Create sub-nav in html and css, fix mozilla and opera css Create Sub-Page from Existing Homepage - Create Submission Form Webpage Create Submittal software with selectable items, design interactive switches from existing images - Create Success Story Template Create successful e-commerce website - Create Supermarket and Organic Bio Shops Database Create Supermarket, Organic Bio Shops Database , Department Stores - Create svg animated pie chart Create SVG Animation - Create swf advertising and add it to Yahoo homepage Create SWF and Animated GIF from PSD - Create System Generated Emails for Website Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Create system like Site "" but for politicians. - Create Tab to show products and after select move to cart create tab when click on it to load content - create table in myphpadmin Create table in mysql database - Create Tables from Data Create tables from ER Diagram using query in Oracle Developer Days - Create Tag images Create tag page based on archive.php in wordpress custom theme - Create taxi app Create Taxi App for iOS \ Android and WEB platform - Create technical article Create technical content - Create template and convert site to joomla Create Template and email template for Crowdfunding Platform - Create template for Deal site (provide PSD) create template for design (hhgs) - Create Template for Sharepoint Intranet Create template for shop online - Create Template of PHP/Javascript Code for Popup Advertisement for Website -- 2 Create template of wordpress / Personal blog - Create templates for my restaurant Create templates for phpmyfaq and textpattern to look similar like main-site - Create Terms of Use and Privacy Create tesponsive webiste from existing site - Create test webservice with Basic Authentication and one with Token create testcases - Create text graphics as headlines for Web site Create text into smaller messages and send them as tweets - Create textured and animated 3D models for a game -- 2 Create textured cube and maze in codeblocks using open GL - Create the attached file so i can reproduce it in acard Create the Augmented Reality APP in Unity - Create the Buzz Online and social media management Create the calling script - Create the financials (balance sheet, income statement, break even and cash flow) for a fictitious startup Internet Business Create the financials (balance sheet, income statement, break even and cash flow) for a fictitious startup Internet Business - Create the index page Only Create the installer from the jar file. - Create the most advanced website on the market (i.e., electronic order forms with sophisticated features; automatic confirmation pages and E-Mails which content (e.g., text) is EDITABLE by admin; Electronic Asessments/Tests for Applicants who will be Expe Create the most advanced website on the market in which all content (i.e., text) is to be editable. Example website includes: An example website of additional features to be included is as follows: Slides must be - Create the product keyword / tag for searching jewelry item on market place Create the promotional video - Create the side menu on Jquery mobile, CSS, HTML and CSS create the site and its settings for search engines - Create The Walkthrough Videos Create the web application for the stock and logistic features. - Create theme for opencart Create theme for Opencart from PSD - Create themes page Create then populate a word template - Create this graphic in high resolution Create this for different person using my theme - Create threads on internet marketing forum! Create threads on popular forums to drive targeted traffic, get users to register as affiliates - create three JPG banner like adverts for a website CREATE THREE LIST AS IMAGE FILE TO BE DISPLAY AT 60 INCH TV - Create Three Wordpress Templates And One Custom Plugin Create three, two min animation videos - Create Thumbnails in Photoshop Create Thumbnails of 80-100 Company Logos on Transparent Background - create timecode track in QuickTime on Mac Create Timed Pop Up Window - Create Title, Description, Keywords for 15 pages Create title,keyword,description for 26 webpages - Create Tool For Upload Data From Excel Sheet To Blogger create tool guide for autoit - Create top 10 most improved stats Create top 10 most improved stats 2 - Create touch / pan scripts for Unity in Javascript. Create Touch Kiosk App - Create traffic and set up affiliate marketing program create traffic and visibility for the announcements and ads we make - Create training module of ecommerce software using robodemo Create training modules for project management online training program - Create translatable OpenERP invoice report from pdf template Create translated flash objects from the source - Create transparent version of existing logo Create Transparent Video Overlays - Create trend line indicator for mt4 Create Trendy Category Names for YouTube Videos - create Tshirt designer cscart addon Create Tshirt designs - Create Tutorial Videos for Shopify Create tutorial/demo of game app to play at beginning of app/integrate Facebook SDK to app - Create Twinkling Stars On A Company Logo Create TWiT style avatar potrait - Create Twitter following for a comedian - repost create twitter following for flaunter - repost - Create two 2D Animations - Chibi style Create Two 2D Cartoon Sprite Sheet - Create two background images to match a IPB forum skin Create two banner sets - static and animated GIF - Create two Counter Strike: Global Offensive maps Create two courses on Udemy - Create TWO Fancy Websites Create TWO Fancy Websites - Create two HTML5/CSS3 pages create two icons to represent two applications on my site - create two logos for me Create two Logos with PSD sources for Education theme. - create two pages Create Two Pages by Modelling Existing Page: Content Provided - Create two registration forms for Joomla website Create Two Responsive Contact Forms for a Big Commerce Template - Create two simple calendars with admin, link to contact form Create two simple cartoon charaters of photos. - Create two SVG files Create two table in sqlite - Create two web forms from PDF - open to bidding Create two web pages to append to current site - create two youtube thumbnail images Create two-character hotkeys