Каталог проектів : Change Email Credit Monthly on our Email Marketing system - change template to our site (to joomla3 or wordpress) - open to bidding

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Change Email Credit Monthly on our Email Marketing system - Change Excel caluculation on Javascript File Change Excel csv download - Change Existing html site to MODx site (it website) Change existing HTML to new HTML theme - Change existing script to make it work similar to Badoo.com Change existing SharePoint workflow - Change existing Websites Template and CLONE if possible to similar design that another website is already using... Change existing word press site - Change Fabric on Suit change fabric texture on 2d photo - Change Facebook Page Name with more than 200 Likes Change Facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes - Change Fees structure based on Payments from Stripe and Paypal Change few banners, update colors, fix mobile version on magento wesite - Change fields in existing database(repost) change fields in JS form for email report - change Files size issue Change files to another hosting account - Change Flash Code of gallery Change Flash Design with action script - Change flash site menu Change Flash Source to be re-skinned + new features required - Change font and encoding in existing Symbian open source application Change font and explain how - Change Font in pdf creation Change font in specific wordpress theme - Change font style of text in HTML input textbox dynamically change font style on PSD logo we like - change fonts on wordpress template Change fonts/colors/ sizes of things on Albedo theme - Change form field color in Oracle Application Change Form Field Color/ Upload Flash files to Volusion Website - change format pdf project for nurulamin24bd Change format to spreadsheet in Excel - Change from HTML to .tpl files CHANGE FROM HTML TO DATABASE - Change Frontend of PHP/MySQL Directory Script Change frontpage images - Change furniture layout on CAD drawing Change gallery settings (wordpress website) - Change google map theme and Category list view Change google map to custom google map (custom image) on Wordpress site - change graphic to flash file on website Change graphic user interphase PHP Javascript - Change H tag font to Lobster Change H1, H2, etc headings Dynamically on a Wordpress site - Change header and footer Change header and Footer CSS - Change header logo Change Header Logo in Metro Pro Theme (Wordpress) - Change Hello Bar for AddThis Welcome Bar Change home page - Change homepage price from $45 to $65 change homepage site look - Change how My Ninja Trader 7 strategy exits trades Change how my posts display on main page - wordpress - Change html page background image from google image search result. Change HTML page layout - Change HTML/CSS/JS Template to look like Screenshots Change HTML5 App to Native App ( IOS ) - Change id for incoming SMS CHANGE ID'S & INTERGRATE CHARTBOOST - Change Image Background Color Change Image Background color - Change Image Location Change image locations at runtime (web control) - change image sizes Change image sizes magento - Change images Change images - Change images into Silhouettes Change Images of a Copy Flash Game to Make Game Look as New and Unique - Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 e1550 - open to bidding - Change in existing app and add new feature Change in Existing Logo - change in my header slider Change in my Wordpress Template - change in the logo change in the logo - ongoing work - Change information and photo HTML Change information box/links into buttons links - change invoice layout magento Change invoice status after payment response received - Change iPin pro wordpress theme change IPs and have multiple IPs, need info - change javascript script -- 2 Change Javascript validations to Jquery - change joomla template Change Joomla Template - Change JQUERY PLUGIN Color Picker Script Change JQuery Slider to Fade - Change language in Wordpress plugin Change language in Wordpress plugin - NEED TO START NOW - Change layout and integrate Userplane InstantMessenger (IM) change layout and make images easy to upload - Change layout of an existing site Change layout of an existing website - Change layout of Word documents to match new company branding Change layout of WordPress blog - change letter head Change Letter head size - change link on button change link on flash file - Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer - Change Login Code Change Login Details App - change logo change logo - change logo and words on logo Change Logo Color - change logo font change logo fonts to match website theme Mar 06 2013 15:07:00 - Change Logo on a PDF file (700 pages) Change logo on banners. Very simple project - Change logo to say .com instead of .net Change Logo to suit company name - Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) -- 4 Change logo/documents to suit new company name - Change look And Feel of Site Change Look and Minor Modification in Webservice - Change Maelstrom front page Change magazine app framework - Change Magento products domain links Change Magento Search Box - Change mail server from Mail Scanner/Mailwatch to Baruwa - open to bidding Change mail settings - Change management at Google Change management blogs - Change map component (Google maps) - repost change map marker location - Change menu bar color, background color, menu font change menu bar with teaching included. JOOMLA - Change Menu Option in Flash Header Change Menu Placement & Header For Website - Change Mgmt Change Microsoft developer account in my Windows 8 - Change MooFlow to show iFrames Change more in my wordpress theme - Change music of video Change MVC website - Change my business to a reseller plan Change my C++ code and make it different in 3 hours - Change my existing login page inorder to adapt Metronic admin template
