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Create "real" campaigns for new crowdfunding website Create "repeat song" button and shuffle button and fix minor bug in my website player Create "Saving" functionality on WordPress form. Create "Seal" Logo Create "Seal" Logo -- 2 Create "Selling Websites" website Create "shop" tab on my website + shop page with products Create "sign up with Startpeeps" social network API Create "simple" animation which can be used as HTML5 background video Create "smart" excel datasheet Create "Subscribe with Facebook" button Create "Thank you page" and insert convertion code Create "The Oatmeal" Style Funny Comic Strips Create "The Vintage" demo site. Create "TYLER" specific mailing list from an existing Excel file Create "Under Construction" Home Page Create "Use App" button on my Facebook page Create "vBulletin 5 Connect" theme based on exsisting html5 design (html, css and images will be provided)
Create "Web Magnet Player " Create $200 a day adsense website Create $500 of CONTEXTUAL LINKS Create & Add Module to Current Site Create & Add settings features and configurations section to my app Create & Add Wordpress Site Content for 330+ domains Create & Alter some Images Create & Animate a Logo Create & animate spheres in Unity3D Create & Apply hair texture on Head (3ds max) Create & build in Affilinet CPL Addon for NetworkJobber.com Create & build in Points4Download Addon for NetworkJobber.com Create & Code A Submission Forum Create & Configure Amazon EC2 Instance from custom image (.img) Create & customise WordPress website from template Create & customize a wordpress website using a thirdparty theme Create & Customize App Store Using Open Source Software