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creat website to save some records from clients - Creata WPF Simple Visual-Studio-Like Designer Creata WPF Simple Visual-Studio-Like Designer - Create 3 MYSQL databases on local machine. (teamviewer) Create 3D animation video around 40 sc. - Create a CAD Drawing for a stainless steel trolley and also a 3D model of the trolley. Create a campaign on Google Adwords for our website. - Create A Logo For Online Departmental Store create a marketplace - Create a Website Create a website - create and integrate a new template for my website Create and integrate responsive theme - Create Comercial Tv Video Ad Film Create CREA DDF® plugin for existing PHP custom website - create httaccess file Create illustrations+ wordpress web design to describe main features of a Application. - Create online banner & logo & icons Create Package Designs - create real US trafic for facebook page - open to bidding create real US trafic for facebook page - open to bidding - repost - Create Video TUTORIAL Create video - Boostpak iPhone Battery Case - Create "Amazon Createspace" book from Kindle Book we worked on together Create "Apple itunes" and "Android Google Play App" for my website. - Create "ready to print" Classroom Desk Labels Create "real" campaigns for new crowdfunding website - Create & Customize Excel VBA Macros Create & customize new website based on WordPresse Theme - Create & Edit Wordpress Template Create & Execute VB Code At Runtime - Create & Manage a PPC Campaign Create & Manage a PPC Campaign for online clothing store - Create & send out eDM to database of 5000 Create & set up a Coming soon page from available themes - Create & name 700 folders, modify 700 files Create & optimize DVD file from video files - Create ''Auction Data'' and ''Get Price Check'' pages for existing web site. create ''Auto-Run'' program for Vista & 7 For Program - Create 'Marryoke' Software Create 'Marryoke' Software - Create (a copy) a landing page. Create (accurate) C# IE History (Index.dat) parser - Create *.PDF file Internally, Misc Changes Create *APPLE MAIL* and *iOS* Signatures (already designed and coded)! - create .ai vector image from .png file Create .ai vector images from .png files - Create .dxf/.dwg file from .pdf Create .dxf/.dwg file from .pdf - create .ics file on google appengine (python) Create .ipa file for an ipad app - Create .NET Class to Build Image from Elements Create .Net DLL and/or Matrices converting Mortgage Bond Prices to Yield (interest rate) - Create .stl file from 2D drawing Create .stl files from corporate logo images - Create / Customize / Implement a Business Theme Wordpress Create / Customize a Wordpress Template - Create / Illustrate a Birthday Invatation - Card Create / Improve a current 3D Rendering of a Building - Create / Post threads on targeted forums advertising our service. Create / produce a news video - Create 1 basic website (for artifex only) Create 1 Bootrap HTML page, with slider - Create 1 high res busts base off photos_5 create 1 home page - Create 1 Logo from (FLA/SWF) to AI create 1 long pdf from given text and images W/Snapshot version - Create 1 mobile page. Create 1 nanonillion text files containing numbers, each one sequential from the last file - create 1 page on my Joomla website Create 1 page PSD to HTML & CSS / Convert a Template to a Website - Create 1 single very simple page in HTML/CSS , very easy project Create 1 Site Earning $20-$50 p/day using google adsense - Create 1 x 500 Word Article in 24 Hours Create 1 x 500 Word Article in 24 Hours (B) - Create 1-minute Introductory Video Create 1-Minute Video of My Online Store - Create 10 Articles create 10 articles (300words each), - Create 10 different Custom scheduling forms for iOS, Android Windows via Phonegap build - ongoing work Create 10 different gift wrap designs in High Resolution - Create 10 image posts on Facebook for marketing skincare products Create 10 Images in 3D - Create 10 new listings in SuperPages (SuperMedia.com) Create 10 new listings in SuperPages (SuperMedia.com)(repost) - Create 10 Reports with Jasper Report Server Create 10 resume samples - Create 10 Stem and Leaf Plots for Middle School Create 10 Step by Step Tech Doc integration Articles - Create 10 websites basic with wordpress or jooma Create 10 week content marketing media schedule - create 100 accounts - repost Create 100 accounts on site and put banners on different sites. - Create 100 entries on website. Upload assets. Create 100 EPN Accounts + Gmails + Paypals - Create 100 Gmail