Каталог проектів : Cleanup and template php website. - cleanup existing logo, create psd and eps file

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Cleanup and template php website. cleanup and vectorize a logo in psd to ai Cleanup App Design Cleanup Audio File Cleanup audio file Cleanup background picture Cleanup build and pHash bindings Cleanup c# code to read in a very simple data file Cleanup C++ Console Game (Visual Studio 2013 required) Cleanup CMS site CSS styles and fix a few pages Cleanup Code In Shopify Store - HTML - CSS - Javascript - Liquid Cleanup code of our website Cleanup code on our WP sites - make sure no non-core jQuery or other 'crap' loads up and check/fix theme possibly. cleanup coding on site and insure all functions well Cleanup Computer Website cleanup crew - Rank me in Top 3 for Google Cleanup css and javascript custom Tumblr theme to look similar to existing model site cleanup css and make compatible with other browsers
Cleanup CSS and Tables Design Cleanup CSS and Tables Design - repost Cleanup CSS in Webpage cleanup CSS on Wordpress site cleanup css, make footer stationery, and fix the bows untying Cleanup CSS/Formats/Fonts on Website Cleanup data in Excel cleanup database for existing website Cleanup design on wap site. Cleanup design on wap site.(repost) Cleanup directory sh script file for linux centos cleanup distorted not clear photo? Cleanup Duplicate links in joomla and check overall site for errors and consistency Cleanup Events Wordpress Site Design Cleanup Excess JavaScript From 3 Files For Drop Down Nav Cleanup existing iOS Base Application cleanup existing logo, create psd and eps file