Change my existing logo - Change my frontpage, direct the cusomer for sale. Change my header and add one to wordpress blog - Change my Joomla 2.5 website to Responsive Template Joomla 3.x Change my Joomla admin and password via myPhp - change my look and feel Change my look from a photo and add tattoos and color my hair - Change My PHP Form Change My PHP Script / Clone - Change My Shopify Store Design change my Shopify Theme - change my upload script to convert any video file to mp4 change my upload script to convert any video file to mp4 -- 2 - Change my website domain Change my website files from .COM to .CA , .NET, .INFO Bluehost to Godaddy - Change my website to Wordpress Change my website to wordpress - change my wordpress theme -- 2 change my wordpress theme and apply rich snippets for article - change name and images of android and ios app change name and logo in PDF brochure - Change Name on SWF and Jpeg change name on template - Change Nearly Complete Flash Intro - All Source Files are Included Change need on an existing wordpress based website - Change NTSC video to PAL change nuevo player skin - change of business new marketing plan and website Change of buttons and info on sharetribe-page! - CHANGE OF FORMAT Change of graphic design - Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. -- 2 - Change of Wordpress Header/Navigation Change of wordpress login - Change on template for Zdrenga only Change on the index page (ASP)(repost) - change one page design to this change one page design to this -- 2 - change Opencart checkout process change opencart design urgent - Change orange sections of a t-shirt to yellow change order at product navigation into product page - Change osCommerce Description area Change osCommerce PriceFormatter.php file - Change our logo Change our logo add website for stickers - Change out plugins on an AngularJS site Change out templates - Change Page content Change Page Design - Change panic button application change parameter in php.ini - Change passwords Change passwords for wordpress users - CHange Payment processor from paypal to STRIPE Change Payment Processor on aMemeber Site - Change PDF document Change pdf document - Change pds in html landing page - repost Change pds in html landing page - repost 2 - change pgotograph of day planner Change Phone # and Email address on an existing PDF - Change photo in template and add newsfeed. Change photo on facebook cover SMS fairplay - Change PHP / AJAX search feature Change PHP / CSS / HTML System - Change PHP format into Excel 2007 Change PHP forms to work on new website - Change PHP settings to allow file sizes to 10 mgs Change php Shopdesign into pure html - change phplist into oempro Change Phpprobid Layout to pinterest endless scrolling layout - Change pictures layout change pictures of a design - Change PNG images position in iPhone iPad app Change PNG signature from black to blue (super tiny project) need it in 5 minutes - Change Powerpoint Presentation look Change PPM to % on Serial Monitor - change prices of 1000 products Change prices of products on our websites, everyday - Change product colors in 2 product pictures. change product colors in photoshop - Change product_info.php Layout On An Oscommerce Based Website Change profile avatar image from rectangle to circle - Change publish process on classified ad site (OSClass CMS) Change Purchased Video (HD) - Change Text - Add Music - Change Real Estate IDX Integration Services Change receipt in woocommerce for Wordpress - Change Registration to a ''2 Step Process'' Change Registration to a ''2 Step Process''(repost) - Change requests Change requests as discussed via email - Change root directory for website Change root from ip to domain for all site and links. - Change Script for our needs. Change script for SEO Url - change search behavior in a wordpress theme Change search behavior in Internet Explorer - Change SEO images from google search to current in my blog. Change SEO of a Wordpress website. - Change Shipping Settings Woocommerce Change Shipping Settings/Rates and Taxes Checkout (Woocommerce - PHP) - Change sidebar position in wordpress template Change sidebar width for wordpress - Change site code to be Web Compliant Change site colors - Change site looks to a joomla template + add a few graphics Change site on the engine KVS (kernel-video-sharing.com) - Change size left sidebar and conditional widgets change size of 10 banners from 300x250 to 600x315 - Change Skin iPhone/Android Application Change Skin of Default Prestashop Theme - Change slideshow animation from "fade" to "slide" Change sliding banner in wordpress site - Change Social Media Function to my Php codeigniter base site Change Social Media Icons - Change some code Change some code in my admin panel - Change Some Database Tables in App Change Some Database Tables in App - repost - Change some functionality on one of our websites Change some functionality on the existing pages - Change some little thing on my wordpress website (Look description and bid your real price, no negociation in message) change some misconfiguration on google cloud with ressourceSpace - Change some products info change some programing on a site - Change some text on an adobe illustrator (.ai) file change some text on mobile view magento site - Change some words on a image Change some words on a image - Change spaces in filename to dashes Change Spacing Between Nav Links Wordpress - Change status of a Prestashop order using a php script Change status Page - Change stuff on a wordpress theme CHANGE STYLE - Change sub domain website to main website in wordpress. Needs to be done within the hour Change sub titles on video - Change tags for affiliation tracking on a wordpress website Change tags in a .tif image - Change template drop down menu Change template folder path names to 20+ websites - Change template of this script Change Template of website - change template to our site (to joomla3 or wordpress) - open to bidding