Accounts (VERIFIED) Create 100 Gmail accounts - Repost - Create 100 paid Avantlink ad placerments on my complex, multiple database-driven Joomla website. Multiple spots in 3 key ad positions, on several pages. I use Joomla Ad Agency Create 100 paid Avantlink ad placerments on my complex, multiple database-driven Joomla website. Multiple spots in 3 key ad positions, on several pages. I use Joomla Ad Agency - repost - Create 100 social media profiles, organize into xeeme.com Create 100 Social networking accounts and maintain them - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding - Create 100+ profiles with semiautomated software Create 100++ examples in CSS, CSS3, HTML, html5 and JavaScript. - Create 1000 Gmail mails - repost 2 create 1000 gmail pva accounts - Create 1000 Youtube Accounts Create 1000 youtube accounts - Create 11 Powerpoint slides with only text Create 11 simple, web pictograms (small descriptive illustrations) for Outlook add-in. Example attached. - Create 12 Mailchimp Autoresponder Messages Create 12 Month Newsletter - Information provided - create 1200 dpi images of photos scaled to fit 4 3/8 x 4 3/8 Create 1200 item descriptions each of 200 words HTML format - Create 14 cartoon avatars for language learning app Create 14 icons - Create 15 illustrations plus the Cover Art Create 15 links to a site - Create 15 web2.0 profiles and post 2 articles (setup tier1) Create 15 Wordpress Templates - Create 150 Youtube Acounts, New IP per Account Create 1500 ebay items on Turbo Lister from a website - create 17 website screenshots(repost) Create 170 flash cards - Create 2 posters for doublesided A Frame sidewalk board Create 2 QuickTime Media Skins - Create 2 adwords campaigns Create 2 Affililiate Stores , Integrate live feeds - Design needed for 1 - Create 2 Banners Create 2 banners - Create 2 ClickBank Sales Page Create 2 Clip Compilation Videos Every Day for $300/month - Create 2 designs for websites 6 differents html each one. Create 2 Designs Themes WebSite - Create 2 FD diagrams and for the diagrams create 2 relations(tables) with their attributes Create 2 FD diagrams, 2 tables(relations w/ attributes) - create 2 Google Adsense websites create 2 Google Adsense websites - repost - Create 2 Icon Sets for Logo One for Installs one For Doccuments Create 2 Icons - CREATE 2 LABELS FOR DAIRY ARTICLES ILHEU Create 2 Landing Pages - Create 2 logos for a company Create 2 Logos for Startup Online Business - Create 2 Mobile Landing Pages Create 2 Mock Pages Bootstrap - Create 2 online banners in Photoshop or Flash by 8 Dec
Create 2 Opt in Web Forms from .PSD - Create 2 Pages on Website Create 2 pages with DIV/CSS/XHTML - Create 2 PR3+ Guest Posts Create 2 Print and Packaging Designs - Yoga Towel & Yoga HAND Towel - Create 2 servers in Google Cloud (free trial environment) and install TwProject (free trial version) on it Create 2 short 30 second promotional videos for a website - Create 2 simple modules for Joomla Create 2 simple new hooks to put on my functions.php - CREATE 2 STATIC HTML pages using IONIC FRAMEWORK Create 2 static pages for website - Create 2 videos Create 2 Videos - Create 2 Webpages in Drupal - repost Create 2 webpages optimized for smartphones - Create 2 Woocommerce Training Manuals for 2 Web sites Create 2 word docs- Uregnt - Create 2 X Compliment Slip Flyers Create 2 x detailed animated explainer video - Create 2-3 Minute Film Commercial Create 2-3 Product Architecture Diagrams - Create 20 banners: 1 original + 19 derivates Create 20 Basic Social Media Posts - Create 20 forum posts (2) Create 20 GENERIC + 20 KIDS Easter card messages - Create 20 polls on current global Issues Create 20 posts - Create 20 Videos Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Create 200 craiglist accounts Create 200 design pages on prestashop - Create 200 x 130 flash banner Create 200 Yahoo Email accounts - Create 21 Original Articles On Marine Aquariums Create 21 small videos of PLR ebook - Create 25 Different Microsoft Access Databases (Simple Tables, Forms, Queries, and Relationships) Based on Specific Title Create 25 Different Microsoft Access Databases (Simple Tables, Forms, Queries, and Relationships) Based on Specific Title -- 2 - Create 250 email accounts in a day create 250 freemail accounts - Create 2D and 3D Colour CAD Create 2D and 3D Colour CAD - Create 2d animation video create 2D animation video - Create 2D drawings with Dimensions from 3D Models - Repost - open to bidding Create 2D duplex building plans in Sketchup Layout. - Create 2D vector artwork from Word and Paint