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Cmsmadesimple integration with template - CMSMS Theme cmsms theme - CMUsed CMUSphnix Android Wrapper for Unity (Speech Detection) - CNA Leads or list CNA Training Apple and Android Apps - CNC assignment CNC AUTOMATION - CNC GCode programming. cnc hook up - CNC machining of small aluminum parts - Repost CNC machining product: LOGO - CNC programming CNC programming - Cnc Router enginer CNC Router Engraving Software Decelopment - Basic CAD & CAM & Machining Software - CND Logstics CND Pricebook - cnn project CNN proto type - co . reg . campaign CO 10 project for Vitaliia - co workers Co working - co-developer Co-Developer Needed - ASP.NET Web API/Azure - Co-Invent and Design a one-of-a-kind watchbox for a Kickstarter project Co-Marketing Logo Design - Co-ordinate schedule/work for Film Producer/Writer/Director Co-ordinate video production - Co-regitration wordpress plugin and wordpress plugin update and licensing system Co-signers and Private lenders needed - of ecommerce need of ecommerce need - CO2 Companies CO2 Critical Extraction unit for essential oils - Coach comercial / marketing para captación de clientes Coach con PNL e inteligencia emocional - Coach MK website Coach MK website(repost) - coaching Coaching - Coaching Centre Website coaching class - training - Coaching institute time table management in Microsoft Access Coaching Institute website - Coaching Sessions Coaching Sessions on Customer service in Doha - Coaching websites Coaching with Biblical Principles - cOAL mINING Coal Monitoring and Warning System using FPGA - Coast photos Coast Powersports logo - Coaster design, conceptual art/logo of Gandhi & Johnnie walker marching together - make history with your creativity Coaster templates - Coat of Arms/Crest for Medical Association Coat racking putting up in garage - Cobblestone Mill Flour - Packaging design x 6 Cobblestone Website - Cobol Cobol - COBOL ASSOGNMENT COBOL Calendar - COBOL Help Questions COBOL HELP simple program - COBOL PRogramming debug programs and correct errors. COBOL programming addon small application - COBOL Team COBOL to Fujitsu COBOL.NET - cobrança rapida cobranza castigada - CoC - An invader CoC auto donate, auto collect resources, and keep alive script - CocialFGPK Cocina - Desayunos - cockpit display simulator Cockpit for Electra 12A - Cocktails preparation community - Cocoa Custom Print Solution Cocoa Database Driven Video Player - Cocoa Programming Skills Test Cocoa screensaver ( mac os x ) - CocoMerci clothing line Cocomo II based on Fuzzy Logic designed in Matlab - cocoonjs for html games CocoonJS project - CoCos, contingent convertible bonds Cocos/Unity Game Developers Urgent! - Cocos2d export to Windows Phone Cocos2d Fluid Physics (Expert) - COCOS2D Popular Game -App Cocos2d programmer needed for Ipad / iphone / ipod touch strategy board game - Cocos2d-x expert needed Cocos2D-X Flappy Bird Game for android - Cocos2dx expert for chartboost Cocos2dx Expert Need - COD availability in india COD clan logo - Codage texte en HTML codare psd-html - code Code a google doc for me - code + links. I could do this myself, but I need it designed to use the bootstrap css files and not the css files in "imageeditfiles" CODE - API Payment Integration in Software - - DIREKT PAYMENT API - code 1 page fully designed website Code 1 page HTML / CSS / Jquery - code 2 simple c samples Code 2 simple emails to HTML - Code 3 x Microsoft Word Template for Mail Merge with Excel Spreadsheet - Using Key Field Coding Code 30 lines. Get 100 USD (1641111) - Code à WPF/VB.NET tutorial demonstrating good practice for opening a second window respecting MVVM pattern. Code a app for my high school - Code a C graphics program Code a c++ crypter to make exe FUD - Code a custom archive template (in Wordpress) that will display both a custom post type and regular posts. Code a custom archive template (in Wordpress) that will display both a custom post type and regular posts. - ongoing work - Code a dual-password authentication into Truecrypt in C language Code a dynamic program model in Python - Code a form that saves the data to database, then show data in chart - PHP Code a Formgrabber - Code a HTML5 Theme for Themeforest Code a Hybrid Mobile Application that works on All Mobile Platforms - Code a Magazine PSD to Wordpress Theme Code a Magento 2.1 extension - Code a module for drawing organization charts Code a module for drawing organization charts - repost - Code a particle filter to track the location and size of a filled circle Code a Pay Per Install Site - Code a private CS GO hack code a private csgo hack - Code a registration form for wordpress multisite Code a registration form for wordpress multisite - Code a script for League of legends Code a script in php - Code a simple autocomplete and drop down menu (denn) Code a simple autocomplete and two drop down menus (denning) - Code a simple landing page. Code a simple loan calculator - Code a simple website-Easy task Code a simple widget for Android - Code a Splash page with three rotating background images Code a store finder using google maps api - Code a tweak to disable navigation banners for jailbroken iPhone Code a unique banner ad rotation script/site - Code a website code a website - code a website which has album, album posting, multiple forums posting, contact function, interactive features, log in/log out, find password feature.