in Javascript - Create Ubuntu 9.10 package for GIS MySql Create ubuntu ami !urgent! - Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF -- 2 Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF in C# - Create UML diagrams for my MVC structured website Create UML diagrams from an existing android app - Create Unique Cartoon Character Create unique checkboxes for wordpress theme - create unique sitepoint ad/auction site. Create Unique Social App for us in iOS-Android - Create Unit Test Project for Existing Application Create unit tests for ongoing webapp project - Create universal free version from Paid version of app Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website - Create updates for mobile app create updates for our wordpress website (new company photos, content; links etc) - Create URL to Search Results in Spreadshirt's Flash Designer Create URL Tracker Script (PhP/MySQL) - Create USB driver for PIC micro controller
Create USB Products - Create User form Create User Form - Excel - create user management system in CI Create User Management Tool PHP/MySQL - Create User Signup Email Hosting script Create User Statistics for Laravel like Youtube - Create Users in System Create users in wordpress from customer database, then send custom welcome email - Create V7 MS28 Sprint 3 Label Translations Create Vacation Exchange Site - Create Variations of Logo for New Brand Create variations of my logo - Create VB Static HTML content page Create VB Suite Theme (Forum/Blog/CMS) - Create VB6 DLL from .java PDF stamper... create VB6 Frame OCX - Create vCard Website Template create vcc - Create Vector Butterfly graphic with transparent background Create Vector Cartoon Characters - Create Vector File used for foil printing Create Vector files - Create Vector from Raster Logo Create vector from raster logo - Create Vector illustrations Create Vector Illustrations based on JPGs of Nude Males - High Details & Shaddings - Create vector image of joker holding a microphone noose Create Vector Image of Logo - Create vector logo Create Vector Logo - $30 - Create Vector of tatoo script from Image Create vector of this diamond image - Create vectorized images Create Vectorized remotes - >>> MUST READ ALL, and see ALL pictures <<< - Create VERIFIED ebay seller account - repost Create Verified email addresses - Create very funny blogger template Create very lightweight Node server and tests in Mocha/Chai - Create very simple Node.js service Create Very Simple One HTML Page for Online Poll URGENT - Create Vide like this Create Vide like this - Create video Create video - Create Video - How It Works --- Create Video - open to bidding - Create Video Animation for Electronic Appliances Create Video Animation for Intro Video - Create video content Create Video content and orientational tour - Create video for a new website create video for a web product - Create Video for product promotion Create Video For Raising Fund for my Company - Create video graphic intro and elements for ongoing series Create Video help files for EHR / EMR software Producct - Create Video lightbox for S3bubble iframe - wordpress site Create Video like an advertisement to explain a package plan - create video portfolio with wordpress Create Video PowerPoint - create video streaming create video submission software integrated into a website - Create Video Tutorial Create Video Tutorial - Create Video Tutorials on YouTube, $5 for 10 Subscribe Create video tutorials similar to the ones on - Create video/flash to promote internet marketing website in You tube Create videogame assets - Create Videos for Meditation Music Tracks Create videos for Mortgage, Financial industry website - Create videos using camptasia -Regular work-20$ /Video -Read Instruction Create videos using Videohive templates - create VIP online dating account Create viral ad photo - CREATE VIRTUAL GAMES FOR LIVE BETTING Create Virtual Gift Icons - Create Virtuemart 3.0.6 cashenvoy payment gateway Create Virtuemart CSV Improved Options Import File for 580 Items - Create Viso's for Procurment Process Flows v2 Create Vista Compatible Setup Program for VB6 Application - Create visual storytelling to present new business idea for investors Create Visual Studio 2010 Express project for building windows binaries for asdcplib - Create VLAN on Vmware EXSI via vsphere client Create VLC Addon - Create Voices for Game Create voip app that makes free local calls - Create VPN client graphical software, based on OpenVPN, with extra functions. Create VPN client with custom options - Create VW Home Page Using Template Create VW Wordpress Theme, Mobile Site & Database - Create water trail effect Create water trail effect - repost - Create web 2.0 design for Proxy Web Sites xhtml / css (repost) Create Web 2.0 drag and Drop site - Create web app inc. U.I. with visual database from supplied XLS document Create Web App MVP - Create Web Application to call a phone using VOIP (1814363) Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines - Create web based graphs dashboard Create Web Based Hangman Application - Create web copy Create Web Copy From Product Specs - create web font from svg or eps icons create web font from svg or eps icons - Create web gui que look up for astrisk. create web header image - Create web page Create web page - Create web page similar to the link Create Web page template - Create web pages with design Create web part to generate the report in SharePoint - Create Web Scrappers Create Web Scrappers -- 2 - Create Web Site Create Web Site - Create web site from a prototype Create web site from this mockup - create web store - open to bidding Create Web Store for Coffee Roasting Company - Create web-based Instagram scheduler Create Web-based Interactive Antenna Map using Geolocation Dataset - Create Webapp in php using Geoserver . Create Webapp in php using Geoserver . -- 2 - Create webgrid for mvc view Create Webhook for shopify - create webpage create webpage - Create Webpage Landing page for product Create webpage layouts from design - create webportal for images Create webpress website - create webshop with virtuemart Create webshortcut with icon directly - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - create website create website - create website