file Create 2D vector graphics - Create 3 .NET functions for simple integration wrapper in .NET for odoo 9 -- 2 Create 3 .php form to 3 contact forms in Html - Create 3 Banners Create 3 banners - Create 3 Companion Joomla Modules for Existing Joomla Component Create 3 compelling SEO-optimized pages - Create 3 Explainer Video Create 3 Explainer Videos - Create 3 Google Adwords Campaigns - ongoing work Create 3 graphics - Create 3 iOS & Android game apps Create 3 iOS apps - Create 3 minute animation Create 3 minute animation video with voice over as scripted. - Create 3 Online submittable forms Create 3 original caracters in vintage style, close to the victorian syle - Create 3 Power Point Presentations Create 3 PowToon Tutorials. I have the voiceover scripts already - Create 3 separate but similar Videos Create 3 separate illustratations - Create 3 Squeeze/Landing Pages Create 3 SSI files from on-page top graphic, left nav & bottom copyright stuff - Create 3 video game templates. Create 3 Videos - Create 3 wikipedia pages Create 3 Wikipedia pages. - Create 3-4 pages on a site and write its content Create 3-4 sentence marketing descriptions for my floral product. - Create 30 Dating Member Profiles Create 30 designs for a employee whistleblowing hotline campaign - Create 30 newsletters from an ebook Create 30 Page Website from existing articles. - Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Repost Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - repost - create 300 external links to web site Create 300 facebook pages - Create 300x250 Flash banner from ready-made PSD template Create 300x300 px version of my logo - Create 320x240 jpgs from sentences in word doc Create 320x250 flash banner from ready-made PSD files... - Create 375 ads for Airbnb create 38 landing pages in HTML based on main Site - Create 3D Animation of How Brochure Folds Create 3D animation of HVAC components - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 8 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 9 - Create 3D Backgrounds Create 3D Bedroom Scene using Cinema 4D - Create 3D Character Animation of 10-12 seconds Create 3D Character from 2D drawing - Create 3d drawing(Exhibition stand design) Create 3D drawings/modelling from 2D floor plans - Create 3D Floorplans. Ongoing project. Low cost - high volume -- 2 Create 3D football goalposts & Nets in Blender - create 3D image of DVD Box Cover and Label Create 3D image of existing packaging - Create 3D Low Poly Trees from High Resolution source Create 3D machine (router) files for two (2) wood sculptures - Create 3d model for a sun glass Create 3D model for A to Z character with 5 sec Animation - Create 3d Model of a Galaxy Create 3d model of a gate -- 2 - Create 3D model of Police Car Spaceship Create 3D model of Police Car Spaceship - repost - Create 3D modeling for wood furniture - dressing desk Create 3D modeling for wood furniture - dressing desk -- 2 - Create 3D Models of 10 Pairs of Sunglasses Create 3D Models of Apartments - Create 3D Picture of a Necklace Create 3D pictures - Create 3D rendering of a high rise development project Create 3D rendering of denim sofas in a modern home decor - Create 3d style clear bottle in photoshop Create 3D Supplement Bottle and wrap it fit a already designed label - Create 3d visualizations of Kitchens Create 3D Visualizer for website to display pavers - Create 4 3D Backgrounds create 4 3D drawing of some enclosures based on original picture. - Create 4 CD's with articles I provide Create 4 characters w/ Quidam/Poser/CAD to create .STL file - Create 4 forms using Gravity Module in Wordpress Create 4 fully functional web pages for my website: www.1800jobquest.com - Create 4 Interactive Banners For Financial Services Website Create 4 iOS Projects - Create 4 operational ad units for the mobile web Create 4 Original High Resolution Photos of Persons with 2 corporate identites on either half of his body - Create 4 quality website pages Create 4 queries using AdventureWorks2012 in SQL Server 14 - Create 4 stickers around a Pacific islands cartoon Theme Create 4 sweatshirts for related Tennis Teams based on logos - Create 4 Wordpress Pages -2 Create 4 Wordpress Pages -3 - Create 40 birthday greeting card messages Create 40 Blogs for us - Create 40 Social Media Profiles Create 40 sympathy card messages - Create 400px wide low-res images for google shopping Create 40sec Intro Music for Internet Show - Create 49 Wordpress Blog Pages Based on Data + Template Create 4x Adsense websites for $150 - Create 5 301-Redirection pages