code a website with basic features of the website and including forum section, log in feature and contact feature. - Code a zip code search feature Code about 60 Formula from Engineering paper - Code Affiliate Web Application Code again our homepage in HTML Bootstrap. - Code an Android application & website, with the ability to share photospheres and act as a photo repository Code an Android application from scratch based on an existing one - Code an e-commerce website Code an EA - code an expert advisor with a strategy using bollinger bands / moving average Code an expired domain crawler - Code an iOS Social App with Search, Chat, Calendar, and Payment Functions Code an iOS Social App with Search, Chat, Calendar, and Payment Functions - Code an Online Voting System Code an Online Voting System - code and database several webpages code and debug my site - Code and Fix design Code and form for simple price list import - code and slice a PSD - landing page - no cms/must be responsive Code and slide PSD to PHP and wrap around existing PHP Site - Code API's for Church Website Calendar and Giving code app BluetoothSocket, MAPS API - Code auditor needed - php (must know laravel), mysql code augmented reality using an junaio channel and AREL - repost - code braking task, solve and create. Code brand new website in php using the Laravel 5.0 framework after converting PSD’s to html - Code change on reservations and pdf pages Code change on reservations function - Code check ac code check and modification - Code cleanup Code cleanup - code comoser Code Company Website From Scratch - Code Conversion from C to Java Code conversion from C# to VB.NET - Code corelDraw to XHTML/CSS Code Correction - code custom cms Code Custom Comment Form using MyReviewPlugin - code delete from FTP file code Delphi class TEqStorage - Code development of a simple math game \ Rev. 2 code development using c#programming language - Code eBay Store code ebay template - Code email address check into 2 forms Code email app - Code error for our admin page, need fix code error on one page checkout - CODE EXPLANATION Code Explanation - code fix - codeigniter ajax call from a wordpress site code fix - codeigniter ajax call from a wordpress site - ongoing work - Code fixing Code fixing - Code for A shopkeeper in Java Code for A shopkeeper in Java - open to bidding - Code for automatic Data/Content Extraction from Website needed Code for Automatic Export of Ad Website to XML - code for detect fovea code for detect fovea - Code for generating students progrss reports based on data from notepad Code for GEO Distance Calculation and Rank on Distance - code for machine learning projects Code for Magento Grouped Products - Code for oscilloscope measurements Code for our homepage - Code for Repeater Controll in ASP.NET Code for sales force interface - Code for Storing XML to Relational Database Code for stream videos from another hosts with subtitles - Code formula in Javascript Code Formulas From a Paper in Matlab - Code Generation(repost) Code Generator - code helping CODE HEX POUR DUALSHOCK RAPID FIRE PS3 - Code HTML of just 1 landing page. Code HTML page - Code Igniter - Completion of Site - URGENT Code Igniter - Development for New Options - Code Igniter Expert Code igniter expert for finish a project - Code Igniter Project: SR3#7 Code igniter quick fix. - code ignitor task need to be done Code Ignitor work - Code in C++ some mathematical problems from a book Code in c++, MPI in visual studio - code in the them causing killed processes - open to bidding Code in unity 3D - Code Inspector Code Inspector - open to bidding - Code Java using linked list - open to bidding code java, write algorithm, solve puzzle, 2 hours - Code Layout Integration with Ruby on Rail Platform Code Layout Integration with Ruby on Rail Platform open s - Code maintenance 2 (Jan 5 to Jan 27) Code maintenance 2 (Oct 3 to Oct 30) - Code me an app that has similar functionality to Tinder Code me an instagran bot - Code Mockup (I have Photoshop Design) Code mockup in html, css - Code modification needed for SWF used in flash player Code Modification of Existing Module - Code Multi pair ea tester Code Music Sharing Site - Code my Email Template to work as a MailChimp Template Code my emails in HTML so I can copy and paste them in my ESP program - CODE MY PSD to wp.responsive Code my PSD wordpress Theme - Code MySQL VIEW that DYNAMICALLY transposes a table with a single pivot Code mySql/php/flash based game into a Facebook application - code needed to copy specific files from folder ''Temporary Internet Files'' Code needed to create a Real Estate listing generator for Digital Signage presentation - Code Newsletter for Magento. Code NinaTrader unmanaged order mode strategy - CODE ON TIME DEVELOPMENT Code on Time Project - Code one search feature on my "advanced search" page Code one simple PHP page (abc) - Code optimization for fastest execution Code optimization in C++ - Code out Layouts Code Out Operation Web Design Mobile Site - Code Photoshop CS Website Design - Easy HTML & CSS (fixed) Code Photoshop CS Website Design - Easy HTML & CSS (NEW) - Code poets needed (part I, with examples) Code poets needed (part I, with examples)(repost) - code project code project - Code PSD File to CSS, PHP and Javascript - repost Code PSD File to CSS, PHP and Javascript | 24 hours - code psd pages into html and css Code PSD ShowThread Template, and Integrate into Vbulletin - Code PSD to latest Twitter Bootstrap Code PSD to Magazine Wordpres Theme (Quality work only) - Code PSDs (5) and put into wordpress. Code PSDs into PHP My Directory Theme - Code refactoring Code refactoring - Code Required to Convert JPEG Images to PDF Code required to enter website PHP - Code Review - Micro Java Program Code Review / Audit - Code review for Umbraco website