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Create / Redesign a Video Intro Create / Refine an existing graphic for a logo Create / replicate 3D models with a different photo inside create / rework mechanical contractor web site Create / Rewrite Sales Page Create / Rip three Wordpress themes Create / setup / style a blog for my company - blog platform as you think is best Create / Setup forum with custom search feature Create / Setup Good Adwords Campaign Create / Solve filter problems in wordpress (jupiter theme + Filter & Search PRO plugin ) Create / Source Royality Free Backgrounds in Photo Shop Create / troubleshoot a batch file that moves folders based on criteria create / write 50.000 word financial / forex content in english Create / Write a brand story / LinkinProfile for us Create / write an ebook on personal finance 100pages Create /amen/fill in with data a Wordpress Template Create /Build a Website
Create /Edit web page in MVC in C# Create /Edit page in MVC Create 02:30 marketing video about a pharmaceutical veterinary product Create 1 - 2 pages to our existing website Create 1 30 sec video, 3 banners with 5 dimension each for a website. Create 1 A4 manufacturing business cover + 2 pages project portfolio ,1 day time only Create 1 animatated SWF file Create 1 apps with icons using Mtune - Create 1 article every weeks in our blog and facebook in french, english and german Create 1 Artist Wikipedia Page Create 1 B&W line-drawing illustration of a 3D airport/aircraft/clouds Create 1 Banner 900 X 319 Create 1 banner for website.. Create 1 basic website (for artifex only) Create 1 Bootrap HTML page, with slider Create 1 Camtasia/Movie Maker Video & Upload through TubeMogul Create 1 caricature based on photo