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Changes-fixes on a PHP-mySQL Social networking site(repost) Changes/addition/adgestment with the website pages. Changes/Additional features for my script Changes/Additions require in my website Changes/additions Required in Symbian Mobile dialer Repost Changes/additions to access database Changes/additions to an existing dynamic flash template Changes/Additions to an Existing Visualization Changes/Additions to existing Wordpress website Changes/additions to my .Net program Changes/Additions/Modifications to existing custom WordPress sites Changes/Adjustments to Custom Events Reservation System with Team Management System Changes/adjustments to TV schedule script (XML->db->XML) changes/bug corrections for warehouse app Changes/Content adding to my website Changes/customisations to indevelopment Codigniter site Changes/Development on GPix Script PHP & HTML
changes/edits to new opencart design Changes/Enhancements to Existing PHP Project/Plugin Changes/fixes and extra add ons on Auction Website Changes/fixes for Wordpress site Changes/fixes to a joomla site with virtue mart Changes/Fixes to existing MySQL/PHP custom intranet CRM Changes/Fixes to MyResume Theme in Wordpress Changes/Fixes to MyResume Theme Wordpress Changes/Fixes to wordpress theme Changes/issues with Magento Ecommerce CHANGES/MODIFICATIONS DONE FOR WORDPRESS WEBSITE Changes/new pages to ASP site Changes/Problems with site Changes/revamp of existing website to give new looks and feels Changes/updates to a few of my sites..... Changes/updates to Magento online shop Changes/Updates to Sports website